This Girl is Jealous of Me: How to Deal with Jealous Women

This Girl is Jealous of Me: How to Deal with Jealous Women at work, at school, or out in public places. Why do women get jealous of each other? How do jealous women behave? I’ll also be sharing the actions of a jealous woman. And finally, signs a girl is jealous of another girl. Jealousy is a negative and vicious behavior and I have seen it countless times in women. It destroys friendships and relationships and creates a toxic environment.

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I’m going to tell you how to spot a jealous woman, how to tell if a woman is jealous of you, and how to deal with jealous women, and share some unbelievable stories how jealous women have treated me and the schemes and “back stabbing” they have deployed. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dish!

*UPDATE Many of you shared your stories in the comments below. Thanks, this helps other women like you have peace of mind that you’re not alone.

 How to Spot a Jealous Woman & How Jealous Women Behave

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Oh what a “treat” these women are to deal with. Yikes! Good luck if you’re ever dealing with a jealous woman, they’re like ninjas of trickery and foul play. Beware. First, I’ll tell you how easy it is to spot and recognize a jealous woman. I have experienced all 22 of these unfortunate behaviors from jealous women. I know what sneaky things they like to stir up and I’m never surprised. Here’s what to look for:

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  1.  Jealous woman will look you up and down up and down
  2. Jealous women want you to see her “judging you” while staring at you this way
  3. Jealous women will be noticeably talking about you with people staring at you or they’ll huddle and whisper looking back at you
  4. Jealous women will try to “put you down” they may say something nasty to you passive aggressively and walk away
  5. Jealous women will not be friendly
  6. Jealous women will give you a fake smile not using their eyes in a real smile
  7. Jealous women will not clap or congratulate you in awards or accomplishments given to you
  8. Jealous women will try to damage your car or property or steal from you – it gives them a high
  9. Jealous women will constantly troll you online – they will put you down or use fake profiles to “friend you” and keep tabs on your life
  10. Jealous women will try their hardest to get your man’s attention or try to contact him personally
  11. Jealous women will take action on you if their man looks at you
  12. Jealous women will feel threatened by you and harass you by phone, text, email, and social media
  13. Jealous women will stalk you and constantly compare your life their own
  14. Jealous women are out to get you any way they can
  15. Jealous women will spread huge lies about you, they want you to look bad compared to themselves
  16. Jealous women will never help you, they rather see you suffer
  17. Jealous women will humiliate you in public
  18. A jealous woman will only pretend to be your friend and talk bad about you in your absence
  19. Jealous women may be pathological liars spreading lies about you and may actually start believing their own crazy lies
  20. Jealous women like to create schemes turning everyone against you or they want people to hate you
  21. Jealous women like to sabotage you in some way, it gives them a high
  22. Jealous women like to anonymously make complaints about you
  23. Jealous women will prank you
  24. Jealous women will talk about you in another language when you’re near
  25. Jealous women that think you’re a threat to them will point out your flaws even if it’s something obscure like your elbow or knee
  26. She will call you a slut when you walk by
  27. Jealous women will say you’re fake or have breast implants when they don’t even know you!
  28. Jealous women will tell their kids to do or say something horrible to you
  29. Jealous women like to cut you off in traffic
  30. Jealous women will create a fake social media profile pretending to be you and make you look bad
  31. Jealous women will make sure to hold their boyfriend/husband closer in your presence
  32. Jealous women will claim that you look like a man
  33. jealous women will take a photo of you or film you
  34. Jealous women will make absurd excuses why you’re successful
  35. Jealous women will throw gum in your hair
  36. jealous women will mock you behind your back
How to Deal with Jealous Women

How to Deal with Jealous Women

Anything I left out? Please comment below.

How to deal with Jealous Women

You’re going to have to deal with these jealous women sooner or later.

Whether it’s at work, school, heck even your own neighbor, sister or sister-in-law… yuck!

The sooner you deal with these miserable jealous women, the better for you and the environment this is taking place.

They might even stop hating on your and causing trouble if they know you know they’re jealous of you. Sounds crazy right?

It’s drama. They want it. You’re probably sick of their jealous drama. Trust me, you don’t want it.

They may become embarrassed or they may become enraged. Which kind of jealous woman are you dealing with?

Unfortunately, there are all kinds of jealous creatures. Some are sly and sneaky that will quietly sabotage you behind your back aka backstabbers. The other kind like to join a pack of other jealous women that they find comfort in hating on you together in their own stinky company. (did I make you laugh yet? Oh keep reading…!)

