Elegant Gold Name Necklace by Jenny Present – Review

Sharing a product review of my new favorite elegant gold name necklace from Jenny Present.com

I love my celebrity clothing sites and this is a celebrity jewelry site! Affordable stunning jewelry designs that are on trend.

I have been wanting a gold custom stamped pendant and gold necklace for months since I’ve seen it trending all over the internet pictured with many celebrities wearing it such as Giuliana Rancic and Lucy Hale.

gold necklace jenny present

I have “outfit goals” and adding this piece of high quality jewelry to my wardrobe is just what I have been wanting.

It’s versatile and elegant. You can wear it to both work and play. It adds a touch of class to my work attire of blouses and pencil skirts and looks super cute when I’m wearing casual jeans and a cute top. I simply love how it goes with anything, plus it’s customized. Yay!


Lots of great photos beware, you know the drill 😉

You know how I love taking these great product photos with my fav 60mm lens

jewelry photography lens
I purchased this lens on amazon, here’s the link

Jenny Present gave me the honor of picking anything I wanted on her custom jewelry boutique online. I fell in love with this classy and elegant timeless gold pendant design and necklace! I had it customized to say “ELEGANCE” I wear it proudly everyday. What word / name would you want to wear proudly?

elegance jewelry

Jenny Present has it all, from earrings, bracelets, bridal, gifts, and best of all the design your own jewelry option! (who wouldn’t like that?)

celebrity jewelry

Details About the gold pendant I selected:

  • Convex curve! This amazing and UNIQUE feature helps omit a beautiful reflective shine. Making it an eye catching piece of jewelry
  • 14KT Gold filled
  • 19mm in diamiter
  • Accommodates up to 8 characters in length
  • Hand stamped
  • Your choice of either a 16”, 18” or 20” 14kt gold-filled saturn chain. Complete with signature jp tag at clasp
  • Hammered technique is available on the gold disc.


I also love the small beads of gold on this chain, a perfect compliment to this gold pendant. So beautiful!


 gold name necklace from Jenny Present

Every photo shows a great perspective of the fine quality. In the photo above, you can see how neatly each letter is hammered by hand. The lettering is all perfectly spaced and uniform.

 Gold Name Necklace

 Gold Name Necklace Jenny Present

The signature JP stamp adds a nice touch to the clasp and design. Very cute, I love it!

jenny present jewelry design

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I love sharing my #OOTD (outfit of the day) lol wearing my Jenny Present gold necklace. See how nicely the convex curve of the gold pendant reflects light? Even indoors it shines.

outfit of the day

jenny present jewelry design

In this photo below, you can tell the gold pendant has a nice subtle convex curve. You can also see how smooth the edges are.

 Gold Name Necklace by Jenny Present

The necklace would also make a cute personalized purse charm

 Gold Name Necklace by Jenny Present

Just a gorgeous timeless piece of jewelry. I love it! Can you tell?

jewelry photography

close up shots of the jewelry

closeup jewelry photo

extreme close up , because I can and love to!

extreme close up

That’s right, Jen Ruhman the jewelry model / blogger / photography / SEO / how does she do it all? 😉

Jen Ruhman Jewelry Model

Elegant packaging / branding – Box

Jenny Present box

jenny presents jewelry box

I love the touch of class a hand written note presents. Thanks Jenny Present!!!!

 Gold Name Necklace by Jenny Present

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Thanks for reading my Elegant Gold Name Necklace by Jenny Present Review. Be sure to check out her online store: http://www.jennypresent.com

xo Jen