Toothache Home Remedies that Work

Toothache Home Remedies that Work

Toothache Home Remedies that Work. Hi loves, I had a severely painful toothache from a cracked molar tooth. I tried so many natural toothache home remedies on the internet and only two natural home remedies worked for me. I’m happy to help anyone that’s suffering from a bad toothache if you’re looking how to get rid of a toothache fast. The best thing about these toothache home remedies is that they actually work immediately. I had relief from my throbbing toothache withing twenty seconds. Please bookmark this information and share it with your friends and family. This is a tried and trusted old home remedy for toothaches. Enjoy. Read my Toothache Home Remedies now and share the graphic on pinterest for help others. Thanks.

Toothache Home Remedies that Work #1 Raw Garlic

Garlic & olive oil have been my best natural toothache home remedies. Raw garlic, not cooked garlic.

How to make this DIY Toothache Home Remedy:

Immediate toothache relief Recipe DIY:

  1. Take one clove of raw garlic
  2. Chop off the ends
  3. Remove the peel
  4. Slice the clove of garlic in half
  5. Take the half and slice it into three small pieces
  6. Stand in front of your sink (in case you need to spit this out)
  7. Slowly place a piece of garlic onto the affected tooth (if possible), bite carefully
  8. Bite and chew the garlic using all of your teeth (thoroughly chewing) without swallowing
  9. Chew all the pieces for twenty seconds
  10. Your eyes may begin to tear and it might feel too spicy and hot
  11. As soon as you’re eyes tear, spit out the garlic
  12. Drink some room temp water and gently swish it in your mouth to remove the garlic
  13. You may eat one of the small pieces of raw garlic and drink some water to wash it down.


You should have instant relief from your tooth ache by now. This has given me major natural pain relief from my tooth ache. The raw garlic helps fight the inflammation and pain.

I told my new dentist about this and she was surprised to learn about this fun remedy. I love my new dentist!

I needed to do this at least once a week for two months. Then my tooth became worse and I needed to do this toothache remedy every night before bed. My breath became horrible to say the least 😉 However, this garlic toothache remedy gave me the instant relief I needed.

If the garlic is too strong for you, you can swish around some extra virgin olive oil in your mouth for one minute. The olive oil will also help you relieve the pain. You should also try to add a small piece of garlic while swishing the olive oil, it won’t be as strong. 😉

After you use these toothache home remedies, sanitize your mouth:

You can do this by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of salt and one cup of warm water. Gently swish this in your mouth for at least thirty seconds. This will help you with any bacteria forming around the tooth and gum-line.

This will also help remove the garlic odor from your breath.

 Here’s my story about my crazy toothache experience.

How I cracked my tooth

I made myself some Italian food and seasoned it with some freshly grounded black pepper. I was looking forward to this meal all day, I took my first bite and big surprise – I bit right into a whole peppercorn. I quickly spit out my food to discover a hard peppercorn. Looking in the mirror, my tooth was clearly cracked in half. This was also an old tooth that had a full root canal with a piece of metal falling out.

Next, one half of my chipped tooth fell out. Yikes I was so scared. At first, there was no pain at all. I was concerned that there was no pain. I didn’t know what to do about my tooth except call the dentist. My old dentist examined my tooth and decided she could somehow place a crown on the tooth if I made another appointment with her asap.

The next follow up appointment with my old dentist was a disaster, within one week, my cracked tooth broke further, below the gum-line. She said there was no way to crown my tooth now and she recommended some very expensive dental implant. I didn’t want to go to San Ysidro for the recommended dental surgeon. I left the appointment to think about my options – extracting the tooth or getting a dental implant? I didn’t like those options. I called around for quotes, and all said and done many dentists wanted $3K for the dental implant. That’s San Diego dentistry prices for you. I also felt like my life was too busy to put my tooth as a priority. I figured, I’ll save up my money and wait until there’s pain.

Months went by until I started dealing with regular toothaches. First I had tooth sensitivity. If I ate something too hot or drank something cold, my tooth was in searing pain for a brief moment. No big deal.

Months went by and ongoing toothaches started to happen

I researched online “Toothache Home Remedies that Work.” I found twenty remedies to try, so many had exotic ingredients I have never heard before or they were too hard to find. It’s amazing that all I really needed was raw garlic and olive oil.

This toothache remedy worked for me, relieving my pain

However, I highly recommend you visit a dentist and take action unlike myself. I waited and waited. This remedy worked so wonderfully, I prolonged my trip to the dentist.

You should NEVER wait as long as I did to see the dentist. If you have ongoing or severe pain like I did, go see your dentist ASAP. In my case, because my tooth was cracked and chipped exposing below my gum-line etc. my tooth became infected, My x-rays showed some dark matter below my tooth at the jawbone. The infection was deep and instead of saving the tooth, I had it extracted and they cleaned out the infection. Then, to keep my jaw strong and prevent my jawbone from thinning out, bone graft was filled in it’s place. I will later get a dental implant drilled into that bone graft once it’s healthy again. Yay! I was also prescribed antibiotics for the infection. I’m feeling better already.

BTW, if you’re also in San Diego, I highly recommend A+ Family Dentistry. This has been the best dentist experience I have ever had and in my case a molar extraction for my first visit. This procedure was pain free! This is something I was scared about and I had no reason to be scared at all. The professional staff was kind, caring, and explained everything flawlessly to me. I fully understood my options and the current state of the health of my mouth. No wonder they have an “A+” it’s because they also did all their extra credit. The pricing was reasonable and there were even payment options.

Thank you for reading my Toothache Home Remedies that Work. I hope you try them.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments.

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Toothache Home Remedies that Work
Toothache Home Remedies