Shiny Smile Veneers Review

I tried Shiny Smile Veneers in bright white and here’s my complete review and before and after photos.

No, I’m not paid to write this review.
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Shiny Smile Veneers Review

Yes, this is my 100% authentic Shiny Smile Veneers review.

First, I just want to say how happy I am with the company Shiny Smile Veneers and how satisfied I am with my new “million dollar” smile.

My teeth have been on a journey this whole year and Shiny Smile Veneers was the best part of my teeth makeover experience.

My Shiny Smile Veneers Before and After Photos:

Notice my gum line in the before has inflammation and they’re always looking a little puffy. I’m so glad Shiny Smile Veneers decided to reduce their appearance by giving me the illusion of bigger teeth.

Shiny Smile Veneers Review before and after photos
before and after – flash applied to photo
Shiny Smile Veneers Review before and after photos
before and after photo no flash – excuse the makeup on my lips
up close before and after photos of Shiny Smile Veneers Review
Close up of the gum line – open up wide – can’t see my dental fillings!
Shiny Smile Veneers Review photos
big smile showing top and bottom
color difference Shiny Smile Veneers Review
Showing the dramatic color difference with the bottom veneers in and my natural teeth on top
veneers Shiny Smile Veneers Review
veneers on a yellow mailing envelope next to a white paper towel for color reference

It all starts with making molds of your teeth at home

You receive this kit. I think they should give you more trays and clay to practice on. I love that you put them back into the box and place the pre-printed shipping label on it and send.

trays and clay Shiny Smile Veneers Review

Here’s a photo of the rejected mold:

Shiny Smile veneer molds Shiny Smile Veneers Review
This mold was rejected. I didn’t mix the clay long enough and thee is some dragging in the two front teeth,

This is a photo of the approved mold:

Shiny Smile Veneers Review teeth impression example approved
Look how crisp the lines are! Especially the front teeth impression is more defined! I was so proud of this mold!

You’ll receive a kit with trays and clay to make impressions of the top and bottom of your teeth. (this may take a couple attempts)

Yes, I couldn’t wait to get my veneers after my molds were approved. No, I’m not perfect, I actually failed twice sending my molds. I didn’t mix the clay long enough and therefore the clay wasn’t firm enough and dragging in my mold was present. I also wasn’t biting down hard enough for my impressions. But then it happened, I made a set of molds I was proud of LOL!

It was frustrating for me because I also did molds many times when I straightened my teeth with Candid clear aligners – (I had to go to Candid’s office and have it done!)

How much did Shiny Smile Veneers cost?

I paid for the top and bottom set in one payment of $520

If you want to pay in payment plans, they have that option as well as expedited fabrication + express shipping!

Shiny Smile Veneers coupon code?

Yes! I used coupon code: 50off

This took $50 off my total. Yay!

How long does it take to get your veneers?

I received my bright white (color reference) Shiny Smile Veneers in about 5 weeks after my teeth/gum impressions were approved. I didn’t pay the extra $200 to have them expedited. This was during quarantine so there were unexpected delays thanks to COVID-19.

Unexpected first impressions when I received my veneers!

I was appalled when I opened the veneer case for my new veneers!

They’re so lightweight, thin, and plastic!

They look AMAZING!

I was confused because I was expecting them to be heavier for some reason. Because they were so lightweight, they felt cheap. Don’t get me wrong, it was my mistake for thinking this way. The thinner and lighter = the more natural look and feel to the veneers!

Do they make a “snap” sound when installing them?

Mine do not make a snap sound when they’re fitted onto my teeth. I have noticed other Youtubers that share reviews – you can hear a good “snap” sound! Maybe mine don’t because I have a smaller mouth? I don’t know. 🤔

What do I think of the colors?

Shiny Smile Veneers Review Shiny Smile veneers colors

The company has three current shades (in order of whiteness): Bright white, Peal, and Champaign. I’m so relieved I purchased the Shiney Smile Veneers in Bright White! Here’s why!:

  • I’m pale, and I now look healthier as if I have a bit of a tan!
  • My teeth are small and the whiteness accentuates my teeth
  • Gum line of my teeth is smaller looking now
  • The WOW factor! My teeth look healthy!
  • No, they don’t look freakish – they look Hollywood
  • Perfect white teeth make any lipstick color “pop”
  • My smile – first impression looks more professional in the business world

My thoughts on Shiny Smile Veneer’s color options:

Bright White – Whitest color, look very glam – makes anyone look like a celebrity! People may think they’re traditional veneers or perfect teeth.

Pearl – Looks natural 100% healthy white – nobody would think they’re veneers, just healthy teeth.

Champaign – Slight yellow tint, look great on older folks that have stained teeth that happen naturally with age.

How did I discover Shiny Smile Veneers?

