signs your mother in law doesn't like you

Signs Your Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Like You and May be Jealous Too

Mother-in-laws you either love them or get anxiety knowing you’ll have to include them in your weekend plans. Uh. If you have a difficult mother-in-law that you have TRIED to get along with but she STILL doesn’t like you and makes things uncomfortable and down right manipulative, keep reading. For a bonus, your mother-in-law is also a narcissist…

Here’s 10 Signs your Mother In Law doesn’t like you and may actually hate or be jealous of you.

Plus I’ll go over how to deal with this difficult mother-in-law situation.

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signs your mother in law doesn't like you


Crazy jealous narcissistic Mother in laws may secretly HATE you with a passion. They want to see you suffer and want to make your life a living hell. However, they will use discreet mind games to make it look like you’re the problem. They will try their hardest to get a REACTION from you. DO NOT give them the satisfaction. They may seem like a bully in your eyes but a saint in the eyes of your husband. SOMEDAY your husband may catch on to how she’s making your life difficult. You will have to vent to your co-workers and any other female friends that are in the same boat. You will also have to “woman-up” and not let her push you around. However, this is a delicate task because you don’t want to upset your husband. Patience is a virtue.

Does your mother-in-law look you up and down and give the silent treatment?

If your mother in law gives you dirty looks and does not say a word, yes your mother-in-law probably doesn’t like you and may be perhaps jealous of you. Mine will check me out, cross her arms and pretend she’s rotating a peppermint candy in her mouth instead of saying anything. Does your mother-in-law do this crap too?! She will also take photos and video of me without any warning…Just laugh, because she’s obviously thinking devious thoughts…

Signs a woman is jealous of you and how to deal with it

Does your mother-in-law pretend you’re not there when you’re out to dinner with her and HER son?

Your husband or herself invites you to dinner and the whole meal is talking between her son and herself. She does not speak to you. And if she does it’s always asking how old you are or if you still work. Swear to God, every time that’s her “go to” questions and she’s done with me. I hate being left alone with her. She just talks shit about my husband calling him fat or asks me odd personal questions. It makes me sad. I don’t say anything negative to her, I just stare blankly in surprise she talks this way. This is my husband, her son, I love him. It hurts hearing that.

Does your mother-in-law prefer to not speak English? (or other native language)

My mother-in-law pretends to not speak English even though she’s been in the United States for well over 45 years, working and raising 2 children including my husband who speaks perfect English. However, when asked about her daughter’s wedding (that she was not invited to or knew anything about) she starts speaking perfect English. LOL.

Does your mother-in-law talk about herself a LOT?

My mother-in-law had a TON of plastic surgery a long while ago. She had “the works” done in a Tijuana… Her favorite thing to talk about is how everyone she encounters thinks so looks twenty years younger than her senior citizen age. It’s actually sad because she thinks she’s THE SHIT… It’s narcissistic and toxic how every time we see he it’s all about her or an upcoming surgery. Or she’s talking about other people’s “boob jobs” or how old specific people look etc. Yuck. Every story is about her.

Is your Mother-in-law disrespectful?

Does you mother-in-law say crude stuff like, “My son is so fat…” Really, what am I supposed to say? I’m staying out of her remarks. Just tilt your head to the side and look at her with all the patience in the world. (meanwhile remembering all the liposuction she’s had done lol)

Does your mother-in-law NEED her son a lot?

I get it. It’s nice have your Mom ask for help now and then but how much help does she need? She’s not helpless. If your mother-in-law needs things done around her house and calls your husband and calls often for stupid stuff. She may be trying to mettle with your relationship. She may be trying to stir things up and try to get you to complain about it. Beware, it’s a TRAP I say. Don’t complain. Go with your husband to your mother-in-law’s house, see her without makeup and her face tape on. Stare at her like she does to you. Go on. Don’t complain about her incessant needs. Play her game back and go with it.

Does you mother-in-law keep you son’s past wedding photo up with his ex?

I’ve been with my husband for over seven years and my mother-in-law still has a wedding photo up from him and his ex’s wedding day. Uncomfortable? Hmmmm… Ya, she may not like me so much… ya think? Nothing like a slap in the face when you have to go to her house. No worries, I don’t have her mug in my house, just photos of our wedding day.

Does your mother-in-law never compliment you?

You could be all dressed up for an event and she comes to the door and has nothing nice to say. Even after you compliment her… Of course she’ll say to her son that your dress straps are too big or some bullshit when you look great. She’ll even compliment herself and want you to take a photo of herself posing.

Does your mother-in-law ask you the same old questions every time you see her?

Do you still work? How old are you? OMG. EVERY time. And then that’s it, that’s all the communication she gives out. If your mother-in-law asks weird questions like this, she probably hates you.

Does your mother-in-law offer to clean your house?

When she walks into your house and looks for anything “un clean”… get lost lady. No I don’t want you “cleaning” aka  snooping around. Nothing says you’re an unclean slob like offering us your cleaning services.


Do you have a (MIL) mothers-in-law that’s difficult and gives you anxiety just thinking about spending time with? Please leave your Mother-In-Law stories below in the comments below.