How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast with natural ingredients at home and eyelash beauty tips. This is how to grow lashes naturally ladies! I have wanted my eyelashes to be longer without using any chemicals or expensive products. I was researching how to get longer eyelashes naturally fast and tried a recipe every night before bedtime. I’m happy to announce this is how to grow my eyelashes fast. Not only was this How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast, it was also how to make eyelashes thicker! It’s easy too. Read my How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast beauty tips.

How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally Fast

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast! Are your eyelashes too short? Are your eyelashes falling out? Are your eyelashes thinning out? Do you wish you knew the secret how to grow your eyelashes longer naturally?

My eyelashes were once very dry, irritated, and seemed to be thinning and also falling out almost everyday. People used to tell me I had an eyelash on my cheek all the time. It was a little embarrassing. I also noticed I would find a single fallen eyelash on my homework or in a book while I was looking down. Sure it was cute but it got worse, I would apply mascara and not even notice my eyelashes. I would think what a waste of time…lol.

Then I researched some eyelash growth remedies…

I found some remedies online for eyelashes but some irritated my eyes. After trial and error, I found a natural DIY eyelash remedy that actually works! The recipe is down below.

Here’s a photo of my eyelashes after I did this DIY “How to grow long eyelashes fast remedy”

Not only did my eyelashes grow longer, they also grew thicker and they always look shiny and healthy without mascara.


How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast
How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast – No makeup or mascara – photo of my natural eyelashes after doing this DIY eyelash remedy

I couldn’t wear false eyelashes so I needed a natural remedy

The sad part is that I had no idea how to apply false eyelashes. Even years later when I learned how to apply the darn false lashes, they would fall off or make my eyes tear. I have sensitive eyes and I can’t wear false eyelashes. Most false eyelashes are too uncomfortable for my sensitive eyes. My eyes just constantly water and tear up. Oh how I wish I could wear false eyelashes all day!

Do you ever have these eyelash problems?


My eyelash growth solution – this Is how I grew my eyelashes long

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast – 2 Ingredients

You can grow your eyelashes longer and fuller using only two ingredients. This will also help condition your eyelashes and prevent them from falling out frequently. Your eyelashes will grow longer and stronger. *

1. Organic Castor Oil

2. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You will need a small airtight bottle to store this mixture.

Make the Eyelash Growth Remedy:

Mix 2 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and 1 part Castor oil.

For example: 2 TSP of extra virgin olive oil mixed with 1 TSP of castor oil. This should be enough to last your for a couple months.

Apply the Eyelash Growth Remedy:

Do this before bedtime so you can have the mixture on your eye area while you sleep.

I simply like to take a cotton pad and apply a dime sized amount of the oil mixture onto my clean eye area. I concentrate making sure my eyelashes are moistened. Make sure the oil is on your eyelids and to the tips of your eyelashes.

How long will it take to see your eyelashes grow longer?

Apply the eyelash growth oil every night. You will start to see a huge difference in your eyelashes in as little as one month. Many people start to see a difference in only two weeks. You will need to get your eyelash roots and skin around your eyes used to the oils. Once you start using the eyelash remedy, your eyelash health will improve and your eyelashes will start to grow.  You may be asking yourself, “how to grow my eyelashes?” Here’s some tips how to grow lashes naturally.

This remedy and tips are my secret how I grew my eyelashes longer

Here’s a photo of me without makeup on my youtube channel. People have been asking how I grew my eyelashes longer and here I am writing the answer.

Tips How to grow lashes naturally

  1. Use Olive oil to remove mascara before going to bed (video)
  2. Never sleep in mascara – it damages your eyelashes and irritates your eyes
  3. Eat a balanced diet
  4. Keep your eye area moisturized
  5. Never rub your eyes and eyelashes together
  6. Don’t wear mascara everyday
  7. Don’t wear false eyelashes everyday
  8. Don’t pick at your eyelashes
  9. Take a trusted supplement: Hair, Skin, & Nails

How to Grow Long Eyelashes

*If you have health problems and you’re suffering from a disease, have cancer, or lacking nutrition in your diet, this will not regrow your eyelashes but only help condition them. For cancer patients that are losing their eyelashes this can help relieve dry skin around the eyes and condition your eyelashes. This is all natural and there’s no irritating chemicals. However, you do not want to get this in your eyes – if you do, rinse it out.

