how to remove forehead wrinkles fast

How to Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles

Most people have forehead wrinkles by their 30’s so don’t worry! ?

How to remove forehead wrinkles fast and naturally (without botox)  is the skin care secret I’m sharing today!

Whether you have deep forehead wrinkles or fine wrinkles, this forehead wrinkles treatment will help.

Removing forehead wrinkles and lines are the easiest wrinkles on the face to remove naturally.

I take pride knowing this beauty secret because I don’t have any forehead wrinkles anymore. Now, I want to share this secret with you!

It’s True. I Had Forehead Wrinkles at 30

Years ago, I used to have one forehead wrinkle or crease on the right side of my forehead and another forehead wrinkle going across my forehead. It drove me crazy and It only took me two weeks to see the forehead wrinkles removed completely.

If you have forehead creases or, deep forehead wrinkles and want a natural at home remedy read my natural forehead wrinkles treatment and try it yourself or share with a friend.

I will also let you know how to prevent forehead wrinkles too! This is a great tip to keep your results and use after your remove your forehead wrinkles.

Items you will need for treating forehead wrinkles:

  • Washcloth
  • PMD Microdermabrasion
  • Rosehip seed oil or Olive oil
  • Baking soda



Here’s the #1 beauty oil I recommend
for treating wrinkles fast


How to get rid of forehead wrinkles without botox

How to remove forehead wrinkles fast naturally at home using a few ingredients found in your kitchen and an amazing beauty tool to speed up results. I promise you will see a huge improvement in your forehead wrinkles. You just have to follow the wrinkle removing skin care steps below. Don’t miss a step, this all has to be done in the right order to see results. If I can effectively remove my forehead wrinkles at home quickly, you can too!

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This forehead wrinkle removal remedy is perfect for the fine lines in the forehead. This helps gently exfoliate the skin and supply the skin with the right nutrients and moisturizers. I think this works way better than any forehead wrinkle cream on the market because we’re using natural ingredients at 100% strength.

how to remove forehead wrinkles fast

Why and How this forehead wrinkle removal method works

We’re using olive oil that has many natural vitamins and minerals + fatty acids at full strength. Forget using an expensive forehead wrinkle cream. Nothing is “watered down”, No filler ingredients, No dangerous chemicals, and No animal testing but tested on me 😉 Olive oil, is a bit heavier of an oil, Heavier than Rosehip Seed Oil and Almond Oil, perfect for this forehead wrinkle facial treatment in my opinion. Try it for yourself. It’s worked for me! The skin on your forehead is thicker than the delicate skin around your eyes.

Additional benefits of this forehead wrinkle treatment

The warm water and heat we’re using in this remedy helps open your pores, soften the skin and bring circulation to the forehead. The baking soda will help to gently exfoliate and bring circulation to the forehead.

The olive oil will be easily absorbed into your forehead and nourish your skin and moisturize. All the goodies in the olive oil such as fatty acids will nourish the wrinkles and plump them up. If you’re skin is too sensitive for olive oil you can substitute with Rosehip Seed Oil.


  • Deeply Moisturizes Skin
  • Nourishes Skin
  • Exfoliates Dead Skin
  • Brings healthy circulation to the Forehead

First we’ll remove the fine wrinkles in the forehead fast

Ingredients you’ll need for fine forehead wrinkle removal

1. 2 Tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 40 Amazing Skin Care Benefits of Olive Oil
2. 1/2 Tsp Baking Soda (any brand) Baking Soda Skin Care How to + Benefits
3. 1 Washcloth or Paper towel

These may also be helpful articles to help you better understand the ingredients:

Baking Soda For Skin Care
Baking Soda For Skin Care
Skin Care Benefits for Olive Oil
Skin Care Benefits for Olive Oil


1. First, make sure your face is clean (no dirt or makeup)

(You can either steam your face over a hot boiling pan of water or heat a wash cloth and apply.)

2. Heat a damp washcloth in the microwave for 10 seconds until its very warm with steam

3. When it’s safe to touch, apply the warm wash cloth to your forehead wrinkles at least for five minutes. You may need to repeat placing it in the microwave and apply again.

