how to remove under eye wrinkles

How to remove under eye wrinkles fast! Naturally

How to remove under eye wrinkles fast and Naturally is what I’m talking about today!

The under eye area is the thinnest and most delicate area of skin on our face.

Therefore it is usually the first part of the face to show our age! I’ll show you how to prevent under eye wrinkles and treat under eye wrinkles that will remove them fast!


How to remove under eye wrinkles fast is my specialty!

Forget using botox and filler. Yuck!

This is the all natural method I use. This method helps remove eye wrinkles and helps prevent new wrinkles from forming.

I’ve studied many skin types and they all have one problem when it comes to the under eye area, it’s too dry!

Let’s discuss why the under eye area is the most prone to dryness and wrinkles.

First, your eyes are constantly moving all day, moving that delicate under eye area. This easily leads to dryness. If the skin isn’t hydrated, micro wrinkles will form. Not to mention eye squints and rubbing your eyes, and sun exposure.

Second, the dry skin under your eyes is not being exfoliated. If you try to moisturize the under eye area that’s not exfoliated, the moisture will not get through to the freshest layer of skin.

This is the area of the face to protect the most!

Below I’ll show your how to prep your skin and apply this under eye wrinkle removing solution! When the area of skin around eye skin is properly hydrated, it plumps up and no wrinkles are present.

Here’s the #1 beauty oil I recommend
for treating under eye wrinkles fast

How to remove under eye wrinkles fast!

Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil OR Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Vegetable Glycerin
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1. First, prep your skin, remove your makeup with my famous Organic Makeup Remover (make this mixture yourself!) And gently exfoliate the skin around your eye area with my Baking Soda For Skin Care
    2. Gently cleanse the eye area with my famous Rice Water Cleanser (You can also make this yourself)
    3. Take 1 Tsp. of Vegetable Glycerin
    4. Add 1 Tsp. of Rose Hips Oil or Hemp Seed Oil Read all about Rose Hip Oil Benefits here
    5. Add 1 Tsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 20 Skin Care benefits of Olive Oil
remove eye wrinkles fast
Remove eye wrinkles fast
      1. Mix these ingredients and GENTLY massage them under your eye area for 1 minute
      2. Take a very warm damp wash cloth and press it on the under eye area
      3. Allow the oils to absorb into your under eye wrinkles
      4. Once absorbed, add more of the mixture under your eye area and massage again but this time add 1 Tsp. of raw organic honey and let it sink into your skin.
      5. Apply the warm wash cloth or cotton pads
      6. Add more oil mixture

Your eye wrinkles should be gone by 20 minutes.

Your under eye area should now be feeling deeply hydrated, nourished, and the skin should feel plumped up and healthy!

(It’s perfectly normal to have a little redness after using the baking soda exfoliant.)

If you have very deep wrinkles still, use this oil mixture over night and apply a little extra olive oil as the last step. This is a great way How to remove under eye wrinkles!

Don’t give up! If you have deep eye wrinkles, I’ve seen women’s under eye wrinkles fill in after 2 weeks of this every night! You need to pamper the skin under your eye consistently to maintain the proper moisture level that will surely be How to remove under eye wrinkles!

If you don’t want to use my all natural remedy for eye wrinkles, there’s some products you can purchase online.

under eye wrinkle removal treatments online:


My review, I use this under eye wrinkle remover every night after my skin is cleansed.

This helps me prevent wrinkles from forming.

And if I see any starting to form when my skin is weathered dry, I do the steps listed above to prep the eye area, cleanse it and nourish my under eye area. I also have a facial that will help remove dark under eye circles!

How To Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles:

      1. Stay out direct sun
      2. Wear sun glasses when going outside
      3. Never squint your eyes
      4. Don’t use soap around your eyes
      5. Use oils to remove eye makeup
      6. Drink plenty of water every day!
      7. Use a good face moisturizer twice a day
      8. Use a sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection everyday
      9. Don’t use much powder under your eyes, it will over dry the skin
      10. Use my famous mixture of above oils to prevent, treat and pamper the whole eye area.
      11. Avoid extreme hot, cold, and wind
      12. Avoid harsh chemicals
      13. Avoid chlorine pools and the ocean
      14. Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night

Removing Eye wrinkles after makeup application (Over your Makeup)

How many times have you looked in the mirror and noticed makeup made your eye wrinkles worse?

Or in other words, your makeup settled into your fine lines.

Also dealing with dry air or a windy day can dry out your skin, especially the eye area! In addition to the eye wrinkle removal method above, you can add an extra layer of wrinkle protection on top of your makeup!

This is Another way I’ll recommend how to remove under eye wrinkles OVER your makeup method.

No sense removing your makeup to apply the heavy duty eye wrinkle method I covered earlier, you can moisturize your face and remove or reduce eye wrinkles AND face wrinkles on top of your makeup too!

Read my DIY article here how to Moisturize OVER makeup with Vegetable Glycerin (This will also help reduce or remove under eye wrinkles while you’re wearing makeup!)

Also, How to remove dark under eye circles:

how to get rid of dark under eye circles fast naturally!
how to get rid of dark under eye circles fast naturally!

 Thank you for reading: How to remove under eye wrinkles


Do you have a tip for removing eye wrinkles? Please comment below. Thanks!


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