how to repair bleached blonde hair

How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast!

how to repair bleached damaged hair

You bleached your hair and now have fried, dry damaged hair?

Don’t panic. You can repair your damaged hair FAST no matter how badly damaged your hair is and no matter your budget is.

Don’t have time to prepare a DIY remedy? Scroll down to the #1 bleached hair repair product.

Here’s the complete guide how to fix damaged bleached hair FAST!

How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair with great products and gentle hair care tips.

bleached damaged hair ends
Got this? Bleached damaged hair ends – Before Repairing I’ll show you how to fix / repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast!

Read my how to guide: How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair.

Is this you? You bleached your hair and now you have fried, damaged, and dry hair?

Lucky for you, I’m sharing my complete guide about repairing bleached hair:

  • Proven products that repair and maintain bleached hair – FAST 1 hour method (updated)
  • Natural remedies how to fix your bleached hair – Slow method
  • How to hydrate hair after bleaching
  • What peroxide does to the hair
  • What to avoid after your bleach your hair
  • 7 Steps Bleached hair care routine

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It’s s little pricey, ($28.00) but it’s the instant remedy for bleached hair you can order from Amazon Prime and have it literally tomorrow!

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olaplex for bleached hair repair

OLAPLEX is The BEST hair repair remedy for bleached blonde hair available online (has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon)

A little about myself. My name is Jen and I bleached the hell out of my dark brown hair for platinum blonde bleached hair.

The trouble was after I bleached my hair with peroxide, my hair was very dry. I had severely chemically damaged hair. My hair was breaking and falling out in clumps! Yes! I cried in horror.

Not only that, my bleached hair would get tangled easily. My bleached hair was breaking off at the crown!
Even when I tried washing my hair, it would break off when wet too.

Finally, after talking to an experienced hair dresser, I learned how to properly hydrate my hair after bleaching and also how to make bleached hair soft and silky again! If I can repair my bleached hair at home using these tips from a hollywood celebrity hair stylist, you can too!

I recovered from bleached blonde hair one year ago and repaired my bleached hair!

Yes, my damaged blonde hair is now healthy.

In the beginning, my hair is breaking off and totally fried! My bleached hair was dry and broke every time I brushed my hair.

My long bleached hair had so much damage from the peroxide and flat iron I was using.

Finally, I learned how to save my bleached damaged hair from breakage and grow my hair out extra long.

Read my How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Care.

Signs of Damaged Bleached Hair

  • Is your bleached hair feeling dry like straw?
  • Gets tangled easily
  • Hair fell out after bleaching
  • Hair feels stretchy
  • Severely dehydrated
  • Not soft anymore
  • Hair is easily breaking off when you brush your hair
  • Feels rough to the touch
  • Ends look crunchy and fried
  • “Rat’s nests” large rough patches of snarled hair
  • Unable to comb through hair
  • Hair is falling out
  • Hair is breaking off at the crown
  • breaking off when wet
  • Bald spots
  • Weak brittle hair
  • Dull, not shiny
  • Bleached hair falling out in clumps
  • Scalp feels irritated
  • Unable to hydrate hair with your regular shampoo and conditioners

That was happening to me every day when I damaged my hair with bleach aka or peroxide!

Three months later and now my blonde hair is healthy.

If you have newly dyed platinum blonde hair and it’s damaged, this article is for you, baby! I’ll show you how to fix / repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast! This is my repair bleached damaged hair at home cure!

Here’s the #1 product
I recommend for
repairing bleached hair FAST

Bleached Hair Care Routine

Here’s how to keep your bleached hair healthy-looking.

1. Do NOT use Shampoo for 1 week

First, after bleaching your hair with peroxide, it’s important not to use shampoo!

Stay away from using shampoo for at least 1 week! Just use conditioner in the shower. The reason is that the peroxide strips your hair raw and removes any natural oils you have from root to tip!

I know it’s hard not to use shampoo for a week, but you need to stay away from sodium lauryl sulfate like the plaque!

I wish someone told me this fun fact a long time ago. If you have an oily scalp (like me) and must clean your scalp, opt for using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner instead of a traditional shampoo! WEN doesn’t strip the oils in your hair I promise!

2. Avoid Shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Only use color-treated hair care products. You’ll want to switch to a gentle shampoo after the first week too. Get a shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate in the list of ingredients. This is a chemical that will severely dry out your bleached fried hair even more. Avoid it at all costs. A lot of people do not realize that avoiding this chemical is a great way how to repair bleached hair and prevent any more damage to chemically treated hair.

3. Use a Dry Shampoo

Help cut down on shampooing and drying out your hair simply by using a dry shampoo. You can easily fix your greasy roots with dry shampoo.

4. Use a UV Hair Protectant

Help shield your hair from the sun by spraying a protectant UV spray. This will also help prevent your hair from drying out.

5. Condition Hair after Every Wash

Second, your hair is thirsty 24/7, especially the first month of having bleached hair. After shampooing, always use a deep moisturizing conditioner for damaged hair. The more moisturized your hair, the more manageable it will be.

6. Use a Leave-In Hair Treatment

After conditioning your hair, always use a leave-in conditioner treatment. My hair savior was Infusium 23 – Leave in Treatment (Repair and Renew).

I still swear by it to this day and nothing makes my hair more manageable,  soft, and strong! Put it in a spray bottle and let your hair soak up the cocktail of essential hair goodies it craves, especially protein and moisture! It will help make your bleached damaged hair shiny again.

7. Use a Hot Oil Hair Treatment Weekly

From straw to silk I swear! I Like to also shop for mine at the grocery store. Coconut oil or Olive oil is my go to hot oil treatment for bleached hair care. Adding elasticity and moisture is the best way how to repair bleached damaged hair! If you want an all natural cure for bleached hair, I recommend using Extra Virgin Olive Oil or coconut oil.

One of the best all natural remedies how to repair bleached damaged hair is using olive oil on your bleached damaged dry hair.
I Saturate my hair with extra virgin olive oil and do all my household chores while leaving the oil in my hair! Be sure to wrap your head with a plastic bag to trap heat.

Olive oil is one of the only oils proven to saturate your hair shaft getting down to the core! (coconut oil also penetrates) Olive oil really helped saved my bleached damaged hair fast!

It’s a great DIY remedy for damaged hair on all hair types! This is my favorite oil for treating brittle bleached damaged hair!

Most noteworthy, olive oil helps make my hair feel healthy and smooth again. I had a chunk of hair that felt like a rough brillo pad, I cried because I thought I would have to cut it and olive oil saved my hair! After 3 hours of leaving in the olive oil, my hair felt smooth. I rinsed it out with warm water and I conditioned my hair in the shower and when my hair naturally dried, I used the infusium 23 leave in treatment.

I was able to comb out that rough patch of hair and I did a happy dance! Yay! I took my time undoing the snarls. I also want to mention the importance of making sure you saturate your scalp with the olive oil, your roots need moisture now too. This can help stop your hair from falling out after you bleach your hair. The oil will sooth and moisturize your scalp.

8. Limit Use of Heat Styling Tools

Straw (damaged hair) and heat (via your flat iron/curler) DON’T MIX!

I was once using my flat iron every day before work, I noticed my hair was super straight, silky, and starting to get very dried out and breaking off in tiny doses. It all started to add up into a ton of missing hair, especially the front layers of my hair that I straitened the most!

I stop using it and viola, my hair stops breaking off.

If you constantly use your flat iron, your hair will be thirstier than the Sahara Desert! (maybe just save it for extra special occasions) Once you remove the heat from your hair routine, you’ll realize is a key factor how to repair bleached damaged hair fast.

You can actually go back to using your flat iron once your bleached hair is strong enough. However, use it on a much lower heat setting. 😉 It will take at least two weeks for your hair to feel back to normal.

9. Gently Towel Dry your Hair

Carefully blot your hair instead of rubbing it quickly with a towel. You can also gently wrap your hair in a small micro-fiber hair turban or an old T-shirt. This is gentler than using a huge bath towel.

10. Use a Heat Protectant Spray

If you do use a flat iron, curling wand, or blow dryer, be sure to protect your hair. It may seem like a lot of hair care products for bleached hair care, but it’s worth it!

Spray throughout the entire head of damp hair evenly before using heat styling tools.

11. Use a DEEP conditioner once a week

You need moisture at the deepest layer of your hair. Get there by using a good moisturizing hair conditioner and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

I have a step by step review here: How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair My NEW favorite deep moisturizing hair conditioner is the OLAPLEX No 3.

12. Air-Dry Your Hair

In conclusion, wash and condition your hair at night and allow your hair to dry naturally at night. This is also one of my secrets How To Grow Long Hair Fast

When you wake up in the morning, you may lightly blow dry it using a rounded brush to straighten and add volume instead. This puts less time of heat on your hair and the blow out will straighten your hair!

Furthermore, doing a hair blow out or quickly blow drying your hair is the safest way to straighten bleached hair. The best hair brush for bleached hair is a boar bristle brush because it distributes the natural scalp oils from root to tip creating shiny hair and most importantly preventing breakage.

As a result, your natural scalp oil will protect your hair!

how to repair bleached damaged hair
how to repair bleached damaged hair – This is the front layers of my repaired bleached hair. (Me last year) I grew my bleached hair long.

13. Don’t Wear your hair Down Everyday

Try to gently tie back your hair. Your hair will lose moisture and it will become more dry. Hair styles that are too tight will cause breakage. When your bleached hair is back to normal, you can wear your hair down again.

14. Use a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner once a week

To help prevent your bleached hair from becoming a brassy yellow color, use a hair toner in the purple shade. Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel. Just like how if you have a red blemish, you’d want to apply a green color concealer. The most popular purple hair care system is called Clairol Shimmer Lights 

15. Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

Help avoid friction from tossing and turning in bed. Simply by switching to a satin pillowcare. The smooth material will allow your hair to glide across the pillow. You also will never wake up with snarls. Wake up to a good hair day!

These Tips How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair really work. I don’t have to cut my hair.

I’m growing out my natural dark color now for fall and winter. I’ll probably add streaks for the summer as usual.

In conclusion, hair peroxide strips away the strong proteins in your hair during the bleaching process of removing melanin, so take it easy unless you’re living at the Playboy Mansion! 😉 I hope you enjoyed learning about bleached hair care.

Want to see photos of bleached damaged hair before and afters.

Also, another way to repair bleached damaged hair that has TONS of snarls: Learn How to Untangle a whole head of snarls here

14. Use gentle silk/satin scrunchies instead

Stop using rough hair clips and scrunchies made from rough materials. I recommend you look for silk or satin hair scrunchies. Also, don’t use tight hairstyles that pull your hair.

MIRACLE Hair Treatment That REPAIRS FRIED and BLEACHED HAIR in One Application

It’s True. OLAPLEX No. 3 is The best salon product for bleached blonde hair repair

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It’s true. If you don’t have time to get your hair feeling back to normal and healthy, this is the fast fix.
I tried this hair care remedy for fried bleached hair.
It was expensive, about $28.00 but it was worth it after one use.
If you have a special event coming up and need your bleached blonde hair to look normal again, this is the true hair miracle for bleached hair repair.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment, 3.3 Fluid Ounce

opelex for bleached hair repair

Purchase OLAPLEX No 3 Hair Repairing Treatment here

OLAPLEX is known as a miracle for bleached blonde hair. It’s claimed to actually change your hair and rebuild your hair to soft, shiny, silky, blonde hair.

This youtuber literally uses OLAPLEX and quickly transformed her hair. She bleached her entire head of hair, stripping all the color with peroxide, making it platinum blonde. Everyone now compliments her hair!

From severely dry damaged processed bleached hair to soft healthy, moisturized hair.

Her testimonial is amazing. Watch her youtube video testimonial about the OLAPLEX hair care system.

This product is perfect for anyone that dyes her hair. OLAPLEX rebuilds the bonds of your hair that dye breaks when adhering the color to your hair. She claims it works better than salon hair masks and keratin hair treatments.

How to use OPELEX Number 3

  1. Dampen hair
  2. Apply through entire head of hair from root to tips for 1 hour minimum
  3. Shampoo and condition out
  4. Blow dry and straighten hair as usual
  5. Use OPELEX No. 3 at least once a week

How to Hydrate Hair After Bleaching
Use Olaplex no. 3

Here’s a before and after photo from instagram:

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How to Repair Bleached Hair at Home Recipe:

The most important step how to repair bleached hair is to moisturize your bleached damaged hair from root to tip.

Moisturizing your hair and scalp is the #1 most important way how to repair bleached hair.

You need heavy duty conditioners, not your regular inexpensive conditioners. From now on you need to purchase conditioners that are exclusively for Dry Damaged Hair and color-treated hair. I have a list of the best hair conditioners for bleached damaged hair here.

These are hair care conditioners and treatments that I’ve used and had success with. I also have an all natural how to repair bleached damaged hair at home recipe down below.

