How to grow long hair fast – My secret!

Want to to know my secret how to grow long hair fast? I grew 6 inches of hair in 6 months! That’s double the normal rate of growth which is 1/2 inch per month. I wanted to prove my method of fast long hair growth by not dying my hair and letting my natural roots document the truth. Keep reading and I’ll show you how to grow long hair fast with my my long hair secret routine!

how to grow long hair fast

Sharing my secret how to grow long hair fast! 30 inches of hair, 6 inches of new hair growth in 6 months!

Here’s how to grow long hair fast! – My secret! Growing up, I was taught how to take care of my hair by my mother. My good habits became a lifestyle. You can adopt my hair care routine to grow your hair fast and keep it long and healthy! I’m going to share EVERYTHING with you! I noticed that my hair has always grown faster than most people’s hair and it stays long and strong. If you want long hair as fast as possible, please book mark this page and study it!

What you can do TODAY to Grow Long Hair Fast

First let’s start speeding up your hair growth by feeding your scalp and conditioning your hair. I like to make sure my hair grows not only fast, but thick! Take 1 part Organic Castor Oil and 4 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Place it in an empty shampoo bottle.

how to grow long hair fast

how to grow long hair fast- This is my new hair growth PROOF ,my new natural hair color coming in FAST! This is also how to grow out natural color fast!

Next, Section your hair in half, starting at the ends – apply the oil mixture to your ends and squeeze in the oil with your hands. This will saturate your hair with the oils. Slowly work your way up by applying more oil to a section above the ends and gently work it down each time. Squeeze the excess down.

how to grow long hair fast – Important tip: Castor oil / Olive oil on your scalp every month!

As you get to your scalp, be generous with the oil and be sure to cover your whole scalp by working it in with your finger tips. Gently place your hair into a shower cap and let the oil penetrate into your scalp and hair for an hour. Your scalp will be nourished, making a perfect environment for your hair to grow fast! Your hair will also now have more elasticity meaning it won’t easily break. When you hair is strong, you can safely grow out your hair without the ends breaking off! Your hair will be in a better condition overall and look luscious after shampooing and conditioning. My favorite shampoo for growing long hair fast is called, Wen. I have a great review of Wen here. This helps make your hair grow fast! I use it three times a week! Make sure you wash your hair with a formula that does NOT have Sodium laureth sulfate in it! This is very important because it can slow down your hair growth! Feed your scalp with this method at least once every month or more if you can handle it! If your scalp isn’t healthy and it itches,  use this Natural Itchy Scalp Remedy – 1 Minute Cure!

Here’s my hair before I started growing out the light blonde color:

This photo is before I started to let me natural color grow in.

This photo is before I started to let me natural color grow in.

The Best Brush and Comb for you to use – Grow Long Hair Fast

best brushes for long hair

Best brushes and comb for long hair

These are the ONLY brush and comb I use on my hair! They will help grow your hair fast! Use a Hair Pick to gently remove tangles. Start from your ends and slowly work your way up. NEVER be in a hurry to brush your hair! Have patience and realize it will pay off with long gorgeous hair. This wide tooth comb is the gentlest way to comb your hair besides your fingers. Never tug hard on it, slowly if you encounter a snarl, pick up that section of hair stuck in your comb and try to untangle it with your fingers and pick it apart. Tip: Try some infusium 23 leave in conditioner in that one snarl to slide it free.

Once your hair is tangle free, use your boar bristle brush. Starting at the ends and slowly work your way up. It’s best to divide your hair in half when doing this. Once your reach the top of your head, do some long gentle strokes from your scalp to the ends. This gets your natural hair oils distributed to the ends and will add incredible shine and smooth your hair to silk perfection. You hair will look like it’s been straightened with a flat iron.

Natural Cure for Receding Hairline

Natural Cure for Receding Hairline -Another way how to make your hair grow fast!

Hair tools – How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast!


My Favorite Hair Tool Brand is Conair

I love using these Conair lift combs for my long hair

I love using these Conair lift combs for my long hair

These are my go to combs pictured to the left. They’re called – Conair lift combs. I use the aqua one every day, It also adds great volume to my roots. I have tried many combs for my long hair and these are the only ones that I find  comfortable in my hand and does not scratch my scalp. I do like to sneak the pink comb into my makeup bag for travel! These are easy to find at almost every drug store!



conair ceramic wooden handle boar bristle brush

conair ceramic wooden handle boar bristle brush

To get the silkiest smooth, straight hair naturally, I use my Conair Ceramic Wooden Boar Cushion Brush. This brush is amazing and the best boar bristle brush I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot! I love the weight of the wooden handle and the shape of the brush head. There’s even a padded cushion to ensure your hair will be gently brushed and stress free! I only use this when my hair is dry or just a tiny bit damp. This brush also helps make you hair more shiny. The protective oils on your scalp need to be distributed to the ends of your hair. This brush is one of the only brushes that can do that! When the ends of your hair are protected, the hair is less likely to break. Most people that cannot grow out their hair have dry hair ends and that hair easily breaks or gains tons of split ends. When their hair is constantly breaking off at the ends it looks like their hair is not growing. The ends of their hair can possibly break off in longer lengths than the length the hair is actually growing at the roots! People that have very short hair usually suffer from this problem. This boar bristle brush helps make your hair strong, protected, and helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp. This brush can be your secret weapon for faster hair growth potential! Your hair will also look very shiny! The cushioned head of this brush feels relaxing on my scalp, making it a joy to use! Speaking of blood flow to your scalp, don’t forget to massage your scalp as mentioned below.