4. Apply 1 Tsp. of extra virgin olive oil to your damp forehead and massage it into the stubborn forehead wrinkles for three minutes

5. Warm up the damp wash cloth again and hold it onto your forehead for another five minutes

6. Apply the baking soda to your forehead and 1 Tsp. of the olive oil

7. Blend the baking soda onto your forehead until it dissolves

8. GENTLY massage your forehead wrinkles with the baking soda and olive oil concentrating on the forehead wrinkles (if you massage too rough your forehead will get irritated) Don’t rinse off!

9. Apply the damp warm wash cloth for another five minutes. Allow the mixture to stay on your forehead for ten minutes.

10. Rinse the mixture off with warm water

You should see most of your fine forehead wrinkles disappear or dramatically improve with this at natural at home forehead wrinkle remedy. Please let me know this How to remove forehead wrinkles fast naturally at home worked for you by leaving a comment below. If this forehead wrinkle remedy didn’t work 100% for you, please consider this How to reduce wrinkles on forehead.

This is my favorite skin care method how to reduce wrinkles on forehead at home.


Next, we’ll treat the deep forehead wrinkles

How To Get Rid Of Deep Forehead Wrinkles And Creases

This deep forehead wrinkle treatment will help any skin type. This can help your skin dramatically reduce forehead wrinkles naturally. I consider this a way how to reduce forehead wrinkles without botox. Forget ever trying that botox junk! Personally I’m scared of it and I would never even consider trying it ever.

For this at home forehead wrinkle treatment, you will need the skin care tool called the PMD – Personal Microderm System – I use it and swear by it <– Read my review. Here’s where to buy the PMD.

This will help effectively remove the hard outer layer of skin on your forehead that covers the forehead wrinkles. This can do what baking soda cannot do and that’s removing a full layer of skin. Removing this old skin on your forehead will help also remove the deep forehead wrinkles and soften the creases.

Helps remove Deep Forehead Wrinkles Over Time

This may be a gradual forehead wrinkle treatment because the deeper the forehead wrinkle, the longer it takes to plump up the wrinkles and correct the skin. We need to concentrate on safely removing the tough outer layer of dead skin on the forehead. The more skin we can gently remove, the deeper the olive oil can penetrate and help nourish the skin.

How to remove forehead wrinkles fast
This PMD is a great way How to remove forehead wrinkles fast

I recommend you use the PMD microdermabrasion at home system for removing stubborn forehead wrinkles. If it’s your first time using the PMD, (PMD Personal Microderm Safe at-home microdermabrasion) I strongly recommend you use the blue replacement discs for Sensitive skin. I started with the blue discs and worked my way up to the green discs.

How I Use the PMD Microdermabrasion System

To use the PMD, I make sure my skin is clean and dry. I take a clean paper towel to hold the skin area I want to work on and keep my hairline protected. I have learned to use this in a circular motion instead of a straight line. It helps get more dead skin exfoliated, but it it’s your first time, just use straight lines because your skin isn’t used to being exfoliated like this! I remove the dead layer of skin completely and my face is usually a little red after for an hour.

Next, I rinse my face in warm water to get any dead skin dust off my face. There’s usually a ton of dead skin dust “powder” all over my face. It’s amazing to see how much dead skin gets collected in the PMD cap and filter. The PMD for forehead wrinkle removal is effective.

Fun fact: as you age, your skin does not shed it’s dead layer of skin like it used to in your twenties – it becomes sluggish! It stays on and gets built-up. It gets harder to exfoliate dead skin as you age.

Skin Care After Using the PMD Microdermabrasion System

After this treatment, I apply olive oil to restore moisture to the skin, restore the PH balance and protect the new layer of skin we just exposed. You want to protect this layer of skin and nourish it.

Next, apply a warmed wash cloth or paper towel to the area. This will help your skin absorb the olive oil. It’s also the perfect time to take a warm shower and allow the steam to moisturize your skin and allow the heat to help you skin soak up that olive oil!

When you get out of the shower, pat your forehead dry. You can now apply a rosehip seed oil on your forehead wrinkles and wear that all day.

