rice water skin care

Rice Water Skin Care

how to make rice water

Rice Water Skin Care, step by step.

The beauty benefits of rice water skin care have been known for centuries.

Rice water has many skin benefits. The most popular are skin whitening, brightening, anti aging rice treatment for wrinkles, improving skin tone and more!

Best of all, you can make rice water at home for pennies.

Hi! My name’s Jennifer and today I’m excited to show you how to make rice water, it’s easy!

Best of all, you won’t have to boil any water.

Rice Water Skin Care

Hi! Here’s How I Make Rice water!

Here’s a video I made (no makeup) how I make rice water for amazing skin care benefits:

Watch me now and click the play button. This is how I prepare rice water for skin care.

I really wish more people here in the U.S.A. were open to the idea of a more natural skin care treatment for skin lightening rather than using expensive skin whitening serums. Rice water skin care is an amazing solution for many skin care issues that’s cheap and most importantly effective!

Read about how to use rice water skin care with photos and read my experience with rice water skin care.

Rice Water Skin Care is great for all skin types.

No matter how complicated your skin care regimen is, rice water is an easy step to add! The most exciting thing about using rice water on your skin is that you see and feel a huge difference after one use!

Do you need to also treat wrinkles?

Here’s the #1 beauty oil I recommend!

Here’s all the reasons why you’ll want to use rice water:

Rice Water Skin Care Benefits

  • Smoothes out wrinkles
  • Evens skin tone
  • Lightens skin by fading suntan
  • Firms skin
  • Reduces pore size
  • Reduces swelling / inflammation
  • Brightens skin
  • Gives a youthful glow to skin
  • Fades age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Advanced cell recovery
  • Help heal dermatitis

Rice water can give your skin a flawless porcelain finish and even lighten and whiten your skin over time – better than expensive skin whitening serums.

When I mean whiten, I’m referring to removing hyperpigmentation,  age spots, and sun spots.
You can also expect to see it help firm up your skin and reduce your pore size. This would explain the smoothness I always experience!

What vitamin does rice water have?

Rice water is full of skin loving vitamins, minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, pitera, especially PABA, allantonin, and ferullic acids, especially antioxidants that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

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How to make Rice Water for Skin Care

Rice Water Skin Care – How to Make Rice Water

1: Get a good quality rice

I’ve tried all types of rice this last year to find the best rice to use when making rice water. The brand of rice that I recommend is called Nishiki Premium Grade Rice. This is Medium grain rice specially selected. For 5 lbs it costs $6.59 USD.

rice water skin care


I use this brand to create delectable sushi dishes with but in this situation, I end up being the real dish in this winning skin care routine 😉 shhh! Try it! 😉 You can use any white rice to make rice water, this brand is just my personal favorite!


rice water skin care step 1

2: Get an airtight container with lid

a container that will keep the rice water from spilling is important. Also for fermenting the rice water faster. This makes a higher quality rice water.

3: Scoop 4 TBSP. of uncooked raw rice into the container

raw rice

rice for skin care


Step 4: Pour a generous amount of purified water into the container

I’m using cold bottled water right out of my refrigerator so it will be nice and cold when I apply this fresh mixture to my skin. (Coldness closes your pores) Do not use hot water or cooked rice water. (You don’t need to use boiled rice for skin whitening.)

making ricewater

It’s OK if some rice stays floating on the surface of the water. It will eventually sink.

making rice water


5: Place the lid on the container and give it a good shake.

