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Moisturize OVER makeup with Vegetable Glycerin

Moisturize OVER makeup with Vegetable Glycerin for dry skin! I’m telling you not only how to have a more moisturized face, but to keep you makeup looking fresh and dewy all day long!

In winter is when I need vegetable glycerin the most. When my face is looking dry after I put on my makeup, that’s when I spray on the vegetable glycerin! Don’t put lotion on top of your makeup, spray vegetable glycerin, here’s how…Moisturize OVER makeup with Vegetable Glycerin to fix your dry skin. Even if I moisturize before I put on my makeup, sometime my skin is still dry. This is especially useful if you put too much powder onto of your foundation and the powder starts to dry out your skin! If you have ever smiled and your makeup left creases on your face, this is for you!

How to Moisturize over makeup – How to use Vegetable Glycerin for Dry Skin

1. Purchase some organic vegetable glycerin, I find mine on eBay! Search for 100% pure Organic Vegetable Glycerin here on eBay!

moisturize over makeup
moisturize over makeup – Great 99 Cent spray bottle for all your beauty products

2. Get a fine misting spray bottle. You can use an old clean hairspray bottle. Little travel size beauty bottles from your local dollar store are my fav!

3. Pour a ratio of 20% Vegetable Glycerin and 80% water

4. Shake up your new dry skin moisturizer

5. Spray a generous 5+ sprays of the mixture onto your makeup

6. Allow the moisturizer over your makeup to absorb into your makeup and skin

7. You should notice an immediate radiant glow! If not, spray 5+ more times and enjoy the full effect!

8. Keep this mixture tightly sealed to keep effective*

DIY Moisturizer over makeup Benefits for Dry Skin

moisture over makep
Obviously this will add a comfortable amount of moisturizer to your skin on top of your makeup.  The vegetable glycerine will nicely help plump up fine lines and wrinkles or lessen creases that your makeup has fallen into. Your skin will look immediately more luminous and your makeup will look refreshed!

This has saved my beautiful makeup from me having to remove my makeup and re moisturize my dry skin. This is also my preferred and the best method how to moisturize over makeup. For years I have been searching for a way how to moisturize over makeup, and I’ve tried everything from: steaming my face to moisturize over my makeup, patting lotion onto makeup, spraying water on top of my makeup, spraying witch hazel onto my makeup, spraying green tea onto my makeup… I got creative in my attempt to moisturize over makeup!

Vegetable Glycerin Benefits for Dry Skin

moisturizer over my makeup
Vegetable Glycerin works by drawing moisture from the air onto the surface applied. There must be moisture present for it to work properly, this is why we mix it with water. * If you leave your mixture open, the vegetable glycerin will draw moisture into the container and dilute itself! Powerful beauty moisturizer! Look at my pic on the left how my skin is glowing! Your skin will glow too! Skin that looks dewy and moist is youthful looking skin! Read the article I wrote sharing my Anti Aging Tips for Skin Care. Moisturizer over your makeup can be a big help!

Difference between Vegetable Glycerin VS. Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin: All Natural Vegetable derived product
Glycerin: Derived from animal fat ;( Product sits on top and does not absorb deep.

Overall I prefer vegetable glycerine to moisturize over makeup. vegetable glycerine is a strong humectant, meaning it us able to retain moisture. Take a look at some of your beauty products such as lotions and hair conditioners, I guarantee you will find glycerin as one of the ingredients. Remember that ingredients are also listed from the highest concentration to the least concentration. Notice how water (aqua) is usually first? However, I prefer vegetable glycerin because it absorbs deep and I like knowing I don’t have animal fat on my 😉

Hello! Use this spray bottle as many times you want during the day! I like to use it before and after I apply makeup. Keeps my makeup looking natural and fresh! Remember not to put lotion on top of your makeup, it will make it look cakey and will look like glue! lol. Use this Moisturizer over makeup method instead!

Thank you for reading “Moisturize OVER makeup with Vegetable Glycerin for dry skin!” Please let me know if you have any questions about Moisturize OVER makeup or if there’s anything you’d like to recommend I add to this mixture.

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  1. Hi, all I was able to find was nature’s answer glycerin COCONUT DERIVED… Is that ok as well? Thank you!