Great Forehead Wrinkle Prevention Treatment

Rosehip seed oil is a light weight oil that easily absorbs into your skin. It’s a great daytime moisturizer that won’t look shiny! Just apply it in the morning and it should absorb into your forehead within ten minutes. You won’t even notice it.

You have to try it for yourself to see what I mean. It’s full of nutrients and vitamins your skin craves, perfect for this deep forehead wrinkle treatment. Make sure you select a cold pressed rosehip seed oil to ensure it has all the nutrients in it, here’s a good one –> cold pressed rosehip seed oil

Rosehip Oil Benefits
Rosehip Oil

You may have to repeat the anti-forehead wrinkles treatment process every two weeks using the PMD system followed by the oils. I recommend that you apply the rosehip seed oil every morning and the olive oil every night to your forehead wrinkles.

You should see an improvement with your first treatment on your forehead wrinkles.

Here’s more rosehip oils to purchase online:

Natural Night time treatment for forehead wrinkles

To help keep your results and continue with your forehead wrinkles treatments at home:

I recommend that you gently exfoliate with the baking soda and olive oil every night before you go to bed. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Next, apply a little olive oil onto the wrinkles before your go to bed. This will help treat your forehead wrinkles while you sleep.

Natural Daytime treatment for forehead wrinkles

You will want to try using rosehip seed oil everyday on your forehead wrinkles. It works so amazing to nourish your skin and keep your skin moisturized during the day without looking greasy. When you think oil, you think it will look shiny on your skin, but this rosehip seed oil does not look shiny on your forehead – it absorbs into your skin. You can wear your SPF and makeup over this oil too! Just make sure you wait ten minutes before applying primer and makeup. It does a great job nourishing your skin under your makeup.

Rosehip Seed Oil - health benefits and skincare uses
Rosehip Seed Oil – health benefits and skincare uses


Anti-Wrinkle Treatments – Preventative Skin Care

Why are we seeing such an alarming number of young people with forehead wrinkles?

How to remove forehead wrinkles fast is one of my skin care specialties. I have studied many people’s faces and I’m always amazed that forehead wrinkles are showing up on people younger and younger.

It makes me sad when I see a young lady in high school that already has wrinkles, especially forehead wrinkles at a young age. The good news is that the earlier you treat forehead wrinkles, the easier it is for the skin to heal. Don’t worry, I’ve helped people in their fifties remove forehead wrinkles but it took two weeks or a month longer to see results.


Let’s get to know what’s causing forehead wrinkles so early – sound like some young people you know?

Many young people are getting forehead wrinkles at age 25!

Internal health and beauty go hand in hand. It’s important you realize what’s causing your skin to wrinkle to have best results removing forehead wrinkles at home yourself.

These are all causes of forehead wrinkles and how to prevent forehead wrinkles

  • Squinting – Wear sunglasses ( you also might need corrective eye glasses)
  • Too much sun exposure – Wear a hat and try to avoid too much sun
  • Excessive facial expressions such as raising eyebrows – calm down! 😉
  • Poor nutrition – Less processed foods more whole foods
  • Poor skin care – Protect and nourish your skin
  • Dry skin – Moisturize with oils and include omegas into your diet
  • Lack of omega fatty acids in diet – Try a supplement
  • Lack of sleep – Go to bed earlier
  • Excess of caffeine (energy drinks/coffee/soda) – Stop drinking them as much as possible
  • Eating too much sugar – Stop the madness! 😉
  • Environmental toxins – Try to go out and get fresh air – stagnant indoor air is horrible
  • Dehydrated – Not drinking enough water! Hello!
  • Exercise – Get your blood pumping and flush out the toxins

Instantly Diffuse forehead wrinkles with this Product:

If you want to immediately remove your forehead wrinkles by creating a soft-focus effect to your forehead wrinkles try this silicon based product. It’s a light diffusing cream, actually a makeup primer that’s great for both men and women. I recommend you try this e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer! It goes on like a luxurious mousse cream and instantly blurs out your skin, blurring forehead wrinkles on contact! How does it do that? Light diffusing silicons is the answer. The best part is it only costs under($6.00)! This has the most concentrated amount of light diffusing silicons that I have discovered in a makeup primer. It’s comparable to some other primers on the market, this one is made in China and its super inexpensive compared to the famous Smash Box Photo Finish Primer ($37.00)


How to remove forehead wrinkles fast

By the way, this light diffusing primer also acts like having an instagram filter on your face! If you want to “blur the crap out of your face” like you stepped out of an instagram photo, this full makeup tutorial is for you my dear.