#1 After rinsing and conditioning your bleached damaged hair, apply this homemade hair mask for bleached hair:

#2 In a bowel, combine 1 egg, 1 Cup of Olive Oil and mix completely (you can substitute olive oil for coconut oil)

#3 Apply this mixture to your hair and use a loose hair tie to pull your hair back in a messy ponytail or bun

#4 Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or a plastic bag – warm up a towel in the dryer and when it’s nice and hot, wrap your head on top of the plastic bag. (keeps your towel from getting oily)

#5 Allow the homemade bleached hair mask to stay on for at least three hours, the more, the better!

#6 Rinse the hair mask – Do NOT use shampoo and follow with your regular hair conditioner

#7 Allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t use a blow dryer and do not use a flat iron or curling iron

What Peroxide Does to Hair

Hair bleaching strips the melanin (dark color) in your hair strands. When you bleach your hair, it also causes your hair to lose moisture and proteins along with that melanin.

Hair bleaching can be extremely damaging and also cause hair breakage and split ends if not done properly or if you have bleached you hair too many times.

If you have bleached your hair too many times and it’s starting to break, I have all the answers right here. Please take your time and read, you might learn more about hair and especially how to repair bleached hair. You might be able to help someone fix their bleached hair after reading this. Let’s get started.

First a little about my damaged bleached hair journey

Back in 2011 I went wild and bleached my hair platinum!

Why did I want to bleach my hair?

I thought the light blonde platinum color was so glamorous. Plus, I was bored with my hair color.

I bought a hair bleaching kit at target and have streaked my hair blonde in the past. Now I wanted to take it to the next extreme, platinum blonde hair.

There’s something so incredibly fun about seeing your hair lighten before your eyes. I had a head full of the hair bleaching treatment. The smell was strong and I remember knowing this was a toxic event, opening my windows.

Sitting in front of a mirror watching the process.

Taking a break and reading or watching youtube videos online… looking up to see my hair a lighter color.

One hour later of bleaching my hair in my bedroom, I was so proud of my new hair color.

My hair color was gorgeous and I felt glamorous having super blonde bleached hair. My hair was also 33 inches long all the way down my back. After I bleached my hair, I was styling it with my flat iron and really looking like I lived at the Playboy Mansion or even a Barbie doll.

If I could do it all over again… I’d be better prepared with hair care products.

After a month of having my bleached hair

I needed to touch up my dark roots, I scorched my hair and severely dried out the parts of my hair that were previously bleached. My bleached hair was breaking off in clumps of hair! The back of my head had a “rat’s nest” of dried damaged bleach hair. My hair was turning brassy orange and yellow, my bleached hair was dry like a brillo pad.

I was able to save my bleached damaged hair from breaking off. Their bleached hair repair recipe and products I have shared (above) with you helped my dry bleached damaged hair stop breaking and made it look shiny and feel soft again! I also purchased some hair products that helped my save my bleached hair too! The best bleached hair remedy overall OLAPLEX No. 3.

Whichever is easier for you, they bother work incredible!

I hope this can help you with your newly bleached blonde hair journey!

Do you have a tip how to Repair Bleached and Damaged Hair?

Is there a hair care product I should mention?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading how to repair bleached damaged hair fast!

-Jen xo


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  1. hi dear first time visiting your blog while googling for way to save my fried hair..thanks for the info I will try all your recommendation hope it work for me…how long it take for ur hair to recover?do u need to trim away the fried ends??

    1. Hi Cindy,
      You don’t have to cut the hair ends. Try your best to moisturize and keep your hair strong after bleaching your hair with my tips.
      Glad you visited my site! I love your site! <3 It can take a week to get your hair back to normal.

      1. I need major help I bleached my hair about a week in a half ago and I been trying everything . Infusium 23 , non sulfate products, and olive oil . I been deep conditioning my hair everyday .. And I’ve been seeing some results but not how I would want ! I desperately want my hair back to its normal texture . Im on the verge of crying about it . Any tips

        1. Hi Brittni, Yes, my tip for you is to have patience. You may have to repeat these steps if your hair is fried. If your hair is very damaged from the bleach, it may take up to two weeks.

          1. I use aphogee hair pack… It does bring g back the worst bleached hair damage! I also use it before bleaching! Don’t done if I can say but I get it at Sallys

        2. Hi my name is terry I did the same thing a week ago my hair was to my elbows now it’s a inch ish and had to shave the right side My hair dresser saved me from that feeling of hair I call wet soapy puppy hair its gross but my hair is coming back it has even grew a tiny bit this is what I’m using olive oil on hair for up to a few hour if u can a hour of not then rinse out and condition out try not to use shampoo to much maybe 2 times a week for now the shampoo I got is expensive but its working its called DIFIABA shampoo and cream rinse I was using stay in conditioner called crack mist not impressed with it so try infusium 23 renew leave in and NO HEAT and use a inch wide tooth comb and Im using wash out Hair dye hope this helps it helped me

        3. Argan oil hair masks. I replace this for my conditioner and take a long shower. You leave it in for about 10 min. And then I use hask placenta as a leave in. They have an intense repair one.

      2. I’ve really over done bleaching my hair and I really want it back healthy.. My hair is like straw and like a little mushy when it gets wet. With this work still? What should I do. I feel so terrible with my hair.

        1. Hi Julia,
          I’m also done having fun being blonde and maintaining blonde hair – it’s a ton of work! Please try every tip I listed in this blog post and your hair will start to feel soft and healthy again. Even the dried coarse bleached hair.

      3. Hello my hairs bleached how often should wash it and condition it? And shall I wear to bed wet? In plaits or something ? Thank you

        1. Hi Emma!
          You need to condition and deep condition your hair every time you wash it. Welcome to the fabulous world of bleached hair right? You may need to wash it every other night to keep is in good condition / moisturized. Yes, wash your hair before bed and perhaps loosly wrap it up in a hair turban. This way you won’t use a heated hair dryer on your hair that may dry it out too much. If you do need to blow dry your hair, don’t completely dry it, keep it a little damp. I hope that helps.

      4. Sharon Petersin

        When you go to rinse out the olive oil do you wash your hair with shampoo and condition it like regular ?

    2. Like two weeks ago I bleached my hair TWICE! since my hair was blue black was very difficult to bleach it! Was the worse thing ever I could of do to my hair. My hair is sooo dry fried OMG. Well started looking online and I found ur blog. Definitely I’m gonna follow ur instructions but I have an important question…. the olive oil has to b warm when I apply to my hair? Thank u…

      1. Hi Betsy,
        Sorry to hear about your hair. Yes, warming the olive oil helps penetrate the hair follicle. If you don’t want to warm the oil, you can place a plastic shower cap over your hair. I usually never warm the oil, I just use the shower cap. You could also take a warm towel out of the dryer and wrap that over the plastic shower cap.
        I hope that help your hair.
        XO Jen

  2. Yeah I had to quit the bleach because my hair was starting to fall out! Nice article btw. Just to share, I’m using a hair repair kit called pro naturals, it’s all argan oil and worth looking up if you have super damaged hair like moi 🙁

      1. Thank you for the olive oil tip. Silly question, do you saturate your hair when dry? Can you use on dry hair and keep in throughout your day? I’ve noticed if I condition too much my Hair falls out.

        1. Hi again Maria,
          Yes, saturate it when its dry. This way, your hair can absorb the oil deeper. Also, you can keep it on throughout the day, however it does smell 😉 And don’t worry about over conditioning your hair. Your scalp naturally sheds hair throughout the day in a cycle. People often notice their hair shedding when their hair is smooth and in good condition. The dead hairs can just drop out more easier. When your hair is dry and damaged, you usually need to brush your hair to collect the shaded hair. I hope that makes sense. XO Jen

          1. I had my hair lifted in a couple spots. And some of them literally broke off. I do use much of the blow dryer or flat iron. I normally wear my hair up. But I am sad and not sure what I should do with these 2 specific spots? Any advice helpful please.

  3. Thanks! This really was the best way how to repair bleached damaged hair! THanks!!! This FIXED my fried hair! I did everything you suggested.
    Thank you ! <3

      1. Hello Jen, im curios of what shampoo do you use for your bleached blonde hair. I finish bleaching my hair and girl let me tell you it is damaged to the core. Im going to follow your steps! Only i am just going to change olive oil to coconut oil.

        1. Hi Crystal!
          I have a couple favs. For my bleached hair, I either use the Loreal Oleo shampoos or the WEN cleansing conditioner (shampoo). If I dare to try a new shampoo, I make sure it’s sulfate free! And when my hair just feels really dry from a long day I just use conditioner on the length of my hair and a tiny shampoo on my roots. I hope that helps!!!

  4. Thanks for helping me fixed my hair!I stopped using a flat iron and switched to WEN and imy hair isn’t breaking off no more. thank u

    1. Hi Lauren!
      I’m happy that I could save your bleached hair! WEN is a great choice for bleached hair, also any shampoo that does not have sodium lauryl sulfate. Loreal has some great sulfate and silicon free products I highly recommend!

      1. Hi Jen thank u very much fir the informative article. i have a question and that is what do u use to wash out olive oil from ur hair as u said we should avoid shampoo after bleaching hair.

        1. Hi Zubaida,
          Yes, wash out the olive oil using conditioner. It’s possible, give it a try. You’re hair won’t get dried out again this way.
          XO Jen

  5. What if my hair is unmanageable without straightener? What do you suggest? My hair is very frizzy by nature if I don’t straighten it it looks like I didn’t even brush it…

    1. I’m in that boat myself! instead of using a straightener, I spray the infusium 23 in my hair which detangles and moisturizers..repairs (my godsend) then once its untangled, I can take a blow dryer very lightly and brush it straight. Use a big round brush or paddle brush! 😉 I feel ya!

  6. Hey, thanks for this article. I did my hair this week and feels super weak…. I have curly hair and the blow dryer doesn’t help me much… In replacement of the flat iron do you recommend putting rollers on to dry my hair ?

    1. Hi Wendy!
      To dry your weak bleached hair, I recommend you wash your hair at night, put it up in a hair turban or towel while you sleep. In the morning it should be slightly damp, spray some infusium 23 in to to help untangle your weak hair and give it some strength at the same time. You can finger comb it this way or use a wide toothed comb.To prevent it from getting too frizzy and dry, while your hair is wet, take a a small drop of olive oil to smooth down the length and work it in gently.
      I hope that helps!

    2. You can straighten your hair by wrapping it around your head and pinning it with a Bobbi pin, requires no heat. Just google how to straighten hair without heat.

  7. Can you use Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition, because thats all the shampoo i have in my house.

    1. Hi Ranae!
      Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo has some sodium lauryl sulfate in it, so I wouldn’t use it! However, their conditioner does not contain any! I wouldn’t use the Garnier Fructis shampoo on bleached hair! If you’re desperate, however…try to use the shampoo sparingly! I’d even try lathering up with a good table spoon of olive oil with it! I hope that helps you out. Remember, moisturizer is your best friend right now.

  8. I need help. I over treated my hair because of the way it turned out. I know better than to do all that I did to it, but I had a month long planned event I had to attend.

    Long story shorter, it was bleached, too light and orangey in parts. Bleached again, too light. Colored with brown to hopefully look halfway ok. Turned gray (yes, ash brown. Put temporary rinse to tone down gray.

    Damaged, scalp hurting, afraid to brush it. Put a lot of leave in conditioner all through, covered with loose thin plastic cap to keep it from drying.

    Was going to use EV olive oil before I found your site. Then I realized I could not remove it without shampoo. I am fine with using only a conditioner, and I do always let my hair dry naturally (except yesterday when it had to be dried to do what I did to it). However, I have to use a curling iron to actually style my hair.

    Can you please give me some advice other than
    not to do this again. Also, how to remove olive oil without shampoo.

    I also have a headache, I believe from all done to my scalp, so go 🙂

    Thank you !

    1. Hi Rita!
      I’m sooo sorry to hear you’re having a hair 911 emergency!
      I think all of us ladies have been there where we run into a bleached hair problem and need it fixed now! Then we take matters into our own hands and do something more drastic. Been there on 2012. lol.
      Rita, you do have the right idea about the olive oil girl! 😉 I would apply olive oil all over my scalp and hair as much as possible. I’d even warm up the olive oil in the microwave for ten seconds in a cup a little to get it deep into your scalp and hair! I would soak my ends in the cup of olive oil and try to saturate as much as possible! This can get messy with olive oil all over your clothes so do this in the bathroom.
      You can Perhaps take a shower at night and apply it to your damp hair to retain moisture and make it easier to finger comb. Then in the morning, take some shampoo, (use either L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Sulfate-Free shampoo, or WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. ) if you don’t have those, use conditioner and warm water to work out the excess olive oil.
      You want a little olive oil to stay in your hair. If you use a regular shampoo, lightly work some olive oil into your hair when it’s time to cream rinse. Also apply olive oil to the bleached hair and scalp when it’s dried. (it will soak into your hair after a few hours) You can try using the curling iron on the lightest setting.

