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How to Brighten Your Skin – Rice Face Wash

How to Brighten Your Skin with a rice face wash is today’s DIY. Take a look around the world of women’s skin care routines. Have you noticed most Asian women have a bright silky smooth complexion? For generations, women in Asian cultures have been using rice water to gently cleanse their skin, giving them Brighter, smooth youthful skin! Today I’ll share with you how to make the rice water and let you know all the benefits. Continue reading How to Brighten Your Skin.

 Update: Be sure to see me updated step by step photos of my Rice Water Skin Care here

how to brighten skin, holding rice water
This is my cleanser

This is the easiest cleanser to make. All you need is rice, water, a cotton pad, and a container to store the water in. That’s all you need and I’ll show you how to brighten your skin :

  1. Take 2 Tablespoons of raw uncooked Organic rice and place in a bowl/container
  2. Rinse the rice to remove any dirt
  3. Pour water over the clean rice and cover an inch over the rice with the water
  4. Let the water sit for twenty minutes
  5. Pour the milky colored water into a storage container
  6. Pour some rice water onto your cotton pad
  7. Gently use the dampened pad to cleanse your face
  8. Rinse your face with the rice water
  9. Let the rice water dry by absorbing into your skin!
  10. Add another layer and let it dry again.
brighten your skin
Brighten your skin with Rice Water!

Your skin will absorb the vitamins and nutrients as your skin drys. Your skin should now feel extra smooth to the touch and your complexion should be glowing and brighter. You can try different types of rice because the vitamin content is different in all rice. I noticed that short grain sushi rice works the best for me. This face wash is best if you use my Organic Makeup Remover Recipe prior to use.

How to Brighten Your Skin
How to Brighten Your Skin – Use any kind of rice – RAW Rice (uncooked)
rice water cleanser
The rice water cleanser is so milky!


skin brightening cleanser
Dip your cotton pad and ENJOY!

How to Brighten Your Skin – Rice Face Wash – Benefits


  • Skin will be the softest its ever been!
  • Skin complexion will be brighter
  • Firms up your skin
  • Can be used as a toner
  • Can be a substitute for water in your facials
  • Shrinks pores
  • Protects you skin from the sun
  • Refreshes skin
  • It’s very Inexpensive!
  • All Natural Organic Cleanser!


Overall, before I used this cleanser on my face I noticed that whenever I would prepare rice for making sushi, my hands would be incredibly soft after scrubbing the rice to clean it in the pot. For cooking sushi, you have to scrub the rice clean for at least twenty minutes. My hands would be in the water the whole time and they would look amazing afterwards! Imagine what this rice face wash does to your complexion! Give it a try!

I really enjoy this cleanser because it’s so simple and the results are great. I like to make small batches of this home made cleanser, store it in an air tight container and keep it in the refrigerator. Cleansing with Rice Water is my fav DIY way how to brighten your skin.

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30 thoughts on “How to Brighten Your Skin – Rice Face Wash”

  1. Hi i love all your natural remidies.So I’m wondering is this a toner or a face wash cleanser?

  2. Sorry iam from nigeria I hv pimples all over my face and back can I use the rice water all over my skin but iam chocolate in complexation can I use it all over my skin will it make fair?

    1. Hi Nikita,
      For acne, the rice water will help remove any acne scars. It will brighten your skin to the color you were born with and remove any sun tan or acne scars. I hope that explains it.

  3. I like all your advices and your skin looks amazing
    If am not mistaken you are in the twenties of ur age
    Thank you and keep it up 🙂

  4. Hi Jen Ruhman good day to you..

    Im 40 years old my eyes got wrinkles and dark eye circle..I’m from Malaysia the things you mentioned where can I get..

    If u don’t mind can you also give me remedy for thigten my skin..

    Thank you..

  5. Hi,
    After using rice water or after laying rice water should I rings normar water on face ? ?or have tout let rice water on face ? Im confusion plus help me

    1. You can try anything you want. I don’t know how brown rice would work, that’s why I only share what works for me, I used the white rice listed.

  6. Hi jen Ruhman.
    Vry nice article.thanks a lot.
    I want know that rice water can use as a face wash?
    I have oily skin and many pimples and acnes are on my face. So is this tips enough for me to clear my face or should I use any mask and scurb ?
    Pls help me to clear my face inshaah allah..
    Jazakallah haira!

    1. Hi Fathima,
      For oily skin, I would first use a mixture of baking soda and water to gently scrub away excess oil and unclog pores. Next I would use the rice water to nurture and sooth the skin.
      I hope that helps.

      1. Hi jen.

        Thanks a lot.
        Can I apply this rice water around the eye? bcz i have dark circles.
        As well aftr apply this rice water , should clean
        and use a mask or not??

        Pls rply.

        Thank u!

  7. Hi, thanks for the post. Am in my early thirthies and have a little breakout,uneven skin tone and blemishes, can this help? Can i use my Mary Kay night and morning routine after the rice water?

  8. plss madam I have wrinkles in one of my eye plss am 24yrs
    can I use rice water to cleanse there
    please reply for me

  9. Hi Jen,
    I love how you have shown your photos of your results and your skin looks amazing! Thank you for restoring some hope for me as I have lines under my eyes which look much worse when I’m tired. So you have any beauty tips for thinning hair? So excited to try your skin care remedies. Thank you so much, Jo

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