Benefits of Face Steaming

Benefits of Face Steaming – Unclog your pores!


Benefits of Face Steaming and how to do face steaming at home. Face steaming has so many health benefits for your skin such as improving acne, softening wrinkles, and other anti-aging benefits. I’ll show you how I steam my face and all the benefits of face steaming at home.

I learned the Benefits of Face Steaming at home in my mother’s kitchen

Benefits of Face Steaming
Benefits of Face Steaming

I started steaming my face in high school once a week before I went to sleep. As my skin started to improve, I steamed my face almost every other night!  My skin started looking pretty darn amazing too! Girls would ask me what I cleaned my face with. Mostly they demanded to know why my skin went from dull to wow! My cousin would tell me girls would ask him to ask me what my skin care routine was. Before I knew it, when I would be talking to one of my friends on the phone, their sister would always interrupt us and pick up the other line and ask me what my skin care routine was. How’s that for proof?

How I steam my Face

After I clean up the kitchen, I grab a nice big pan or pot to boil water. I tie my hair back and wrap it into a turban towel, I use Turbie Twist. I love these because they’re lightweight and so comfortable. These are much lighter than using a whole towel on your head. It’s so cute and comfortable.

benefits of face steaming
benefits of face steaming

1. Fill a pan about 1/3 full of water.
2. Turn your burner to the highest setting.
3. Place some herbs into the water – I listed what I like to use below
4. Once your water is boiling, set your burner to low/medium to get a constant steam.
5. Breath in the steam and let it relax you.
6. After a few minutes of steaming your face, take a paper towel and wipe away the sweat and water from your face.
7. Continue to steam your face and wipe away the excess water from your face to keep comfortable.
8. You skin will get the most benefits of face steaming after ten minutes
9. Rinse your face with clean warm water and pat dry.

Benefits of Face Steaming – Unclog your pores!

Now is the perfect time to unclog your pores because your skin is softened and your pores are open. First exfoliate with a little baking soda skin care to gently scrub away and excess dirt, oil, and makeup that might have surfaced. One of the benefits of face steaming is your pores purge what is trapped in them. Next, wash your face with warm water and take a pore extractor. Here’s the one I like listed below. You can also find it on here – Pore extractor

This will easily remove blackheads and lift up any clogged pores from your skin. Once you see all the trapped dirt and oil, you will be amazed. This dirt and oil had probably been trapped in your pores for at least a few weeks. It’s best to unclog them before they become pimples. This will also help you prevent acne.

Benefits of Face Steaming
Benefits of Face Steaming – Pore extractor


Herbs and Essential Oils to add to your Face steaming (add one of these to the boiling water)

I like to add at least one of these ingredients when I steam my face at home.

– Green Tea – 1 tea bag or loose leaf tea. Green tea is excellent to detoxify your pores! The antioxidants will help with anti-aging benefits too. The green tea also helps fight acne.
– A handful of fresh rose petals – Great for adding moisture and elasticity to your skin.
– 1 teaspoon of rosemary dried herbs great for soothing your skin and also fighting acne.
– 3 drops of essential tea tree oil– 3 drops of essential lavender oil

Benefits of Face Steaming -tea tree oil
Benefits of Face Steaming -tea tree oil
Benefits of Face Steaming - Lavender oil
Benefits of Face Steaming – Lavender oil



I learned the benefits of face steaming at home from my mother. I would watch her cook our meals in the kitchen and in between her cooking mashed potatoes, she would give herself a face steaming treatment. She did this at home in the kitchen right over our stove. She’d have a big pot of boiling water with potatoes cooking. The water would bubble and steam would fill the little kitchen. As a busy woman, a widow with three kids with no time to go to a salon for beauty treatments.

She would always say, “look my free beauty treatment.” Lots of face steaming happened in our kitchen. Her skin was always radiant, no wrinkles, and she always had a nice rosy glow with flushed cheeks. Never a blemish and I would ask her why her skin was always so gorgeous. She never used any expensive face creams or cleansers, just all natural beauty treatments – never a trip to the beauty salon in her life.

I remember watching an interview with Kris Jenner, she said she taught her daughters to steam their face for good skin care. Even the Kardashians steam their face for great skin care benefits! Get a hot washcloth and put it on your face and it’ll steam your pores and scrub it and everything will come out. -Kris Jenner

Benefits of Face Steaming

Here’s a list of all the benefits of face steaming at home.


#1 Increased Circulation in the face – Benefits of Face Steaming

With an increased circulation of blood flow to your face, you skin will get more oxygen and nutrients delivered. This will make you skin function at it’s best. Your skin will have a radiant glow.

#2 Increased Perspiration – Benefits of Face Steaming

Dead skin cells and toxins will flow out of your pores.

#3 Unclogs Pores – Benefits of Face Steaming

The hardened oils will soften, making them their easiest to remove from your skin.

#4 Youthful skin / anti-aging – Benefits of Face Steaming

Your skin will get deeply moisturized with the steam. I recommend applying some rosehip oil after face steaming to lock in the moisture deep into your skin. This is important at least around your eye area! If you have a lot of eye wrinkles, please read How to remove under eye wrinkles fast naturally

#5 Help Prevent and Treat Acne- Benefits of Face Steaming

The steam will help kill bacteria on your face.


Thank you for reading the Benefits of Face Steaming.




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  1. Thanks for the post!
    So, you just stand in front of the stove with your face above the pan for 10 minutes? That’s it? Is there a way to do it laying on the bed?? lol, idk just sounds more comfortable and relaxing!
    Great blog btw!

    1. Hi Hadassa,
      Yes,! I’m so glad you asked. There’s another way that works great while laying down. You can take a damp dish towel and put it in the microwave for twenty seconds or more until it’s safe and feels comfortable enough to place onto your face. You can lay down and steam your face this way. You may need to get up and heat the towel back up a bit. I hope this woks for you. Thanks for visiting! xo

  2. This is great. Thank you. I have a lot of hereditary facial wrinkles between my eyes and around my mouth. My mom and older sister have the same so I’m assuming they are hereditary. Do you think this will help me.

    1. Hi Karen,
      It could be from many things such as dry skin, intense facial expressions, lines between your eyes usually means you need glasses, you could also be dehydrated.
      Try massaging your face with a little olive oil after steaming your face.
      Good luck,

  3. Jennifer Johnson

    I have a lot of wrinkles between my eyes and around my nose. This is the great method. Thank you 🙂

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