Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

How To Reverse Grey Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

How To Reverse Grey Hair Naturally with a Miracle Drink, supplements, and which foods eliminate grey hair. I have just started to experience lots of gray hair this year. (not happy about it) I have been looking everywhere for a way how to reverse your gray hair naturally at home and researching supplements to reverse gray hair. If you’re like me, you prefer to change grey hair naturally instead of dying grey hair. There’s a miracle DIY remedy how to reverse gray hair naturally going around social media. It’s a drink. Have you tried this gray hair DIY remedy? The benefit of this drink is that it restores hair color. It reverses gray hair naturally. Hair that’s white or gray will reverse and restore natural hair color. You can also see healthier and thicker hair. How exciting right? Check out the ingredients and how to reverse your gray hair naturally with this DIY drink.

Is this your morning in the mirror experience? Looking for stray white or gray (or is it grey) hairs in my hair part and plucking them out with tweezers. Yup, that was me. I hated seeing gray hairs in the mirror, especially because my roots are dark brown and the gray hair really stood out. Yikes!


Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

Try making this all natural drink at home, it’s easy. This won’t be the best tasting drink all on it’s own. You can add your own favorite fruits and vegetables to make it taste better. These are the foods that eliminate grey hair naturally.

This will be enough to last for one week. You can adjust the ingredients to make as much or as little as you want. Just use ratios.

Homemade Skin Whitening Body Scrub

Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Drink: (updated 2016)

(more specific measurements updated in stead of using lbs and oz)

2 TBSP of flax seed oil

2 TBSP lemon juice

1 clove of garlic minced

4 TBSP of raw honey



how to make your hair grow faster
how to make your hair grow faster

You may also be suffering from slow hair growth. Read My secret How to make your hair grow faster

How to prepare the drink:

Get your blender ready, Juice the lemons, place the lemon juice and garlic in the blender, mix well. Add the honey and flaxseed and pulse the blender again. Store the mixture in an airtight container up to one week.



If you have grey hair, you might also suffer from other hair problems. Be sure to read The homemade natural cure for receding hairline

When to consume the grey hair DIY remedy:

Drink this gray hair DIY remedy three times a day, before each meal. You only need to drink one generous tablespoon of this remedy, three times a day. The remedy also suggests using a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon. These ingredients are all very good for your health.

The drink tastes a little strong because of the garlic, however it has a real zing to it.



Gray hair myths

#1 Plucking a gray hair makes more gray hairs appear.

False. This is one of the most popular gray hair myths and “old wives tales” (why do we blame the wives?) lol. Your single grey hair that you plucked out of your hair is produced from one single hair follicle in your scalp. In about one week, the root will grow back. I have heard this myth since I was in middle school. There were so many girls that preached this gray hair myth stating it as if it were a common fact or if they had a P.H.D. in Gray hair. lol. Wrong. It’s not possible that plucking one gray hair will affect the other hair on your head. However, constantly ripping your your hair can cause damage to your follicles. You might now get that hair to grow back. Take it easy with those tweezers and enjoy the fact you have hair.

#2 Dying your hair makes it turn gray quicker

False. I have heard of this myth since I started highlighting and bleaching the heck out of my hair. My mom would get upset when she knew I was in the bathroom bleaching my hair – probably because of the strong smell that wreaked havoc in the house. (memories) Hair dye has no affect on prematurely turning your hair gray. Hair dye does not turn your hair gray at all actually. This is another “tale” that is usually told to children by their parents to scare them from dying their hair. Good lie that will scare your kids until they “Google it.”

#3 Being frightened makes your hair turn grey

False. We’ve all seen the movies where someone was frightened and their hair turned either grey or white from the shock. This however, only happens in Hollywood. You can’t scare your hair white. It’s impossible. First of all, your hair is dead made up of proteins. Second, your hair follicle produces your hair and hair color which is slowly and continuous growing and going through cycles. The measurement of hair on your head can be a result of years worth of hair growth. (if your hair is long) I hope that helps explain that.

#4 Your ancestry can predispose you to grey hair

Yes, your genetics can predispose you to have grey hair prematurely. If your family tree has a long history of grey hair, you’re probably going to experience grey hair early too. I remember my mother telling me the Irish side of her family all turned grey in their twenties.