Eyelashes are sexy. Do you agree?

Long eyelashes make any eye instantly more sexy and feminine. It’s also noted that eyelashes can make you look younger too. Eyelashes can do wonders for your appearance! You can curl them, darken eyelashes, lengthen eyelashes, and can have your eyes look either rounder, bigger, or even longer! Eyelashes are such a fashion accessory, you can really make a statement.

People even undergo expensive and risky eyelash extensions that need lots of maintenance. There’s so many mascaras on the market and it always seems like a new mascara is being advertised on tv for either lengthening your eyelashes or add amazing volume or curl.

How to make eyelashes look longer

Once you grow longer eyelashes and your eyelashes are finally healthy, you can use mascara to make your eyelashes even longer!

My Favorite Eyelash Products

Now that your eyelashes have grown and your eyelashes are now healthy and long, you can also apply mascara and use beauty products now. Here’s some of my favorite eyelash products that have not irritated my eyes. These eyelash products have not damaged my eyelashes either. I will never try or recommend eyelash extensions because they can cause potential damage.


Start with eyelash primer for building incredibly longer eyelashes

Step 1:

This eyelash primer by LashFood helps give your eyelashes a protective base by conditioning your eyelashes. The best thing is that this eyelash primer has natural fibers in it! This gives you an immediate appearance of longer eyelashes without wearing false eyelashes.

lashfood fiber mascara
lashfood fiber mascara



Mascara for sensitive eyes – longer eyelashes

Step 2:

This mascara has fibers in it and lengthens my eyelashes like no other mascara I have ever tried. It’s buildable. I like to apply three coats. After my eyelashes are dry, I curl them. It’s called “It’s so BIG volumizing mascara” by Elizabeth Mott.

It's So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott
It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara (Black) by Elizabeth Mott


False eyelashes for sensitive eyes

Step 3:

I found some false eyelashes by Vincent Longo called Gina lash tips that are easy to apply and you only wear these false eyelashes on the outer corner of your eyes. I have such problems applying and wearing false eyelashes, my eyes are sensitive to eyelash glue and the weight of an eyelash. My eyes just get watery and it feels like my eyelash is wearing a wig. lol. These lash tips also come with latex-free glue, perfect for sensitive eyes too.

I love these VINCENT LONGO Gina Lash Tips
I love these VINCENT LONGO Gina Lash Tips

 You need a good eyelash curler and this one is pretty!

Step 4:

I like to curl my eyelashes after I have on mascara and false eyelash tips. I find that after I apply mascara, it can weigh down your eyelashes, so I like to curl them after to keep my eye;ashes extra curled. When you curl your eyelashes, your eyes look bigger and longer.

I spend one minute using my eyelash curler every morning before work. I do thirty seconds curling each eye. This is the most gorgeous eyelash curler I have found so far, I love the gorgeous purple. A purple eyelash curler? Of course. This purple eyelash curler by BellaSha is my new favorite.

BelleSha Trendsetter Lengthening Eyelash Curler Purple
So pretty! BelleSha Trendsetter Lengthening Eyelash Curler Purple



How to remove mascara naturally

Watch my video How I remove my makeup and mascara with olive oil!

Olive Oil makeup remover
Olive Oil makeup remover


Thanks for reading my diy remedy How to Grow Long Eyelashes Fast.


XO Jen


Please leave any questions down below! Please share this image on pinterest and enjoy!

how to grow long eyelashes fast


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  1. Ive been using castor oil for a month now and im only noticing small i mean it small difference… And i have a party in two weeks i dont want to fix fake lash

    1. Hi Queen!
      I agree. I don’t like wearing fake eyelashes. Too uncomfortable. That’s why I do this eyelash growth hack. Works pretty good!

  2. Hi girls,
    I agree with one of comments, it’s a wonderful and healthy way but soooo slow… I also had a party ahead – my best friend’s wedding – and I didn’t want falsies… Luckily I heard about Cherish Lash serum and it saved me just for 3 weeks. I had my amazing eyelashes that looked like falsies :))) But of course, if I had 2-3 months to prepare, I would go for oils.

  3. Love this blog! Mink lashes are a great alternative to the individual ones.but I really need to learn how to do these. But I love the way they look..they look very natural. I cannot wait to add these to my inventory.

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