      I hope this helps Rita! If your hair is nuked, you can always wear a lovely scarf or a bun. I would even try pulling my hair back and wearing a pony tail hair piece.
      Good luck!
      xo Jen

  9. Hi Jen
    I am going to try your remedy. What I do want to ask is you believe in olive oil. Would coconut oil also work or would you say the olive oil is better ?

    Thank you Melinda

    1. Hi Melinda,
      I believe olive oil is better to repair bleached damaged hair faster because olive oil never turns to solid like coconut oil does, and that could leave some build-up residue that’s hard to remove. Coconut oil is great however but that’s the only problem is that it does not stay in a liquid form. Once pure coconut oil cools down, it turns into a waxy texture. Both oils can penetrate the hair follicle to condition, but I believe olive oil is better and more easy to find if not already in your pantry.

  10. So my regular stylist moved and I decided to go to another in her salon for color. Unfortunately I ended up to a band of red at the roots on my dark hair. I went back the next day and that stylist was out of town so another was going to fix” it after instruction from the owner. For some reason she decided to use bleach to highlight my hair and ended up over processing and my super healthy hair is now broken and fried everywhere she highlighted. Why would they give me a “remedy treatment shampoo” that contains sodium Laureth sulfate?? After reading your blog I immediately checked my shampoo and there it was. I have straight hair but like to wear it curly and the no blow dry or iron thing is killing me! I’ve used kerastase fusion duo home treatments, masks, olive oil, dumb blonde, and shu uemera (which is what has the sulfate in it). I don’t know what else to do and all the moisture has stripped any color and it looks terrible.
    Any other tips? I can’t live months or a year like this!

    1. Hi Lori!
      If i was you, I’d take a break from regular shampoo and just use conditioner for at least 1 week! Please look into using an all natural henna dye. This can help repair your hair and bring strength to it.
      Remember to keep moisturizing your hair. Especially do some warm olive oil treatments! Your hair is so fragile now so take extra care of it.
      I wish you luck!

  11. I have a question. If you use the Wen program, when & why the Infisium 23. I had very dark hair and decided to let the grey grow out so we bleached the heck out of my gorgeous, healthy, thick hair and now it’s like straw.

    1. Hi Jill!
      Yes, the infusium 23 is an excellent companion product to use with the Wen. The Wen does a great job not stripping your natural hair oils from your hair and the infusium does a great job for hair like yours that has extra chemical damage done to it. My hair needs all the help it can get and it really gives me manageable healthy looking hair. I think you’ll like it. Use the infusium if you have a hard time combing your hair during the daytime. It’s great for your hair ends too! My hair ends tend to dry out by the evening so I like to spray this in my hair if I’m going out at night. It adds nice moisture to my hair and shine! Great for those surprise snarls too! 😉 Good luck!

    2. I did the same. Got highlights to “blend” the grey. Now my curly, healthy hair is like straw and not very curly.Only fuzzy. Also too light in somw spots and YELLOW in others.Shoulda left it alone. ?

  12. I am a regular hair dyer and today had the bright idea to bleach my hair. I’ve done this many times and I always follow the directions and take extra caution when doing anything harsh to my precious locks. Today for some reason though it was taking extra long for my hair to react to the bleach. Nothing to out of the ordinary so I didn’t pay much attention. While washing it out in the shower the texture felt off to me. When I got out and towel dried it I started to gently brush and suddenly 2 inch pieces of my hair was breaking off to the touch! I have never had something this bad ever happen to my hair and it has brought me almost to tears! My bangs that went down to my chin barely go past my nose now! What else can I use to save not just my hair but my length that I have spent years growing?! I have heard good things about avacado and eggs for these types of situations. I will use just about anything at this point to save my hair!

    1. Hi Cori,
      Sounds like a hair emergency! Get some warm olive oil ASAP and drench your hair in it and massage your scalp. Completely saturate your hair in the olive oil and wrap your hair up in a plastic bag to get your body heat to warm it up safely. This is the gentlest and BEST thing to save the length of your hair from breaking right now. Don’t use shampoo for at least 1 week and when you do, make sure it’s sulfate free. Condition your hair everyday. Your hair texture should get back to normal in about a week. Keep your hair tied back in a bun everyday for now until it gets strong again. I’ve been there! XO Let me know how your hair is doing!

    2. Thank you for the advice.I have the same issue. How long do you think it will take to get our hair strong again. Also, does olive oil have enough protein. I was told to use protein treatment to put protein back into the hair.

      1. Hi Dianne,
        It can take two weeks to see your hair look healthy again. Your natural oils were zapped during the bleaching process, so you must moisturize and oil your hair as much as you can to save your bleached hair. For protein, stick with the infusium 21 I recommended.

  13. Hi Jen! I love your blog! So many great tips. I hope they will work for me! I added all over white blonde highlights to my hair and now when I look at an individual strand I notice that some parts are shiny and others are not. Is this normal with bleached hair? Or is my hair damaged? I’m new to the hair coloring world!

    1. Hi Amy!
      You hair sounds pretty. I love platinum blonde hair. However, the more bleached it is meaning white blonde would be the most bleached means the more damaged the hair is.It’s normal to see some differences in texture and shine because bleached hair is normally less shiny. You can recover the shine to bleached hair. If I were you, I’d follow all the tips on this article! Especially conditioning with olive oil! Good luck to you!

  14. Hi Jen
    Desperate doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel! In March I used Splat’s Crimson Tide, which required bleaching first. I didn’ t have any issues at the time or atleast I thought. When I attempted to recolor my hair mid April with my usual Lo’real, as I was rinsing out the included conditioner handfuls of hair began to fall out, this went on for 3 days. I have lost more than half of my hair. I had long naturally curly hair. Now my hair is baby thin, dry, frizzy, and my curls seem to have disappeared. I’ve spent close to $300 on various shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, oils, damage repairers, & vitamins. Also, I’m left with a pinkish colored hair.. too terrified to recolor. Sorry to ramble on but I’m in dyer need of help. I don’t even want to leave the house. Thank You!!!

    1. Hi Roxann,
      I’m so sorry to hear how damaged your hair is right now! If I were you, I wouldn’t even shampoo my hair for at least 2 weeks! I would just deep condition and wash out in gentle warm water. I would use as much olive oil as I could and try to use more natural than chemicals at this point. Trying to just get your scalp and hair back to your normal state is the current goal. Sounds like the bleach was left on you scalp too long. When bleaching, you really want to make sure no bleach rests on your scalp/skin just the hair so you have to leave a tiny bit of your natural color. Just keep deep conditioning and be gentle with your hair and scalp. Take your time! I wouldn’t dye your hair again for at least a month back to normal color so it can grow back healthy with your natural color. With the summer here, you can wear beach hats, hoodies, pretty scarfs to wrap your hair up. I would even opt for a temporary wig in a nice layered style for versatility.
      Best of luck to you Roxann,
      Jen xo

      1. Try Black Seed Cumin Oil – Cold Press
        this oil is supposed to heal everything but death. It is great for hair.

  15. Hi Jen, I recently bleached my hair to dye it blue but the hair stylist said that they couldn’t bleach it till it was light blonde (my hair wouldn’t be able to stand it) so the colour turned out a very light green. It looks ok but I really would love to dye it blue. I found this Blue Velvet dye by Special Effects online. Do you think it will work if I use it on my light green hair?

    1. Hi Priscilla, I’m not familiar with the blue velvet dye. Anyone can be platinum blonde! If I could do it, anyone can do it! LOL. I just bought a hair bleach kit at Target and in an hour i went from darkest brown to platinum LOL. I think the hair salon was scared to try it on you! They probably performed a stress test on a patch of your hair. In that case, it probably saved your hair type from breakage. If your hair isn’t healthy, don’t bleach it. That could cause immediate breakage. You can try the new blue dye on a test piece (try the back of your scalp)
      Good luck Priscilla!

      1. Hi Jen, yup my hair is not in the best of conditions so the stylist bleached it three times and told me that was the limit, lol. My hair was a bit golden so that’s why the blue dye turned light green. Anyways, thank you very much for your advice and I’ll definitely try your tips for repairing bleached hair as well! =D

        1. You can always try adding a little blue food coloring to your hair conditioner to get more temporary blue tones 😉 That would be safe!

        2. Hi Priscilla + Jen

          I recently bleached my hair and needed it to be plattinum. In order to do that take your time. Also with a little help from Jen thanx Lol. Ok so what you do is use only 20 vol peroxide with bleach nothing stronger. The night before you do that you oil your hair with olive oil you can leave it in. Then you start your first bleaching ends only depending on the colour of your ends. Leave it say about 40 min. Then rinse and wash with conditioner only no shampoo. Then that evening oil again leave in. Next morning wash with conditioner only. Day 2 don’t bleach. Let people look just pretend that you don’t notice people looking Lol. When you do your 2nd bleach oil your hair the night before. Repeat same process bleach 20 vol apply ends first then after 20 min on your roots. Same story rinse wash conditioner. Do not use any shampoo. Carry on like you did after the 1st bleaching. So now your last bleaching if the ends are blonde enough then no need to put bleach on but if need to then put on ends but this time apply to the roots first. Reason why you don’t apply bleach on roots first is because of your body heat. Ok so continue the same rinse wash with conditioner. If you still have some yellow add a little purple colouring to you conditioner not much as your hair will grab the purple then you sit with purple hair leave it on for a few min to 10 min or so you should be able to see if its neutralised the yellow . You can use a few drops of genson violet (if I have the spelling correct). Your hair should then be fairly even and platinum. When aplying the bleach always aply it on the darkest peaces first. And if you want blue it has to be white you hair as blue and yellow makes green. The other funky colours are ok but blue has to be put on white hair. I have pink on either side and purple at the back. Oh and don’t forget to do Jen’s recipe after the bleaching. I hope. It works.

          1. Hi Melinda,
            That’s a bunch of GREAT tips on bleaching hair! Thank you sooo much for sharing! Yes, I agree with adding drops of purple tp the conditioner to tone down the yellow brassyness. Yellow and Purple are opposites on the color wheel. You totally rock! Thanks for all the tips!

  16. hi jen just found this site l allso have had my hair bleach ed by a professional hair dresser .but sadly l started to comb it and chukscome off so lam going to follow your tips as l start a new job soon kaz

  17. Hey so I had the same problem where my hair got fried. The first thing I did was completely saturate my hair in coconut oil and almond oil,wrapped tight with the shower cap left it over night. The coconut oil didn’t turn into a solid again ( thank god) lol You said not to shampoo your hair because it has sulfate. I actually have a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, would I be able to use that to remove these oils? I was planning on trying the olive oil treatment like you said once I remove all this oil from my hair. I had already booked an apptoinment to cut my hair,would I be safe in canceling that appt with these remedies you gave me or should I still get at least a health cut?

    1. Hi Cassy,
      Yes, I recommend sulfate free shampoos, however wait 1 week before you use them. I also recommend “washing your hair” with conditioner that first week to quench your hair. Also use infusium 23 leave in treatment when it’s dry. I would wait a week at least to get your hair to go back to normal before cutting it! I’m glad I waited because after a week, my hair felt normal again.

  18. Hi!

    So, over the summer, I will be colouring my hair platinum-white. Now, I’ve never bombed my hair with any kinds of bleaches or dyes, and I want to know if olive oil and conditioners will nuke the dyes.

    Also, how much bleach should be needed? I have a dirty-blonde hair colour, and I don’t want to wage nuclear war on my scalp (unless it’s needed).

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi!!!!
      The olive oil wont nuke the hair dye, it will actually protect your hair!
      Try taking a tiny section of your hair (I suggest the back of your head right above your neck) Grab a hair bleaching kit and mix the suggested amount. Also write down the current time. Next saturate that test patch of hair. Leave 1/4 inch from your scalp. Never apply the peroxide onto your skin! Keep a close eye on the length of hair. When you see the perfect color you desire, write down the time, rinse it out with warm water. Make not of the time when you go for bleaching your entire head of hair.

      When purchasing the hair bleaching kit, make sure the formula says platinum blonde. Some bleaching kits only go to a light blonde. Good luck!

  19. Hi Jen,

    I recently bleached my hair using a product that didn’t actually have the peroxide in it (the main ingredient was ammonium persulfate), and we dyed the ends pink. Just wondering if there’ a way to help my hair hold hair dye better so that I can get it back to my natural medium blonde? Thanks

  20. Hey Jen!

    I bleached my hair light blonde with pink ends from natural black hair and now it’s starting to get dry and I’m noticing split ends and a slightly itchy scalp. I’m on a tight student budget and was wondering how the olive oil treatment will work? How do I was it out of my hair? Do I just use conditioner? I haven’t washed my hair in two days since the bleach. I don’t think I can get any of those hair products where I am (New Zealand) so I was wondering if you know any good home remedies for a student?

