how to remove split ends from hair

How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST

How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST!

After you do this hair treatment, your hair will look so healthy and perfect, people might ask you if your hair is real. (It happens to me!)

When you remove your split ends, your hair will immediately look smoother and healthier.

This is how you can remove your split ends from your hair Fast, in five easy steps!

I have been removing my split ends myself at home since eight grade and this remedy works!

(After all, my hair is my natural hair and it’s 3ft long – I know what I’m talking about.)

This is the best way to remove split ends from the entire length of hair without going to a salon or needing anyone’s help! Why is this the best way to remove split ends? Because this is the method of how to cut split ends without losing length. If you have thirty minutes, you too can learn how to trim split ends at home.

Give your hair a little TLC with this DIY How to remove split ends from hair fast ,NOW tutorial! Enjoy!

Got Split Ends?

Scroll down to the steps

How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST
How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST . These are my split ends from Summer ! Yuck!

How to remove your split ends from hair fast,  NOW is as easy as five steps and spending a good half hour with your hair, scissors, and your patience!

This is How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST! You’ll learn how to have healthy hair after this treatment for split ends.

(photo below) Look how thick and full my hair looks after using this split end remedy. I love keeping my hair long and healthy.

puku pals photo

Here’s the #1 product I recommend

to help prevent future split ends and make your hair healthier!

Please note that this is a tutorial and DIY how to remove ALL the split ends from your entire head of hair length and not just the bottom ends. Every split end removed. Some tutorials are very limiting, not this one!!!!

Every time I do this method how to remove split ends, I feel like I have a whole new head of hair. Also remember that removing all your split ends is also how to make your hair feel smoother. Your hair will feel healthier after you finish trimming the split ends.

Nobody ever showed me how to do this, I just figured it out myself and wow it really is the best way to remove split ends!

This will also help you grow out your hair longer by removing damaged split ends, your hair will be more healthy and your brush will glide more easily through your entire head of hair! Pretty great bonus there! Please also feel free to read my tutorial How to Grow Long Hair Fast!

Keep in mind that this takes time!

What Tools you need to Remove Your Split Ends From Hair FAST

Tools for removing split ends
Tools for removing split ends: Comb, Chopstick, and scissors!
  1. Good sharp high quality scissors (no dull scissors!)
  2. A chopstick or use your fingers
  3. Make sure your hair is clean without any styling products in it
  4. Patience, patience and a patience. (Patience is a virtue)

How to Remove Your Split Ends From your Hair NOW

Here’s the STEPS:

Wrap your hair around a chop stick
Wrap your hair around a chop stick, see the split ends?
  1. Make sure your hair is combed straight down without any snarls
  2. Take a one inch section of your hair
  3. Wrap it around your index finger or chopstick as tight but gentle as you can
  4. Cut all the stray hairs that are sticking out half an inch
  5. Unwrap it and feel the difference!
the easy way to remove split ends
The easy way to remove split ends, cut off those split ends!

You might want to concentrate on some areas especially your front layers. This split end remedy is also how to trim split ends on layered hair.

I can sometimes see people’s split ends in their hair when it’s dark because the split end is usually damages the color into a faded light brown or gray looking.

This method will also freshen all your ends on your hair, making you feel like you just had a hair stylist give you a fresh cut! This will also bring back some life into your hair with less fly aways!

Benefits of Trimming Split Ends

  1. hair feels smoother
  2. Your hair will look healthier
  3. Your hair will look thicker
  4. You will save money vs. going to the salon
  5. Hair will have more body

How to Prevent Future Split Ends

  1. Always use hair conditioner after washing
  2. Avoid shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate (try using WEN hair Products Read my review!)
  3. Keep your hair protected from excessive wind or sun
  4. Use a hair mask once a week – These are the products I like to use to
    repair my split ends and treat dry bleached hair.

Here’s some split end FAQ I get a lot!

How often do I trim my split ends?

Every six months I throughly trim my spit ends at home. I get my sharpest pair of scissors and spend half an hour trimming my split ends.

How to fix split ends overnight?

You can do this hair remedy under half an hour, that’s better than overnight!

Is coconut oil good for split ends?

Coconut oil is good to help prevent split ends but it will not fix split ends.

Can I remove split ends with a candle? (aka Velaterapia)

Yes, but it should only be done by a professional.

Is this also how to cut split ends on African American hair?


