how to be an elegant woman

How to be an Elegant Woman – Top Ten Ways

How to be an Elegant Woman” is something I wish more young women would research and practice. Some ladies may not have natural elegance and grace, but with practice and recognizing these top ten ways to be an elegant woman, you will benefit by gaining respect and standing out with true elegance and beauty. Patience + Manners + Calmness + Respect = Elegance

How to be an elegant Woman
How to be an elegant Woman – Audry Hepburn is know as the most elegant woman of the 20th Century. “Elegance is the Only Beauty that NEVER Fades. ” – Audry Hephburn

I believe today’s women are too pressured by the media to look constantly “sexy” showing cleavage, too much skin, and looking sexually easy. There’s not enough focus on looking gentle and feminine. Elegance is about looking kind and pure, not sexually assertive.

The presence of an elegant woman can make the most hot-tempered man submit to cool and serene. Look at Cleopatra and other famous women in history! It was all about their posture, mannerisms, charm, sweet personalities, and presence. They were so interesting this way that men couldn’t resist them.


10. Speak softly – People will listen to you more carefully and lower their tone to match yours. This creates a calming presence.

9. Never yell or scream – You will be perceived as annoying or having anger issues. Never let this be your reputation.

8. Have patience – Allow time to let great things happen. Haste makes waste. Never rush anything or anyone.

7. Let a gentleman open the door for you – Some men want to be gentlemen, allow them this privilege and they will treat you like a lady.

6. Have a well groomed appearance – Take time to be a feminine woman and enjoy the art of beauty and seduction, it’s yours.

5. Never drink alcohol, opt for tea or coffee – Avoid the possibility of un “ladylike” behavior the  beverage alcohol can cause.

4. Never boast about yourself but maintain confidence – Never make anyone feel bad about themselves. Be humble.

3.  Never curse – Cursing is not in an elegant woman’s vocabulary

2.  Maintain good health – Respect your body

1. Be polite and always say “Please” and “Thank You” – Having good manners is the most elegant essential.

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  1. If u drop something never bend straight over to pick it up turn to the side kneel over and pick up my mom taught me that

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