  2. It’s really cold in Ny and my skin has already become dry. I tried your Veg glyc spray and my skin looks much better but i do have a question. You write above that the Veg glyc takes moisture from the air but i have read on other sites that ultimately veg gly takes moisture from your skin (not good). I really love this spray and would like your expert opinion, does veg glyc try to draw water out of your skin ? tks allie

  3. Hi i was wondering i have very bad dry skin .i normaly use jojoba oil then nivea cream then makeup .can i use the glycerin after doing this routine or after i finished my makeup?

  4. Hi! I stumbled across your site looking for the best ways to gently treat under eyes & have been trying out your fabulous tips. I’m only on day 2 & I think there’s definitely a little improvement. I’m 25 & was using castor oil on my lashes to strengthen & grow them back from an extreme stress period, which worked beautifully, but I kept occasionally forgetting to protect my under eye area & eventually I woke up one morning with several wrinkles & the skin around VERY dry & taut. Obviously it was drying under my eyes little by little until my skin couldn’t cope any longer, mix that with stress, late nights & not enough water intake & it was a recipe for disaster. I hope I haven’t done permanent damage to my poor under eye area, but I definitely think your method will help at least. The other page didn’t have a comment area, so I hope you don’t mind me asking here, but with the wrinkle treatment, I’m really wary of using straight baking soda on my skin & only ever mix it with manuka honey when using it for exfoliation, so would this method have the same effect? Also, if doing it every night, do you use the baking soda every time? Is it not too harsh? Finally, I’m a little unsure about the honey part. Are you adding the honey directly to under your eyes or to the mixture? Sorry so many questions!

    1. Hi Shay!
      Love your email address by the way! Cute! Don’t worry about the baking soda, it’s as gentle as you let it be. Meaning, if you use a heavy hand, it may cause redness. BUT if you use it lightly using your ring finger gently on the lower eye area – it will help exfoliate that delicate skin. You can even make a wet paste of baking soda and let it sit on you under eye area to soften your skin. It’s amazing. If you don’t like honey -use olive oil or coconut oil. Give it a try. I love it myself.

  5. Hi Jen,I have a severe dry facial skin.wenever I wear makeup doesn’t stick on my face,it was showing all my wrinkles and mini holes and dryness out my face vry quickly.i get really fed up on this.Iam asking ur do I apply Glycerine,use it as primer or over the makeup.if u send a video that would be helpful,who suffer poblem like me.i appreciate great help and Tks .Iam waiting ur valuble feedback.

    1. Hi Devi,
      If you have severely dry skin, I recommend that you moisturize your skin in the morning with olive oil. Massage it into your skin. Next Apply warm water to your skin to help absorb the olive oil deeply into your skin. Even try steaming your face to get the olive oil to absorb. Rinse your face with warm water again and apply a light coat of olive oil on top of your skin, massage until it’s well absorbed. This will help seal in your natural moisture. You can apply makeup five minutes after. I do not recommend using heavy powders if you have dry skin.

      1. Hi Jen ,Tks 4 replying Vry quick,appreciated.I use virgin coconut all the time.wen I go out only,Applying Burt bees moisturizing cream and go wid the mineral powder.The moisture stand 4 only an hour after that my face gets dry Vry quickly.i tried all the good moistursing cream nothing helped me.My dry face showing wrinkles so much.i get really irritated.Asking ur help glycerine over make up will help my face work well better,do u think.can I try it.Pls share ur thoughts.I tried the good wrinkle vitamin E moistursing cream also,doesn’t help my face.i got really fed up on this.pls help me out.Iam really tired.Iam using dry skin face mask also.No result.Previously,I was using Hydrocortisone for my face rash and itching 4 almost an year.stopped it becaz of the sideeffect.After that,my face Vry itchy ,dry and saggy wrinkled prone skin,I earned.Tried the coconut oil,helped my itchy and rash,doesn’t cure my wrinkles.pls help me,Can I go 4 glycerine over makeup.Ur comments valuable 4 me.Tks.

  6. Hi. I have recently started using essential oils mixed with some carrier oil like jojoba or argan for my night time skin routine (over night). Will these oils still be effective if I apply a toner before them or should I apply directly on the skin?

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