#5 Stress causes grey and white hair

It’s possible! Stress can accelerate many aging factors such as grey hair. Over time stress can weaken your immune system and cause your body to become more acidic. You can even experience temporary hair loss from stress. Science is still unable to explain the link between stress and grey hair. My mom used to blame my youngest brother for her grey hair. lol. 😉

Supplements and vitamins reverse grey hair

There has been a huge internet sensation talking about a special enzyme that reverses grey hair! Along with other vitamins and minerals in this supplement, the main catalyst is the enzyme called Catalase. Yes, Catalase is quickly being known to be a supplement that reverses grey hair fast. The most popular is the one called, “Top of the World No More Gray with Catalase, Gray Hair Formula.” I have not personally tried this grey hair supplement, but it looks amazing. It has many mixed reviews. Most saw a very slow improvement. I think it’s hard for most people to be patient and wait for the hair to grow out and give the product time to help the hair follicle.

Why catalase works? In 2009, a discovery was made uncovering why grey hair happens. Grey hair is formed when a hair follicle starts building up too much hydrogen peroxide. Your hair follicle naturally creates hydrogen peroxide, but when the balance is disturbed or malfunctions, grey hair occurs. It was also discovered that the enzyme called catalase neutralizes and balances the hydrogen peroxide, reversing grey hair formation. This is a huge discovery.

Would you try a pill for reversing grey hair?

Here’s the most popular pill to reverse gray hair online:

Top of the World No More Gray with Catalase, Gray Hair Formula

 supplements to reverse gray hair
supplements to reverse gray hair



Supplements for grey hair reversal:

 Xo, Ok, enjoy this drink! Let me know if you like the results.





111 thoughts on “How To Reverse Grey Hair Naturally Miracle Drink”

    1. I’m glad you’re seeing results. One of my friends showed me her results last week. I could see dark hair in her roots and the grey hair growing out.

    2. hi dear please keep us updating about your result i am turing gry and want to try this.

      1. Hi Maria, thank you for visiting, I have noticed many of my grey hairs have started to grow in dark. I can’t wait to grow out all the white and grey hairs now. 🙂

      1. Depends on your body and how it processes the flood of nutrients. I would try this regularly for two months to start to see a difference in your roots.

    1. Hi I was searching online about flaxseed oil and it says that it can cause prostate cancer. I got grey hair so really want to try this but scared to use flaxseed oil.

      1. everything in moderation Sukhi. Even going outside breathing the air pollution can cause cancer. I have never heard of flaxseed oil causing anything but good health. Good luck.

      2. Hi Sukhi! Flaxseed oil (and natural crushed flax seeds) is suposed to be one of the important foods used for -preventing- cancer and hjelp fight cancer at early stage. Are you sure you read it right? All the best 🙂

  1. My hairs is turning gray. Does it help to reverse grey hairs completely??
    Is there any sideeffects of this drink??
    Im losing my weight, does it make you fat?
    Please reply,

    1. Hi Sanya,
      This is supposed to reverse the grey hairs. You have to drink this regularly if you want to reverse the grey hair. This should also help speed up your metabolism if you’re trying to lose weight.
      Good luck!

      1. I’m going to start this and keep you posted! I’m trying a lot of other things too.

    2. Thanks hun xx
      One more thing i want to ask you.
      I came to know that flax seeds oil cause hairfall. Is it true?? I have searched on google as well. Many claim hairfall issue. I was taking flax seeds supplements thrice a day. My hairs started falling out :'( :'(
      Plsee help me what to do???

  2. hi mis jen, is this also applicable to men?because i am also suffering in hairloss and baldness and also graying or whitening of hair, and also one more is there any other oil to substitute flax seed oil or none, because its hard to find here in our location.

    best regards

  3. Hi there
    I just wanna ask that the lemons are to be mix the whole and than should ne drained or not????
    Plz help

  4. I have used 500 ml of flax seed oil, 1 kg raw honey, 4 lemons squeezed and some garlic..

    Hope I have not taken too much of flax seed oil and it will give me good results. I have started this two weeks back. Hope to get good results soon.

    Will keep you posted.

    Many thanks Sudha

  5. Hi Jen Reh can you please write me how long we can use until it shows result , also how many percent success rate .

  6. Can I use flaxseed instead of that oil.Iam just 27 years old.I have somuch grey hair in my front head. hw long it takes to reverse it.

  7. I am new to your page.Firstly,I would like to thank you for sharing this miracle drink with us.I have tried it a couple of times.I am very skeptic person who refused to believe anything without solid evidence.But,I must say that this drink is fantastic! I have been taking it for few days.I think this drink addresses the problem at its root i.e. liver,kidney,nervous system etc.Grey hair itself is not a problem ,it is a symptom that your internal organs are losing their power.After taking it for few days,of course I do not see much change in grey hair but I can feel it is somehow rebooting my internal systems.Once,again I thank you for sharing this with us.I will keep you posted on grey hair.