Can I cut my split ends if my hair is wet?

No, hair must be dry.

I highly believe using WEN hair Products has now helped me prevent split ends because it does not contain the popular ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, which drys out the hair in the first place stripping your natural protective oils.

Enjoy! Has this helped you? Please let me know if my “How to remove your split ends ” tutorial has helped you!

Also please share one of my images of “How to Remove Split Ends Fast” on Pinterest for Hair Care.

Thanks, Jen <3

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I hope this helped you remove all your split ends. Thanks for reading How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST .

21 thoughts on “How to Remove Split Ends from Hair FAST”

  1. Dear Jen thanks for all your tips, really great ones.
    I need to repair my hair after dye, 2 babies so my hairdresser suggested I put collagen because my hair was so dull weak falls too much and I am so short in time. The problem is white hair grows very fast so approximately every 3 weeks I have to dye the roots again. I dye it with an ammonia free dye. The roots are now white curly and frizzy while the rest are just totally straight but lifeless. I hate the white hair so I have to continuously dye it so please any advice to save my hair? Thanks

    1. Hi Noha,
      Please look into using natural hair dyes like Henna. It won’t damage your hair and it will actually condition it. It’s mostly used in India. For fussy frizz, take a light dab of olive oil onto your frizz and comb it down with a boar bristle brush or another fine bristle brush. When I want to go back to my natural color, I’ll be using henna!

      1. I have heard so many great things about using henna to colour hair, I can’t wait to try it! Another great suggestion is coffee or black tea 🙂 drenching your hair in coffee leaves your hair with a nice rich glossy color! And for blondes, chamomile tea! I love this method myself, as it subtly lightens so I can control my shade, it cleans, softens,and miisturizes, reduces brassiness, and leaves hair amazingly shiny!!

    2. Hi! I use henna to dye my hair because it dyes all types of hair and it is all natural and actually good for your hair and adds shine. 🙂

  2. I have quite curly and somewhat frizzy hair. I also have some layers. Will this chopstick method work for me? Because I tried it (haven’t cut it yet as I got a little paranoid haha) and there are A LOT of ends that stick out from the main group (all the way up to the top)

    Advise please? 🙂

    1. Hi Cassie!
      You can do this to your frizzy hair but it might bee too hard to see the hair ends sticking out if your hair is too frizzy. I don’t want you to cut the curly frizz, just the ends. It would help to straighten your hair first so you can see the actual ends easier. If you can’t get it straight, try pulling each individual curl straight and wrap it around something thicker than a chopstick, try a thick makeup brush handle or even a long handle of a kitchen utensil like a ladle. This would make it easier for your curly hair. Please let me know if this helped. Good luck!

  3. Hi Jen ,
    I just did this , not thoroughly just a quick job and I’m so amazed! Loving it!!! Thanks so much for this amazing tip! I’ll do it forever! Thanx x

  4. I haven’t went to the hairdresser in probably a year(I’m trying to grow out my hair) I have soooo many split ends. Will this method shorten the length of my hair?

    1. No, this method for removing split ends only shortens the ends a tiny bit. You won’t like you cut your hair, that’s the best benefit.

  5. Hi Cay, I didn’t know the term was called “dusting” in the african american community, great. Yes, sometimes I just use my fingers to wrap my hair around, the stick really shows every split end, yes it does take extra time. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving me a comment. 🙂

  6. lol try egg yolks with hair oil (any) make sure you dont use those flavored ones etehir the almond one or any neutral hair oil. apply the mixture for about 15-30 mins. wash with shampoo and conditioner. it works! =D

  7. Can u heal split ends without cutting? My whole head is split all of hair shaft , last time I attempted the above I pretty much hacked too much hair off and now I have a million split ends again. When I go to the hairdresser and get it cut it just looks like shorter hair with split ends so whats the point? Please help! Ps , I have a zinc deficiency so that might have something to do with it . I stopped bleaching and straightening in Jan and still looks like rubbish . I’m now taking biotin and phyto herb. Looks so bad I’m wearing Jon renau . Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi,

    Yes the best way to get rid of split ends is to trim them. Split ends are the reason why your hair stops growing and gives it a dull look.

    1. Hair grows at the root so it does not matter what’s going on at the ends of your hair. However, it’s best to cut the ends when they are damaged and split. Cutting hair does NOT make it grow faster.

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