LAPCOS collagen

Lapcos Collagen Sleeping Mask Review

LAPCOS Collagen Sleeping Mask Review

My favorite Korean skin care mask

LAPCOS Collagen Sleeping Mask Review

Yes, I’m excited to share my LAPCOS collagen sleeping mask review.

This is listed online everywhere labeled as “LAPCOS Collagen Sleeping Cream – Lifting

Looking for a new skin care sleeping mask that actually works?

I finally found a night time skin care mask that makes your skin look well rested, lifted, and moisturized when you wake up.

Yes! Packed with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides, Asphodeloides root, Shea butter, and other awesome skin loving ingredients.

Immediate results – 1 night – Lifted skin

This Korean sleeping mask does not disappoint.

The first night I used this mask, I woke up to skin that felt deeply moisturized and rejuvenated. My skin also has a nice glow in the morning.

There were a few nights I didn’t sleep well and I still woke up looking well rested.

How to use LAPCOS Collagen sleeping mask

Make sure your skin is well prepped, and toned to absorb the mask.
I prep my skin with:

  1. DABO Hydro Collagen skin toner – To balance the skin PH and remove impurities
  2. Elf hydrating water essence – To allow the mask to absorb deeply
  3. Use the LAPCOS spatula to scoop a generous amount of product onto the skin
  4. Pat the mask all over the face evenly – do not rub it into the skin

Tip: Wait at least 1/2 hour before actually going to sleep wearing this LAPCOS collagen sleeping mask! Why? Because it needs to absorb and set on your skin.

The one weird charecteristic this mask has…

Once the mask is applied, your skin will feel sticky. Don’t worry, it’s not uncomfortable. The mask just needs to set onto your skin.


Where to purchase

I found my LAPCOS Collagen sleeping mask on Fashion Nova’s beauty section. I was very surprised.
Plus it’s being sold for only $37.99


This mask is part of my favorite Korean skin care routine:

If you like this skin care mask, you’ll love this 3 step anti-aging Korean skin care system.
It’s called Dabo Hydro Collagen 3 step




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DABO skin care

Thank you for reading my LAPCOS Collagen Sleeping Mask Review. It’s a high performing skin care mask with awesome ingredients. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s so affordable.


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