infusium 23 review treatment review

infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review

infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review! Finally! I’ve been needing to do a review on just this product. I’m always raving about this stuff. Seriously, I recommend it for so many hair remedies! It’s Old skool but it works!  My favorite infusium hair care item is their infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew. It’s the only infusium product I use and depend on for repairing so many of my hair issues. Learn why I’m obsessed with this stuff.


infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review and how to use for best results!

I stumbled upon infusium 23 the weirdest way I ever imagined possible. Back when I had freshly bleached my whole head of hair blonde, my hair was badly dried out and some parts were fried and breaking off. I was so sad wishing it would stop breaking and become manageable again. I went to the store that weekend and when I came home and unloaded all my bags, I discovered an EXTRA bag with Infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew in it! I looked at my receipt and it wasn’t on the list…

It was accidentally forgotten by the people ahead of me in line. It was a HUGE blessing and score for me that day because I kept it and tried it on my hair. I was soo happy it worked. My hair had life in it again! I found a miracle product that saved my hair! And that’s a true story I’ll never forget.

Check out my AMAZING before and after photos using infusium 23 repair and renew

I love infusium 23 so much that I included it on my top recommended hair products to fix and maintain bleached hair

The BEST way HOW to use infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew:

infusium before and after
infusium 23 before and after photos

I highly recommend you put this infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew into a regular SPRAY BOTTLE! Any, old hair spray bottle will be perfect. This treatment is a watery liquid form and the bottle is dispersing it through a tiny cap with a spout opening. The bottle design is horrible for this reason of pouring the liquid out onto your hair and spilling it. Using the current bottle design and pouring the product into my severely dried up hair is laughable. The liquid will just roll right off my hair.

I have to section my hair and splash it into each section. A good amount gets dripped up my arm or splatters onto the carpet. So, in that struggle getting the product evenly dispersed into my hair is a real non enjoyable experience. However, when I use a spray bottle, the process is enjoyable and easy. So if the infusium 23 company ever reads this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change your bottle design to a spray bottle! THANKS!

*Update – Yay infusium 23 comes in small spray bottles and these large bottles are to refill them. Found them at Target.

Tip: You should also buy airline approved 3 oz spray bottles to travel with your infusium 23

infusium bottle spout
infusium bottle spout

Once you do get the product into your thirsty damaged locks, comb the product in evenly and keep brushing or combing until the infusium is completely absorbed into your hair. If you leave a big wet area in your hair, it will harden up and give you a crunchy bunch of hair. If that happens, wet that area and work it into the hair again all the way.

Also, too much of a good thing is bad. I love the infusium but, if you keep adding layer after layer of this stuff, your hair can look oily! I accidentally did this when I thought it would be a good idea and my hair just looked dirty! Be careful not to over do it!

moisturized hair
Healthy repaired and moisturized hair up close photo!

infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review- RESULTS

I can’t say enough great things about the benefits of the infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew. Overall, infusium 23 leave in treatment makes me feel like I have a whole new head of healthy hair when I use it. Even on days when I skip washing my hair, if I spray some in my hair, it feels so moisturized and refreshed. The ends of my hair always come back to life and look healthier. It’s my quick hair “go to” product. Here’s 9 reasons I’m in love with it:

infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Benefits:

1. My hair feels like silk after I use it
2. My hair feels moisturized
3. Manageable hair
4. Helps to detangle
5. Smells amazing
6. My hair feels stronger
7. Noticeably shiny hair
8. My hair has more body
9. More elasticity in my hair
10. Bleached hair feels more manageable and softer

BTW this is a life saver for bleached hair. I wish it was advertised this way. I have included infusium 23 in my tips how to fix fried bleached hair

Also, infusium 23 is great for hair snarls! Please read my how to untangle hair snarls how to tutorial <–

Thank you for reading my infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review!

 *UPDATE 5/18/2015 

Using Infusium 23 for best results

Many users are using too much infusium 23 in their hair at once, resulting in dry crunchy weird hair. Please please please use it how I mentioned above. Use it on dry clean hair. Spray a small amount and comb it through your hair until its dry. Your hair should feel more manageable and silky. This is great for dried bleached damaged hair or if you hair is just really rough dry and damaged.

You’re using too much infusium 23 – take it easy

If you use too much infusium 23, the protein will clump up and build up unevenly. Your hair needs an even layer or the infusium 23. It may be hard to get used to using. I hope that helps. I know it’s tempting to use a ton of infusium and saturate your hair with it but don’t do that! Spray a little and brush it in, spray a little more and brush it in until it’s completely dry. You’ll thank me later. Also, if you use too much, the smell will be too strong and unbearable.

I once made the same mistake

When I used too much infusium 23, my hair was hard and crunchy. The smell was also so strong it gave me a headache. I had to wash it out! You know you used too much with it gives you a headache from the smell. lol. Take it easy and you’ll love the results you get with infusium 23.

