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How to Fix Brassy Hair at home. If you have bleached your hair at home or at a salon and your hair tuned brassy orange or yellow, I have the remedy! This article is all about how to fix brassy hair at home.


This is part of my bleached hair series and today I’m discussing how to fix brassy hair at home.
If you have ever wanted to go from dark brown hair or black hair to blonde or to platinum blonde hair, you have probably just experienced the dreaded bleached brassy hair or yellow hair if you tried bleaching your own hair at home.

-> These are the hair products you’re looking for to fix your brassy hair fast

Brassy hair usually happens when the hair bleach was not left on long enough during the hair bleaching process. Brassy hair can also happen if the peroxide dried too fast and did not have enough time to lift the color and bleach your hair.

You hair bleaching process is actually unfinished. There is also a way to fix brassy hair with some popular products you can find at your local beauty store, which I will discuss.

How to Fix Brassy Hair

What you’ll need to fix your brassy hair situation:

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner

How to Fix Brassy Hair - This works! Shimmer Lights

How to Fix Brassy Hair – This works! Shimmer Lights

Here’s where to purchase this brassy hair remedy online:

Directions How to Fix Brassy Hair:

1. If you had your hair bleached at a salon, attempt to call your beautician and request a free color fix. Most salons will apply a hair toner that will help tone down the brassy color. If you went to a reputable hair salon, they will want to make you happy.

2. Purchase a hair toner system such as shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner by Clairol. This is how I used to always keep my platinum hair color looking fresh. This blue-toned shampoo and conditioner will quickly tone down the yellows and brassy oranges in your hair.  This is the most guaranteed approach how to tone down the bold shade, and if your hair is badly damaged by the bleach, it might be the safest way how to fix brassy hair without further harming the hair shaft. These toners also help tone down brassy orange and yellow tints from grey, white, silver or platinum hair.

What’s a Hair Toner?

A hair toner is simply a hair color that neutralizes the unwanted hair color. Because oranges and yellows (brassy colors) are the opposite colors of blues and violets on the color wheel. This toner treatment does not permanently remove your color, it tones it down. The toner helps you mask your brassy hair until it’s time to attempt bleaching your hair again. It’s best to wait at least one month to let your hair regain it’s protein and moisture. The shimmer lights system will help add protein, moisture, and get your hair strong enough to bleach again.

If you hair is having serious dryness and breakage, I strongly recommend you read my article How to Repair Bleached Hair These helpful tips are perfect for people who have bleached their hair for the first time and need to repair their hair fast.

How to Repair Bleached Hair

How to Repair Bleached Hair

3. Next, apply an ash toner to your hair. Select a shade that is the approximately the same color or just a tad lighter than your hair. Make sure the shade specifically has the word “ash” in the hair color name! For example, if your hair is now a light brown with brassy orange tones,purchase a light ash brown toner of any brand.


4. Carefully bleach your hair again after one month of deeply conditioning your hair. You will also want to make sure your hair is deeply conditioned using my How to Repair Bleached Hair Remedies for basic care of bleached blonde hair for beginners. If you also need help selecting the best products for bleached hair

This time when you bleach your hair, try to only do one section at a time to ensure you develop the correct hair color. This will also ensure less damage. A smart way to do this is to slowly add in highlights! This way, you will not be overwhelmed.


How to fix brassy hair

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Here’s where to purchase Shimmer Lights on Amazon:

How to fix brassy hair - shimmer lights

How to fix brassy hair – shimmer lights

Amazon: Shimmer Lights

Thank you for reading Fix Brassy Hair at Home FAST and Easy DIY
If you have any questions how to fix brassy hair, please leave them down below in the comments.






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