    1. Hi sudha.. Thanks so much. Am I able to know the exact brands of your ingredients- I’m planning on starting this regime to prevent premature graying.. I have been seeing many gray hairs lately.
      Can you pls email me on


  8. thanks jen, and can I use dabur honey instead of raw honey as it’s difficult to find raw honey at my place?

      1. Hey I want to say that whenever I take honey it causes pain in My stomach. Will this drink (as it contains honey) also create such a problem?

      2. I also bought regular honey. I don’t know if it is called raw or not. Looking at the ingredients at first, it just says honey. If you shed more light, it really helps.

        I agree with the comment! Please make a YouTube video.So if the video is out, it will certainly help.

  9. Hi jen,

    You say that once the mixture is ready it should be stored in a container for up to one week. So should one start taking the mixture immediately or should wait for period of one week to elapse before starting to take it?

  10. Hi Jen,

    Wanted to update you on my progress.

    I started 3rd November and have completed 2 months and few days.. and I am glad to share that I have seen few of my hairs changing to black. I used to apply henna to cover but have stopped for sometime now. my hairs look half black and half with henna colour now. so I am sure I am seeing change for good.

    Eagerly waiting for all my hairs to become black. Many many thanks for your tip. God bless.



    1. Hi Sudha,
      Glad to hear it’s working. Yes, I have long hair and it’s funny to see some of the ends are grey but my roots grew back dark.
      Take care.

    2. Hi sudha really it worked fr u? M very much depressed bcz of this white hair roots prblm as 60% of my hair roots are white bcz of the chemical colour I used..plz tell me is ths really worked or u used anything else with ths miracle drink.m just 25 yrs old..and unmarried..planning to get engaged by d end of this year. So much depressed ..plz help me can I restore my natural hair colour

      1. Hi Ruchi,
        Another instant all natural treatment for grey hair is henna dye. It will help nurture your hair and make it feel thicker and healthy.

    3. Hi Sudha,
      I am so glad that you saw the results.. Can you please mail me the brand of ingredients you bought and the procedure.. I am eagerly waiting for your mail..


  11. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the miracle drink for reversing grey hair. I started today. I’m a little unclear on how to prepare this drink properly. If it’s not too much trouble, could you please do a YouTube video to show us the preparation method exactly? It’d be lot of help…

    P. S – I don’t know why the comments are being moderated. My first comment never showed up!!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I will have to make a youtube video in the future. I moved so my camera studio is in a box right now literally. lol. I have to moderate the comments unfortunately I receive some spam and sometimes my security places comments into a spam folder. Sorry doll!

      1. I am going to religiously follow this method with fingers crossed. But I have a couple of doubts.

        Can we drink water after ingesting the drink? There’s no problem with it if we do right?

        Also, it says before each meal so is there any compulsion to take it on empty stomach in the morning?

        After I converted the oz to ml and kg, it came approximately to 1 kg honey and 200 ml flaxseed oil. Am I doing it wrong? Coz someone in the above comments said she used 500 ml flaxseed oil for 1 kg honey.

        Confused. Please clarify…

  12. I want to know if we can use flaxseed instead of flaxseed oil.Also since the garlic is to be infused in honey isn’t it unsafe as it might lead to botulism

  13. Hi jen…
    Thank you for this wonderful drink.. i want to try this.But i want to ask you one thing..Can we continue this at the time of pregancy also????

  14. I’m sridhar 31 male from India.I have 25-30% of white beard is also growing many white hairs.can’t these scientists and researchers find a cure still??what a much funds the government is alotting them from our tax…for a common problem also no one had found a cure still.if any cure found jus inform me I will pay them a huge sum if it works.

  15. Hi Jen,

    I am silent reader of this website.

    I have been reading all the responses given by you to my friends those who have been facing the same problem of premature grey hair like me.

    I’m 28 years old n around 65 % – 75 % of my hair are grey.

    One more thing. I have been working in night shifts.
    So if I start to take this drink thrice in a day before each meal, will it work?

    I have been dying my hair using garnier colour natural or sometimes with other products.

    My question is, shall I use the henna dye while taking this drink to cover my grey hair?

    N as Kathy asked above. .After I converted the oz to ml and kg, it came approximately to 1 kg honey and 200 ml flaxseed oil. Am I doing it wrong? Coz someone in the above comments said she used 500 ml flaxseed oil for 1 kg honey.