Listed in the examples above I shared all the nasty behaviors jealous women carry with them and how to spot a jealous woman.

Here’s how to deal with jealous women head on.

I personally now have a blast dealing with jealous women.

I make myself laugh now because I have the confidence to deal with jealous women.

Here’s a surefire way to tell if you’re being singled out by a jealous woman: If there are truly “unattractive” or “plain Jane” women near you and the culprit is not saying a word about them… YOU are a THREAT to her! It may also be another woman that is very gorgeous – they want to be the only “pretty girl” in the room. I know this sounds crazy right?!

I wish I had this super power early on. Baby watch out because I know how to defeat a jealous woman 1 on 1. πŸ˜‰

You won’t even have to get mean on their level. You can still be feminine and lovely and elegant doing so with class.

Speaking of elegant, hey… here’s

Also be sure to Read: How to be an Elegant Woman

how to be an elegant woman

how to be an elegant woman


How to deal with Jealous Women

First of all, isn’t it sad we have to live this way? Gosh! If I could send you a dozen roses and a note to cheer up, I would because you deserve it. 

The #1 way to defeat a jealous woman is by staying happy and smile! They hate that the most! It kills them deep inside.

Be happy and smile – enjoy yourself – laugh – Jealous women are usually unhappy with themselves. They usually seek gratification seeing you unhappy too. They also seem to be the saying “misery loves company.” When this jealous woman is staring you up and down with hatred and jealousy in her eyes, smile and keep a positive vibe. Believe it or not, this is the best way how to deal with a jealous woman head-on. When they notice that they have no power over you this way, you will win. They love making you feel like you’re not good enough. Don’t let them upset you!

When they start looking at me if looks could kill, I smile and say “good morning” or “good afternoon” … and just make any casual small talk. Sometimes they’ll choke up from surprise and act like I “kicked their puppy” and pretend like they didn’t hear me. So you’ll have to repeat yourself. LOL.

COMPLIMENT Jealous women!
When you compliment someone, they will usually compliment you back. However, a jealous woman will 9 times out of 10 NEVER EVER EVER compliment you back. They will pretend they didn’t hear you. So make sure to say it loud. So yes, talk to them! Break the ice. PLUS it’s SUPER FUN!!!

Are you new to being looked up and down by other women?

Sure, if you’re new to dealing with this unwanted uncomfortable disrespect I have something easy you can do. Being looked up and down by other women and having them roll their eyes at you or give you looks of disgust, here’s what I want you to do. If you spot them doing this, I want you to pretend they’re invisible. Yes. Don’t even give them the satisfaction that you caught them being a jealous freak. Don’t look at them. I want you to look at something near them and concentrate on that – and be happy, give that your attention and pretend she’s not there. This will confuse her. These jealous women usually want you to feel uncomfortable. Or, you can relish in the attention… pose your feet cutely and tell her the brand of your shoes or something. LOL.

If you’re seasoned like me and want to have fun with these jealous women and send them packing

Here’s what you do! If you see someone giving you nasty looks perhaps they’re staring at you and ganging up with their friends and giving you dirty looks. These mean girls usually operate in packs… or so called herds. πŸ˜‰ Go ahead and make eye contact with them if it’s that obvious. Now, get your confidence pumping, stand up straight and tall, now do a nice little walk by them like you’re working the cat walk and twirl, strike your pose and go back to where you were or keep it moving. Just remember to smile πŸ˜‰ This makes their heads explode. lol. Who cares what they say because your confidence just showed them what’s hot. “That’s right” Give them a runway walk. Eat it up jealous chicks. Bam. Slay! Snatched! LOL.

If you’re like me, you’re the kind of woman that feels guilt having all the attention on you. You’re humble. It’s a great trait to have. However, enjoy yourself too every once in a while. πŸ™‚
I do enjoy being feminine but it’s hard for me to really enjoy it because I feel like I’m taking away “the spotlight” from other ladies. I’m not a natural diva, but now that I’m in my 30’s I’ve developed a sassy attitude. Work it sister!

How to deal with Jealous Women at Work

Are you dealing with a “ray of sunshine” at work?

It’s usually a group of women bullies that act like B******. Is that a good description? If you walk out from your office and they’re looking you up and down and talking about you behind your back or running a whisper session as you walk by, you need to deal with them asap.

First, it’s wise to ask a male co-worker for inside information, if there’s anything going around about yourself or confine in them letting them know how uncomfortable it is for you at work and if they’ve noticed anything. Most of the time, a friendly male co-worker will alert you to what’s going on behind your back before you realize it.

