Best Benefits Of Lemon Water For Skin, Hair And Health

Best Benefits Of Lemon Water For Skin, Hair And Health

Lemon water has so many beauty benefits such as antioxidants and vitamins for beautiful skin, hair, and health. You’ve probably been hearing that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your health and beauty, it’s true. I’m going to share with you the Best Benefits Of Lemon Water For Skin, Hair And Health. For a bonus, I’m also going to share the lemon water recipe I use and how I make my lemon water. I have been drinking fresh lemon water for the past two weeks every morning and I can already tell a huge difference in my health and skin. Keep reading to discover all these amazing beauty and health benefits you’re missing out on. Or start drinking lemon water today and experience the powers of drinking lemon water yourself. Sure, there’s all kinds of fruit infused waters but lemon water is the best. Read why.


First I’ll talk about the important health benefits, and scroll down for the beauty benefits of lemon water. Lemon water is something that has helped me and my significant other within the last two weeks. We’ve experienced major life changing benefits, that’s why I’m writing this post and sharing it with you. Please share this article because I want more people to feel amazing.

Benefits of Lemon Water for Health:

beautiful skin with lemon water
Get beautiful skin with lemon water

(I know you want to practice this beautiful model’s pose)

Lemon water is High in Vitamin C

Lemon water is a powerhouse of vitamin C, defending your heath and boosting your immune system. Lemon water effectively fights off bacteria and harmful viruses from your body. You’ll notice less colds and illness. It’s important to drink lemon water every morning to maintain these great health benefits.

I have only been drinking lemon water for two weeks and I haven’t felt sick or sluggish. You usually feel tired or sluggish when you body is trying hard to fight off a cold or virus. Lemon water has boosted my immune system, I’m not tired during the day.

Lemon Water is High in Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that maintains your heart, brain, and more. If your body is low in potassium, you could hurt your long term health. Lemon water is a great source of potassium that will benefit your entire body and help you feel energized throughout the day. Most American’s don’t get enough potassium, especially if you eat out a lot and aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. Lemon water can be a convenient form of potassium to start your day.

Balance your PH levels with Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water is the top choice for balancing the body’s PH levels. You can go from a high acidic body to a neutralized balanced PH by drinking lemon water. You’ll reduce the acidity with alkaline. Keep in mind that you need to do this every day to gain the health benefits. If you could go one morning drinking lemon water instead of coffee, I promise you’ll love it. The lemon water helps “wake you up” and helps reduce inflammation and the high acidic content in your body. This leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning.


Lemon Water Reduces Inflammation

If you’re looking into an Anti-Inflammatory diet, lemon water should top the list. This type of popular diet helps reduce the acidity in your body. For example, coffee is very acidic and lemon water is very alkaline. It’s known that if your body is out of balance, either being too acidic or too alkaline, it causes health problems. Most Americans are too acidic that’s why I’m recommending lemon water as a great start in the right direction.

Natural Pain Reducing Drink

As mentioned above about inflammation, I want to talk about pain associated with inflammation. My significant other has many problems with pain because he has a titanium rod installed in his leg from a broken bone accident, he suffers with pain in his leg in the base where screws were installed. Ouch. He’s usually in need of ibuprofen in the morning to manage his pain. I told him to try the lemon water and he hasn’t needed his ibuprofen since drinking lemon water in the morning, every morning. He also refills his bottle of lemon water twice during the day. How incredible. He also couldn’t have ibuprofen because he’s having surgery soon and ibuprofen is a blood thinner. You can’t use ibuprofen before surgery for safety.

Cure Respiratory Diseases

Lemon water is amazing for treating and curing respiratory diseases. If you know anyone with asthma or someone who suffers with mild bronchial problems, please tell them about lemon water. Please share this page! You can heal yourself with lemon water. Please drink lemon water every morning to start having results.

Eliminate Toxins in your Body

Drinking lemon water is going to increase how many times you visit the bathroom. That being said, your body is properly eliminating toxins from your body. Lemon water is a great choice for detoxing your body naturally. Once you get into the habit of drinking lemon water every day, you’ll feel more healthy because you’ve detoxed your body.

Lemon Water for Indigestion

If you eat too much and start feeling a stomach ache coming on, lemon water is your best bet. You can ease the pain and discomfort of a stomach ache easily. Just drink some lemon water to boost your digestion. Your body will start feeling better faster.

Belly Bloating Cured

I looked in the mirror last week and saw some bloating around my tummy. I hate that look in the side mirror! Since I’ve been drinking lemon water every day I noticed my little belly bloating has gone down. My abs look meaner and leaner too. I’m going to be drinking lemon water every day because it’s my new best friend for that reason. You’ll feel like getting into your skinny jeans and walking the catwalk 😉

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Blast Fat with Lemon Water

Want to lose some excess body fat? It’s pretty amazing that drinking lemon water can help you lose weight and control your appetite. Your body will start to look leaner just by drinking lemon water. In two weeks, I noticed my arms and abs looked leaner. I was also less hungry at work and it cut down on my sugary cravings. I’ve hears lots of my friends drinking lemon water to help them boost their weight loss plans. Even Dr. Oz, recommends drinking lemon water. I also watched his episode all about lemon water, loved it and I love him too! Check out his video below! It inspired me to start drinking lemon water.

Dr. Oz Why You Should Start Your Day With Lemon Water
Originally aired on 2/27/2015


Treat Sore Throat

If you have a sore throat, lemon water can help sooth is and remove bacteria that’s causing it. Even if you have tonsillitis, lemon water can blast the bacteria and treat your throat.

