Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne

Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne and acne scars. I had success! Yes, there’s good rosehip oil benefits for acne and acne scars. I included rosehip oil into my skin care routine six months ago and it has given my skin so many beauty benefits, especially with acne and anti aging.

Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne – My Skin Care Journey

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Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne Skin

I’m a woman in my early thirties and I still have the oily skin of a teenager. It’s a combo skin that’s acne prone to be exact. My under eye area is prone to dryness. Does that sound complicated enough? After researching natural skin care remedies I found a solution for all my skin care problems using Rosehip Oil!

Using rosehip oil for acne prone skin is my top skin care recommendation. This is the best natural oil for the treatment of acne, acne scars and anti aging.

I personally wanted to use an all natural organic skin care. My answer is organic cold pressed rosehip oil. (It’s also known as rosehip seed oil) I need moisture and something to treat my acne and acne scars. Sounds so complicated but luckily rosehip oil has many benefits. Rosehip oil has so many uses and it’s mot not just for acne and acne scars. Here’s my complete list of Rosehip Oil Benefits. Also check out my video all about rosehip oil below:

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Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne – Why it works!

Rosehip oils delivers top notch high quality vitamins and essential fatty acids to you skin. Rosehip oil basically has everything your skin loves and craves!

Believe it or not, acne is a sign that your body is dehydrated. You need to drink more water and less coffee and soda. These are very dehydrating to the skin. When this is not enough, adding rosehip oil to your skin care is a smart choice. Rosehip oil helps protect and nourish your delicate acne prone skin. When your body is dehydrated your skin starts to get dry. Your skin then over produces oil to help protect it. This huge over production of oil complicates your skin and pimples start to form. Sometimes our bodies are very complicated because as women, we have hormonal cycles and stress.

When I see someone with very oily skin, I usually ask them how much water they drink everyday. The answer is usually very little water and lots of coffee! Coffee is very dehydrating to the skin. For every one cup of coffee you drink, try to make sure you drink a cup of water in between to compensate.

Rosehip Oil Contains:

Vitamin A,C,E, and essential fatty acids!

Make sure your rosehip oil is cold pressed – meaning it still contains all the vitamins and minerals and nothing was damaged.

Rosehip oil won’t irritate your skin because it’s a gentle oil that absorbs so easily into your skin.

Rosehip oil won’t just stay on the outer surface of your skin, it gets deep down into your skin! You can apply rosehip oil and have it absorbed into your skin within ten minutes tops. I’ve had it absorb into my skin so fast that I applied more and it still absorbed into my skin.

Rosehip Oil Benefits – My under eye area stays moisturized all day!

Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne – My acne is soothed and my skin is glowing!

Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne – My acne scars are gone – it took one month to see results and two months to remove my acne scars!


Rosehip Oil Benefits Acne – The Rosehip Oil I use and recommend

Here’s the amazon link to purchase organic cold pressed Rosehip Oil.

Rosehip oil benefits acne

Rosehip oil benefits acne


Where to buy this rosehip oil:

organic cold pressed Rosehip Oil

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below! Thanks!



– Jen

Wikipedia also has information about Rose hip Seed Oil here:

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Rosehip Oil Skin Care Benefits for Face Video:

I understand that everyone is not ready to start using oil on their skin, if you want rosehip oil in a creamy texture like a lotion, take a look at this page (The Skin Care Benefits of Rose Hip Oil) There’s a lotion by Miranda Kerr that she just developed.

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