Next, when they’re in a group cackling again, try to join them and ask what’s up? If they become quieter than church mice, address it, “wow ladies, I could hear you joking around a mile away, I want to laugh too…”

Next, direct question to one of the clowns. “Hey Sarah, whip out the story on me.” If there’s a pause of silence or weird pause in their speech, assume they’re talking about you. At least you addressed the jealous ladies. If you have an example of something you have heard them say about you behind your back get the person that heard it, run that by the group of ladies and see if they can track back the source. I bet they can’t when you’re face to face. At least try to mention you want an apology for talking about you and spreading lies.

What was the first time you realized someone was jealous of you? Comment below!

In my next post, I’m going to share some unbelievable stories of Jealous women. Stay tuned!


Story #1 – Jealous Woman – “Shopping”

I love going out shopping with my husband. I’ve tipped him off how horrible women are to each other and revealed this “little world of women” to him. He has told me on numerous occasions when we’re out walking around, especially shopping, he will notice how other women are critically looking at me. Even while standing in line at the checkout lane. He’ll tell me… “WHOA this woman across from you kept looking at you up and down and then she kept staring at your ring.” I told him I would never stare at anyone like that because it’s rude.

Story #2 – Jealous Woman – “Catfish”

My Facebook updates would often involve sharing a thank you to my wonder boyfriend at the time. I would share photos of us happy on our weekend adventures, holidays, that soft of lovey dovey stuff. Things were great and it was all shared on Facebook, unfortunately this was my mistake. However, he also would share our wonderful photos and comments to each other on Facebook. Well, get this… one of his ex girlfriends or long ago high school love interest was trolling both of us apparently. This girl would aways contact his Facebook page with random updates. I’m not stupid, I saw this girl leaving him messages etc. She disguised her profile as a model or some hot chick, gorgeous the whole 9 yards ya know.  πŸ˜‰

I’ve watch catfish the show on MTV, I said there’s no way this person is real. This woman sees he’s in a relationship, why would she pursue him? This was a fake profile just as I had suspected with my reverse image search in Google. The real woman was a HUGE I mean ginormous Hispanic woman in her 40’s that was no model at all… This woman was “cat fishing” him hard. Apparently this woman had feelings for him still and really really tried to lure him in… Isn’t it sad when women use fake photos to try and mettle with your relationship. Yikes.

Story #3 – Jealous Woman – “Walking my dog”

So the other day I took my dog for our usual walk around the lake. I love dressing stylish and cute, so I had on a pair or ripped jeans, blush rose bomber jacket, and new cute Nikes with some Coach sunglasses. I was feeling pretty good about myself and walked my dog, not many people were at the lake. My dog goes #2 and I bend over to pick it up in a small black plastic usual bag. Now I’m walking over to throw away the waste… As I’m walking to the trash can…. I feel this woman “staring daggers at me.” from 3 ft next to me. I can see her eyes through her sunglasses now and I feel this intense “I’m gonna kill you vibe.” I felt like the mailman walking by a pit bull. As I’m about to throw away the dog poop bag, she yells out to her friend next to her “hold on wait for this ugly bitch to walk by.” I was shocked and I knew she was being mean talking about me just bringing me down. (I’m not ugly) I looked her in the eye and said “Are you talking to me?” In shock, she stared telling me I was rude to eavesdrop, I said you’re yelling. LOL. I was laughing. She then told me I smelled like shit and my hands were dirty and nasty and that I haven’t washed them in a year. I just kept walking because she was screaming even louder. (I’m thinking she just watched me use the bag to pick up poop.) Who cares? She wants a reaction out of me and I’m not giving it to her… I looked around for “that ugly bitch” she was talking about…nobody. What a hater.

Story #4 – Whispering women and mysterious Car dents / keyed car

In college, there was a girl in my classroom that I had never spoken to before. We sat on opposite ends of the classroom. Perfect strangers almost right? The girl I sat next to would tell me horrible things this girl would say about me. One time I even overheard it for myself. I was speechless. What did I do to her or anyone for that matter. She HATED me. she would talk crap about me. My classmate next to me warned me that she over heard she would key my car. WHAT?! WHY!? That year my car did collect many mysterious key marks and dents. I had no way to prove it was her.

Work with a jealous woman?

Gift them this book! That will send a REAL message loud and clear!

jealous guide

Share your stories in the comments, thanks!


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