How To Reverse Grey Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

How To Reverse Grey Hair Naturally with a Miracle Drink, supplements, and which foods eliminate grey hair. I have just started to experience lots of gray hair this year. (not happy about it) I have been looking everywhere for a way how to reverse your gray hair naturally at home and researching supplements to reverse gray hair. If you’re like me, you prefer to change grey hair naturally instead of dying grey hair. There’s a miracle DIY remedy how to reverse gray hair naturally going around social media. It’s a drink. Have you tried this gray hair DIY remedy? The benefit of this drink is that it restores hair color. It reverses gray hair naturally. Hair that’s white or gray will reverse and restore natural hair color. You can also see healthier and thicker hair. How exciting right? Check out the ingredients and how to reverse your gray hair naturally with this DIY drink.

Is this your morning in the mirror experience? Looking for stray white or gray (or is it grey) hairs in my hair part and plucking them out with tweezers. Yup, that was me. I hated seeing gray hairs in the mirror, especially because my roots are dark brown and the gray hair really stood out. Yikes!

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Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

Try making this all natural drink at home, it’s easy. This won’t be the best tasting drink all on it’s own. You can add your own favorite fruits and vegetables to make it taste better. These are the foods that eliminate grey hair naturally.

This will be enough to last for one week. You can adjust the ingredients to make as much or as little as you want. Just use ratios.

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Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Drink: (updated 2016)

(more specific measurements updated in stead of using lbs and oz)

2 TBSP of flax seed oil

2 TBSP lemon juice

1 clove of garlic minced

4 TBSP of raw honey



how to make your hair grow faster

how to make your hair grow faster

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How to prepare the drink:

Get your blender ready, Juice the lemons, place the lemon juice and garlic in the blender, mix well. Add the honey and flaxseed and pulse the blender again. Store the mixture in an airtight container up to one week.

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When to consume the grey hair DIY remedy:

Drink this gray hair DIY remedy three times a day, before each meal. You only need to drink one generous tablespoon of this remedy, three times a day. The remedy also suggests using a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon. These ingredients are all very good for your health.

The drink tastes a little strong because of the garlic, however it has a real zing to it.

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Gray hair myths

#1 Plucking a gray hair makes more gray hairs appear.

False. This is one of the most popular gray hair myths and “old wives tales” (why do we blame the wives?) lol. Your single grey hair that you plucked out of your hair is produced from one single hair follicle in your scalp. In about one week, the root will grow back. I have heard this myth since I was in middle school. There were so many girls that preached this gray hair myth stating it as if it were a common fact or if they had a P.H.D. in Gray hair. lol. Wrong. It’s not possible that plucking one gray hair will affect the other hair on your head. However, constantly ripping your your hair can cause damage to your follicles. You might now get that hair to grow back. Take it easy with those tweezers and enjoy the fact you have hair.

#2 Dying your hair makes it turn gray quicker

False. I have heard of this myth since I started highlighting and bleaching the heck out of my hair. My mom would get upset when she knew I was in the bathroom bleaching my hair – probably because of the strong smell that wreaked havoc in the house. (memories) Hair dye has no affect on prematurely turning your hair gray. Hair dye does not turn your hair gray at all actually. This is another “tale” that is usually told to children by their parents to scare them from dying their hair. Good lie that will scare your kids until they “Google it.”

#3 Being frightened makes your hair turn grey

False. We’ve all seen the movies where someone was frightened and their hair turned either grey or white from the shock. This however, only happens in Hollywood. You can’t scare your hair white. It’s impossible. First of all, your hair is dead made up of proteins. Second, your hair follicle produces your hair and hair color which is slowly and continuous growing and going through cycles. The measurement of hair on your head can be a result of years worth of hair growth. (if your hair is long) I hope that helps explain that.

#4 Your ancestry can predispose you to grey hair

Yes, your genetics can predispose you to have grey hair prematurely. If your family tree has a long history of grey hair, you’re probably going to experience grey hair early too. I remember my mother telling me the Irish side of her family all turned grey in their twenties.

#5 Stress causes grey and white hair

It’s possible! Stress can accelerate many aging factors such as grey hair. Over time stress can weaken your immune system and cause your body to become more acidic. You can even experience temporary hair loss from stress. Science is still unable to explain the link between stress and grey hair. My mom used to blame my youngest brother for her grey hair. lol. πŸ˜‰

Supplements and vitamins reverse grey hair

There has been a huge internet sensation talking about a special enzyme that reverses grey hair! Along with other vitamins and minerals in this supplement, the main catalyst is the enzyme called Catalase. Yes, Catalase is quickly being known to be a supplement that reverses grey hair fast. The most popular is the one called, “Top of the World No More Gray with Catalase, Gray Hair Formula.” I have not personally tried this grey hair supplement, but it looks amazing. It has many mixed reviews. Most saw a very slow improvement. I think it’s hard for most people to be patient and wait for the hair to grow out and give the product time to help the hair follicle.

Why catalase works? In 2009, a discovery was made uncovering why grey hair happens. Grey hair is formed when a hair follicle starts building up too much hydrogen peroxide. Your hair follicle naturally creates hydrogen peroxide, but when the balance is disturbed or malfunctions, grey hair occurs. It was also discovered that the enzyme called catalase neutralizes and balances the hydrogen peroxide, reversing grey hair formation. This is a huge discovery.

Would you try a pill for reversing grey hair?

Here’s the most popular pill to reverse gray hair online:

Top of the World No More Gray with Catalase, Gray Hair Formula

 supplements to reverse gray hair

supplements to reverse gray hair



Supplements for grey hair reversal:

 Xo, Ok, enjoy this drink! Let me know if you like the results.






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