– Allow the rice water to sit for ten minutes for fresh rice water. Or to make fermented rice water, allow at least one hour.
The longer you let the rice sit in the water, the more strong the smell. If you let it sit for an hour, this is how to make fermented rice water. Fermented rice water is more beneficial for skin care.

milky white rice water

6: Stir the rice water after an hour

The rice water will look very milky white after ten minutes. All of the nutrients are now in the water. The longer you let the rice water ferment, the whiter the water. You won’t be able to see the rice underwater! Pick up some of the rice under water and notice it’s becoming a little translucent! Pretty huh?


soaking rice

Look how milky white the rice water is! I’m tilting the container and you can’t even see through the rice water!

fresh rice water for skin care


7: Rice water is ready to apply. Use a cotton pad or paper towel

Take a cotton pad or paper towel and soak up some of the rice water and gently pat it onto your face. You can make a sheet mask and allow the rice water to soak into your skin and dry. I love to let it dry on my face and reapply more rice water to get a good dose of rice water for my skin! When the rice water dries on my face, my skin feels so soft and looks so luminous that I feel like I don’t even need makeup! If you do decide to wear foundation, it will apply so smoothly onto you skin.


making rice water

8: Reapply rice water to skin once it dries

Here’s my makeup-free skin getting a good dose of rice water. Let it soak in for five minutes and apply more.

rice water skin care

Results of rice water before and after

The results of using the rice water! yay! I’m really pleased with the smoothness and glow it gives my skin! My pores are super tight and my skin is smoother than silk! This could be a makeup free day! Who am I kidding? I’m going to add some blush and color to my face.

Rice water adds a blur and glow to the skin. Perfect for natural beauty and no makeup needed.

I have done some makeup free days with rice water and my skin feels baby soft all day! Try it! You can also use rice water just like a skin toner. This is a great inexpensive way to pamper your skin! I love to take the leftover rice water onto my neck, hands, and arms.

rice water benefits silky smooth skin


Updated: 2/10/19

How long can you keep rice water?

Up to three says in the refrigerator. After that, rice water goes bad.

9: Freeze leftover rive water for storage

Since rice water can go bad, I recommend you freeze leftover rice water in ice cube trays. This way you can store your fresh rice water longer!

Not only that, you can enjoy benefits of applying ice to your skin.

Or you can store the rice water you made in and air tight container placed in your refrigerator up to four days! You can cook the rice grains instead of throwing them away! 😉

Don’t forget, you can sleep while having the rice water on your face, hair and body too!


store rice water in refrigerator

Thank you for reading about Rice Water Skin Care! Please share this article with anyone that wants to lighten their sun spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Looking for more skin care tips? Read my Top Ten Anti Aging Skin Care Tips here


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Rice water on face overnight?

Yes. You can use rice water on your face overnight. It makes a great overnight beauty treatment. You can wake up to glowing skin.

Rice water face mask

You can add rice water to any face mask . I recommend this rice mask for acne and anti aging benefits. Grab a bowel and make my favorite rice water face mask:

  1. Add1/4 C of cooked oatmeal
  2. Add 1/4 C of rice water
  3. Stir
  4. Apply to face for ten minutes
  5. Wipe away excess
  6. Rinse with lukewarm water
Wrap your hair up! And relax for 15 minutes! ;)
Wrap your hair up! And relax for 15 minutes! 😉

Don’t want to make your own rice water skin care cleanser?

You can actually purchase rice water soap if it’s too much work for you. I know it can be hard to keep rice water fresh in your refrigerator. It’s called Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. I have been trying it now for two weeks and it has all the skin care benefits of using rice water.

Where to purchase rice water soap:

rice water soap
click to buy this koji san soap on amazon


Lots of people have asked me about rice water down below in the comments. Maybe their questions can also help you too!

-Jen xo

how to do rice water skin care
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193 thoughts on “Rice Water Skin Care”

      1. Hey there Megan! I just wanted to ask you how long are we able to keep this rice water? Will it last at least one week before we should throw it out?

  1. I totally agree. I have Asian/German roots. It’s nearly impossible to buy skin whitening beauty products here in Germany, because most of the German girls and woman prefer tanned skin. A home made rice water toner acts great as a mild bleaching agent, it’s cheap and gives my skin smooth and a healthy glow.

    1. How is it that rice water helps the hair get darker but it bleaches the skin? Over time, the B vitamins in rice water used on the hair is said to help it produce dark pigment, making hair color richer and deeper.

