Women shaving their face?

Women shaving their face? YES! Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, models, and even myself. Yes, and  Five reasons why you should shave your face too! I’m a woman and I LOVE shaving my face! In this article I’ll share with you the skin care benefits of shaving your face and removing that peach fuzz, how I shave my face, and the women of Hollywood who have shaved their face. This is an interesting article you won’t want to miss! Please read the Beauty Benefits why women should shave their face too!


You’re now reading: Women shaving their face? Don’t be embarrassed! When you really think about it, why wouldn’t you shave your face ladies? Who wants visible facial hair or any kind? I’m talking about peach fuzz and any surprising stray hairs. As women, we’re taught to visit the salon for facial waxing. Who want’s to feel all that pain and spend the extra money to have that public humiliation? Just shave your face, do it in the shower while you’re shaving your legs etc… Why not? I shave my face and I’m not embarrassed about it one bit. It’s not like I’ll grow a beard or anything crazy if I stop either. I heard someone ask, “Women shaving their face?” And they answered, “They’ll end up growing a beard because it will grow back thicker…”


Fun Fact: I was featured in The New York Times about this article Women Shaving their Face


as seen in the New York Times

Women shaving their face? The answer…

“Will my hair grow back thicker if I shave my face?!” Absolutely NOT!

Me shaving my face

Me shaving my face

That’s a myth. Your genes determine everything about your body’s characteristics. For example, if your hair type is naturally thick it’s because you inherited the gene from one of your parents. You cannot change this hair gene by shaving your face or any other area of your body. For another example that makes me laugh. My friend told me when she was a baby, her mom shaved her head to try and make her hair grow in thicker. She said that was the reason her hair was thick. I said no it’s not! I said you mom didn’t understand how a baby’s hair goes through a growth cycle, hair is constantly growing and shedding and in this case a baby can be born with thin hair and gradually the baby’s hair cycle will grow in thicker hair. I remember when my little brother was born, his hair was jet black and then it slowly shed and he grew in his light brown hair. His hair is thick by the way 😉

Women shaving their face – The day I noticed my peach fuzz…

I was outside in the sun and I needed to check my makeup in my compact mirror. I noticed “peach fuzz” on the corners of my mouth and “mustache” peach fuzz that I could clearly see up close in the sun and I touched and felt. I knew I had some peach fuzz on the sides of my jawline and I was OK with that until I tried shaving my face! After the first time shaving my face, I was hooked! My face feels incredibly smooth, my makeup application even looks better. This also helps exfoliate your skin and remove dry flaky skin patches!

I promise you once you try shaving your face and feel the smoothness, you’ll be hooked!

Here's the single blade razor I use.

Here’s the single blade razor I use. Once every month I shave my face with this!

Micro Touch One Razor on Amazon.com

The Micro Touch One Razor I bought from Amazon.com

Here’s a quick look at the blade.

razor blade up close

razor blade up close

here's a look at the razor blade opened up

here’s a look at the razor blade opened up

Women are purchasing “dermaplaning” aka face shaving at the Beauty Salon

Forget lasers and injections, women are paying around under $99 for face shaves at salons, known as dermaplaning. This is done with a single blade to exfoliate dead skin off your face and remove “peach fuzz”. Dermatologists recommend shaving your face to help fight aging and maintaining youthful skin. Skin care benefits also include “mechanical exfoliation” – an effective skin exfoliation, also hair removal. Dermaplaning is more focused however on removing dead skin, the hair removal is a great bonus. Using the safety razor can help exfoliate more skin than a regular razor blade. You can hire an esthetician or try it yourself at home.


Women shaving their face -The razor blade I use to shave my face with.

I use the Micro Touch One Razor. It’s the secret behind the skin exfoliation benefit! I actually purchased one for my fiance last year. I purchased the Micro Touch One Razor on Amazon.com it was about $19.00. Yes, it’s the one endorsed by Rick Harrison from the tv show Pawn Stars! My fiance would not stop raving about how much closer the blade was reaching his stubble and how he could skip shaving longer because of the closeness of the razor blade! I tried his razor, needless to say! 😉 I also recommend this razor because you don’t have to worry about bacteria growing in your single blade razor. The multi-blade razors always have tiny amounts of trapped gunk in between the blades and in the corners of the plastic frame. Ew! Use the single blade and also save money! Not only do you get a closer shave, your skin is exfoliated!

Here’s his video that has all the amazing facts:



Celebrities have shaved their face too! – Women shaving their face? Yes!

The screen legends shaved their face for a perfect hair free close up…”I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.” This was done by the lovely Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Nowadays with extreme HD definition and harsh studio lighting, shaving your face can save your the embarrassment of having your peach fuzz show up on camera!

Top 5 Reasons why women should shave their face – The Skin Benefits!

  1. Glowing Skin – Your foundation will look better!
  2. Soft smooth Skin!
  3. Your cheekbones will look more visible
  4. Exfoliation – Your Skincare products will absorb better
  5. You won’t have any visible peach fuzz

Women shaving their face – How I shave my face:

  1. First I prep my skin by removing my makeup with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Please read the Skin Care Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Care
  2. Next I apply more olive oil to my clean skin.
  3. I hold my safety razor at a 30 degree angle
  4. I shave going upwards (if you have sensitive skin, shave downward.)
  5. I rinse the blade in warm water and wipe it clean with tissue in between swipes
  6. Finally I rinse my skin in warm water and wipe away the excess oil, Viola! Smooth skin!
Apply extra virgin olive oil to your face

Apply extra virgin olive oil to your face

women shaving their face - apply olive oil first

I applied the oil to my face

women shaving their face

Using slow upward strokes at a 30 degree angle

Work your way up - notice how close the razor blade is to my skin, it's also exfoliating my skin

Work your way up – notice how close the razor blade is to my skin, it’s also exfoliating my skin

up close look at my razor blade - see the tiny peach fuzz and dead skin cells?

up close look at my razor blade – see the tiny peach fuzz and dead skin cells?

Thank you for reading my article “Women shaving their face?”

Honestly, I love how soft and smooth my face feels after shaving! I also don’t feel self conscious about any peach fuzz I might have on my face! Yay!

here’s the one I purchased: Microtouch One Razor Classic Safety Razor


Here’s the Razor blades I use: Merkur Double Edge Razors

They’re stainless steel and they give you the close shave and exfoliate your skin.

Here’s another popular hair removal tool- Tinkle Eyebrow Razors

tinkle eyebrow razor


If you have any questions, please ask me down below in the comments section!

Xo -Jen







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