I was researching veneers and there was a related video of a young lady covering her teeth instantly with Shiny Smile Veneers. The before and after had me fascinated!Next, I looked at ALL the Shiny Smile Veneer Reviews online! I was sold. Funny thing, I was checking EVERY day to see if there were new reviews – that’s how fascinated I was.

Finally, I spent a few weeks contemplating before I made my purchase because I wanted to see if I would be still excited about the product. After seeing more new reviews posted, I made my purchase for the top and bottom veneers. ZERO regrets!

Why Did I Choose Shiny Smile Veneers instead of traditional veneers?

I thought about veneers but after seeing things that can happen to veneers such as fallout, gum line issues, teeth color maintenance, plus shaving down your teeth – I said no way Jose!

Plus the price scared me even though I can afford traditional veneers. Just the thought if something went wrong with my veneers and a possibility of getting them redone! I know someone that had to get them all redone.

Yikes! After knowing someone that had veneers and how often hers would fall out just from eating rice, I dismissed the idea. In conclusion, I want to be 100 years old with my real natural teeth intact. (not shaved down teeth)

Instead of traditional veneers, I chose to go to the dentist, get my teeth cared for, straightened, and whitened at home. Because my teeth bleaching would not last long, I went for these Shiny Smile Veneers so I can always have perfect teeth at a moments notice.

My coffee and tea drinking is not going away anytime soon because I enjoy it and it makes me so happy. I don’t want to constantly bleach my teeth either. Brushing my teeth three times a day, flossing, seeking a dentist every six months is OK with me!

Why Did I Choose Shiny Smile Veneers instead of other “snap on veneer” companies?

Simply because of great reviews, quality work, amazing before an afters, and natural looking perfect teeth.

Researching the Shiny Smile Veneers company was impressive. They have amazing reviews and responsive customer service. In many reviews, the company went above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy, remaking their veneers, changing the color etc.

After watching other veneer company reviews and seeing their products up close, I’m amazed how Shiny Smile Veneers has the most natural looking veneers every time.

Do I wear my veneers all day?

No. Because I work from home, I only wear them when I’m doing a zoom meeting, going to a business meeting, photos, out in public. (when not wearing a COVID-19 mask)

Do you have a lisp when you start wearing the veneers?

No. Because I straightened my teeth with clear aligners by Candid, I was used to talking with aligners / retainers already. The veneers are actually thinner than my clear aligners, so no lisp happened at all!

Are the veneers comfortable?

Yes! They’re more comfortable than my clear aligners and thinner. As long as your teeth and gums are in the same health when you did your molds, your veneers should be comfortable.

There were also no sharp edges on my veneers. They’re smooth and have never once irritated my mouth nor my gums.

What’s why story with my teeth?

Hahaha. Well, I had braces from middle school to high school about five years and couldn’t regularly afford to go to the orthodontist – hence having wearing them for so long. Next, I lost my retainer and there was no way I could afford one on my own.

Fast forward twenty years, my teeth slowly migrated back to their position and I had enough! My husband took a photo of me for LinkedIn and I saw my teeth in the photo – I just felt so motivated to make an improvement!

I saw people wearing the clear Candid aligners and I wore them for six months for perfectly straight teeth at home. Next, I bleached them to the moon but it does not last and it’s a time pursuit of 40 minutes to whiten them. I much rather pop in my Shiny Smile Veneers.

I made 2020 My Year for a great smile

With being in quarantine, I made a list of things I wanted to work on in my down time to come out better for both business and personal goals. My teeth were something I procrastinated about and I crossed them off my list! Yay!

What’s my favorite thing about wearing Shiny Smile Veneers?

I love to smile and laugh all day long. Shiny Smile veneers gives me the smile I want to share with the world!

Second, now that I have my own business and speak to business owners now and then one on one, my perfect smile helps me make a professional first impression. Because after all, you only get one change to make a first impression. You can’t go wrong with a bright white dazzling smile!

Third, my husband has a great smile and he makes me laugh, so I want to compliment him. Awwwww. Wasn’t that sweet?

Are you still on the fence about Shiny Smile Veneers?

I was. But I could kick myself for not taking action sooner.

After all, it takes time for the impressions kit to ship, sending them back, getting approved, fabrication of your teeth.

The cost? If it’s the cost holding you back, I have this to say. I would buy them now because a company like this is on the rise and I predict a price increase in the near future.

Are you scared you might look too AMAZING? You might, You will – so you’ve been warned. Don’t be shy. 😀 People may even get a little jelly and tell people they’re veneers – that’s when you KNOW you look REALLY Good!

I’m wearing Shiny Smile Veneers and I’m proud.

To the company, thank you so much for such an amazing invention that I wish I had twenty years ago!

Thank you for reading my Shiny Smile Veneer review!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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