      1. Hi AJ,
        I don’t have experience using rice water for darker hair, perhaps the rice water conditions the hair making it look more moisturized and therefore a darker appearance. Very interesting about the dark pigment. I’ll have to look into it. Thank you.

  2. dear jean
    my daughter is having atopic demertities (Dry skin ). nowerdays her condition is very bad, all night echin. i hope this can apply for her skin . pls advice

    1. I would recommend the rice water as a start and then rubbing sweet almond oil or jojoba oil both are pretty cheap and very soothing for dry skin prone to rashes if she has something like psoriasis then you may try tamu oil or neem oil both are great for those skin condition.

  3. If I’m also using the baking soda as a cleanser & olive oil/sweet almond oil as a moisturizer, what order do I use them in?

    Is it baking soda then rice water then oil or baking soda then oil then rice water? I have to put on makeup afterwards…

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I would first use the olive oil and then use the baking soda as a cleanser/exfoliate and last use the rice water. 🙂

        1. Hi Skye,
          Yes, just mix them together at the consistency that feels right for you.
          Rub this mixture all over the body and face. Test a small area first, incase you’re sensitive.

    2. Hi Sharon,
      I would first use the olive oil and then use the baking soda as a cleanser/exfoliate and last use the rice water. 🙂
      Good luck,

      1. OK. I will try it! I have a job interview in four days & I want my skin to look its best. 🙂

  4. If u want lighter skin using this how fast can u see results how many shades can u lighten skin cause I want to get back to my original skin color

  5. do i have to start with a clean face first before using the rice water? or i can i just go ahead and rub the rice water into my face?

    1. Yes! Usually before you put any beauty products on your face, you want to make sure your face is clean. Take off any makeup or dirt you have on your face first. That way the rice water can touch your skin better. 🙂

  6. Dear Jen

    I find your reviews very interesting. I have tried couple of products and consulted dermatologist too for pimple treatment. I have done chemical peeling and microdermabrasion too. But I am afraid that regular peeling could be harmful for my skin in the longrum and want to use some herbal remedy or creams instead rather than those peelings and microdermabrasion for pimpleas ans scars. Is this rice water therapy is suitable for oily/acne prone skin. Can we wash our face with rice water and keep it overnight? Will this cause eruption of pimples? What do you suggest for lightening pimple marks and blackheads on nose? I will be thankful if you could suggest some products- night cream, under eye cream suitable for pimple prone skin.I am 25 and would be interested to know produtcs that contains anti-aging effects too.Thanks..

    1. Hi, Yes the rice water is good for all skin types. It won’t irritate your skin. You can wash it off and apply your regular acne routine medicines. This should help lighten hyper pigmentation over time. For blackheads on your nose, I recommend using clay masks like this one that also has anti aging properties like you requested

  7. I just read your article on How To Remove Under Eye Wrinkles Fast, Aug 12, 2013. I cannot wait to try it. I do have a question about whether you can use the rice ‘milk’ on the wrinkles under your brow and down to the lid. I wasn’t able to post the question with that article, so I am posting it here. Thank you so much for all your advice. I just found you site today and am anxious to try your suggestions!

    Do you think this will work on the wrinkles under my eyebrow? I don’t know why it wouldn’t be safe to try, but thought I’d ask anyway. PS-I tried some rice-related skin products last year and loved them, but they were too expensive. Those products were based on the rice ‘milk’ that is used by Geishas. Thanks so much for passing this info along! Susan

    1. You’re welcome Susie,
      yes, I think this will also help with wrinkles. It works really great on any hyperpigmentation. For deep wrinkles, i’d try rose hip oil.