How to look like an instagram filter photo

How to do makeup like an Instagram filter
How to do makeup like an Instagram filter

Bangs Help Prevent Forehead Wrinkles and Hide Them

If your forehead wrinkles are so deep and nothing seems to work, you can always hide them with bangs!

I would totally rock these clip-in Jessica Simpson bangs! Isn’t she adorable? I think every woman looks adorable in bangs. That Jessica Simpson sure has thought of everything when it comes to style and beauty. Love her! isn’t she cute with her bangs? Awww. These have side fringe too so they look super natural and cute:

Hide your forehead wrinkles instantly with bangs
Hide your forehead wrinkles instantly with bangs
Super cute bangs!
Super cute bangs!

Thank you for reading How to remove forehead wrinkles fast naturally.

This is how I keep my forehead wrinkles free. I hope this works well for you too!

Any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

XO Jen

How I removed my forehead wrinkles fast
How I removed my forehead wrinkles fast

99 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles”

  1. Thanks Jen, this wrinkle remedy is just what my forehead needed. My forehead lines are so stubborn and hard to treat. I’ve been using this all month and I’ve had more luck using YOUR method than a very very expensive wrinkle cream. OMG i threw away that old wrinkle cream, I’ll use your way instead. Thank you doll.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I’m so happy this wrinkle remedy agrees with your skin. It’s what I love to use the most for treating stubborn wrinkles. Enjoy.

      1. I’m 13 and i have a lot of wrinkles(but small ones) at the very sides of my forehead, about how long would this take to remove them with this method ?
        also: is there a substitute for the baking soda ?

        1. The baking soda would be best for your very young skin. Please stay out of the sun my dear. Protect your skin, no soda, moisturize. You’re young, your skin should heal fast.

    2. Hi Jen. Do you do this everyday? I know PMD is once a week but just curious about the baking soda/olive oil. I’m 27 and have 2 maybe 3 vague (1 is very short) lines across my forehead. Ulta actually suggested PMD. I am pretty sure i caused the one vertical line between my brows. I didn’t read the directions before using PMD (yes….very dumb…I paid for it.) My friends swear they don’t see any lines but like you… they bother me. Just curious….what kind of day cream did you use? Any insight would be great. (Never thought i’d be looking up wrinkle cream at 27..)

      1. Hi Katie!
        I use olive oil and baking soda everyday, yes! For a day cream, I actually love to use rose hip seed oil. If gives your skin all the natural goodies and gives you an amazing moisture level deep down.
        Hope that helps.

          1. I personally prefer olive oil for wrinkles because it has a higher fatty acid content. Most people with wrinkles have a dry skin type and olive oil is recommended for a dry skin type. It’s a heavier oil. However, yes if you have normal or oily skin coconut oil could help too.

        1. Hi Jen I recently bought and use the pmd, should I also be using the baking soda method everyday on top of this ?

          1. Hi!
            If you’re using the PMD, you don’t have to use the baking soda. You’re exfoliating perfectly now. I LOVE my PMD. I’m always amazed how much dead skin I blast away.

  2. Your really smart about this stuff thank you!!! And you would be even more striking with a softer arch…I will definitely be trying the glycerine spray and making it for friends and family for b days and holidays!

    1. Hi Angie,
      So glad I could help you doll. LOL I love playing with my eyebrow shape. Thank you. Yes, I agree, these would be fabulous holiday gifts.

  3. I’m so excited I found this. I have fine lines on my forehead and have had them for a few years. I started looking into a skin regimen about a year or so ago, but with only a little luck. My skin looks better than it did, but it still isn’t where I’d like it to be. Then I found out my products had some nasty ingredients, so I was looking for more natural things (but still stuff that would give me results), so thanks for this. Totally going to try it out soon.