    1. Hi Parag,
      it’s 2 lbs of honey. You can use ratios and convert it yourself.
      If you dye your hair with henna, you might not see the results because you’re covering your natural hair. You will be able to see a difference when it grows out.

  16. Hello Jen,

    Thanks for sharing, I just made the remedy and have just taken my 1st spoon.

    When you said it’s not the most pleasant tasting remedy, in which way did you mean? Yes it’s obviously sweet from honey. I’m asking as I feel there’s sooo much honey which hides the taste of garlic but do taste some of the lemon. I did not adjust measurements.

    Thanks again

  17. Is it compulsary to store the mixture for one week only or we can store it for more time ??
    because according to the quantity of above mentioned ingredients, the quantity of mixture will becomes too much.

    1. Hi Golden,
      As a rule of thumb, I don’t keep anything in my refrigerator longer than four days. You can make smaller amounts. I may need to update the recipe.

  18. Hi Jen, am so glad I can relate this drink or elixir with someone who truly believes in it. I came across this recipe a few weeks ago on Pinterest (not sure if it was your pin). I immediately jumped on the idea and got the ingredients needless to say that linseed (flaxseed oil) as it was written was not an easy ingredient to get. I had actually researched the difference between the two oils as most health shops I visited kept offering me flaxseed oil. Thanks to google I researched to get to know the difference between the two but that’s not for this blog. I’ve been taking this drink for almost 4 weeks now. I haven’t noticed any results though on a positive side my friends are telling me that my skin is glowing and that am looking much younger (am a middle aged lady by the way). Am still taking it and waiting to see the results after I take it for a couple of months. My only concern is that, am finding the quantity of honey in proportion to the other ingredients to be too sweet and the fact that am diabetic type 2 makes it even a bit worrying. It’s also exacerbated by taking it 3 times a day. Any options or suggestions on the concerns raised. Would most appreciate. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Jet,
      If you’re diabetic, that’s a concern. I would check with your doctor because honey instantly increases your blood sugar. You may try skipping the honey. Sorry.

    2. Hi Jet,

      I am facing the same problem as you and I was wondering if you have tried out this drink excluding the honey.. And if you have, did it work for you? I am full of white hair and I desperately want to restore my natural hair colour without harming my health. I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks

  19. hey I have gray hairs due to a long stress period and most of them are around my temples. Flaxseed oil is not easily available. Can i use some other oil as substitute like olive oil? I am so going to try your recipe. I have tried onion juice in my hairs but it was not that effective. Kindly do answer my query.

    1. Hi Suneeta,
      I can’t say to substitute anything because I’m sharing what worked for me, so I wouldn’t know if substituting would work.

  20. I have grey hairs and I believe your drink will reverse them. Can I substitute Coconut oil for Flaxseed oil?

  21. I really appreciated this information. However, I have one question for you. Can the flaxseed oil but substituted with any other oil for a good result? Please, if any name the oil.

  22. Hey Jess
    Good to see your responses 🙂 I too have gray hair issue and am planning to start this remedy but was wondering if can use regular Flax seed oil which is easily available or will it have to be cold pressed oil only ?

  23. Hie jen
    Thank you for sharing this recipe .I am most certainly going to try it out as soon as I get flaxseed oil


  24. Hi Jen,

    Ive been researching about gray hair for long. Your drink recipe is much similar to what I made for my late mother excluding the flaxseed oil. Lemons honey and garlic are one of best combos for health, esp for heart disease. I will definitey try his drink. Could you give me update on your hair?


    1. Hi Tirana,
      My hair isn’t 100% free of grey hair, by close thanks to this drink. Some hairs are stubborn. When I skip this drink for a month, some of my grey hairs came back. It’s really a lifestyle change. Some grey hairs never returned, so it’s worth trying.

      1. Hi Jen,

        Thank you

        Definitely worth trying! Have you ever tried sesame seeds/oil, black seed, onion and wheat grass juice? There are many methods but im being skeptical.. Im working on coconut milk again at the moment cause it works best to me for darkning hair..


    1. You can stop drinking it and some of your hair might stay dark. For me, when I stop most of my grey or white hairs come back. Depends on your hair.
      Good luck.

  25. Thank you Jen am so glad you have open a way to clear this problem with grey hair. I don’t like it at all
    am greatfull for this and going to try it. your a star and am grad for this info- All blessings to you the Lord bless you.

  26. Hi there, any 2018 updates from anyone? Also, as a vegan, is the honey ingredient necessary? Is that just for Tate or is there benefits to it? Any way to use an alternative for the honey element?

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