  8. Hi Jen- It should be ok to put the rice water all around the eye, right? I am starting to get wrinkles under my eyebrows. I am hoping this rice water will help with that. I read your article about getting rid of wrinkles under the eyes but I wasn’t sure if those oils can be used on the eyelids. Also, do you think the rice water will help with rosacea? Thanks for everything! Susan

  9. Hi I read ur article and the comments. Im currently using a rejuvenating toner for my pimples. Because i really have a bad case of it. What should I do first, the toner or the rice wash? Will the rice wash affect the toner’s effectivity? And how many times can I use it since my face is also oily?
    Sorry if I have tones of questions I’d do anything to lessen the outbreak. 🙁

    1. If you have bad acne, I would just stick to using the toner. I wouldn’t want your toner to get washed away. Also, please try this all natural acne facial that also helped my skin. This facial has changed people’s lives. I wish you all the luck,

  10. So I soak the rice in the water and the nutrients go on our skin. But when we eat the rice, will all of the nutrients not be eaten? It’s very important for me to get the nutrients inside of my body too. Also, why can we only store it for four days?
    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Not everything gets soaked up into your skin. There’s still nutrients in the rice. Generally it’s smart to only store leftovers or food in the refrigerator up to four days. This is because bacteria will grow and the food is unsafe to consume. For example, if you had a glass of milk and you left it out of the refrigerator for the entire day, you probably would not want to drink it. The milk will get warm and grow bacteria. Food spoils. It does not last forever unfortunately.

    2. When I cook rice, I always ‘wash it’ as in rinse it and use this liquid. I leave my rice water to ferment for a day. Then I boil it to stop the bacteria and put it in a bottle to use. I eat rice all the time so I’m not shy with the quantities I use, sometimes I will wash my face in the water too after I have an exfoliate and mask session.

  11. you can still eat the rice. Rice is generally an empty calorie because it’s carbs, once it’s eaten it turn into glucose, a sugar. I’d rather soak it and use it for my skin rather than eat it.

      1. Hi Jumpy,
        Over time it can be just as good. Remember rice water is a natural and safe skin care remedy. It takes time and patience.

      1. You can use rice water in your hair but I think it’s better for skin. It won’t remove build up from your hair like a shampoo it’s more of a conditioning cleanser. It will make your hair soft though. Just add it as a final rinse after you wash your hair.

  12. How about using brown rice….cooked or uncooked? It has more nutrients than white, but I’m not sure if the goal of whitening face is better achieved with white rice.

    1. The problem with brown rice is that it still has the shell around it, making it brown. With white rice, the shell is removed and the white rice is exposed. I’d go with white rice.

      1. Hi!
        Okay, I thought you said that rice water helps for “all hyperpigmentations”….and you said “removing”… and now from rice water to microdermabrasion…Hehehehe!!!


        1. Yes, that’s right. Hyper pigmentation can be helped with rice water, just as microdermabrasion can remove layers of dead skin. Both are great. Good luck,

  13. Hi, i am a little brown but if you use rice water could you get a natural color (So a little bit brown) Or can you at least get whiter than that?

  14. I am gonna try this! I love natural skin care. Have you ever thought about grinding the rice- in a coffee grinder- and then soaking? I wonder if it would make a higher concentration of the good stuff..I also wonder if you could add a bit of water to the ground powder to make a paste and use it like a leave on mask for a more intensive treatment…looks like I’m gonna have fun trying this out! LOL I also wonder if the grinder gets it powdery enough if you could dust it on like face powder…I know I’ve seen actual rice powder sold in a pressed cake block for faces….hmmmmm. Love kitchen chemistry 😛

    1. Hi there Jennifer M. actually did think of grinding if I could get it to a fine powder. A masque sounds like a great idea! 🙂 Please lkeep me posted if you give that a try! Sounds like a great idea. Yes, I have also seen rice flower in the grocery store – next to the chickpea flour. If you want to try a masque, you could always just pour some rice water into any other home made masque recipe. I’m huge fan of natural skin care too. Good luck!

  15. Hi, thanks for the nice post! I like tanned skin but can I still use this rice water, or it will lighten my skin a lot? Is it good to prevent acne too?
    God bless! Thanks.

