eyebrow printable stencils to use Free Printable Eyebrow Stencils

Free Printable Eyebrow Stencils! If you want to try a new shape for your eyebrows, I suggest you print out my eyebrow stencils. There’s sure to be one shape that will compliment and frame your face. Fill them in with makeup.You can use these eyebrow stencils a couple of different ways!

Click the picture of the eyebrow stencils to be taken to a .PDF file that you can print the free eyebrow stencils!
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free printable eyebrow stencils

Free printable eyebrow stencils

How to use the free eyebrow stencils:

Option 1:

1. Select the eyebrow style of your choice
2. Using scissors, or an exact o knife cut out the eyebrow
3. place the (eyebrow) piece of paper you just cut onto your face on top of your existing eyebrow
4. Use some eyelash adhesive to temporarily affix the paper eyebrow onto your existing eyebrow
5. Angle the eyebrow to your liking
6. Trace around this eyebrow with white eyeliner
7. Tweeze or wax the hairs outside of the eyebrow traces you just made
8. Fill in the bare spots with a brow pencil
9. Enjoy your new eyebrow shape!


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Option 2:

1. Select the eyebrow style of your choice
2. Using scissors, or an exact o knife cut out the eyebrow
3. Throw away the tiny piece of paper you cut out
4. Place the surrounding stencil of paper on top of your existing eyebrow
5. Trace the inside of the stencil with your eyebrow pencil or powder
6. Remove the paper
7. Tweeze or wax the stray hairs that are not in your new eyebrow shape

And there you have it, enjoy your free printable eyebrow stencils and share them with your friends. I hope you find the perfect eyebrow stencil for your face shape.


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free printable eyebrow stencils

free printable eyebrow stencils – please share online

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