    Cheers! 😀

      1. Hello,
        I went blonde couple months ago and every time I wash my hair and brush it out more and more hair keeps falling out I start freaking out I changed my shampoo and conditioner to forever blonde by Paul Mitchell … I’m going to try the olive oil I just had a question is coconut oil extra Virgin good for the hair ?

  21. Hi Jen, I used a box dye 3 years ago and after using it I had tingling burning sensations and 3 months later it came out in clumps and I saw a dermatologist and they said it was telogen. Ever since I shaved my head but I don’t have new hair growth and I have a receding hairline at front and sides, what could he wrong and will this get any better?!

    1. Sounds like you left the dye in too long or had an allergic reaction. I would stay away from harsh shampoos and only use sulfate free ones. Also make sure you’re getting enough biotin in your diet. Next, massage your scalp with some olive oil and cold pressed castor oil!
      I hope it grows back fast!

  22. So i uses loreal color remover on my semi blue hair… prior to the blue i had bleached it, unfortunately not all my hair turned out platinum blonde. Angry i just applied the sky blue ion semi color, after a month and some the blue began to fade to a teal so thats when i used the color remover. I left it in my hair for 60 minutes then rinse… while rinsing i noticed my platinum blonde was falling off (which is all of my front hair) luckily not all of it fell off but desperate i deep conditioned it then added a deep conditioner that has a ton of oils. While my hair dried i noticed that the front felt so awful.. so i sprayed aragon and morroccon oil to the most damaged part.
    What else would you recommend? Im really close to shaving my head again 🙁

    1. Oh no! I wouldn’t have used any color remover. Beleive it or not, they blue dye would have slowly faded away. I would go back to your natural color and dye it with a henna dye or something very gentle but nourishing. Try dying it when you hair does not feel so irritated, it can take a week for it to start producing natural oils again that can seal in your whole hair strand. Be patient. Keep conditioning!

  23. Hi!!

    I read everything but everyones comment, mainly because I’m freaking out and VERY impaitent.

    So… My hair is naturaly dark brown, about a little over 5-6 months ago, I dyed it black.

    The day before yesterday, I decided I wanted to try blonde! So I bleached it! Of course, some took, and if it did, it came out orange.

    I figured, “Hey! Wait about 24 hours and do it again!”

    So I did…
    BUT! Because I ran out of the bleach powder, I had to go to Sallies and get more, I bought a different brand ( dev. was a different brand than the bleach i bought to the 2nd time)

    Anyways, After i let it sit for about 30-40 mins ( I know i know, I shouldnt have!) I showered (Shampooed and cond.), and as I was showering I noticed chunks were falling out! and my hair felt spongy! So I got out, towel dried and tried to brush, and it still kept falling out!

    Now, My roots seem fine. but from the middle – down, its as if its breaking!

    I talked to a friend and she said that I have to cut it ( Bob-like cut, and I DO NOT WANT TO CUT IT!)

    Is there hope?! Or am I too far too gone?!



    Ive done a protein treatment mixed with olive oil and it seems like it kinda helped. then Ive been spraying in leave in cond. ( I havent brushed completely yet!)

  24. Hi Jen, thanks for the great blog and tips here 🙂 I bought some jerome russell bblonde bleach kit today and I am very paranoid about using it. I haven’t bleached my hair for a very long time (apart from the ends which I dip dyed in February – most of it has broken off at this point), the last thing I did to it was semi perm black in February. For some reason only some of the semi perm has washed out, so its red in places (the colour my hair used to be) and looks kinda crap. I really want to bleach it so i can go red again but after the last time I bleached me ends five months ago I have easily lost 1.5inch of length on the end, and its only just been looking in good condition again in the past couple of months, although I still get some bad split ends. I found last time I bleached it was really difficult to get proper coverage as my hair is still relatively thick. I think this might be why it fried so much that one time as I put a layered up the bleach a couple of times on the same strands, just trying to get the front and the back of it coloured. Any advice on whether its a good idea to go through with the bleaching?

    1. Hi,
      Please don’t bleach your hair for at least a few months. You need to condition it. Please read this article again and take your time.

  25. Hi Jen!
    I was looking for ways to fix my terribly damaged hair. I bleached it for the first time ever and it completely ruined my hair!! I was already getting ready to chop it all off and be stuck with short hair again. This all looks really helpful and I’m happy that their are so many ways to keep my finally long hair. I swear, I’ll never bleach again after this incident!! Again, thanks so much for all these helpful tips!!

    1. YAY!!!! You’re so very welcome Andrea! I’m so happy this helped you. Take care and have patience with your hair to keep it long and manageable!

  26. Help! My hair is fried. It feels like straw and the strands seem like they are expanding in width-swollen…super dry. I have lost over 6 ibches in length all around the front of my face and my bangs that were past my chin barely touch my nose. I am following your directions carefully. I am loosing sleep panicking that i am going to have to cut off all my hair and wear a boy cut. I am distraught. How long will it take to save my hair following your directions. I will never use bleach again!!!!!! Please help!

    1. Aphogee two step protein treatment that u buy at salley’s is the only thing that will stop hair breakage immediately. Look online at all the great reveiws. There’s no better . However u have to use it every 4-6 weeks and it is a cover up till your hair gets strenegthed . it will save even gooey hair . Anyone that’s overprossed there hair with bleach knows what I’m talking about . Salons r the ones that’s always bleached my hair and ruined it . I had hair almost to my hips and my same stylist that done my hair for years decided to run bleach through my ends and I had to get it cut to my shoulders . Finally it’s growed out again and I have another one that does my hair and he ruined it . It’s braking off and I’ve been so upset . But the aphogee will save your hair . I hope this helps someone , I know how u all feel about your hair . As I do mine .

      1. Thank you Debs for the recommendation. I’m so sorry to hear about your hair ;( Thank you for recommending another beneficial hair product.

  27. Thank you so much for your much needed advice! You may have just saved my hair! I wanted to go “silver” and my colorist, that I’ve trusted for years said the only way to do it was to bleach it. I think she left the bleach on waaayyyy too long, didn’t get “silver” but a “greenish/gray” color and my hair feels like cotton candy. Going to try everything you suggested before I take drastic action and cut it really, really short.

    1. Hi Sher,
      Take your time doing all the hair care steps. Don’t cut your hair! I thought I would have to cut mine because it felt like steel wool, but after patience and using things like olive oil etc like what I mentioned- helps to soften and strengthen my bleached hair. I’m a bleached hair survivor! lol. Best of luck to you! I hope your hair gets back to normal soon!

  28. Hello, my name is Kayla. I went out today and bought ‘Splat Complete Kit’ to fix my unwanted blue streaks. The salon I went to was supposed to dye my hair purple, but it turned out blue. I haven’t bleached my hair in about 3 years and I was wanting to know what I should do? It says to bleach my hair for the purple to turn out better. My blue streaked hair is absolutely hideous and I don’t know if I can wait for it to just “fade” out. My hair is naturally sandy blonde and should I not bleach the blue out? Or is there a way to speed up the fading process?

    1. Hi Kayla,
      You could try using a toner to help fade out the blue. The toner is purple already so it may really help you more than you think! I recommend you try the brand Clairol – Shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner. I would use the bleach as last resort. Just try to fade out the blue with the toner, give it two weeks. I’d rather try the two week route before risking my hair that took years to grow. 😉 Good luck!

  29. Hey (: thanks for all the tips . my hair is half black half brownish blonde at the moment I’m trying to go platmium
    Before I bleached half my hair it was jet black so it’s pretty damaged rn . I’ve had Manny hair colors before that I had to bleach to get (hot pink , blue , purple , red & half green half pink) my hair was always black before I drowned it in bleach so it would be fried , dry and was always so gummy &stringy when it was wet I was always impatient for the healing process so I just cut an inch or two off , this time I’m just gonna let it grow but since my hair isn’t the color I want I’m gonna bleach it again within the next few days , how long does it usually take for bleached damaged hair to recover ? Thank you !

  30. Hi! Here is my hair. Was blacked, bleached, put red on, hated it tried another red. Hated it. Went ash brown turned black again. SOOOOO today I did 2 bleach shampoos and then 1 regular bleach. Then used a toner. All was fine, until it turned GRAY! YIKES. So I had to use a claryfing shampoo like 10 times, well my hair that I have been working so hard to grow out broke right after. LIKE A LOT. I should know better.

    Anyways I found your blog and THANK YOU! I have an oil treatment on my hair right now.

    Also I do not want to wash my hair anymore, but cannot afford WEN right now. What would you suggest? I use apple cider vinegar on my hair, and have heard baking soda works. But can I just use a conditioner?

    My hair is like seriously so sad and dry, but hey the color is awesome!

    1. Hi Samantha,
      The toner made your hair ashy. The toner is a temporary color treatment. Yes, you’re going to have to slowly remove it. You can remove it with conditioner too! That would be the safest. You can use any conditioner, I have some listed that I recommend. However, don’t use shampoo at all for at least 1 week! Just use any conditioner you have. The apple cider and baking soda will dry out your hair. Also, try some oils in your hair and wrap a warm towel around your head or a plastic shower cap. I hope that will help your hair get more healthy. Enjoy your new hair color! <3 XO

  31. First I’m so very glad to have found this site! Thank you for all the awesome tips you have for bleached hair. The olive oil treatment really helped me and I use Infusium all the time #1-3 🙂

    So Here is my question…I haven’t bleached my hair for three months now and I want to know if I have to use the same brand or can I use a different brand this time and how often should I bleach my hair….? Thank for answering 🙂

    1. Hi Bannie, I’m happy the olive oil and infusium helped your hair! 🙂 Yay!
      To answer your question, you can try a different brand of peroxide or highlight kit on your hair. Now that your hair is repaired and stronger, you can experiment. However, always do a tiny patch test to make sure your hair is 100% strong enough for the bleach.

  32. hey jen my name is saff I bleached my hair and then dyed it red my hair is curly but completely dry how can I get it back to normal I use coconut oil is that any good?please help I don’t want to cut it.

  33. Hey Jen, your article is just what i was looking for when i searched how to save bleach damaged hair… I’ve really come to the conclusion today that i need help as my hair is snapping off and in some parts near my fringe the length has been snapped down to about 9cm 🙁 i live in a very tropical climate im ALWAYS having extremely oily roots (blegh) and extremely dry ends. I just wanted to ask does this treatment (follinwing the oil procedure) does it leave the hair feeling extelmy oily even when dry? as thats something i want to try to avoivd.. with that being said i do find it difficult to avoivd washing my hair once a week as i always ending having to do it atleats 3 times a week.I use dry shampoo when needed to avoid washing my hair as much as possible to get me by.. in saying that would using dry shampoo effect my restoration process? and lastly in the long run once i have gained healthy locks again would it be appropriate to bleach again? thank you for all the advice though, very very helpful 🙂

    1. Hi Nedah,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my artice How to repair bleached damaged hair fast. Your hair shouldnt feel too oily/greasy. If it does, give it one extra shampooing. You can actually wash your hair once every other day if you only use conditioner. You need to avoid shampoo for 1 week until your hair feels healthy. I would stay away from dry shampoo because it absorbs all your natural hair oils. It may be good for your roots only since you life in a tropical area. You can bleach it again when it feels healthy.

  34. Hi, i recently bleached my hair and its coming out in clumps. I filled up the top of my little trash can. Every time I brush my hair each stroke it fills up my brush. I’ve always used dove oil nourishing shampoo and conditioner, but its not helping. Please tell me what I can do! My hair is all the way down my back and I really do not want it all to fall out! Please help!

    1. Try rinsing your hair with warm water, when your hair is towel dried and slightly damp, add a generous amount of olive oil. Completely saturate your scalp all the way to the ends of your hair. Wrap your hair up in a warm towel for three hours. Rinse your hair in warm water and rinse it out. Apply some conditioner and also rinse that out and air dry your hair. You hair should stop breaking!
      XO Jen

  35. Heyy jen so just wednesday i had a bad experience at the hair salon my hair was down to the middle of my back the girl bleached my hair and left the bleach it for so long she fryed my hair & i lost a ton of hair its up to my shoulders now ive cried for 2 days its so dry falls out alot i went to buy all your products lastnite how long will it take to get healthy and grow back .

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      I’m so sad to hear about your salon experience. It sounds like an inexperienced hair dresser. They should have performed a strand test to determine how much bleach your hair could withstand. Expect one year to see a major difference. I would keep my hair tied back as much as possible to avoid excessive wear and tear trying to comb it out. Keep your hair well conditioned this next month is crucial to save your hair and get the strength back in your hair. Don’t cut it, have patience and nourish it.

  36. Hi,Jen
    I have a problem with my hair,I bleach my hair the back of my hair is braking,the middle and the I would like to know what to do at home. Every time I comb hair coming out. Please I need your help please.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      It’s important to moisturize the fragile hair areas the most. Try saturating your hair in warm olive oil. That should stop the breaking. Also put some on your scalp so it wont fall out too.