      1. Thank you! One more question, I read in other posts that you first have to boil the rice to get all the nutrients, then let the water cool and then apply it to your skin, is that really necessary?

  16. maureen obieze

    Am dark in complexion I love your post on rice water. The uses my question is after drainig the water can I keep the rice for tomorrow or new rice for each new day again can I use soap when using the rice water or just use the rice water after using soap to rinse my body. Can I dry my body when I finish or just allow the rice water to dry up.can I still use my body cream when my body dries.any natural good soap for black ladies. Thanks.

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Yes, you can keep the rice water in an air tight container for up to four days. I like to make the rice water and keep the rice in the container. I like to let it dry naturally on my skin, but yes you can wipe it off. Yes, you can use your moisturizer or body cream and even serums after using rice water. Thank you for visiting my website.
      XO Jen

  17. hi i just came across your website today,and am so impressed ,am learning lot of new things please can you tell me the best sequence to take care of my face.

      1. Soaking my rice as we speak Using it for wrinkles. First time reader. Wish me luck at age 64

  18. Hi Jen,

    I have a couple of brown spots,
    If i put the rice water on will it lighten the area where the spots are and other areas on my face even lighter? I also have dry skin..will the rice water help with that.

    1. Hi Josie,
      The rice water will help evenly lighten your skin to your original shade, unless you only apply it to the spots. After the rice water, I suggest using some rosehip seed oil.

  19. Hi Jen,
    I love natural skin care! I don’t use make-up nor any chemical infested masks, or my skin breaks out, the only thing I put on is lotion, so my question basically is, after I put on this mask I wash it off, can I put lotion? Or will the oils of the lotion cause break outs? Also, what temperature water do I wash off the rice water mask? Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Jessica, are you using a natural lotion? Because lotions are jammed with chemicals usually. You can wash off the rice water with room temp water, however I recommend you leave it on your skin all day.

  20. Hi Jen,
    As far as the lightening properties of rice water-I like the benefits for the skin but don’t personally care to lighten my skin. From what I understand though, the rice water doesn’t artificially lighten your skin but only gets it as light as its naturally lightest shade. The rice water doesn’t get your skin any lighter than it would be if you didn’t have a suntan. Is this correct?

    1. Hi Ann,
      Yes you’re right, the rice water will help naturally lighten your skin to its original shade. The rice water helps to remove the sun tan and sun damage on your skin.

    1. Hi Ann,
      If the natural blush is from inflammation, then yes the rice water would sooth and tone down the skin. However, if you have a nice healthy rosy glow I don’t think the rice water would remove it. Enjoy that glow!

      1. Thanks for both responses. Just wanted to make sure I would keep my natural skin color and any natural tint in the cheeks before trying out rice water on a consistent basis. Thanks for the post!

  21. I found your post on use of rice water & tuneric for acne treatment most interesting
    I am wondering, can rice water be used as an after shave & washed off there after?

    1. Hi Chinwe,
      I would use rice water as an aftershave because there’s many nutrients and vitamins that will help sooth freshly shaved skin. Yes, you can wash it off, but I would leave it on all day.

  22. Can I use the rice water all over my skin like bathing with it,can I leave it overnight or even add it with lemon to brighten my colour

    1. Hi Nik,
      Yes, you can use the rice water all over your skin, everywhere. And yes, you can leave it on overnight too with the added lemon juice. Great idea by the way! 🙂
      If you wanted to literally bath in rice water, you could add 1 Cup of rice flour to your bath water.

  23. hi Jen!
    I usually use an extra virgin olive oil after my bath, while my skin is still damp..what should i apply first, olive oil then rice water or rice water first the olive oil…thank you!

    1. Hi Vanny,
      Thanks fir visiting my blog! That’s great you use extra virgin olive oil after your bath! You might also like coconut oil too if you want to switch it up. To answer your question, I would first use rice water and then olive oil. Here’s why – the olive oil will create a protective barrier between you skin and the outside elements such as wind and water. Apply the rice water first so your skin can absorb it. If you try to use the rice water after the olive oil, it won’t work as well because it won’t be able to get absorbed into your skin. Excellent question, I hope that helps.

