Young Women Getting Wrinkles in their 20s

Young Women Getting Wrinkles in their 20s – Here’s Why

Eight Reasons Why Young Women are Getting Wrinkles in their 20s

Many young women are getting wrinkles in their 20s when their skin should be at their peak of youth. Yes, even teenagers are getting wrinkles. Why?

I have forehead wrinkles at 20...”

I am amazed when I meet young people that already have wrinkles aren’t you?

How many reality shows have you seen with young women already getting botox or cosmetic surgery?

There’s many causes of wrinkles in young people that are common, but also check out the new causes of wrinkles for young people. Here’s some causes of premature wrinkles. If you find yourself doing any of these bad habits, take action now to help prevent wrinkles from forming. Here’s my TOP 8 reasons why young people in their 20s are getting premature wrinkles and how to prevent premature aging.

Making Intense Faces During Conversations

I remember this girl in high school that would always raise her eyebrows or make intense squinty faces while talking to her. Needless to say, she already had wrinkles in high school! I’m sure you know these people that make intense “sour faces” while chit chatting. Even huge grins. This causes deep wrinkles in the forehead and in between the eyes, as well as crow’s feet. Remedy: Try to speak more calmly and politely. When’s the last time you spoke to an elegant woman that made faces? Never.

Constantly Staring Down at their Mobile Phone

Many young people are staring at their screens for instagram, snapchat, texts, you name it. Eyestrain and more squinting around the delicate eye area for a few hours a day multiplied by just a few years takes its toll on the skin. We’re even seeing young people with more double chins and neck wrinkles from constantly tilting their heads downward at their screen. This constant bad posture causes premature aging. Remedy: Try to use your phone while your reclined in a chair and can bring the phone above your face or at a comfortable eye-level.

Staring at a Computer Monitor

My co-worker always looks angry while looking at his computer monitor. This constant squinting of the eyes is turning him into an angry looking statue. If you need glasses, do yourself a favor and get them so you won’t be making faces all day at work. Remedy: You can also try moving the computer closer to your face.

Going Clubbing – Drinking, Smoking, etc.

Young ladies going to clubs. Need I say more? One of the easiest ways to keep looking young is by never going to clubs. Taking your time to get ready for the club such as packing on makeup that you dance and sweat in takes a toll on the delicate skin on your face. Just look at Lindsay Lohan. Can you imagine all the alcohol, drugs, and morning she had waking up in makeup? Staying up late, missing out on your beauty sleep is horrible for the skin. Drinking alcohol, wine causes inflammation and redness to the skin. Prolonged drinking alcohol can make the redness permanent. Remedy: Stay away from the club scene.

Overexposed to Sun

Getting too much sun? Going jogging outside? Volleyball at the beach? Long walks outdoors? Tanning is still popular in western culture. You never see eastern women tanning their skin at the beach. Young skin constantly tanning causes premature wrinkles. Spending time outside in direct sun for prolonged periods is one of the worst things you can do for you skin. Remedy: Going out? Bring a parasol or hat. Make sure to wear sun glasses.

Drinking Soda

Surgery drinks cause wrinkles. When you have a lot of sugar in your bloodstream, it makes your skin’s elastic and collagen to harden, causing wrinkles. Many young people drink one soda a day, do you? Also, sipping through straws makes your lips get those creases! Remedy: Drink water or tea – no straw please.

Over washing / Being too rough with face

Scrubbing your skin roughly? Dragging your skin downward when washing? Young people may have oily skin, and they over wash it rather than treat the root of the problem. What’s even worse? They’re sold on these rough skin care systems that focus on drying out the skin and acne rather than moisturizing and protecting. Remedy: Stop over washing, more time moisturizing and protecting your skin. Oily skin can actually be a sign of dehydration. The skin tries to keep itself hydrated by producing oil that is a natural barrier preventing moisture loss.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Is drinking water just not cool anymore with the young kids? I mostly see young people with Diet Coke or Monster energy drinks or Starbucks coffee. All these drinks actually dehydrate the skin. Not enough drinking water causes you body to not function as properly as it should. With health comes beauty. Remedy: Drink more water. Try to “chase” a glass of water with these drinks you don’t want to give up.


I hope this helps you make better choices to help prevent premature wrinkles and aging.