Treat your Fever

Feeling sick with a high fever? Drink some lemon water and kill the bacteria in your body. It’s great for fighting the flu.

Stop Bleeding Gums

Flossing your teeth can sometimes cause bleeding of the gums. You can stop the bleeding and freshen your breath at the same time.


Now let’s talk about the Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water


Benefits of Lemon Water for Skin:

Lemon water helps remove free radicals from your body with vitamin C. If you need help with wrinkles, acne, blemishes, and sun damaged skin, lemon water is a great anti-aging drink for you. You can start seeing improvements in two weeks. You’ll also notice a glow to your skin. I noticed it more on my hands and arms while typing at work one day.

Fade Age Spots

The high amount of vitamin C, helps internally repair your skin and prevents the formation of age spots. The best news is that if you already have age spots, you can fade them away by drinking lemon water daily.

Cure Skin Infections

If you drink lemon water everyday, you can cure blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and acne and prevent them from forming. Because lemon water is a great internal cleanser, you can blast away bacteria that causes skin infections.

Fade Scars and Acne Scars

The skin care benefits of lemon water are so amazing that you can fade scars and acne scars internally. The vitamin C will repair and regenerate healthy skin cells.

Drink away Stretch Marks

Lemon water repairs skin internally. That being said, you can see more improvement curing stretch marks or at least fading them by drinking lemon water! Sure, there’s topical treatments, but results from the inside out help too. Stretch marks are one of the hardest skin problems to cure. If you combine internal and external treatments, you can see results sooner.

Benefits of Lemon Water for Hair:


Oil Scalp Cure

If you suffer from excessive oily hair and scalp, you can benefit from drinking lemon water daily. A natural cure to lessen the secretion of sebaceous glands (oil glands) is simply drinking lemon water every day. You will prevent an oily scalp and hair from forming giving you more manageable hair.

Stronger Hair Roots

Lemon water is known for helping to strengthen your hair follicles . You can both externally apply lemon water to hair roots and drink lemon water for a huge benefit. Your hair will grow faster and your hair roots will be stronger.

Dry Scalp? Dandruff?

Drinking lemon water and rinsing your scalp with lemon water helps relieve dryness and eliminate dandruff. This is also helpful for an itchy scalp. If you start drinking lemon water, you will never have a flaky scalp ever again. Yay!


lemon water recipe
lemon water recipe

 Basic Lemon Water Recipe

  1. Wash four lemons
  2. Pour 8 cups of purified water into a pitcher
  3. Thinly slice your lemons and add them to the water
  4. Stir and refrigerate up to two days


Lemon Water Recipe for Water Bottles

This is how I make my lemon water so I can easily take it with me in water bottles. This helps me refill and drink lemon water throughout the day at work.

This will make 2 days worth of lemon water to store in your refrigerator. Make lemon water every two days to keep it fresh!

  1. You will need 1 lemon and 2 bottles of purified water
  2. Cut the lemon in half and twice, making four slices.
  3. Cut off the ends – place them aside
  4. Cut the  lemon slices into tiny triangles – each slice should be cut in half at least 5 times. (you may need to drink a sip of each water bottle to fit the lemon slices in)
  5. Place the lemon slices into the bottles of water
  6. Take the ends we set aside and squeeze the juice into the two bottles
  7. Place the caps back onto your bottles and give them a quick shake
  8. Place the lemon water in the refrigerator for at least three hours

You can refill your water bottle throughout the day and  immediately drink because the lemons will still be in the bottle.


I love taking my cold bottle of lemon water with me on my drive to work. I drink it in the morning at work and it really has improved my health in these past two weeks. Please try drinking lemon water! You’ll love the benefits as much as I do! Please share my article or images on pinterest.

If you have a lemon tree, you now have no excuse not to try lemon water. I love picking lemons from my tree in the backyard and I finally used them for the first

Thank you for reading about my lemony water obsession and all the health benefits I couldn’t wait to share with you! I bet you’ll think of me when you try lemon water 😉 hehe. Until next time,

XO Jen

Best Benefits Of Lemon Water For Skin, Hair And Health
Best Benefits Of Lemon Water For Skin, Hair And Health




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  1. Wow, I drink lemon every morning but I didn’t know there are so many good reasons to use it more often. Thanks for the tip!

  2. these lemon water skin care tips and benefits are very true. I had the same good results. thank you!

  3. Hi Jen, thanks so much for an in depth article about lemon water! I started drinking it 5 days ago and didn’t think much of it (it’s part of a new health plan), and already I’m looking in the mirror and feeling my skin thinking, “wow!” I can’t believe how it looks and feels already.

    1. Yay! That’s great news Cherie. Yes, my skin glows after drinking lemon water. My fiancé says it reduces his leg pain. Win win! Alkalize the body.

  4. Hi! i lived here in the philippines, can I use Calamansi instead of lemon? it is more cheaper but also rich in vit c… pls reply

    1. I’m not sure if they put preservatives in those plastic lemon bottles I see at the store. I would only use fresh lemons. I have a lemon tree in my backyard and there’s no way I would ever use those concentrate bottles.

      1. Hello Jen, Thanks for the information !
        By the way, As i Live in India , what other things should i do to help improve my skin and fight against the Sun and pollution here ? Thanks

        1. Hi Devendra,
          I recommend always protect your skin from the sun and wind. Wear hats, sunglasses or use an umbrella. Drink teas because they contain antioxidants. Moisturize the skin everyday, most important use a protective oil like rosehip seed or even coconut to keep a protective barrier on the skin, great for polluted air.

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