    1. The only disadvantages of using ricewater I can think of it that you can only store ricewater in the refrigerator for up to four days. Then you need to make new fresh ricewater. The fresher, the better.

  24. Hi Jen,another question:how many times can i wash my face with rice water in a day?

  25. I have dry skin and i usually use a moisturisermoisturiser. So do i rinse the rice water off and then put the moisturiser on? Or do i keep the rice water and put on the moisturiser??

  26. very good information my daughter in Australia told me about the rice water and her skin is so glowing and smooth at age 50. I am using it now and I feel my skin is soft and smooth. Thank u for the information, I eat rice daily.

  27. I love things you can make naturally at home and make yourself beautiful!
    One question, do I have to keep the rice with the water the whole 4 days? Can I make the water and just take the rice out?
    One more thing, can I put the rice water before I go to bed also?
    Thank you very much!!!!

    1. Hi Mirian,
      Yes I leave the rice in the rice water up to four day then I throw it away. Leaving the rice in the water helps make it better! Yes, you can leave the rice water on your skin all night long. Enjoy!

  28. I was wondering if rice water is effective for men. As a farmer I’m always outside exposed to all the elements and up until 5 years ago I could pass for someone in their late 20’s to early 30’s but now I older than 40 with horrible pigmentation and aging spots along with wrinkles under my eyes. It’s so bad that a few days ago I was visiting some 90 year old relations in an aged care facility and a nurse mistook me for a resident. I don’t expect miracles but can rice water help to make me look my age (40) instead of 90? Also what else can I do that doesn’t involve synthetic chemicals or to much oil as I have naturally oily skin. Thanks.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Ricewater skin care is great for spots. For you, I would moisturize with olive oil in the morning and before you go to bed. Rinse your face with warm water, apply rice water and next olive oil. You can apply a warm washcloth and let this soak into your skin. Once every month, use the PMD personal microderm system. Everyday, exfoliate with baking soda and warm olive oil.Apply olive oil onto you skin and allow it an hour to soak into your skin. Also apply olive oil to your skin, especially around your eyes before bed. I hope that helps.

  29. Hi Jen
    when i was born my mom told me that I was too white,but now Im 18 years and my skin is brown,does rice water will surely help me to achieve my baby skin again 🙂

  30. Hi Nonoy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, rice water is amazing for skin care. It can help remove any tan and sun damage. Enjoy!

  31. Can use rice flour mix with water instead of rice water? Also can I use the rice flour water around my eyes to tighten the loose skin around my eyes? Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hi Anna, you can absolutely try rice flour, it may turn into a “paste” when you mix with water, so use more water to thin it out.

  32. Wow wow wow its so so amazingly wonderful 2 knw about wat ricewater can do 4 my skin.Its a grand good feeling 2 use on my skin.It feels so silky n soft n fair.I am loving it.thank u

  33. do I use d rice water with soap to wash my face or use it to rinse my face after a soap wash. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eunice,
      Don’t use it with soap. Use it after you wash your face if you use soap. I don’t use soap – it’s too drying. Just use rice water. 😉

  34. Hello! Thank you so much for this wonderful post!! I use witch hazel as a toner but I would also like to incorporate the rice water into my everyday routine. What order should I apply the two onto my face in order to get the best results?

  35. Hello I was wondering I have this really ugly scar from tripping could rice water work for scars please reply back here is my email:juliarodri201@gmail.com

  36. Hi can i use rice water for bathing or should i apply it all over my body after bathing and allow it to dry, then apply my cream…

  37. Hello.
    What is it in the rice that causes this action and how long does it take to see results.
    Thank you.

    1. Make sure you don’t have oil on your face before applying the rice water, you want to make sure the rice water absorbs into your skin. You can use your oil after to lock in the moisture.

