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Outfit of the Day | September 9, 2016

Here’s my outfit of the day I wear to work. Loving this long midi skirt. I love sharing my “outfit of the day.” Usually, I take a snapchat video and post it to my instagram account too. Here you see my makeup room or glam room with my makeup desk and shoes closet.

long white Midi Skirt From pretty little thing: https://www.prettylittlething.us

I love this cream white midi skirt! It’s comfortable and chic. The elastic waistline helps give you an effortless cinched waistline.

The material never wrinkles either!


The material is very form fitting and sexy. I tone it down by wearing a thick material underneath.

I hate it when I tuck in a shirt and you can see the shirt bulges and folds. Spanx boy shorts help!

Because I’m going to work, I’m wearing a blouse instead of a tube top.

white midi skirt
midi skirt from www. pretty little thing.us

button up blouse from: Agaci Store http://www.agacistore.com



SPANX boy short
I wear this to hide my panty lines and cinch my waist, hide my tucked in blouse.

spanx boy short

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