      1. Hi Jen,

        I’m from Malaysia and the Infusium and Wen Hair Products are not available in my country or at least where I live. I was wondering if you know of an alternative? I’ve tried applying olive oil and I see some improvement after washing my hair but the end of my hair dry up again the next day. I don’t what else to do =S Help! Thank you =)

        1. Hi Sam,
          I recommend you try warming the olive oil first and then apply it to your hair and leave it on for at least 3 hours from root to tip. You can also try applying any regular hair conditioner to you hair and leave it on overnight with your head wrapped in a towel. I hope that helps!

  37. Hi i need some help really bad and quick girls i had black hair bleached it twice in a matter of a week then to live blonde on but it had lightner i was doing this all to put on blue underneath but it falling out really bad plz help wat can i do x

    1. Hi Joy,
      Please follow the steps I suggest and have some patience, I’m sure your hair will be ok and stop falling out after the conditioning steps.

  38. Help! I have a hair emergency I just recently got my hair bleached then died purple and it is SOOOO DAMAGED it just might possibly be the most damaged hair I have ever seen but I’m going to try your tips and I was wondering if a conditioner called (zotos professional) <–that's the brand it's called 180 pro intense reconstruct will it help????? I bought it at Sally Hansen they lady suggested it so I bought it hope to hear seen because I CANT I mean absolutely CANNOT cut my hair it's NOT an option I would like Dora my face structure isn't set up for being bald

    1. Hi Adela,
      I would try using all my tips and have patience. I know it’s hard to wait, but ti’s worth waiting and trying to prevent cutting your hair that took years to grow. A hair reconstructer sounds good, but only if you use it after moisturizing. Try all my steps and then do the zotos conditioner. It’s important to moisturize before using a protein rich recostruct.

  39. Hi jen my hair is beyond damaged bt hopefully your tips will save me but how do I get out the excess olive oil?

    1. Hi Adela,
      The excess olive oil can easily be rinsed away just by adding hair conditioner to your hair and rinsing away. If it’s too intense, use a little sulfate free shampoo.

  40. I am also highly paranoid about hair loss. My mother and grandmother have very thin tops. What do you recommend to help prevent that?
    Thank you again for all your help!!!

    1. I recommend that you change your hair part at least once a week so you don’t stress out your hair follicles, second only wash your scalp once every couple days at the most. Third, don’t use any harsh shampoos- opt for shampoos that are sulfate free. + don’t smoke and eat healthy! Good luck Andrea!
      XO Jen

  41. My hairdresser put bleach directly on my scalp (and it burned like nobodys business), now when i try to massage it, it feels tight like my whole head is moving. Its really strange.

    1. OMG! Hairdressers are never supposed to place bleach on the scalp! That’s horrible. I bet it did burn. If I were you, I’d rinse my hair in warm water to make sure nothing is left on the skin, second – massage some oils onto your scalp like olive oil or even coconut. When you bleach hair, you want to get a close to the scalp but never directly on it.

  42. Hi my ends are pretty fried and I just want to thank you for this advice! But is this safe for color treated hair? Because my hairs bleached and color treated. If you know anything good for treated my fried ends and is color safe please let me know, thank you! 🙂

  43. I bleached my hair 3 days ago this is my second time It came out bright golden with orangey spots trying to reach platinum blonde I bleach it again its frizzy on the bottom am scared that my hair ganna fall out is there a paint or product to get it to platinum blonde i used toner wella t18 and my hair is black I noticed u use olive oil how many times a day u use it and how long what kind of olive oil some do have a smell lol please help

    1. Hi Irma,
      You can use any type of olive oil on your hair and scalp as often as you want, it’s great for all hair types. The olive oil may smell but it’s worth using. You can try adding a few drops of lavender oil to the olive oil to mask the smell. 😉 You should wait until your hair feels strong again before you bleach it again. The toner is only temporary and it will wash out. Good luck! XO

  44. Hi Jen,

    First off thank you for your super helpful website and video. It has been a lifesaver to me already. I, like most of the others, am here with hair troubles. I have been coloring/highlighting my hair for years and have been pretty happy with the results. I’ve always had thick, long hair until recently. At my salon visit last week, my hairdresser and I wanted to switch things up and try a more natural ombre look. So she darkened my base and hair all over. Then she went in and added hair paint (few highlights heavy around my face and scattered everywhere else). Well my hair condition was fine, but I was unhappy with the color. My hairstylist told me to come back in a few days if I was still unhappy and we could add in more highlights. So I returned this week and we opted for highlights. Except this time she didn’t go with hair paint. She went with true highlights on the time of my head using a purple-whitish paste she called “ox” (assuming peroxide). I didn’t think of it because we had done this so many times before, but she then put me with my foils under heat. After everything was finished, I decided to leave with my hair wet. The color looked great, and she sent me home with a deep conditioning treatment by Bumble and Bumble. Well at home when I brushed my hair tons of strands were coming out. I typically shed a lot but this seemed to be breaking halfway up my long strands. Immediately I added the deep conditioner. Washed it out after 4 hrs and sprayed on keratin treatment.
    Since discovering your website, I have ordered Wen and am currently using my coconut oil mask with shower cap. I also have ordered some supplements.
    My question for you mostly has to do with my current hair condition. Of course my hair is dry, brittle, and breaks off. But what scares me is that it is baby fine and seems like it could come out any time I brush my hands through my hair. It seems sooo much thinner, and it is only one day after coloring. I am terrified:( My other question is that my scalp tingles. I am not sure if it is due to the oil on my scalp and I am just super in tune with my hair right now.
    And finally last question- What are your thoughts on salon conditioning treatments. I have considered consulting with a previous hairstylist. They provide Kerastase one shot treatment. I want to steer clear of any chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, and obviously color for a while. But I wasn’t sure if these treatments would help.
    Any opions or advice is so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help already! You’ve been a ray of sunshine in a stressful time:)

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for visiting my site and the compliment. It sounds like the hair stylist left in the peroxide too long. The longer and lighter the hair color the more delicate the hair becomes. Bleached hair breaks more easily that’s why it’s important to condition 24/7 especially with oils to give hair elasticity. I don’t like any salon conditioning treatments except WEN. Be gentle on your hair, use a wide tooth comb instead of a fine toothed comb because your hair will break less. Never brush wet hair and wash it at night so it can dry naturally at night.
      I hope you hang in there! Keep you hair deeply conditioned. XO

      1. Hey Jen,
        Thanks for the response!! I had another question for you. I know you saved your bleached hair…Was the condition pretty bad all over or was it just at the ends? The more I go, I notice mine is pretty bad on the upper part of my head where she was trying to do the partial highlights. There are some whole strands that are bad as well. Guess I’m asking this to find if these whole strands of mine have a shot? 🙁 I am noticing an improvement in some places but am so focused on these upper strands. Roughly two weeks is what I thought you said and I haven’t made it through week one but wondering if they have a decent shot. Also for sleeping at night I got a satin pillowcase. Do you have any options of how you slept with your hair. Just drapped over or pulled up?
        Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions:)

  45. hi! just wanna say thank you for your post, I just bleached my hair yesterday by using hydrogen peroxide and my hair is really really dry today. I am having a hard time combing it, ugh i miss the softness of my hair 🙁 i’ll never do it again, though i’m satisfied with the color, but not with the texture.. 😀 Btw, i’ll try what you did to saved my hair. kudos!

  46. Love the useful advice and the great responses from other readers. I have a different question. Can you recommend a pre-bleach regime that I can use a day or two prior to bleaching? Is there a way to better prepare my hair for the bleach so it doesn’t get as dry?
    Thanks for your insight!

    1. Hi Robin,
      You can pre-treat your hair with coconut oil or olive oil before bleaching your hair. You can also add some into your hair right before bleaching – the same day. This will help “weaken” the harsh effects of the bleach. You may need to bleach your hair again soon after because this dilutes the peroxide as noted. This is also a great tactic to use if your hair is very thinn or weak and prone to breakage.

  47. Hi !! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your tips, I fell asleep with the bleach in my hair , I have black dyed hair and it just would never take to bleach.. I decided to do ends And go for a black n red ombré look. Omg.. What I did was just something I normally don’t do.. I am sporting a Brillo pad now..I Well I dyed it red anyways n it didn’t really take, do you know why ? I read in your blog that olive oil is color safe so I’m about to saturate it…I enjoyed your video you made me laugh with you .. Too.cute…

      1. Hi Jen,
        Thank uou very much for the reply. I am sorry i am replying and posting under a random comment as i cant find my original comment in this thread. You said in your last reply that i can wash out olive oil out of my hair without using shampoo. Can you please explain how do u do that and which conditioner do u use to do that? Do ur hair stay oily after that or not. Thank you very much for this wonderful article and your replies. I really appreciate that.
        Also do u ve an instagram or fb fan page thai i can follow?

  48. Hi Jen!
    I need help! I have natural dark brown hair, but decided that I wanted to go blonde :/ I am turning 40 in two weeks, so decided to do it this year. Well, I went to a salon explained to the stylist what I wanted and she said that she would give me super blonde highlights. First sitting, it didn’t take with the color I wanted, so she said since my hair was “was” so healthy that I could come back in a week and try again and that there would be no damage. I did come back and she fried my hair. She damaged it so much that she broke my hair from the top of my head. It is soo crispy! She said the reason my hair turned out this way was because I’d been coloring my hair myself with box color. Is that true? The worst thing is that my 40th birthday party is next week. I’ve been crying for hours! Anyway, I came across your website and found your tips. I do have a few questions. How often do I put the oil in my hair? Can I put it on everyday? When you say don’t wash your hair for a week, that means do not wash with shampoo, right? I have Sebastian Drench Shampoo and conditioner, will those help? Also, how often do I deep condition? I bought the It’s a 10 hair mask and the It’s a 10 leave in conditioner hoping that they are good products. Also, I was going to wash my hair every other day. The days that I don’t wash it, can I wet it and put in the leave in conditioner or should I keep it dry? And my last question, do you think that my hair will look better in a week? Your advise is greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Lorena,
      So so sorry to hear about your hair. Happy belated birthday! You can use olive oil as often as you need it. When I say don’t wash you hair for 1 week, I’m referring to using shampoo. The shampoo will dry it out too much. You need to use conditioner everyday. When you first bleach your hair – it’s zapped so you need to use conditioner all week INSTEAD of shampoo. I hope that makes sense. You can use a leave in conditioner instead of washing it too. If you get you hair’s moisture level back to normal, your hair will look great. I had crunchy bleached hair and using the olive oil especially and having patience leaving that in my hair for hours, it helped my hair sooooo much! Cheers I hope your hair gets better soon! I never went to the salon for hilights, I just do it myself with boxed highlight kits. I never trust the salon. 😉

  49. One last question Jen…

    What do you think about using baking soda to wash my fried hair? Thanks for your help!

  50. Hi I had a rubbish hair dresser who put 3 different browns over bleached hair to do an ombre effect needless to say it’s not ombre and looks horrendous while she did this she bleach bathed the remaining blonde 3 time as she let the brown slip so over the last 3 months this has now all snapped off how do you suggest I go about re bleaching this horrid brown back to blonde? I’ve been deep conditioning it over and over. I can’t take being brown any longer

    1. Hi Krista,
      If your hair dresser bleached you hair and applied brown over it, you can remove the brown dye. The brown dry will actually be able to wash out over time however you can buy a kit to speed up the process. They make a 10$ hair color remover called “oops hair color remover” I understand how you feel, once you get a taste of blonde, you don’t want to go back. I can’t believe your hair dresser used this method, that’s horrible! I hope you wash the brown out soon and enjoy the blonde hair. Take care!
      XO Jen

      1. Brown been in nearly 4 months and not washed out I’m in UK so don’t know about getting the stripper over here was going to re bleach it over a few weeks n deep condition in between?

  51. Hi Jen. My hair is very very dry due to bleaching because the hairstylist said I cannot get the color I wanted if I will not have it bleached. Now it is very dry, fried and i suffer from hairfall. My hair looks like the hair of that character from the Brave disney movie, minus the curls so you can imagine straight but bushy hair. I intially wanted to grow back my black hair to get rid of the bleached hair, but it’s already been 9 months and the black hair is still just above my ears. I cannot wait for it to grow anymore(might take forever cos my hair is long).
    I wanted to try the 1 week without shampoo remedy and only use conditioner but im afraid my scalp will be very itchy. I tried it only for 2 days before and my scalp was itchy.
    I’ve been hearing alot about keratin treatment in the salon but it is freakin expensive.
    I will try that Olive Oil remedy and I really hope it will repair my hair!

    1. Hi Tonie, I’m sure your scalp is also very dry and itchy. It’s just as important to moisturize your scalp as it is your hair. Dried out and irritated scalp contributes to hair fall too. Before trying any protein treatment, make sure you moisturize. You could end up drying out your hair with too much protein.
      Try the olive oil!