  38. Hi miss Jen! So is it advisable to use kojic soap to clean the face and use the rice water after? ‘Coz kojic is still made out of rice right? Pls tell me what you think. Thanks!

  39. I used the boiling method of rice water and it made my face stiff is the boiling method not fine and is the cold method of rice water better

  40. Can I use this while I’m using my facial moisturizer because my face is shredding skin because it’s winter everyday here.

  41. I tried using uncooked rice and bottled water. I left it in there for about 20 minutes, and there was a little bit of water, but not much. I wound up getting wet rice all over the place, so it did not work for me!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I would stick to doing the process of making the rice water in an air tight container with a wide lid, not a water bottle. Does sound like it would be more convenient.

  42. I understand that this blog is for rice water and skin, but I have a question and hope you might have an answer. I use rice water on my hair. I’ve used it after shampooing and then rinsed it out, then conditioned my hair. I then started spraying it in my hair after shampooing and conditioning and leaving it in my hair without rinsing. I absolutely love it, but I can’t find anything on the internet about leaving it in. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not and if I may be hurting my hair rather than helping it. Could it be damaging my hair or maybe lightening it or weakening it? What do you think?

  43. Hi Jen.. I am 29 yr old brown in color since birth. Can rice water make me fair? Is there any way to get fair complexion? Plz plz plz plz help as i have my marriage next month.

    1. Hi Swati,
      Rice water helps remove sun damage and tans. So whatever skin color you were born with, rice water helps you get back to your original skin tone.

  44. What is the difference between water frm an unboiled one and rice water we get after grains r boiled ?
    Which Is more Preferable ??

    1. Boiling the rice water can damage the nutrients. Just like when you cook certain vegetables, many nutrients get damaged. Uncooked rice water is best.

  45. Hey! I was wondering if there’s any age boundation for using rice water?
    I m 15, and will turn 16 in september. Please reply!☺

  46. hii Jen proff!
    for how many days can i keep this rice water after once i use? will it still get benefits the left rice water?

  47. Hey I’ve tried this and I do like how my skin feels after. I’m just abit concerned because I’ve done lots of research and a lot of people are saying to wash the rice before u use it for rice water to get rid of dirt, impurities.. And u said not to rinse it didn’t u? I’m confused. And is Nishiki organic rice?

    1. Hi Natalie,
      You can rinse it if you’re concerned about dirty rice. Of course, but if you rinse it too much, you should let the rice soak longer, at least an hour before using.

  48. hello Jen…my present skin colour is yellowish.Through rice water can I get pale comlextion?

    1. Rice water can help remove sun damage. If you were born with lighter skin and you’re more tan now, rice water will help lighten your skin and remove sun damage; thus your skin will be lightened as it was when you were younger. I hope it helps.

  49. hi, I’ve been out in the sun a lot this summer and I want to try this method. I was wondering if I should put sunscreen on.

  50. I have .Pimples.darkspots on my face.i have this problems since an year.between this i have visited mostof the doctors.can the rice water clean all face problems.specially my darkspots?????

  51. Hey,

    As a kid I was milky white. As I grew older (I’m 24 now) my color faded due to regular exposure to sun. Also I’ve developed dark circles. Please suggest a way to get back my baby skin.

    PS: I’ve soaked some rice and will be starting the Rice water therapy from today. Please suggest some other things that might be useful in skin lightening and dark circles removal

    1. Hi Prateeksha,
      Beautiful name. Hi, that’s great you’re trying the rice water. I also recommend that you stay out of the sun as much as possible and start using sun screen to see faster results. Also be regular exfoliation using baking soda and water to create a gentle scrub. I also like to use umbrellas or a parasol or hat when going into the sun. I hope that helps. Have a beautiful day.