    1. Glad to help. I’m very happy I don’t have forehead wrinkles now. I make this a part of my lifestyle for skin care and so far I haven’t had any forehead wrinkles come back. Good luck.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve always heard olive oil is an amazing natural remedy also rosehip oil but I didn’t have a beauty routine to use them on a regular basis…now I do after having read your blog 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea!
      Yes, Give them a try, I swear by them and I’m going to use them forever! My skin is so much better now in my 30’s than my 20’s all because of olive oil and roseship seed oil.Thank you for reading my blog!

  5. The problem with the ELF primer is that it’s chock full of horrible ingredients, such as parabens, which actually CAUSE wrinkles. This is why it’s so cheap, because the ingredients are bad and cheap. I would never recommend such a cheap product for anti-aging purposes! Anything that contains parabens is the exact opposite of what you want to put on your face, especially if you’re worried about aging.

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thank you for letting me know. I actually have reship seed oil on my skin before I put anything on it as a protective barrier. I hate parabens. I’ll have to do some more extensive research and find a new primer. Any you recommend?

  6. Hi, I have tried your forehead wrinkle removing routing twice now (olive oil and baking soda) and I really love it. I was wondering can you use this on the rest of your face (except for the eye area) or is too harsh because the skin is more sensitive? Also I wanted to ask how often should you do this? I am 26.

  7. Jen,
    thanks for sharing this valuable (I hope) information. I’ m in mid forties and I have forehead lines, which are nto very deep. I started yesterday and I think that something is going better… I’ll let you know, though!! Kisses from Greece!!!

      1. Hi Jen,
        Thanks for sharing.. gonna try this soon. question for step 6, will going to mix the olive oil and baking soda together? or will put the baking soda first ( in dry condition) in the face followed bu olive oil? Thanks so much.

  8. Hey Jen my son Kasim has forehead lines and he gets taken the Micky out of him for it so does the PMD for boys?

  9. Hi Jen, just started doing this evening as I have quite a few lines on my forehand (one id say quite deep) I’m 28 so not loving these lines!
    I found it quite difficult as the cloth cooled very quickly and had to keep reheating so was unsure I had enough heat! Any tips? Also found the mixture quite messy.

    1. Hi Amy,
      Yes, it’s hard to keep that washcloth warm. Sometimes I do this in the bathroom by turning on the hot water and re-wet the washcloth and apply over and over. I hope that helps.

  10. 2 questions: can organic coconut oil be used instead of olive? Also confused about the item 9 – after applying the damp cloth for 5 min there is no really the mixture left on the forehead…

    1. Be sure to use olive oil, it’s the closest oil similar to human skin. Let the warmth of the damp cloth allow the oils to absorb even deeper into the skin this way. Right, there should be no residue left after doing this.

      1. That’s not what others sites say… in fact read 10 sites and get 10 different opinions (mostly jojoba oil) but I’ll try olive first.

  11. Do you think the steps you have recommended for forehead wrinkles can be used elsewhere on the face for older women? I am in my mid-sixties.

    1. Absolutely, the forehead tends to have thicker skin on the face, so if you can remove these wrinkles, you can remove most other wrinkles too.

  12. Hi Jen, I loved this remedy, it really did work! Thank you for sharing. I have a question for you, do you have a remedy to remove black spots from sterling silver? I used to have my nose pierced and now i have a black spot on my nose… Thank you for all the tips

    1. Hi Lore,
      I’m glad this forehead wrinkle remedy worked for you. For black spots on the skin, I would suggest you try microdermabrasion on the area. Or making a paste with a little baking soda and water. Scrubbing gently on the area can help exfoliate. It may take time to see results. Good luck!

    2. Hi ..drink 5 litter water if u can …its really work sport around nose ,eyes naturally will removed after 2 month..

  13. How fast can wrinkles be removed? I realize that my question is not very smart as wrinkles can be either just lines or deep, depend on age and on individuals, etc… But let’s say average wrinkles of the middle aged person. Also can your method be used twice a day? Will it speed things up?