  52. Nutress Hair Color Protein Pack Treatment works really well for color damaged hair! I used it on my hair when it was bleached this past summer. My hair used to be extremely dry, but now it is hydrated again. I recommend this product for anyone with bleached hair.

  53. Thank you for this! I normally treat my hair so well, but as of late it has been through rounds of color oops and hair dye. It’s midway down my back, so the dryness is intense. Thank you for these tips! And knowing that you didn’t have to cut your hair has let me start breathing again. I know hair shouldn’t define you, but I’m quite attached to mine. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Bri,
      Yes, I’m thankful I didn’t need to chop off my long bleached hair. Just be gentle with your hair and have some patience, it will be ok. Thanks for reading my blog Bri!
      XO Jen

  54. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

    This is a 911, no joke. So my hair was bleached for the second time ( in a span of 3 weeks) because the first job was done so poorly and the color had to be fixed.

    Well I have REALLY short hair and it is longer in the front. Well, I have major breakage in the front, it no longer is one length and swoops nicely across my forehead to the side (think Michelle Williams) I must, must, must blow dry and style my hair or else it frizzes and then starts to looks like poodle hair, yes, I am talking about the dog, because I have a slight wave to my hair and this shitty damaged hair has brought out its ugliness in all its glory. My hair is white right now, that will change in a couple of weeks when I get a color rinse to make it the desired shade. I actually don’t mind it white, I live in NYC and it’s kinda edgy. Better than yellow.

    Please, please help me bleach hair doctor. What hair dryer should I buy. I will spend whatever I need to. 300.00, fine, at this point, I just want to look pretty. I’m also going through a divorce currently. I have to feel good about something girl!!

    Thank you, sorry for the TMI
    Sara xoxo

    1. Hi Sarah aka Michelle Williams 😉

      I’m sorry to hear about your emergency. Sounds like your hair wasn’t strong enough yet to handle the second bleach phase. Well, your white hair does sound fun! You could go wild and add pastel colors for fun. I understand you need to use a blow dryer, to handle that I would only use conditioner on my hair for the next week and wash it every morning with conditioner (NO SHAMPOO RIGHT NOW) You can blow dry and add a touch of coconut oil to you hair to maintain softness. I would usually say olive oil, but because your hair is short and white, you can do coconut so it won’t leave a yellow color behind. Now that will take care of your natural hair just fine. You can grab some boxed dye and dye it in a couple weeks when it feels stronger and moisturized.
      I’m sooo incredibly sorry to hear about your divorce, that’s stressful. If I were you, I’d really enjoy this time and reap the benefits of a short hair style. I would buy myself a Valencia Rose lace front wig. No joke! I want you to watch this hair video for fun please!
      I wish you the very best of luck! Please keep in touch sweetie.

  55. I need help! ive been looing for websites that have a way to get my hair back to normal fast!
    I just bleached my hair today and it turned out as an orangish-blonde instead of the platinum blonde I wanted… My natural hair is dark blonde so I didn’t think it would be a big deal to try and bleach it. But like I said, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. so I bleached it again (biiiiig mistake!) when I got out of she shower my scalp was sore and my hair was stretching and breaking because it was wet. Right now I made a homemade mixture that I use after I dye my hair which is: 1/2 cup of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and an egg yolk, then I spead it on my scalp and hair and leave it in for 20 minutes. I need other ways to get my hair back to normal! I really don’t want to have to cut my hair because its only at my shoulders and I’m trying to grow it out. I’m willing to try anything! PLEASE HELP!

    1. Hi Jenny, first of all, I love your name! 😉 Ok, you did a good job making a hair masque however, all you really really need is to rinse your hair with warm water – make sure you don’t have any peroxide residue left behind. Use any hair conditioner – leave it in for a few minutes – rinse with warm water – with hair still wet apply warmed olive oil into your scalp and hair – SATURATE your hair. Grab a plastic bag or shower cap and wrap your hair and head up in the plastic, next grab a warm towel and wrap your head in that. The warmth will sooth your scalp, hair and dry ends. Leave this as lon as you can usually at least one hour – 3. Next, rinse your hair and apply more conditioner and rinse again with warm water. Allow you hair to dry naturally, you can apply a little coconut, argan, or a light touch of olive oil to help seal in the moisture and gently comb out your hair when it’s slightly damp. Have some patience and try this! You might need to repeat this again if you hair is very fried. I hope this helps you! XO Jen

  56. SOOOO I taught my mom how to do foils, and she did a pretty good job except for not getting full coverage so I just HAD to go back over them, I used to have somewhat long strong hair. MANY many years of doing my hair has just left it…blehhh…in a way, so I just wondered what I could do to help get it back to the length I once had and the strength it was once in. My little baby hairs are crying. I am going to try the olive oil method, just super worried it will leave my roots super oily. Any reccomendations? I try to only shampoo my hair 3 times a week to not strip the naturals in it so baby powder is my best friend or dry shampoo. Would LOVE any info you may have. thanks so much for helping us girls who just have to look awesome!

    1. Try the olive oil method, you don’t have to leave it on your scalp if you already have super oily hair. Concentrate on the ends and work your way upwards.

  57. Hi jen, great article. Coconut oil is usually my go-to, usually restores my hair in a couple days but I do wash it…but what if I’m using an all natural shampoo without the sulphates found in the regular stuff? Is it still bad, and should I switch to baking soda to wash it instead? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bree,
      Love your name. You sound like you’re on the right track. Yes, coconut oil is great for bleached damaged hair. Also using an all natural shampoo is wonderful too. I hate what sulfates do to our hair and skin. You can try baking soda shampoo, to soften your hair and exfoliate your scalp.
      Good luck.

  58. Hi Jen,

    I’m pretty stressed out about my hair. I use to have long, soft, healthy hair and then I started bleaching it. I noticed my hair was starting to fall out so I stopped bleaching it and started going with darker red tones. As I look back at pictures I see that my hair is getting shorter and shorter by the minute!! It annoys me because I’ve been doing hot oil treatments with coconut jojoba avodado and sesame oils. I have cut back on styling with heat and also limited my hair washing to twice a week max! I See my roots growing but my ends are snapping off faster. I really don’t want to cut my hair but I feel that’s my only option 🙁 it’s been since December since I’ve made these changes with being careful with my hair. what do you think?? Are there any hair supplements you recommend?

    1. Hi Eileen,
      Yes, I remember how that feels, when you hair starts breaking off faster than it’s growing. It stopped when I stopped using a flat iron and blow drying and ding olive oil treatments and using the leave in infusium 23. You really have to have patience. I kept my hair tied back all month and kept it deeply conditioned. It may take you longer to recover but it’s worth being patient for at least one month than being impatient and losing that hair that took years to grow. Also, only wash your hair at night and let it dry naturally while you sleep.

  59. My hair is fried since of last year and since then, i have been using hair mask that my hairdresser told me to use. She said it would take 2 years to fully repair even though my fried hair is dead hair and cannot be fixed. I was wondering if this hair mask is worth it and would these steps you mentioned would help my hair repair faster.

    1. Hi Roxana,
      If my hair can be saved, yours can too. My hair was breaking like crazy. I used the olive oil method first and it worked amazing. Follow my steps and your hair will be saved. Especially have patience. Your hair can go from fried to smooth again. Save your money before using a pricey hair mask. They usually only have a small amount of natural oils anyways. 😉
      XO Jen

  60. Hello i just bleached my hair to death its falling off by bits and i just want to know if its okay to use the olive oil on a face that has break outs/acne??

    Even though ill be using the oil on my hair it will eventually end up on my face specially at night!

    1. Hi Dasha,
      Yes, you can use olive oil without worrying about clogging your pores. The olive oil may actually help with your acne.
      Good luck,

      1. Yay!! That would be great!! Cant wait for my hair to be strong and beautiful again!

        Thank you Jen for the advise and the help!!!!! :))

  61. Hi hon,

    Great article! I can’t wait to try out the olive oil on my hair when I get home!

    Quick question, and apologies if you’ve already answered this, but do you put the oil onto your hair when it’s dry or wet? Also do you dilute it with anything or just use it as is?

    Thanks ^_^

    1. Hi Jade,
      You can put the olive oil in your hair when it’s completely dry. I prefer doing it this way because your hair absorbs more of the oil. You can do it damp too but the oil absorbs better when you hair is dry.

  62. Hi Jen,

    I really really messed up my hair. I always wanted my hair to be really blonde and my hair dresser would never do it how I wanted. I went to the store and got toner and developer, didn’t like that so I box dyed it a week later. I didn’t think that was blonde enough so I got bleach packets and a 20 developer a week after that. That really messed up my hair and made a lot of course dry spots in my hair. I don’t know what to do now! How do I make my hair go back to normal???

  63. Hi Jen,
    Thanks so much for your advice for bleached hair! My hair is so completely fried after bleaching it and after following your tips after 1 day I already see a difference, I still have a long way to go but it’s nice to know that I don’t have to chop off my hair

  64. i had black hair and there was no other way to take the color of by bleaching it . I’ve never bleached my hair before and I’m scared my hair is really fried like completely fried I’m in tears I’m really scared my hair is going to fall off !! please tell me if your remedity works . I want my hair back to normal . I really do I’ve learned my lessons off hair dyes

    1. Hi Pao,
      Make sure you saturate your scalp and damaged bleached hair with olive oil. Leave it on for at least three hours and rinse off with conditioner.

    1. Hi John, it sounds like you used too much infusium 23. You have to use it on dry hair and spray small amounts and comb it out until it’s dry. You can’t spray a ton and wait for it to dry completely without combing it. Try spraying it again on clean hair and brush it gently continuously until dried. Your hair will feel moisturized. It has to be evenly distributed or all the protein will build up unevenly and feel crunchy. Less is more. good luck.

  65. I did what you suggested because someone busted my hair and overbleached it. It took me long to get it great and always use and love wen fig..most moisturizing. My hair is still broken and ends not great. The first time I had it bleached the guy did it great and did not damage it. I GREW ALL my natural dark blonde hair healthy for several years after extention damage and now back to square one. I love the wen re moist mask and replenishing mist for leave in moisture and volume but I have a way to go. Guy really messed it up. I guess I need a few more treatments. I didn’t try infusium 23. Any suggestions. I have long hair but the guy cut several inches after he friend the ends and they still look bad. I don’t want to cut more. I have it icy blonde highlighted with my dark blonde for lowlights and it’s a mess. I had this done on healthy virgin hair. Will it take a few more treatments? I cant believe he damaged it like this. He even rolled up sections of my hair and scrambled it and foil and bleached it scrambled messing the ends then had to rebleach some and put me under a dryer..:( Any extra help is appreciated. I want my hair longer fast and don’t want to cut it more..This is a nightmare. The guy was all about the money and the last guy charged way less and did exactly what I wanted without all the damage.

    1. Hi Christine,
      your hair fried hair sounds like a tragic visit to the salon. I would completely stop dying it for at least three months until it turns back to a normal texture. Please try olive oil treatments. That will sooth the dryness. Also try Shimmer lights conditioner by clairol to help restore protein and tone down any brassyness. Let your hair air dry, don’t apply any heat. Also try to wear your hair tied back to keep it safe from breakage. Don’t over comb your hair either.

  66. Hi there so my storie is I had black hair and I wanted to go red so I beached it twice and colored it twice too cause the first time was terrible now u got orange ugly fried hair my wedding conning up in a month and a half I deffinitly need to ‘re dye my hair but Idk when would be the best time and should I dye it to my natural color and just let it sit for couple of months after ward ? I’m trying to fix my hair befor my big day come 🙁 I really hope with all your tips I can manage to get it back and I will never bleach or dye my hair red 🙁

    1. Hi Reka,
      I would deep condition my hair daily for at least two weeks, then I would dye it back to the natural color. It’s good to have your natural color for wedding photos I beleive, that’s my opinion. Plus, your guests may be expecting you to have your original color. 😉

  67. Hi Jen, I’m Liana and I’ve bleached and colored my hair plus permed it a year ago.Every since that mistake my hair hasn’t been the same it has been falling out every time I comb or brush my hair and now I’ve been using the infusium23 repair and renew shampoo with argan oil plus keratin in it also the infusium23 moisture replenisher conditioner with avocado and olive oil in it. But I’m going to purchase some extra olive oil and the infusium23 repair and renew leave in treatment. But my question to you in am I using the right shampoo and conditioner for my bleached damaged hair? because I’ve noticed that the infusium23 shampoo has ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and sodium chloride in it.

    1. Hi Liana,
      The infusium 23 product I recommend is the leave in treatment that does not have any sulfates or harsh chemicals. They shampoo does- don’t use that. Look for sulfate free shampoos. In this website’s navigation, click on the “Shop beauty” button to see all my recommendations. Thanks for visiting! Good luck.

      1. Hi Jen I currently have found a new shampoo and conditioner. It’s the cantu shea butter for natural hair. It has no sulfates, silicones, parabens, or mineral oil and I just wanted to know will this shampoo and conditioner work for my bleached hair? Also what other product can I use instead of using the re moist intensive conditioner?

