I Will Never Bleach My Hair Again

I Will Never Bleach My Hair Again – My 5 Reasons

I will never bleach my hair again. I have been on a hair journey these past few years. I never appreciated my natural hair color until after my long love affair with bleaching my hair.

Here’s my 5 Reasons Why I Will Never Bleach My Hair Again

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#1. Conditioning

I was fighting a battle against dry hair everyday. My bleached hair would constantly feel dry. I needed to not only make sure I was washing my hair with sulfate-free color safe shampoo / and conditioner, I had to do fancy leave in conditioning treatments. This pic below from the Real Housewives of Atlanta had me LOL!!!!

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“I needed a whole new hair care way of life.”

That’s right, when you bleach your hair, you’re zapping the protein, oils and melanin – protective barriers that are essential for healthly hair. You have to constantly add back what you zapped away. After you wash, and everyday add a leave in treatment to help add and lock in moisture. With a full head of bleached hair, you’re using tons of conditioner from the roots to the ends. Lots of leave in treatments, that take a lot of time! Which leads me to the next point.

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#2 Money

I was spending tons of money on hair care products alone. I felt disgusted with the amount I was spending on hair conditioner alone. I can only imagine the cost of going to the salon for the average of 6 hours getting a full head of hair bleached, toned, and maintained. Yikes!$ Using high quality products for bleached damaged hair adds up. It’s expensive to maintain gorgeous platinum blonde hair, a true beauty investment.

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#2. Brassy Hair – Root Touchups

If I knew how much time it would take to maintain a pure platinum blonde color, I never would have bleached my hair. I was constantly using purple shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair from turning that brassy orange tint of color. It will happen and when it does, just get ready to spend more time and money. I hated having to constantly touch up my roots. Sometimes after touching up my roots, the color wouldn’t match and it would get brassy. No thanks, I was so over it.

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#4 Texture

My bleached hair didn’t feel silky like it used to. It felt like straw after bleaching. My hair would get so dry, some days all I could do was apply leave in treatments and tie my hair back in a loose bun. If I wanted my hair to look great, it was a huge effort. Even when it did look great, I had some rough spots in my hair. One section of my bleached hair would constantly snarl and turn into a “brillo pad.” I would have to to deep conditioning in just that spot. It was such a pain.

i will never bleach my hair again

Then I could feel my natural hair color growing back in and could compare the textures. It was a no brainer to just let my natural hair color grow back in and take over.

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#5 Damage

My hair was very damaged after I bleached it. It was dry, breaking off in chunks, brassy, crunchy, straw-like, and rough. It took me a while to properly take care of my bleached hair. Even when I did do proper hair care for bleached hair, it took a lot of time to constantly maintain the damage. I remember crying when I brushed my hair in the sun and I could see hairs breaking off and falling to the ground. Peroxide is the most aggressive chemical treatment to the hair, damage is certain.

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#6 Unnatural

Bleached blonde hair is drop dead gorgeous, but aesthetically not for me. After a while I just felt unnatural and wanted to go back to the hair color I was born with, dark brown. It’s fun to experiment and enjoy all types of beauty, just be sure you’re 100% ready for the dedication it takes.

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Do you have any reasons why you’ll never bleach your hair again? Please leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

-Jen XO

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