  52. Hey Jen, I love ur post but I need ur advice. Am 33 n chocolate in colour, can d ricewater make me fair n moreso I ve a daughter of 3,can it work on her too cos she’s also chocolate. I want to also use it on her hair cos she has a scanty hair. Pls advice

    1. Hi Sony,
      Rice water does not bleach skin, it removes sun damage. So if you were born with a dark pigment of skin, rice water will not lighten your skin to the color of a pale caucasian. Rice water will help remove sun damage and bring back your skin tone to the color you were born with. I hope that helps. It’s a nice cleaning conditioner for hair too.
      Good luck,

  53. I have been wiping my face with rice water and applying the rose hip oil AM and PM. How do I take out the puffiness in the eye area? also would rose hip oil heal the scar from my accident on my chin? thank you for all your help.

    1. Hi Lizi,
      For puffiness, you can put rice water in an ice cube tray. This way you can hold the rice water ice cube around your eye area. And yes about the rose hip oil for the scar. It also depends how deep the cut was for the scar, the deeper the cut the longer the scar can take to heal.

  54. I am using this for a week and i like the result, thank you will add lemon to control pimples. It make your face so soft and beautifull,want to find out if i can buy the rice soap in Namibia?

    1. Hi Chokina,
      Adding lemon juice or a little witch hazel or even turmeric can help with the pimples. Good job you know that about lemon juice! 🙂
      The only rice soap I have seen is online, the link at the end of this blog post.
      Enjoy XO

  55. I’ve been using rice water not just on my face but my entire body. My skin has always been soft and smooth but the décolletage area looked a little aged. I’ve been using rice water religiously for about two months and now that area is just as smooth and nice as the rest of my skin. After I shower and rinse I then pour the rice water all over my face and body.

  56. Hi Jen, Just found your site and man are you loaded with great DIY and all natural solutions! thank you. Following up on an earlier post reply, you mentioned that they could freeze the rice water and apply cubes to the under eye area. Would it be possible to do this as a way of extending the shelf life of the rice water, thawing out on a “as needed” basis?

  57. Hi..i have several questions..i like to apply raw honey on my face as a face mask..i cleanse, exfoliate, then i apply the honey mask, after that do I apply the rice water? Also after im done taking a shower, do I pour the rice water on my skin and let that air dry and then do I apply my body moisturizer?

    1. Hi Monique,
      Yes, you can apply the rice water after your honey mask. You can also apply moisturizer after applying to your skin. Yes, let it dry first.

    2. I bathe with rice water every morning!. I have a large container with a spout, pour in a bunch of uncooked rice — I don’t measure, let it sit for an hour or even overnight. After showering I take a plastic cup, dip it into the container and then proceed to our the rice water on my face and all over my body. If the water is warm enough I’ll even melt cocoa butter in the water before using. My skin has always been bright but now it’s brighter than ever. I’m hoping that marks on my body will eventually lighten.

  58. Hi I wanted to know is it better to bath in the rice water or to apply the rice water to your body after taking a shower? When bathing in the rice water how much rice water do you pour in the bath water? And how much rice water do you pour on your body after taking a shower? Thanks

    1. Hi Travis,
      Great question. I have never bathed in rice water but it sounds great! I would try making the rice water in an empty plastic gallon of milk container. Pour 3 cups of uncooked rice into the container and fill with water. Let it sit for an hour and enjoy pouring the water into your bath. Enjoy!

  59. 1 i am an african lady, can i use the rice water or its meant
    for the whites?
    2. does rice water has side effects after discontinuing?
    3. do i use a cream after washing the rice water from my face?
    4. It is permanent or if i discontinue my skin colour will look how it looked before applying the rice water?

    1. Hi Pascalia,
      1. Rice water is good for all skin types, it nourishes the skin
      2. There are no side effects, however your skin is before, it will be the same after
      3.You can use any cream your usually use after
      4. It is not permanent. Its something you should use everyday for healthy skin.

  60. Hi! My body is a bit tan from the sun,and I want a fair pink ish skin,can I use rice water to give me that result?? Or what should I do??? thanks!

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