  68. Hi jen well im only 13 and i made a huge mistake by bleaching my hair it was so long and healthy until i cut it and bleached i regret this very much and i have no idea what to my hair keeps falling out and getting thinner by the day sometimes i sit in my room crying regretting everything i did to my hair

  69. Hi Jen, I have currently found a new shampoo and conditioner. It’s the cantu shea butter for natural hair. It has no sulfates, silicones, parabens, or mineral oil. And I just wanted to know will this shampoo and conditioner work for my bleached hair?

  70. Hi Jen,

    Just found your blog and hope you’re still answering questions. I am naturally a dark brunette and have been highlighting for over 15 years. Just the last 2 years I’m starting to see breakage and have been looking for moisturizing products.

    I love WEN products also but also found a natural Indian Oil called Darshana that I thought would help if I slept in it. However it seems to have changed the blonde highlights (1 week old) to brassy/orange/darker and I’m wondering if I’ve ‘stripped’ out the color now? I’ve been researching and see that Coconut Oil does strip hair color and sure enough there is coconut oil in Darshana. UGHHH!

    My questions are: 1) I have a wedding next week. What do I do right now to even out the color? Get a toner? Use Shimmer Lights? 2) Does Olive Oil not change the color of platinum colored hair at all? I’m guessing not since your hair looks great but I’m wondering if you’ve heard of it happening to anyone using Olive Oil?

    I’m afraid to do anything right now. I will wait to hear from you before putting another product in my hair!

    Thank you! xo

    1. Hi Dana,
      You can see fast results toning down brassiness with Clairol Shimmer lights. I just use the condition once in a while to help tone down the brass. I have not had any problems with olive or coconut oil. With all the products, Olive oil really fixed my dried ends from bleach. My hair is in good condition and I have not had to use olive oil in a long time now.
      Have fun at the wedding,

  71. Debbie Scheepers

    I would like to use WEN products. Will I get my shiny hair back and also thicker and longer as it use to be?
    Please let me know

  72. Hi, about 2h ago I bleached my hair, and it really strongly hair and being wired and tight .. Can I but olive oil on it?

  73. I love this! I started it immediately the day I got my hair bleached but I only used use olive oil and conditioner for the week now but I leave my olive oil in.. but try using egg yolk in your hair once a week the protein really helps nurture it hair

  74. Hi Jen, I’m Liana I recently found a new shampoo and conditioner for my bleached and damaged hair. I’m using the cantu shampoo for natural hair and it has no sulfates, silicones, parabens, and mineral oil and the conditioner Im using is the cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner repair cream. And my question is to you I’m I using the right shampoo and conditioner? Plus I’m using 100% extra virgin olive oil cold pressed and is that good for my hair?

  75. Hey, first of all i LOVE your tips and they really helped me, only I got a problem finding a sulfate free purple shampoo. Since I got blonde hair I really need this but can’t find it anywhere and I was wondering if you know any shampoo like that?

    1. Hi Nina,
      Instead of using purple shampoo, use the purple conditioner as the last step – it works better. Plus it’s sulfate free!

      1. So today i went to the salon & i bleached my hair went the lady was putting me bleach she kept putting more & more then she put it my roots it was itching bad i told her to just wash it off it was burning my scalp I Was crying Went I saw my hair it was so long but felt so weak from the shoulders & down i kept looking at it & started to cry more i felt like my hair was gonna fall down . It honestly felt like bubble Gum , & then she dye my hair after that i kept crying tears came out my face . I really regret bleaching All my hair my worst mistake my hair was so healthy i let it grow and then i did this . So at the end the lady was gonna brush my hair i told her not to i felt my hair to weak already she said okay she told me that i was gonna have to cut my hair i told her that i didnt wanted to . I’m going to follow your steps hopefully this works im trying to fix it before i go to school & my birthday in two weeks .

  76. Hi Jen,
    I have read through your entire blog and all the replies. I must say it has been very helpful in calming my anxiety! My 12 year old daughter wants her dirty blonde hair lightened to platinum and aqua blue streaks added. I bought a kit called “Splat” that includes bleach peroxide and color. I was looking online for tips on bleaching and found your site. I have bleached and colored my hair(many times) and had some pretty good, and some pretty uneven results,but not much damage, and my hair is much darker than hers (dark Auburn). Her hair is naturally oily,Do you think I should add olive oil before the bleaching? Or just use it as a follow – up treatment? I’m a little nervous, I don’t want to hurt her young hair!
    Thank you again for this page! I feel 78% better already 🙂

  77. Hi, i have ed an odd d question? I have ever been bleaching my hair for years. I have been lucky and have not have damage until two mths ago. After my roots were touvhed up i started to notice i was losing lots off hair and my hair is breaking off where the roots were touched up under the back of my hair. I am freaking out! I am hoing to d o the olive oil today i am just confused. Other than the breskage my hsir is not straw like or spongy. fo you yhink thid method will stop the Ed breakage? And is it possible to darken the event color to kerp from ever having yo bleach sgain? Help…. callie

    1. Hi Callie,
      Yes, I know that spongy hair feeling, like a brillo pad. Yes, saturate the spongy bleached hair with olive oil overnight and rinse it with conditioner in the morning. Olive oil will help make your bleached hair stronger and stop your hair from breaking. Yes, you can also darken after bleaching, but wait at least two weeks.

  78. hey, so i need help!!!! ive bleached my hair a day ago and then again last night! my looks keeps breaking every time i brush it. im freaking out ! Would these tips help me??? also make my hair grow fast?

  79. Jen,
    Like many others I have been bleaching my hair for the past 15 years, mainly at salons. But lately due to my poor financial situation I have been attempting different procedures myself and with help from the “Bestie”. Last night was our first bleaching attempt together. We started off with one bleaching kit which wasn’t enough to cover my thick long hair, so we mixed a new batch with a different bleaching product which we purchased at Sally’s. When I went to rinse out the bleach I was able to pull chunks of my hair out, just by running my fingers through it. Very not normal. Yes I do usually loose a few handfuls but never that badly. We proceeded with the tone, rinsed and left it overnight. So now my hair is fried, frayed, completely messed up. She tried to trim some of the super damaged hair this morning.
    But now I am freaking out since I have a wedding to go to this weekend (in 2 days). Do you have any other emergency repair suggestions??
    Thank you

  80. Hey jen I coloured my hair back in 2014 Jan and I dono why I have been experiencing a lot of hairfall for the last one year. And two months ago it had kinda reduced but now it’s back again. I lose a lot of hair in the shower as well. The colour is now almost just at the tip of my hair. I’m a vegetarian. Do u suggest a change in my diet apart from these remedies which I intend to follow from tomorrow?

    1. Hi Disha,
      It sounds like you’re not getting enough iron in your diet – from red meat especially. Also yes, a drastic diet change or not eating enough food will cause your hair to fall out excessively. You need to not only apply olive oil to your hair but also ingest some. You need rich fatty acids in your diet.

  81. Hi Jen
    Just a quick question. To do an olive oil treatment, do I first wash my hair with shampoo and then apply the olive oil to towel dried hair,or does olive oil have to be applied to dry, unwashed hair? What do you do?
    Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi Bernice,
      Don’t wash your hair with shampoo prior to this treatment. The shampoo will strip your hair and break it even more. Apply it to dry damaged hair and saturate it as much as possible. Work the olive oil into your scalp. Wrap your hair up in a towel for at least one hour, the more the BETTER it will absorb and restore the bleach hair. Next, you can wash it out using conditioner.

  82. Hi,
    So I have seriously bleached and ended up with the brillo pad dry and mushy wet feeling and cannot pull a come through it. I’ve tried the emergencee by nexxus and the protein serum but still nothing. I am on a deadline to get my hair healthy and manageable I only have 2 weeks and I see you talking about getting it there in a two week time frame. How often do you do the olive oil? Everyday? And do I just use a regular conditioner everyday or a deep conditioner? Thank you

    1. Hi Casey,
      Yes, you have to moisturize your hair before trying to rebuild with protein. Protein will make the hair weaker if you apply it before the hair’s moisture and ph balance are restored. Use the olive oil at full strength from root to tip at last once a week after bleaching. Use a deep conditioner everyday for bleached hair.

  83. Hi. I’m in desperate need of advice. I’m in cosmotology school. I’m a natural red head and decided to go bleach blond. It took a few bleach’s. Its def over processed.. My hair isn’t falling out but its very dry and breaking. My instructor adviced me to add color so my hair could get pigment and look healthier. So we did blue at the ends. Within 2 weeks my roots were showing obviously I didn’t want to rebleach so my instructor said I should just color it all. She did a level 1 black and foiled some blue….she thought it’d turn smoky gray (like I wanted) but it turned pitch black. Only a week and my roots look terrible. I want to go lighter but I’m scared to bleach… I’ve been using chlosteral cocunut oil. Every other day to restore moisture for at least an hour… So my question is how do I go lighter without frying my hair. Could I continue this for 2 weeks bleach. And then add a lighter color and keep doing that until I get what I want??? I just want the black out of my hair!!!! HELP

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Sounds like you have a hair 911 emergency. They do make a product called Color oops hair color remover. You can find it at most drug stores and online. It can safely remove the dark permanent color. Allow your hair regain moisture and keep it conditioned before re bleaching it. Try a test patch to see how long you can bleach it without having issues. Time your hair dye process and use it for the full treatment. Good luck!

  84. hi, i have a problem i bleached my hair a week ago using a ‘live’ xxl max blonde colour, i had been bleaching my hair for several months to put a bright red colour over it, i eventually decided to stop dying it red as it was too much work duin it evry other week and just let it wash out and keep it blonde, so i re-did my roots using a standard bleach kit and it was okay, then 2 weeks later it still had red in so then i decided to use the ‘live xxl maxium blonde’ colour and dosed my hair with it all over to try and get the remaining red out, it had usually bin okay using the other bleach kit i use but i never use this all over the hair just the roots, however i put the live max blonde colour all over and now loads of my hair has broke off! i have very fine hair anyway and am desperate for it to grow back and grow thicker again quickly! i want to keep it blonde but wil just,use the standard bleach i was using instead of the ‘live’ dye i put on it as my hair was okay before with only slight breakages but since using the live all over its gone so thin! please help and name some shampoos for me that dont have sulphat in which i can access easily and not to expensive i live in the uk too so it’l have to be something that is avalible there, many thanks!

    1. Hi Danni,
      So sorry to hear about your hair breakage. One hair product you can use that’s in your kitchen (hopefully) is olive oil. Saturate your weak hair overnight and rinse with warm water. You should see immediate results with stronger hair. I also recommend not using shampoo for at least one week. Please try these hair tips listed above too.
      Take care,

  85. Hi my first time ever visting your site I recently fried my hair by bleaching and dying it blue my hair is like really dry and Im really excited to try these home remedies do you know how long it will take before i see results and can i leave the olive oil in over night

    1. Hi Denzel,
      You should see immediate results if you leave the olive oil in your hair overnight. Make sure your hair is completely saturated from root to tip. Cover your head with a shower cap or towel. Wash it out in warm water in the morning. Your hair should be soft and stronger.

  86. Hi Jen,
    OK so I’ve been coloring my hair for the better part of eleven years now and I figured since I bounce back and forth between the same two colors all of the time why not try something different..
    I tried to just dye my hair over the dark brown that it already was, it didn’t work, so I fully bleached my hair… This was done just last night, my hair is discolored, it’s so dry and tangled I can’t get a brush nor comb through it, and it’s falling out!! Every time I do anything to it big globs of my hair come out, I used bleach that you can put all the way to your scalp, and a 30 volume creme developer, please help, I don’t know what to do and I’ve been crying about it since it started falling out.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      So sorry to hear about your bleached hair problem. Please follow the steps I mention in this article. Especially the olive oil treatment, that will stop your bleached hair from breaking off. Following these steps will help save your bleached hair.

  87. 4 days ago i went to the salon spent a lot of $ but my hair was damage by dye and bleached, so sad, and to late i shampoo my hair now , what would i do please help me..

    1. Hi Mar,
      I would use a deep moisturizing conditioner and do an overnight treatment with just olive oil and place a shower cap or towel on your head overnight to lock in the moisture. Rinse this out in the morning.

  88. Hi Jen! So thankful for your website! I have noticed my hair becoming thinner this summer and I had some breakage after I tried to go darker for fall. It really bothers me the ends of where it broke are so fuzzy and noticeable. Will the olive oil treatment help that? Also now I have been noticing about 10-15 hairs coming out from the root while styling. Is this normal hair loss or am I going to go bald? I’m kind of freaking out. I’m also pregnant so not sure if the hormones are involved. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, the olive oil should help your hair from root to tip. Also, with pregnancy it can cause major fall out when hormones are involved. Good luck!
      XO Jen

  89. My hair also feels like a brillo pad 🙁 I have done too much damaged with bleach on my hair. I was wondering should I apply olive oil everyday for the first week?

