how to strengthen hair at home

Strengthen Hair at Home – 3 BEST REMEDIES DIY

Strengthen Hair at Home is something you need to know if you’re trying to grow your hair longer or especially after your bleached your hair. No need to go to the salon, save money and do it at home! Make your hair stronger and it will grow longer too!How to Strengthen Hair at Home is something I work on daily. I’ll give you all my hair strengthening secrets! Enjoy


Strengthen Hair at Home #1 Olive Oil

How to strengthen hair at home
How to strengthen hair at home! This works on my bleached hair too!

Stock up on Olive Oil my friend, lots of it.  I keep a bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my bathroom and kitchen. To strengthen hair fast, add 1 TBSP of olive oil to your palm when you’re pumping out your hair conditioner. Mix the olive oil into your hair conditioner! You now have the best hair conditioner in the world. Keep a bottle of olive oil in your shower! The Olive oil will boost the power of any hair conditioner you use. The moisture and vitamin E will give your hair moisture and elasticity. That will be the best way to strengthen hair at home as an easy routine as you wash your hair. Olive Oil is also amazing for your skin, also check out the 20 Skin Care Benefits of Olive Oil.

Strengthen Hair at Home #2 Shower at Night

Showering your hair at night is my best kept hair secret! At night my hair will be very damp and tied back loosely on top of your head. Your hair will be safest allowing it to air dry at night while you’re asleep. This will not only strengthen hair, it will give you shiny hair too when hair is allowed to dry naturally. The slower your hair drys, the stronger your hair will be. Allowing your hair to dry naturally is a great way how to strengthen hair at home! No blow dryer! Heat damages and weakens your hair!

Strengthen Hair at Home #3 Infusium 23

Infusium 23 leave in treatment is the old school way how to strengthen hair at home and guess what? It still works! I love my infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew. It’s my go to hair solution if my hair ever feels dry. Your hair will thank you because infusium 23 has everything your hair needs in one shot! Put it in a spray bottle and work from tips to root. Gently use a hair pick with this if you need to comb your hair. The infusium will strengthen hair at home and add incredible shine. I get the best pricing for this at That’s where I stock up!

There you have it the TOP 3 Best Remedies How to Strengthen Hair at Home


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