Don’t forget to check out my favorite “Poo-free” Method
Great for Growing out your Hair



weird secret for long hair

My weird habit for long hair, so relaxing!

My weird habit that makes my hair grow FAST

I have this weird habit I do when I’m at home watching tv or just relaxing. I LOVE to massage or just touch my scalp roots using my finger tips. I love how my scalp feels well conditioned and my hair feels silky I can’t help but feel it! This brings a lot of blood flow to the area and feeds your hair follicles making your hair grow. I do this every day! With all the good quality products I use, my hair feels luxuriously soft. I know it’s weird but hey, I have 30 inches of hair.( that’s 76.2 centimeters) Never pull or tug the hair, just massage the scalp. You can also bend over like you’re about to touch you toes, this would give you lots of areas to massage your scalp and increase blood flow there for fast hair growth. This is a great trick to make your hair grow faster.

How to Grow Long Hair Fast Checklist

These are my favorite daily tips how to make hair grow fast and stay long:

1. NEVER comb your hair when it’s wet – it will stress the elasticity of the hair because hair is weakest when it’s wet.

2. Eat protein – One of the best tips how to grow log hair fast because protein is the building blocks to make hair.

3. Don’t cut your hair! Give it time to grow. – People think cutting their hair is how to grow long hair fast, but it’s counter productive. Keep it long and continue to nourish it!

4. Let your hair dry naturally – This keeps your hair strong and the scalp retains the moisture, one of the best ways how to grow long hair fast!

5. No flat irons ever! – Flat irons and blow dryers, anything with heat will damage hair!



You might also be suffering from bald spots or a weak receding hairline or hair part. After years of having my part int the middle, it thinned out. I grew back the hair in my center hair part. Be sure to read my natural homemade remedy for a receding hairline

6. no hair dye directly on your scalp, leave 1/4 inch – This keeps irritation away from your follicles

7. Use a wide tooth comb to untangle – The gentlest way to comb and is how to grow long hair fast and keep it strong

8. Use a boar bristle brush to condition and smooth your hair – This transfers natural oils down from the scalp and is another way how to grow long hair fast and keep it long!

9. No tight hair styles – can lead to balding and irritation!

10. Don’t wash your hair everyday, try to wait for 2-3 days at least!

11. Always use conditioner and leave it in at least 3 minutes before you rinse- this nourishes your hair and moistens your scalp, a great way how to grow long hair fast!

12. Never attempt brush your hair when it’s dried out or in a bad condition, tie it back those days before you wash it. – Hair will break very easy!

13. Maintain tangle free hair – Gently comb your hair! Stimulating the scalp by daily brushing is how to grow long hair fast.

14. Don’t leave sweat on your scalp all day. Wash it. – It will cause irritation!

15. Never sleep with your hair in a tight hair tie.

16. No products with Sodium laureth sulfate in them

Do you have grey hair? Here’s the grey hair drink remedy I used. All natural Homemade grey hair remedy.

Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

Reverse your Gray Hair Naturally Miracle Drink

17. Keep your hair out of the cold and windy and extreme sun exposure – if you’re in the beach, apply oil to your hair otherwise wear a hat!

18. No swimming in chlorine or salt water

19. Make sure your daily vitamin has Biotin in it!I take a daily supplement called Hair Skin and Nails.  This is a super vitamin and a great way how to grow long hair fast

20. Don’t smoke!

21. Make sure you eat olive oil regularly – how to grow long hair fast from the inside out!

22. Never be in a hurry when brushing/combing hair – you could break a lot off! This will keep your hair strong and healthy!

And those are my fast hair grows tips and secrets, Enjoy!

My long hair secret

Enjoy your long luxurious hair!

Do you have a HOW To Grow Long Hair Fast TIP? Include it in the comments section below, thanks!


*Remember, Long hair is a lifestyle change. You can grow it fast with my hair growth tips, but keeping it long takes effort. Take care of your hair!

Last but not least, here’s some long hair inspiration photos :
How to grow Long Hair Fast

If you have bleached damaged hair, read how I repair and fix it here: Repair Bleached Damaged Hair FAST!

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My long hair growth update:

here's an update of my long hair. I added some layers and trimmed my hair

here’s an update of my long hair. I added some layers and trimmed my hair


My long hair at work:

long hair at work

long hair at work

Update hair growth: 10/23/2016

elegant office apparel

My hair grew out and my ends are brassy

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