What’s your infusium 23 story? Please leave me a comment down below, it makes my day to see I had visitors!

😉 Jen

23 thoughts on “infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review”

  1. Hello Jen,

    I really enjoy your site! But, I have a problem. I decided to get Infusium 23 after reading about it on your site and well, I put it in a spray bottle right after getting out of the shower and I spray it in, comb it out, and then let it air dry. It made my hair VERY dry and crinkly and gave it this weird texture. I have major dry hair, split ends, and breakage from being a bleached blonde. I have a feeling I really need to trim my hair. Do you have any more advice on using infusium 23? Do you put it in right after you get out the shower or do you let your hair dry a little and then put it in?


    1. Hi Paula!
      The first time I tried infusium I had the same problem! The mistake I made is I actually used too much! 😀 I also didn’t comb it our good enough and I had these hard crunchy pieces of hair. I had to wash my hair again. After my hair was towel dried and damp, I lightly spray it in and comb it until it dried. That made it work. My hair was gorgeous after that. I also sprayed more into my hair in the evening to refresh it and give it some moisture. My hair dries out if I don’t use this everyday.

      You might also want to try:

      I also have 1 day a week that I apply olive oil to my hair and keep it in a bun all day and wash it out at night. I wake up with lovely hair. My ends get dry easily.
      Good luck!

    2. You are using too much–it only takes a little. Comb through and it will leave your hair very soft. Too much and it looks crunchy

  2. Do you use the shampoo and conditioner every day or just the spray treatment? How long till you notice results?

  3. If I ended up using too much infusion and it really dried and damaged my hair, how should I fix it!!!!!

    1. Hi Cat, Meoooow! Sorry, It’s a bad habit I have. Ok, too much of a good thing is bad. I mentioned above that you can easily go overboard on the infusium 23. You need to spray a little and comb it through until it dries or else all the protein will saturate unevenly and clump. The result is dried crunchy hair. I did the same mistake. You have to have patience with the infusium 23 and it will help. To fix, you have to rinse it out of your hair with warm water. Condition and try again. It’s best to spray on dry hair and comb it out until it’s evenly dry.

  4. I recently went to my stylist and wanted to do an Ombre to my hair. I had a caramel color before I wanted to go lighter, my stylist over bleached my hair and now my hair feels like gum on the tips. Its so stretchy like noodles 🙁
    she only bleached my ends so I have HORRIBLE split ends and dry hair. She messed my hair up so bad 🙁
    I still have virgin roots its just my ends that are breaking off because of the bleach. I have so much faith in this product because everyone has such good reviews. Is there anything else I could use? my hair is breaking off and I cant help but cry 🙁

  5. Hi Jen

    Does it need to be brushed through On dry hair? Can I apply it to wet hair and brush it through? I have curly bleached hair so brushing it whilst dry ends up with me looking like I’ve had an electric shock

  6. Can you tell me how i can get the things to fix my very bad bleached hair imfusium23 and any thing else you recommend to fix it it is burned and so dry it looks so bad thank you leean

    1. Hi Leean, you can always purchase these items on if they’re hard to find at your local Target store. Walmart store. I also recommend conditioning with olive oil, leaving it in overnight in a shower cap or towel if you can.

  7. Quick question.. after all these years of using this product on bleached hair, have you noticed a difference in color? I am having a hard time looking it up. There never is mention of “Color treated safe”.

    1. Hi Jan,
      When you have bleached hair it’s usually a constant battle keeping it from getting brassy. That’s why I make sure every weekend I use shimmer lights to tone down the brass. I have not experience brassy hair after using infusium.

  8. I was told putting infusium in your hair is permanent. My hairdresser said that once on the hair, it never ever comes off.. is this true??

    I love it .. it seems to help but if it’s damaging in the long run I’ll go without..

    Thanks for any input!

    1. WOW that’s amazing a hairdresser would say that. NO conditioners are permanent. None. It does not permanently change the DNA or structure of the hair. I wish it permanently kept my hair in perfect condition, that would rule.

      1. That is very funny that hairdresser does not have experience. But I would like to say that I have used Infusion well over 30 yrs. And now they are changing it (I hate when Companies what to New & Inprove products) they actually take the best part out, what worked. Well I’m looking for old school Infusion….I recently bought one and almost didnt find it due to different packaging. So I still bought it used it and it just dries out my hair. Well I noticed it has argon oil and some other oil. So one of the ones with Moringa oil works better and it looks like Company is taking that one out as well, harder to fine. I want my old school Infusion back. I bragged so much about Infusion and always got asked what I did to my hair to look so good and healthy.I had to vent.

        1. Hi Cindy,
          YES! lol I remember growing up with the old packaging. The new packaging is nice I also noticed they have a 5 different formulas to choose from.
          Thank you for letting me know the formula update.

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