  14. I am 22 and have these forehead wrinkles and I’m always looking in the mirror worrying about them, so I’m definitely keen to try this especially since it’s natural and I don’t what to get sugery.

  15. Crystal Whithaus

    This simple remedy is great, I’m so glad I tried it! My forehead wrinkles always bothered me even though they weren’t too deep. But after I tried this my forehead wrinkles were noticably gone! This way is so much better than buying wrinkle cream from walmart or something. I don’t know if this will work for everyone but it did for me. Thanks Jen!

    – Crystal

  16. How often do you recommend doing this? And how long does it usually take to see results? Thanks!

    1. I recommend doing this wrinkle treatment once a month. However, after you get the results, its best to prevent wrinkles, stay out of the sun and do more skin care maintenance.

      1. Hi Jen,

        Thanks for the reply! I just wanted to clarify though – I am talking about the baking soda/olive oil treatment. After I wrote my comment, I saw above that you said you should do it every day. Do you now recommend doing it only once a month, or did you think I was talking about something else?

  17. Hey Jen! I started doing the olive oil and baking soda mixture a few days ago on my forehead wrinkles and a really bad laugh line I have. I’m only 22 so my lines aren’t that deep, but I’m worried that since I have lines already that by the time I’m 30 they’ll be really bad. I haven’t really seen the immediate results like you said you should see right after using it, do you think that it may just take a little bit longer for me to see the results? Thanks!

    1. Hi Angler,
      You may need to try the microdermabrasion too. Sounds like you have weathered skin. It takes more time and patience.
      I think you will slowly see results. Everyone is different. Sometimes we ourselves don’t notice a difference until someone comments on it. 😉

  18. hey Jen! i am soo happy to have found your page and this trick to remove forehead wrinkles. I am 21 and i can already see 2 wrinkles going across through my forehead. i really hope this will help. it really made me sad when first saw them .

    1. Hi Malama,
      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Good luck. And when you do remove the wrinkles fast, be sure to wear sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun of stay less exposed. XO

  19. Hello Jen, I was just wondering was this okay for all skin types/ races because I wouldn’t want acne or anything showing

  20. Hey thank you so much for this remedy I just turned twenty this June nd I began noticing fine lines on my forhead which made me so sad I never struggled with skin problems before like most teens so this is really bothering me.anyways I noticed a fine line on my forhead my mom nd cousin swear they don’t see it but I do I stay in a good light I notice it at night in my bathroom. But in the morning with natural nd good lighting (sunny)I don’t see anything haha

    I am going to use the baking soda nd oil everyday it’s been now 2 days so do u think will I be able to remove them ?nd how long will it take it to belong seeing results. Thanks :*

    1. It may take a month to start seeing results. Also, forehead wrinkles can be caused by making serious faces/expressions. If you strain your eyes most of the day, a wrinkle will stay with you regardless. You may need glasses. If that’s the situation. Try the remedy for one month. Good luck!

  21. Hi. I used this a couple times just in one use seen finer lines. My question is how often do I need to do this? I just turned 30 and have forhead wrinkles had them since in my 20s. It’s so frustrating. I see ladies older than me and have no lines and friends my age don’t have anything. I tend to always look at foreheads and compare. I can’t afford creams or Botox.

    1. Hi,
      It sounds like you have lots of bad sun damage or maybe you smoke? I would stay out of the sun and moisturize daily along with following my skin care tips. You might want to increase how often you do this skin care routine. Good luck!

  22. Hi Jen,

    I was wondering… The baking soda/ olive oil routine for forehead wrinkles, can that be done every night? It seemed that there were several different answers above, and I want to be sure I do the right thing.


    1. Hi Anna,
      Everyone skin is different. I share what works for me and recommend based on other’s skin type. If you’re new to baking soda and olive oil I would be gentle and use this once a week.
      Good luck.

  23. Hey jen! I’m 22. I had a fine line over my head before 3 months n now it has become is noticeable only if if any stress on noticing it. But I’m scared I’ll end up getting too many. As you mentioned I’m a person who makes lots of facial expressions. Probably it’s because of that. How often should I use to start with? N is there an alternative other than using hot towel? Also can I use the olive oil which v use in our daily cooking or should o approach a chemist for a skin specific olive oil?

