Derma Roller Reversed my Sagging Jowls

Derma Roller Reversed my Sagging Jowls

Do I roll tiny needles across my face for amazing skin results? Yes I do, it’s actually called micro needling and this popular skin care craze is here to stay. Here’s my fabulous skin care journey using a derma roller and results reversing sagging jowls.

The first question I get about using a derma roller: Does it hurt rolling the needles on your skin? 

dermaroller needles
the derma roller I use

The first time I used a derma roller was over a year ago and to be completely honest, it was a tiny bit painful and annoying. I didn’t even roll for the recommended time of ten minutes. I could only bear the prickly needle pain for one minute like a baby. My eyes watered up too. My face didn’t bleed, nor should it. However, I tried it again a couple days later and it wasn’t as painful as I remembered. The pain actually decreased significantly after the first three uses. I can now derma roll as long as I want.

I’m truly amazed at the results I achieved naturally in less than a month.

Derma Roller Reversed my Sagging Jowls
derma roller reversed my sagging jowls

Using a derma roller reversed my sagging jowls

using the derma roller
using the derma roller

I tried the derma roller in hopes of achieving more firmer, youthful looking skin, especially around my jawline and frown face aka my sagging jowls. I have a a small chin and over the years I could see a slight decrease in the firmness of my jowls. I wasn’t liking my side profile. I also wanted a natural at home remedy to firm up my skin.

I use the derma roller on my entire face, once every three months. I also use it for at least five minutes, concentrating more on the lower half of my face.

using the derma roller
using my derma roller

How does the derma roller firm up sagging Jowls?

When you roll the derma roller across your skin, the tiny needles create punctures that stimulate collagen growth. When you skin has to repair itself from the punctures, self-healing occurs. Much like when you get a cut, a scab forms. In this case, after the trauma of being poked by the micro needling process,  the self-healing benefit is collagen growth.


How I use the Derma Roller

  1. I sanitize the needles in rubbing alcohol
  2. Cleanse my face and apply an alcohol based witch hazel using a cotton pad (witch hazel is also great for tightening skin)
  3. I roll in one direction concentrating on one section of my face, example – my forehead for five minutes
  4. I wipe my face with another clean cotton pad
  5. Apply rosehip seed oil on my face
  6. Sanitize the derma roller in rubbing alcohol and store away


There’s a wide range of skin benefits of micro needling

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Small lips
  • Stretch marks
  • Sagging skin
  • Hair loss
  • Scars
  • Large pores
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Premature aging
  • Roseacea
  • Acne

Is the derma roller better than a face lift? Botox? Fillers?

I think the derma roller is a more natural approach to getting a surgical face lift.

My 2 favorite skincare tools:

  1. My PMD Microdermabrasion

    PMD personal microderm review skin
    My skin that has been exfoliated! By the PMD Personal Microderm
  2. My Derma Roller
    derma roller

Any questions about using the derma roller? Please leave them in the comments.


XO Jen

Derma Roller Reversed my Sagging Jowls

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    1. It looks like she used a….
      0.5, 1. and 1.5m are all suppose to rejuvenate the skin and induce collagen. Lower is cosmetic grade (for better penetration of serums ) and higher is too deep for the face except for single needling or dermapens or the body… And the needles do wear out and need to be replaced.(They get duller)No need to spend a fortune on them as they are all pretty much the same. They all come from China.
      It works. But be patient and don’t roll too frequently.

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