color moonstone velvet caviar review

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case Review – Holo Moonstone

The hottest trending iPhone case is here for me to review today.

You have had to hear about Velvet Caviar phone cases by now right?!

Girl, these are lit!

color moonstone velvet caviar review

Just got my new holo moonstone iPhone 7 plus phone case by Velvet Caviar.
(available for both iPhone and Galaxy phones)

holo moonstone case review

Not only are these cases durable and super fashionable, they’re blowing up on social media right now.

With over 1K reviews for this case alone, I’m going to dive into my holo moonstone case review here:

What I LOVE most about this holo moonstone case:

  • The matte finish – no scratches
  • Smooth finish
  • Slim, not bulky
  • High quality feel
  • Gorgeous colors / foil
  • Looks VERY on trend
  • LOVING the UNIQUE marble design
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wow this phone case looks CUTE on my desk

Can we discuss the “WOW” factor this Holo Moonstone case has in the sunlight?

As you know, marble is trending everywhere right now from home decor, to cell phone cases, and this one reigns supreme!

The vibrant integration of color and reflective foil gives this cell phone case the eye catching “where did you get that cell phone case?”

I had this case on my desk at work for not even ten minutes and somebody picks it up asking me about it.

“Is this a new cell phone case?” Yesssssss……

cell phone case review

Not just a beautiful case, it’s tough.

No, I have not dropped my phone to test it, but it feels snug to the phone and very durable!

  • Screen and camera protection
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durable -crack-proof, matte finish, no color fade
  • Slim and light

holo moonstone close up

Velvet Caviar, beautiful branding and packaging

Velvet caviar’s branding is on point.

The packaging is gorgeous. I appreciate the attention to detail, adding the pretty reflective accents to the design.

color moonstone velvet caviar review

Matching Phone Ring

I’m loving the matching phone ring that you can place to your own comfort spot.

Or, you can mix and match, so many cute options on their site.

ring case

So many other cell phone accessories and goodies on their site Velvet Caviar . com

  • Rings – matching designs available
  • Chargers – matching designs available
  • Mirrors
  • Screen protectors
  • Stickers

pretty phone cases

You have to check out their website, it’s very pretty! I have to say the majority of cell phone case designs have the foil accents incorperated either subtle or big and chunky. I’m amazed how many vibrant designs are available. Seriously, from camouflage to cacti, they have a cell phone case design that you’ll love.

phone cases for women

Looks great on my desk at work and also compliments the style of my sleek Tesla!

girly cell phone cases

Hope you enjoyed!