    1. Hi Megh,
      In your case, you should probably start every night. Especially massaging your face if you make lots of intense facial expressions all day. You can use olive oil from the grocery store on your skin. It always surprises me when people have a hard time with the term “cooking oil” if you can eat it, you can use it on your body. I would much rather use healthy products you can eat rather than placing unknown chemicals on my skin, right?
      Good luck

  24. I cant wait to start seeing results. Im curious if you have any ideas on how to help my lips… i am 37 and basically still look 20, except of my forehead wrinkles that have been with me forever since i am very expressive… but now lately my lips are starting to thin a little… i wonder if massaging them while i do the forehead would help. I know by fact it should help shed the dead skin right? I will be sure to be super gentle… or do u recommend something for lips.
    I have done this twice already but without the warm towel before and after so its not the true effect. Im going to start it on me and hubby… will follow up once i srart seeing results. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi

    I’m only 19 but noticed I’ve got some creases on my forehead. I’m not sure if they are basically they same thing as aging wrinkles or whether they’ve always been there. Anyway I was wondering if this method would still work to treat natural skin creases?


    1. Hi Alex,
      You’re very young! You can get forehead creases from even sleeping on your side but they can go away after using this technique very quickly.I think this will help you quickly remove those forehead creases.

  26. Am 30 and i have 3 frown lines in my face . Want them out completely . Is it possible and how long might it take me?

  27. Hi Jen,
    Can you use extra virgin olive oil? Also should this be done every night or once a week??


  28. Hi,
    I am 54 and wondered if I can use the PMD, (that I have just ordered) around my eyes and lips too…or is the baking soda best for this area?

    1. Hi Debs,
      Yes absolutely. I would not use baking soda right after the PMD, it could irritate. Definitely apply a rosehip seed or olive oil after to sooth the skin.

  29. I am a teacher with 3kids and 45 years old.I really worried with the wrinkles on my forehead.I don’t want to look that old.

  30. Hi Mam, I am Ravi. I’m 24 years old.
    I have 3-4 fine lines on my forehead.
    How can i remove them naturally ?

  31. Hi Jen,
    I’m just curious how the PDM is different from a clarisonic type brush? Could a clarisonic do the same job? Thanks, Julie

    1. Hi Julie,
      The clarisonic is for everyday usage while cleaning your skin, removing daily excess oil and makeup. The PMD is for less frequent use and more used for deep exfoliation of built up skin cells every two weeks on average. I hope this helps. Think of the clarisonic more for cleansing, and the PMD for removing the excess layer of dead skin cells regular face scrubs can’t perform alone.

  32. Hi Jen,
    I’m going to be twenty this year and I visible fine lines already, they are not visible from far, but I notice them when I look in the mirror and it’s really freaking me out. They are about three and they really fold anytime I raise my forehead, will the 10 step procedure help with this, and how long?

  33. Hi Jen,
    This is so amazing my forehead wrinkles are almost gone I am 53 years old. I am so happy. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tonya!
      YAY! I’m so so sooo happy to hear this is helping you.
      Congrats!!! Now that your skin is doing great, please remember to keep it protected from the sun – use sunscreen and stay out of the sun.

  34. Hi Jen,

    Is there any way I could speak to you through other formats? I really need some help with my forehead lines?. Also, I have laugh line that I can’t seem to get rid off???

  35. Hi am new here. I am 24 and I want to remove my finelines on my fore head and beside my mouth. If I Place the wash clothe in warm water after rubbing the olive oil and baking soda rather than microwave will it still work?

    1. Hi Teresa,
      The PMD is the more affordable option opposed to the diamond tipped brands and professional visits to the dermatologist. You can try using baking soda and water every day but it won’t be immediate like the PMD. Hope that helps.
      Jen XO

  36. Hi,

    I just tried the olive oil and baking soda method. Im gonna try to do it every night and see what happens!! Thanks for the info!

  37. hi ,
    Just found your website and keen to try get rid of my number 11 lines and forehead lines.
    with your technique what have I go to loose …I haven’t got a microwave so what would be the best plan with the cloth to heat it up ???

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