  90. Do you belive in the keratine trestment they do at the salon with a hot iron?
    I have had it done for my fried hair and i felt it does not help at all only makes it worst.
    What is your opinion??
    I have over processed bleaced hair, so sad

    1. Hi Ajda, It usually looks great at first…. but no I don’t believe in mixing a hot flat iron to health hair nor damaged hair especially. It’s a recipe for crunchy dry hair. Yikes! If you’re into keratin treatments, go for the inexpensive suave keratin conditioner. It makes your hair smooth.

  91. Hi Jen.
    I have a few questions and also some concerns.
    I started bleaching my hair back in May (by a hair stylist) to a Platinum blonde and have been battling dryness, breakage and hair loss ever since. I use to have alot of thin hair and now it has thinned even more. I am wondering if some hair can handle bleaching and some can’t? Should I continue? I have a whole array of professional products that don’t seem to address my problems. I have done moisturizing and protein treatments faithfully but the front crown of my hair continues to break. I did try the olive oil treatment and my hair feels great. Do I continue to use this once a week or once a month. I would love to get my hair back in good shape and is there anything else you could recommend for the breakage?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Debi,
      I’m happy for you that the olive oil is working. Use it as often as you need to restore the moisture in your hair. It does what synthetic hair conditioners can’t do! Thin hair / baby fine hair is difficult to keep healthy from bleaching. It’s delicate and bleach really takes a toll on this hair type. Keep using the olive oil!

  92. Omg I just bleached my hair 3 times this week, I just got out the shower and got on my phone cause my hair is taking forever to air dry, and is so damaged, dry amd it’s breaking, my hair is up to my waist,so scared of cutting it, can I apply the olive oil everyday

  93. Do you have to bleach you hair for light lavender?[My hair is brown]The first time you bleach your hair dose it make it rough or is that the second time?Plz git back as soon as you can -Emeillia

    1. Hi Emellia,
      You need to bleach your hair for light lavender or if you want temporary color, you can try chalking your hair. You can also try adding in lavender hair clip extensions. If your hair is brown, you will need to do a test spot to see how long your hair needs to lighten. Usually you need at least one hour to go from brown to platinum in my experience. Good luck!

  94. Tkank you for the idea. I did a warm olive oil treatment for the first time today and it works very well.My hair is less dry and damaged. I was a bit afraid that i wouldn’t be able to wash out the oil without shampoo but conditioner worked unexpectedly good! I’m very very happy. Thank you once again. 🙂

  95. Hi Jen, i had brown hair and wanted to dye my ends lavender but i had to bleach my hair ends first, and i bleached them twice because they didnt bleach correctly the first time and when i did it the second time i pulled on them and i saw that they were breaking off. I bleached them today, can i still dye them lavender tomorrow and still use everything you mentioned? I really need a tip, especially cause i have reallyyyy long hair and im terrified of losing it!

    1. Hi Diana,
      I wish I had lavender hair. Please make sure your hair is in good condition before you bleach it. Be sure to condition it after bleaching and before you dye it lavender. When you’re done and have the color you want, saturate your hair in coconut oil. I say coconut oil because you don’t want the olive oil to affect the color of your hair. This oil will add elasticity and moisture. Be sure it’s melted into your hair for at least a few hours. Rinse with warm water. DO not shampoo for one week. Only use conditioner on your ends, no shampoo!

  96. Hi there,

    I myself am now dealing with quite the situation. Goal was dark blue…it’s more a turquoisey awful mess. I have trust issues when it comes to stylists and this is just another horrible tale for the bunch. My question: Do you put the olive oil on after you’ve washed it? While your hair is dry? I’m a little confused on the process but I sure hope it’s my miracle. I don’t care about the colour right now as much as I’d like to be able to BRUSH or COMB my rat’s nest. It feels like a brillo pad! Praying to the hair gods.

    1. Hi Amanda, I like to put the olive oil in the brillo pad dry hair sections when the hair is wet, this way the thirsty hair can soak up the moisture of the olive oil and all the vitamins. Then after a few hours, wash it out, use conditioner on these sections, no shampoo, it should comb out with patience. DOn’t rip your hair. Have patience/ It took years to grow long hair – don’t rip your hair out of frustration. Hope that helps.

  97. Hey there Jen,
    I bleached my hair two weeks ago and honestly it was the WORST thing i could ever do to my hair, I would love to fix the damage with organic oils such as Olive, Argan or Coconut … The thing is… I wonder if these oils could darken my hair or not…? I don’t want it to get darker what so ever! It took me so much time and effort to get this blond hair..

    1. Hi Ray,
      If you don’t want to worry about color issues using oils on your hair, I recommend you use coconut oil. Good luck!

  98. Hi! I think after nearly ruining the texture and volume my hair used to have by using bleach, I want to be done with root touch ups and toners and bleach. If my hair is platinum blonde, and my natural hair color is light brown, how can I go back to my natural hair color safely? I don’t want to just wait a year for it to completely grow out while having half brown half platinum blonde hair but I also don’t want to damage my hair more by dyeing it back. Do I have any other options? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      A natural brown henna dry would work good for bleached hair because it would also help repair and cover the blonde.

  99. Have always had very long, fine predominantly yellow tone blond-dirty blond hair. (Don’t get excited, I’m not a hot blonde) Just want to add natural highlights to keep the yellowish tone as it grows. No artificial block highlights, weird colors.
    For years, I rarely went to stylists because they managed to do everything but that. Really. Now I have a gray in areas, which are more similar to the natural color I had to begin with. Hair is still long. Good, right?
    No. Finally found a gal who nailed it, could really add tight, fine highlights RIGHT. IT always took a long time (20 mins or more) to get the bleach part right, I never question an expert.
    Did this for years. She moved from salon to salon, and I followed her. She cut it the way I wanted. Then she started cutting too much off. Inches. Then, at the last salon the bleach (?) was only on for about 5 mins. The color is awful-kind of ghostly-whitish and dry, angry. ANGRY hair. I never saw my hair is so much distress. The color aged me 15 years.
    I had her “fix” it (color/condition), but the next year she did the same thing. Hair is unhappy, doing the olive oil thing. She swears she is using the same color as she has the past 12 years, but I know the bleach time has been whacked. What is happening here? Her skill for fine highlights is excellent, but color and condition went to hell when she changed to the last two salons. Why ruin a good thing? Can I do an overall slight tint for the roots (dirty-blond-gray) at home? The color difference is minor compared to the rest of my hair from a long, long time ago, but it’s there…all 3″ and growing. Thanks for any and all.

    1. Hi Anon,
      you wrote me a long novel lol. just kidding my dear. It sound like you found a hair stylist that knew how to give you the cut and color you wanted and now she’s not bringing the same results – she’s all mixed up. It’s a red flag if she’s changing salons. She could be using a different brand of dye. You’ll never know for sure. You can bleach your roots yourself using a home bleach kit but getting the exact color you mentioned is so hard! I really recommend you use this opportunity to find a new hair stylist. 🙁 You might find one with better results. You can always be brave a do a test patch experiment. Bleach at home and use a color hair dye. I wish you all the luck. I hope you get your preferred hair color back.

  100. Hi,

    It is better to avoid bleaching your hair. As bleach is a chemical and it will damage your hair. The tips shared in this article are excellent. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  101. Hi , I just bleached my hair a platinum blonde .. i know how bad bleach can be for your hair my hair isn’t that bad just the ends are a lil ‘ rough how soon can I start the treatment without ruining my new hair color .. ?

      1. Jen , I did I was going to write back saying ty soooo much ! I’m sooo happy I found this place the olive oil treatment is the best wish I would of known this a long time ago when I always dyed my hair ? But next morning my hair feels a lot softer and it’s not that crunchy anymore I thought I would of had to have it cut which I was totally not looking forward too again ty soo much for the advice ?

  102. Hi Jen

    Can you put a link of where to but the Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment, i have gone to their website but the bottle is different to your one, i have also looked at Amazon but again there is different bottles X

  103. Hi I tried the olive oil treatment as I had my hair bleached and it’s now frizzy dry lifeless horrible and crunchy. It worked amazing the 1st time but as soon as I washed it the next time, with conditioner only, it went straight back to being the way it was and I’ve oiled it again and it hasn’t made any difference.
    Could you please tell me what I’ve done wrong as every time I look at my hair all I want to do is cry, I did have lovely long brown hair now I have a crispy tumbleweed. Help please

    1. You may also need to add a leave in protein rich treatment. The one I recommend it there, the infusion 23 leave in treatment is amazing. Make sure you brush it into your dry hair and keep working it in until it dries. If you just spray it and saturate , your hair will be hard. You need to brush it all the way though. Try it on one section on your ends to test. You’ll see!

  104. Hey, I’ve had a similar issue to all those above- and can I just commend you for replying to so many comments over the years, you’re like a guardian hair angel.

    My hair was dyed professionally maybe two months ago, and seemed to recover well… until today, when hair started to break and fall out clumps at a time. Luckily I’ve got thick hair so it isn’t too obvious yet. I’ve done deep conditioning treatment, used a special conditioner and won’t be shampooing it for at least a week. The only odd thing is that it doesn’t feel dry and crispy at all, and hasn’t done over the last couple of months. It seemed to deal with the bleaching very well, I’m wondering if the insane heat this weekend had an effect as I know heat isn’t great for it.

    Apart from not shampooing, taking time with it, conditioning and olive oil, is there anything else I should worry about? Just seems different from some cases due to the texture and timing of it all.

    Thanks for any help, you’re a gem! x

    1. Hi Kirsten!
      YES! Summer is here and if you have freshly bleached hair good lord this is a disaster for dry damaged hair. Dry air, using flat irons, blow dryers is like a death sentence for bleached hair right now honey! Moisturizing Conditioners and humectant conditioners are a god send right now. Plus adding a light coat of coconut oil can help guard your hair with an outer protective seal to lock in the moisture. Moist hair gives elasticity, meaning it’s strong. If you’re brushing your hair and its snapping off, you need moisture. (and less brushing until it’s under control)
      I hope that helps!

  105. All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I left the EVOO on my hair for 3.5hrs with a plastic cap covering my hair and after I washed it my hair felt less mushy and stronger. I then used a deep conditioner (Maui moisture) for 10 minutes, washed it out. And then sprayed “Its a 10 miracle leave-in plus keratin” and some “john Frieda frizz ease”. Once I dried my hair on the cool setting it felt amazingly soft!! I’m shocked at how well this worked and I’m going to continue to do this every few days just in case. I’ve been deep conditioning and using the sprays for a few days but the EVOO did the trick for sure!

  106. My hair was bleached a few days ago and I’m forever scared to wash it again but it needs to happen soon. When you use the olive oil do you just rinse it out really well and then condition and not shampoo it out at all? If I have natural roots can I shampoo the roots only?
    I ask because I’m scared of my hair being greasy, but my hair is so dry that it probably won’t be..

    PS this article is amazing! And so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your advice! It has given me hope for repairing my hair!

    1. Hi Morgan,
      For dealing with dry brittle bleached hair, the best remedy is avoiding shampoo for a good week. Let your hair become moisturized again.

  107. Hi,
    I had quite thick hair growing up but ive bleached my hair countless of times!
    When i wash or brush it, about 10-15 strands come out and my hair has thinned out.
    What can i do to thicken my hair? Is there anyway to save it as my hair grows slow too?
    Do you reccommend anything? I dont want to be bald before i even turn 20! Hehe

  108. Hi, I recently decided to go back to my “normal” fun colors. I bleached my hair, and then used Manic Panic “Ultraviolet”. I could tell immediately after the bleach that my hair was fried. My color was vibrant and rich, for about 4 days. I wanted to get my hair looking less frizzy, so I put coconut oil on with a shower cap for about 3 hours. I washed it out, and followed it with conditioner, and also used a leave in conditioner. It felt soft, until it air dried. Then poof, frizzy hair. Also, I noticed after the treatment, my color drastically faded. I couldn’t tell if it was the dye, or the treatment that caused the color to fade. I waited for it to fade out as much as possible, and decided to try a different brand of color. I ordered from Arctic Fox, a nice pink color, but I’m worried that doing another treatment is going to fade out my new color. What’s worse is that my hair is thin AND fine, so the frizz is that much worse. Any ideas? I’m even thinking about cutting most of it off, and starting over.

  109. Hi Jen,

    Thank you so much for your hair and skin care tips. I tried your whitening body scrub and I love the way my skin feels now.

    However, I need your help with my fried hair too. I have dyed my originally jet black hair brown. Not completely but just streaks. My hair was bleached in the process to make the light color stand out with the black hair. Now the bleached hair is fried and completely damaged. I generally don’t use hair dryer and straightener on a daily basis. So after I brush my hair I can see parts of my hair curled up on the top of my head or at the beginning of my hair line(my hair is naturally straight). We don’t get the Infusium 23 leave-in treatment in the country I live in. Can you please suggest any other product or method that I can use?


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