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How to Firm Skin on Face – DIY DMAE Spray

How to Firm Skin on Face – this is a DIY DMAE Spray homemade beauty remedy to firm sagging skin on the face. This also helps with wrinkles for a bonus! DMAE is a popular ingredient in many expensive skin firming creams that we are going to use for pennies!

I’m excited to finally share this skin care secret!!! If you want to know How to Firm Skin on Face, this article is for you!

How to Firm Skin on Face is one of the top skin care questions I get. There are some amazing skin firming creams on the market that I love to use for the daytime that have SPF and other skin goodies in them like my fav Estée Lauder Resilience Lift .

However, in addition to using this, I like to also indulge my skin with a higher concentration of DMAE by making my own to get more bang for my buck. I love to spray DMAE on my skin while I’m adding my skin moisturizer. This way it absorbs into my skin while I’m in the process of getting my skin prepped for the day. WIth my own personal results and in my opinion this is the best way how to firm skin on face!

how to firm skin
How to firm skin fast! Hello cheek bones!

What is DMAE? It’s know as dimethylaminoethanol, a naturally occurring substance that facilitates the synthesis of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine. That’s a mouthful of science talk! DMAE comes in a powdery granulated form looking like fine white sugar… Ok, let me break it down… Using DMAE is how to firm skin on face.

Did I mention I’m in my 30’s ? Say hello to these cheek bones

FACT: DMAE is the ONLY ingredient that has been proven to REVERSE Facial Sagging!!

Have you ever asked yourself the following?
“How can I firm and lift sagging skin?”
“What’s the best skin care product to firm my skin?”
“What is her beauty secret to stay looking so young?!”
“What is the most natural way to tighten skin?”
“What is a natural facelift remedy?”
DMAE is the answer!

How’s that for a fun fact? We end up paying tons of money for only tiny amounts of DMAE in thousands of expensive beauty products. However, DMAE is actually really cheap and can be found on my fav site eBay. Click here to search eBay for DMAE powder .

Ebay is a good place to buy DMAE powder. The best thing about buying the DMAE powder is it WORKS to firm skin on the face, the second best thing is cheap, and the third BEST thing is…it lasts for a super long time. You can make a hundred anti aging beauty sprays or lotions if you wanted, not to mention experiment and add other skin care ingredients like aloe vera!

All you need is 1 1/4 teaspoons to 4 ounces of water. In other words, just buy a small amount to give it a try. You can also add this beauty gem to all your beauty products such as your facial toners or moisturizers. Or I suggest to make your own with water and spray it on. I promise this is really how to firm skin on face and deep down to the muscles. Read below and enjoy!

How to Firm Skin on Face – Make the DIY DMAE Spray to Tighten and Firm your facial skin!

I LOVE making my own money saving skin care products!

1. I’m using a 4 oz spray bottle and I’m putting 1  1/4 teaspoons of DMAE powder
2. Use warm water to make sure the DMAE dissolves
3. Shake the mixture
4. Spray on your makeup free face. (you may apply moisturizer on top)
5. Let is absorb into you skin
6. Spray a little more on top and let it absorb again ( I like to ensure it’s evenly spread)
7. Within 20 minutes your skin will look firmer and also help with wrinkles

This How to Firm Skin on face and tighten the skin on the face as well. Some people report having a temporary tingling sensation for a few seconds. I temporarily get that tingling sensation in my forehead facial muscles when I use the Estée Lauder Resilience Lift. That just meant the DMAE was working! LOL. I love how this sculpts my cheekbones and makes everything look tight on my face. You will too!

I’d much rather have people ask me How to Firm Skin on the face before they ask me about removing skin wrinkles because saggy skin is the biggest aging issue! Saggy skin is an aging factor that’s more noticeable than wrinkles.  The muscles below your skin is what keeps you looking young. Stimulate the facial muscles with DMAE and that’s your first solution how to firm skin on face.

Think about it, you need a good solid foundation for your skin to rest on, working against gravity! Tighten up your skin fast with simply DMAE and water. DMAE is good for anti aging and skin care, everyday! Take a before and after photo. I bet in 20 days people will really notice, however the most important person to impress is YOU!

I highly suggest this DMAE spray for people that have lost a lot of weight too fast, it helps tighten up skin that was stretched from weight loss. Also for people that don’t get enough sleep at night such as people who have Sleep Apnea, this would greatly benefit their morning skincare routine to fix tired looking saggy skin and make the skin look tight again.

I hope this firming spray can help anyone feel fabulous! I really love this spray and I’m using it everyday.

Thank you for reading How to Firm Skin on Face – DIY DMAE Spray

🙂 Jen

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  1. Hi am in south africa!is DMAE available in south africa?or does it have another name plz help am desparate

    1. South Africa took it of the shelves, you can now only get on perscription. Ask your doctor to subscribe the capaules which is excellent for brain and memory function and then open up capsules and use contents in spray and cream. I also use the capsules itself for better memory clarity especially after my fall.

  2. Hi. I’m very excited about making this spray. Could you tell me if I should use distilled water or regular should do? And how would I add DMAE to the facial cream (I make my own)?

