Why Did the yellow heart on snapchat go away

Why Did the yellow heart on snapchat go away? ? Snapchat Drama

Why Did the yellow heart on snapchat go away
Why Did the yellow heart on snapchat go away?

Are you wondering why did the yellow heart on snapchat go away?

Snapchat drama alert.

The answer can stir up some drama with your snapchat bestie.

Perhaps ruin a friendship or relationship.

The recent snapchat yellow heart ??? emoji has gotten out of control.

Snapchat’s yellow heart means you’re besties with someone.

Here’s why your yellow heart disappeared:

Your best friend on snapchat aka person you had a yellow/gold heart ? with is talking to someone else more than you. ?


How you get the snapchat yellow heart in the first place:

The more you chat with someone on snapchat and the more they chat with you, the better your chance of getting a yellow heart ? .

Yellow Heart Drama ? Story time

How to get back your yellow heart on snapchat…

Now you could just try chatting a lot with that person again… asking lots of great open ended questions. Stir up a great conversation… lol.

How long does it take to get a yellow heart on snapchat?

It takes approximately five minutes of continuous chatting on snapchat!

Snapchat heart disappeared then reappeared?

This means your friend was chatting to someone more than you…. and then you initiated more conversation and got your yellow heart back.

Or you can do it the crazy way lol. According to a friend mentioned below.

My friend said him and his girlfriend got into an argument simply because their yellow heart ? on snapchat disappeared. It was heartbreaking to the girlfriend. So much that she wanted to see who stole her ?  yellow heart away from her. She grabbed her boyfriend phone to inspect his snapchat account to discover he had been talking to another girl on snapchat so often that it triggered the snapchat algorithm to give her the yellow heart. ?

She took matters into her own hands literally. She went into his snapchat account and also had her phone open with snapchat. From there she proceeded to have a pretend conversation with herself and her boyfriend’s snapchat account.

She kept snap chatting until that darn yellow heart came back! ?

Her boyfriend was totally on board because he felt bad that hurt her feelings.

I think it’s hilarious ? how much the ? yellow heart means to some people. I’m happy my friend is back to being happy.

What are your thoughts?

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