glamour dolls lip cream review

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review Swatches & Photos

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review

Glamour Dolls Makeup Lip Cream – Review, Swatches & Photos. Gorgeous lip creams, product review, swatches, and photos I want to share with you today. I discovered Glamour Dolls Makeup and lip creams three months ago when I was looking for new cruelty free makeup companies. This fab and super affordable makeup company was designed with girly girls at heart. The founder Jessica Romano, is a celebrity makeup artist. She starred in two seasons of the hit reality show Glam Fairy. This fairy spread her wings and developed a line of makeup that’s high quality and affordable. Now lets talk about these gorgeous lip creams! They’re available in five practical shades, you’ll want all five shades for the price of only $2.99!


Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review
Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review – 5 gorgeous colors

 Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review – Texture

These lip creams are the best texture I have ever used. You’ll be amazed how smooth they glide on and even more amazed at the semi matte finish. I don’t have to reapply these lip creams throughout the day, that’s a huge bonus for me! I work in a busy office and I don’t have the time! I apply two coats of the lip cream in the morning and I’m out the door. This glamour dolls lip cream is buildable coverage. To get the true color of the lipstick, you need to apply three layers of the product. That being said, it goes on sheer. I like that I can build up the color. It gives me options how dramatic I want the color to be. It glides on very smooth and builds up fast. A good amount of product adheres to your lips. It’s not like a hard waxy lipstick at all! It’s effortless!


glamour dolls lip cream review
glamour dolls lip cream review

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review- Swatches

Glamour dolls lip cream review swatches – 5 shades – I put two layers on top of each other


The colors are pretty vivid and bold. I wanted to purchase all five shades, the colors are gorgeous. I have already worn every shade for daytime and night time looks. My favorite Glamour dolls lip cream shade is dolls gone wild. The fuchsia pink is bright and girly.  Perfect for any skin tone in my opinion!


Here’s the color “selfie”. I show how buildable the coverage is. One layer is soft and two layers is full coverage, three layers gives you a super matte lip and maximum coverage.

glamour dolls lip cream selfie
Selfie, buildable coverage and a matte finish

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review Shades: (light to dark)

Selfie – Nude: This has a white base color to it, creating a true nude color with buildable coverage. This is an intense nude lipstick shade. You could apply another lipstick color on top to help get the true shade of any lipstick. It’s a gorgeous nude color on its own too! This has a lovely semi matte finish.

Duh – Baby doll pink:It’s a beautiful color and very wearable for everyday.

Juicy Melons – Peach: This is a shade that looks good both sheer and built up. When it’s sheer, it looks like a coral color, and built up, it looks gorgeous and bold too. I love the color!

Dolls Gone Wild – Hot Pink: This is my fav shade! It brightens up my face and I love wearing it with neutral brown eyeshadow. It’s a super girly color with a hint of lavender. I have already reordered this shade because I don’t want to go without it! Love this so much!

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review- Swatches
Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review- Swatches

Karma – Deep Plum: This looks like an intimidating dark color, but it goes on sheer like a plum color. You can build this color up to the darker color if preferred. I wore this color slightly built up and it was lovely. Very wearable to my surprise!


Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review
Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review- Price

At only $2.99 who can complain about anything? These lipsticks are so amazing and it’s like you’re getting 2 in 1 because they’re buildable! You can add another layer and have a totally different color. All the glamour dolls makeup is more than reasonably priced. There’s some high quality items that are well worth the price.

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review
Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review – Signed by the lovely Jessica Romano

Where to Purchase the Glamour Dolls Lip Creams:

They’re only $2.99 each!

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review!
Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review! – use promo code pretty10 and SAVE 10% off your total purchase

My overall thoughts about the Glamour Dolls Lip Creams:

The pigmentation and texture are my top favorite benefits. I could see myself ordering more colors if they were available.  My favorite things about this lip cream are the creamy textures, price, and colors. Glamour dolls has other lip products that are great, my personal favorite is this lip cream collection. My favorite shade is #2 Dolls Gone Wild. This color brightens up my whole face. The hint of blue in the lip cream makes your teeth look whiter too. I also have yellow undertones in my skin, so this helps brighten my face too.


dolls gone wild - lip cream
dolls gone wild – my favorite color lip cream by Glamour Dolls

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream – Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Creamy texture
  • Cruelty free company
  • Generous amount of product
  • Gorgeous colors
  • Long lasting staying power
  • Moisturizing
  • Packaging design is pretty
  • Pigmentation – buildable
  • World wide shipping


Thank you for reading my Glamour Dolls Lip Cream Review!


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    1. Glad you enjoyed my review, I’m planning to make a video soon. I love their products and the price 😉
      Hooray for cruelty free makeup Glamour dolls makeup!

  2. Thanks for the review! We just got brand new super pigmented single eyeshadows that we would love for you to check out!! We are also launching our very first bronzer next week 🙂

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