how to remove wrinkles on fingers

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers, Knuckles, Anti-aging tips you can do at home.

wrinkles removed from hands

Photo of 100% wrinkles removed from hands / fingers / knuckles

When was the last time you took care of the wrinkles on your fingers?

I will show you how I do anti-aging treatments for my hands and this helps remove wrinkles on fingers, your knuckles and the back of your hand.

You can naturally get rid of wrinkles from your hands and fingers at home.

You must do these treatments daily to start to reduce wrinkles from your fingers and eventually removing the wrinkles from your hands and fingers.

This is also a great post for anyone that wants to have younger looking hands.

Hands give away a persons age, so it’s recommended to learn how to keep youthful hands and remove wrinkles from your hands fast.

Today, I’m sharing How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers fast. The last time my hands had a lot of attention is when I became engaged. I made sure to do these weekly anti-aging remedies on my fingers and hands.

My hands were looking youthful and presentable to show off my pretty engagement ring. My hands were always exfoliated, moisturized, and my nails were well groomed.

I was taking so many photos of my hand, posing, and noticing roughness and wrinkles on my hands.

Here’s the #1 beauty oil I recommend for treating under eye wrinkles fast, also works great for hand and finger wrinkles.

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I also did my “how to remove wrinkles on fingers” treatment at home in the kitchen. I didn’t want anyone noticing anything unsightly such as dry skin and even the tiny hairs on my fingers, yikes! With that being said, this wrinkles treatment would come in handy for anyone that shows/models jewelry for a living.

Your hands will look radiant when you’re done with this treatment. These treatments can be done to your hands from any age range from 20’s – 90’s. There’s a few different remedies to remove wrinkles on fingers. BTW this could even be considered how to cure wrinkled fingers. 😉

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers – Deep Moisture Method

The first method how to remove finger wrinkles and wrinkles on your hands is by deeply moisturizing your hands. First soak your hands in warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda added to the water (baking soda will soften your skin) for thirty seconds to open up your pores and get your skin warm to absorb the moisture.

Next, I like to take extra virgin olive oil or even coconut oil and slather it all over my hands. Place some kitchen dishwashing gloves on and start washing your dishes or do some household chores that require gloves.

The point is to wear gloves as long as you can – at least one hour. The warmth from any dish water would be beneficial to help the oils penetrate deep into the outer layers of your skin. The rich moisture would help diminish any wrinkles and supply antioxidants + skin loving fatty acids. For best results – the best hand wrinkle treatment is overnight. I have seen cotton gloves you can wear overnight to help the air circulate while you sleep and feel comfortable. Cotton Overnight Moisture Gloves.

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Here’s where you can find these special gloves for moisturizing your hands overnight:

how to remove wrinkles on fingers
Overnight cotton gloves – Perfect for treating hand and finger wrinkles

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers – Microdermabrasion Method

The second method how to remove finger wrinkles is more extreme. This is effective for hands/fingers with deep wrinkles. This is primarily due to sun damage and dry skin. I recommend using the PMD Personal Microdermabrasion. This is a tool just like you would expect to find at a spa. It’s mostly used to remove wrinkles on the face, but I discovered it works great on hands and fingers too.

You can remove layers of old dead skin and sun damaged skin that’s built up on your hands. You can try this method once every month to safely start seeing results. You should also do the deep moisture method mentioned above after this treatment.

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers – Daily Scrub

I love pampering my skin, it’s no secret! I love to keep my pantry stocked with olive oil and sugar to make a hand scrub every morning and before I go to sleep. I go to the sink and wet my hands in warm water. Next, I grab a spoonful of white or brown sugar and a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. Be sure to check out 40 amazing skincare benefits of olive oil.

I place this in my hands and scrub away all the dead skin and moisturize at the same time! The sugar helps remove dead skin and the olive oil deeply hydrates your hands. This is also good for the circulation in your hands. If you want to lighten the color of your hands naturally, add a teaspoon of lemon juice. After I do this treatment, my hands feel and look amazing.

If I’m in the shower, I just use baking soda because I bring baking soda in with me when I take a shower to gently exfoliate my face. I mix it with olive oil to get the most moisturized soft skin.

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers – Daily Soak

I discovered an amazing skin care treatment to how to remove wrinkles on fingers and have more youthful, younger looking hands. That’s by soaking your hands in rice water. When I was studying to prepare sushi, I had to spend forty minutes scrubbing sushi rice to perfectly prep it for gourmet sushi. My hands looked like wax museum hands after each session.

Seriously, my hands were silk perfection and even toned. I just left the rice water on my hands after seeing the results. You can make your own rice water by soaking raw white rice in water and patting that onto your hands or even just soak them. After you’re done, apply a moisturizer or olive oil to lock in the moisture.

How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers – Daily Finger Massage

Massaging your hands and finders will help boost circulation and collagen production, removing finger wrinkles fast!

Massaging your hands and fingers is easy with oil or lotion. Spend at least five minutes massaging the entire hand starting from the wrist, working your way to the base of your fingers. Squeeze and release the base of your fingers moving down to the knuckle.

Knuckles have many wrinkles, so you may want to pay extra attention to this area. Next, interlock your fingers and slide them back and fourth to gain circulation. This will help remove knuckle wrinkles fast.

Important tips How To Prevent Wrinkles On Fingers

  1. Avoid long sun exposure – Try to avoid unnecessary sun exposure in general for optimum skin health.
  2. After washing your hands, moisturize! – We lose oils and moisture from our skin while washing away germs. It’s so important to nourish our hands.
  3. Wear gloves when using harsh chemicals and cleaning detergents – While wearing gloves, you can apply lotion to your hands to also work the moisture into your hands while you clean.

Thank you for reading How To Remove Wrinkles On Fingers

XO – Jen

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  2. please help me to cure my wrinkles in my faces and hands. say few more home and natural remedies that will do a real help.

      1. Good article, offers some good information…..however, .Coconut Oil is really not a good hand moisturizer, its ” OK” but its use is better for other areas, including your hair. I use coconut oil a lot and its not great for your hands, as well as it works for your face, etc. I prefer to use a product made specifically for your hands that has collagen and other things that your hands need to ‘ rebuild’ the skin and I use a sunscreen every day.

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  4. Thanks,Though i am a guy facing wrinkly fingers and due to which i am unable to process my identification through fingerprints.I hope it works for me,i need it badly.

  5. Hi I am 19 years old I am suffering from wrinkles on my hands and black knuckles. These remedeis will help me or not?

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    1. Hi Rao,
      Great, You should try doing these methods at least once a week and you’ll start seeing a difference within a month.
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  7. I’m so happy reading your article. My hands are so ugly, I should say, aside from big veins, the knuckles are swollen. I hope your tips would be of great remedy. Thanks & more power!

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  9. Hi I was wondering the time that is needed for each treatment? For example, how long should I scrub my hands using the sugar and olive oil scrub?

    1. Hi Eva,
      I would take five minutes with the sugar scrub. One minute scrubbing harshly, even rubbing your knuckles together. Then gently to make sure the oils soak in and the sugars can exfoliate completely.

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