  3. Does DMAE go bad after a certain amount of time when mixed with water? I mixed some in water per your dosage suggestion a few weeks ago and now there are little white whispy clumps floating around it.

    1. Hi Akh,
      I do believe it’s good for three months. Otherwise the DMAE can start to breakdown and go bad. Possibly react with any minerals in the water over time. I would make small batches of the DMAE. I usually make a new batch every 3 months. Maybe give it a good shake or make a new fresh batch. Good luck!

      1. Thankyou,you give great tips,i put some dmae powder in my moisturiser but i would not dissolve and was very white and grainy on my skin but i did put quite alot in and some castor oil,it works on you,you look great !

        1. Hi Jane,
          You may need to dilute the DMAE in a little warm water before adding it to your moisturizer. Some moisturizers are able to quickly dissolve it, and some won’t. Thanks for visiting my site!
          XO Jen

  4. Hi Jen,
    Great presentation on skin care!
    My question is that being 55 years of age, I would like your advice on a routine for my skin type.
    I have fair, light skin with some drying starting under the eyes.
    I presently wash with baking soda. Ordered the DMAE and rose-hip oil. Made the facial mask and rice water, and swabbed my face with witch hazel!
    In what order would you suggest I use this combo of products? Would I use the rose-hip oil as my moisturizer?

    Thx, Kathryn

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      It sounds like you’re on the right track! Yes, use baking soda to exfoliate, witch hazel to tone, DMAE to firm skin – also add a couple drops of vegetable glycerine. Next, rose hip oil to moisturize. And at the end of the day, remove your makeup with olive oil! I hope that helps!

  5. Hi, first of all you are gorgeous. Your skin is glowing. I just made some rice toner tonight and I am excited to try it and this Dmae spray looks amazing too. Currently I use black soap and coconut oil to wash my face, the rice toner, and avocado oil to moisturize. Also, I just made a diy vitamin c serum with vitamin c that I am excited to try. I am wondering if adding the rice toner, dmae serum and vitamin c serum with dmae is too much? If so do you have suggestions on which one I should try out? Thank you so much for your time. You are a genius. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Mandi!
      It sounds like you’re having fun with skin care and I think that’s awesome! It’s always fun for me too! You can try adding all those ingredients together. I’ve done that too it works great. It’s also good to have a concentrate of each ingredient in case you need to boost one specific benefit. Like if your eyes look tired, just use the DMAE, know what i mean? 😉 I hope you have fun. Which black soap are you using? I just purchased a black Shea moisture shea butter soap. Have fun with the rice water and remember just to keep it in your refrigerator up to 1 week max.

  6. Hi! My question is what percentage of the DMAE should be used? I found the powder but it’s available in different varieties of different levels of the DMAE so I’m VERY confused. I’m late in the game with this as I’m 45 & just now starting to use skin care products…

  7. Hi Jen

    I’m looking for DMAE to take orally. I used to buy Solal but its discontinued. Is the one you are talking about for a tooical spray suitable for oral?

  8. Annamarie Viljoen


    Ebay description: DMAE Bitrate Powder (50gm) Skin Tighening, Wrinkle Reducing Topical/Oral B

    Is this the correct one to use?

  9. Hi, I have just started to venture into using DMAE in DIY face creams for myself.
    Im also curious about taking DMAE orally. In my curiousity I bought some DMAE powder off ebay, I added some to a cocobutter moisturiser and I also tasted some.
    The DMAE powder tasted like sherbert, so I was wondering if you had tasted DMAE powder? If so, can you confirm if it does taste like sherbert?
    Because I am concerned that the ebay seller has just ripped me off and sent me some sherbert which I have been rubbing on my face, (it does feel a bit sticky/tacky after application of the DMAE with cocobutter. If it is sherbert, I may just be turing my face into a bonbon, no wonder the flies are buzzing about me. lol)

    So if you are able to confirm the taste of DMAE it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Chel,
      You shouldn’t really eat the DMAE, however yes, it’s been said it tastes sweet.
      I always buy mine from eBay too.
      Good luck,

      1. There is absolutely no sweetness to DMAE. It’ has a decidedly acid taste, like very bitter lemon.
        Note: And it’s good to ingest.

  10. Hi Jen. I was wondering, with all of your DIY facial recipes: Green Tea, Rice Water & DMAE spray; can you effectively use a mix of all three in one bottle? As someone that works alternating night shifts, it’s hard to keep a stable skin routine & your articles are excellent! Would using all three together simultaneously produce the same potent benefits as using them individually, whether as a wash or a toner? If so, I would value your guidance on a potential mix ratio. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Yes, I love to mix ingredients too. That would work great. They can be a toner or wash. I would also apply a moisturizer on top once the spray dries.
      Good luck!

  11. Hi .you’r site is exellent
    i am in Iran .
    i can’t find DMAE in Iran .
    in the otherhand Amazon and Ebay don’t send to Iran.
    do you have any website address which send DMAE to Iran ?
    thank you .

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