Home Remedies for Nail Growth

Home Remedies for Nail Growth

How to Grow Your Nails 

20 Fast Nail Growth Tips

Home Remedies for Nail GrowthHere’s how to grow nails faster in a week. Not only can you grow nails faster naturally, you’ll also have stronger nails and harder nails.

Hi, I’m Jen!

Want to grow out your nails fast? Follow my tips to make sure you never break a nail again!

Try all 20 of my Home Remedies for Nail Growth

I used every one of these tips to increase nail growth. These are also natural remedies you can use with ingredients in your cupboard. However, there is one amazing nail strengthener I recommend you purchase too, it’s listed below.

long nails

I finally have the elegant long nails I always wanted. Try all 20 of my home remedies for nail growth and you’ll notice you nails growing faster and stronger in one week.

documented my nails on my snapchat

If you follow my snapchat, you would have seen my nail growth documented everyday. Follow me on snapchat: elegancebyjen

Long pink nails

Did you know nail health is a sign of your overall health? It’s true.

My nails have always been short because they always break. Take a look at all the nails care tips and home remedies I did. My nails went from being short brittle nails to finally strong, long, and healthy nails. Yay!

My nails grew fast too! If my short brittle nails can grow out, yours can too.

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Here’s my 20 Home Remedies for Nail Growth

  1. Massage your bare nails and cuticles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Wear nail polish! This strengthens your nails. A base coat + two coats of color + one top coat
  3. If wearing nail polish add a drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil under each nail (this conditions the other bare side of the nail making it stronger)
  4. Exfoliate your nail bed and cuticles with baking soda/ water paste or use a brown sugar scrub with olive oil. You need to exfoliate the dead skin so the moisturizer/ olive oil can absorb
  5. Wear rubber/latex gloves when cleaning the house/chores to protect your nails
  6. When wearing the gloves, apply a generous amount of your favorite lotion or olive oil to your hands and nails. This is an excellent conditioning nail growth remedy. You’ll condition while you clean.
  7. Never do anything that can risk breaking a nail such as adding a key to a keychain, opening a clasp on  necklace, lifting heavy objects – ask for help like a Queen! 😉
  8. Make sure you use a nail strengthening base coat, even if you’re not going to apply colored polishes
  9. File your nails in one direction to keep the ends healthy and neatfile nails in one direction
  10. If you see your nail polish chipping, make sure you fix it immediately, it leaves the nail vulnerable to breakage
  11. Moisturize your nails / hands/ cuticles after you wash your hands
  12. Apply moisturizer as often as needed. Morning, noon, evening, and night
  13. When removing nail polish, ALWAYS use an acetone-free formula to avoid drying out the nails
  14. Take a biotin supplement, my fave is called “Hair, Skin, and nails”
  15. You can add a coat of nail gel top coat and cure under a UV light to make your nails strong as cement
  16. Remove yellow stain from nail tips using a little diluted hydrogen peroxide, moisturize after!
  17. If nail fungus is slowing down your nail growth, apply a drop of tea tree oil to each nail and massage
  18. Keep the tips and edges (part of your nail you nail file) sealed with clear top coat – this keeps the nail strong
  19. Always use a natural moisturizer, like olive oil
  20. After moisturizing nails before bed, add vaseline on top to seal in the moisture – wake up to conditioned nails


Long nails are sexy

long nails

Long nails are beautiful and sexy. My favorite youtube stars always have long beautiful nails painted in the trendy nails colors. And then I look at my nails and wish they would hurry up and grow. Or at least grow but not break. Nail goals, yes. Now my nails are finally strong and long. I can get more fancy with nail designs now too.

I love seeing my long nails in my selfies. I feel more feminine and yes, elegant. 😉

opi pink nail polish
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That glamerous long nail lifestyle

What I was doing wrong, sabotaging my nail growth

Queen it up ladies! Ask you man to keep you lift heavy things, don’t go breaking a nail my dear.

nail care

I used to live a lifestyle that could not endure long nails. I’ve turned into such a girly girl. Geez it’s difficult keeping your nails long when you’re not used to long nails. I hope all my nail growth tips and remedies work for you like they did for me.

  • I would grab wet clothes from the washer machine, now I use my knuckles lolnail snap
  • try to lift heavy junk in the shed, now I ask for help
  • move furniture, now I ask for help 😉
  • place new keys on my key rings, now I ask for help lol 😉
  • Opening clasps for wearing necklaces… I still need to find a solution. I broke my thumb nail doing this! 😉
  • Changing a tire, now I just call my roadside assistance lol
  • Overall I try to be more careful!

It’s been only two weeks, and my nails have grown out faster. I’ve already received my first compliment on my long nails, which is what lead me to writing all my home remedies for nail growth.

Long nail inspiration: Jennifer Lopez 

This video of JLO is enough reason to make you want to grow your nails out. I could do this all day. Vogue! Vogue!

long nail inspiration

I prefer my own natural nails rather then getting fake acrylic nails applied. They’re expensive and damage your natural nails. If you remove your acrylic nails, these nail tips will help you heal and grow out your nails after  acrylics too. Grow your own nails faster and stronger at home naturally and you’ll never have to go to the nail salon again. Save time and money on your nails.


Nail Supplement I take: Hair Skin and Nails


hair skin nails
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#1 The best Nail strengthening base coat I use: Pink Armor Nail Gel 

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pink armor nail gel coat review

Read my Pink Armor Nail Gel Review

In my pink armor nail gel review I give you tips how to get the best results using this nail strengthening gel.

Nail Care May Get Expensive, but You’re Worth it!

nail care

Girl Talk

There’s some funny nail salon names around where I live in San Diego, California.

Here’s my favorite nail salon names

I included the Yelp link on each one if you want to check out their nails.


Nice Salon

Heads or Nails

Nailed It Studio


10 Nails

My Place Nail Studio

Happiness Nails

Tops Salon

Beauty Nails

My My Nails & Spa

New Nail



Do you have any nail care tips? Please leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading my natural Home Remedies for Nail Growth.

Home Remedies for Nail Growth

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Thanks for reading Home Remedies for Nail Growth.

xo, Jen

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