candid co before and after photos

Candid Clear Aligners Review

candid co before and after photos

Here’s my before and after photos and my review on Candid Co aligners.

Yes, this is my RAW unfiltered unbiased review of Candid Co Clear aligners. Nobody paid me to make this review and I still want to make sure this is the best Candid Co clear aligners review!

I know my teeth look gross, so I also included the digital before and after photos:

Candid Clear Aligners Review
Yes, these are my teeth before my treatment!
after photos Candid Co
And WOW! ? These are my teeth perfectly straight!

I straightened my teeth using Candid clear aligners during quarantine and emerged a butterfly.

Here is my completely raw journey and my Candid Clear aligners review. Including some before and after photos. Best of all, if you have ANY questions, please leave them below in the comments. I keep my reviews 100% and this is NOT a sponsored review – Candid Co did NOT pay me to write this review and they did NOT pay for my Candid Co clear aligners. This is in fact a 100% ? genuine review.

I thought to myself, my teeth are not in great condition – can I safely straighten my teeth at home? YES!

OK, right before the lockdown, I gifted myself clear aligners! Woo hoo!

My teeth had issues and I was still a candidate for Candid Clear Aligners! It’s TRUE

  • I was missing a tooth (my back molar)
  • I had a crown on a tooth
  • My gums had inflammation
  • My bottom teeth had crowding
  • I have a LOT of fillings….
  • My teeth have a history of having braces a long time ago (lost my retainer)
  • I didn’t have dental insurance!
  • Terribly coffee stained and tartar build-up! ?‍♀️

Why I chose Candid Clear Aligners

  • The amazing reviews on youtube documenting their journey month by month!
  • The value for the price
  • They’re a reputable company
  • Cheaper than going to an orthodontist monthly/overall cost
  • The luxury of not having to go see an orthodontist! At home kit!
  • Candid had an office nearby if there was an issue
  • Faster teeth straightening than braces
  • They’re clear aligners!
  • The aligners are approved and designed by AI and a real orthodontist
  • Less expensive than Invisalign
  • You can monitor and track your teeth alignment in the Candid Co App! (watch your teeth move into position)
  • Less painful than braces
  • Low cost to replace a retainer if I ever lose them
  • They will send you an email alert to change your aligners every 2 weeks!

Candid Aligners Before and After Photos

OK, I’m sharing these before and after photos of my teeth. YES! My teeth had bottom crowding that just got slowly worse over time. I knew it would take time to straighten my teeth again but quarantine happened after I received my clear aligners and I had time to relax and straighten my teeth at home!

Candid Clear Aligners Review before and after photos
candid aligners before and after

My overall experience using Candid Clear aligners to straighten my teeth

The best part of using Candid’s clear aligners is the fact it’s exciting! Using the Candid app, you can see how each tooth will be affected in the next step. I would get excited. The best day is when I saw that my front teeth would be moving straight, instead of turned crooked.

Something I didn’t realize about teeth aligners…

OK. I thought that all of my teeth would slowly move together in each step. I didn’t realize that my back teeth needed to be individually moved back before my front teeth would start straightening. Big dummy, LOL. ? It wasn’t until the last month that my front teeth were straight.

My dentist was shocked!

I went for teeth cleaning appointment and my dentist was concerned that I had gaps between my back molars when I was starting the Candid clear aligners. I showed her my aligners and was kinda upset that I didn’t purchase her (more expensive) aligners. My teeth are done with Candid and my teeth are fine and healthy.

I did cheat and switched my aligners early – Shhh don’t tell!

I was given 16 steps to straighten my smile and I cut the wearing time. Instead of wearing them a total of 7 months, I did it in less than 5 months! I switched my aligners to the next step when they felt loose on my teeth. I did this but I’m not recommending it to everyone because I’m not a dentist nor orthodontist. Also, please note I waited for one year to write this review because I wanted to make sure my teeth were healthy after doing this treatment so quickly. My teeth are happy with no issues. I have also noticed that since I completed my treatment, Candid Co updated its treatment to monitor their patients by using a teeth scanner and checking in with the company to move quickly to the next aligher!

After straightening my teeth I bleached them

After my teeth were straight I bleached them! However, I DRINK A LOT OF COFFEE! Therefore instead of constantly bleaching them or stopping my coffee fun-filled mornings, I took my teeth to another level. Now my teeth are always ready for big events.

I also recommend Clip-on veneers

I purchased clip-on veneers for instant white teeth. Check out my Shiny Smile Veneers review.

shiny smile veneers review

Candid Co Aligners FAQ

How much did you pay for your Candid Co aligner treatment?

I paid $1750.00. Screenshot proof below.

Is there a Candid Co coupon code?

I used promo code: STUDIOFRIEND150 this took $150 off the price.

how much did Candid Co aligners cost?

How many times did you do the teeth impressions kit?

It took me so many times I lost count…maybe 5 times and I lost my patience and I scheduled an appointment to have my teeth scanned in their office. I recommend this option if you want to guarantee your impressions to be accepted.

How do I get started with Candid Co?

Simply visit their website and take their 30-second survey to discover if you’re a candidate or not. (you most likely will be)

How long do I have to wear the clear aligners?

At least 22 hours straight! (pun intended lol see what I did there? Oh that was a good one.)

Can I use my dental insurance?

Lucky you. Yes. Depending on your coverage that is! You can get up to $1300 covered upfront! OMG YES. That means you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed. Check with them – no guarantee!

Do they HURT?

Oh my. Each time you switch to a new set of aligners, there will be a new tightness of stress to your teeth until they move. On my first day, I took ibuprofen before trying them on. I knew there would be pain. They also provide you these “chewies” to chew on that relieve the pain. Just like when a baby’s teeth are growing in and they’re teething.

My aligners are scraping against my gum-line or tongue – how do I fix them!?

Yes, some of the aligners are not perfectly sanded down during their finishing process. You can take a fine grit nail file and smooth down the sharp edges yourself. I had to do it on a few sets.

My aligners hurt my cheeks, tongue, and gums what do I do?!

You can use wax! Dentist wax – you can roll a little ball of wax onto the sharp areas and avoid the pain instantly.

dental wax
Here’s the dental wax I used.

Will I have a lisp?

Yes you may experience some speech issues at first. I had to take them out when making phone calls.

Can I whiten my teeth while wearing the aligners?

YES! You can use any teeth whitening gel. The company sends their own brand with the treatment too! However, it’s a very weak solution, so you may want to use another brand.

How long do I need to wear the retainers?

You need to wear them at night to keep the alignment of your teeth from going back to how they were before treatment.

What if I lose my retainers?

Don’t worry – You can wear your last set in your treatment until your new aligners arrive. They cost $99 to replace.

Am I happy I purchased Candid aligners?

YES! No regrets.

My aligners are cloudyHow do I clean my retainers?

Your retainers will eventually get cloudy. You can keep them clear by rinsing them with dish soap every morning and letting them dry and store for nigh time wear.

Thanks for reading my Candid Co review!

DO YOU have any questions about my Candid Co aligners review?

I’m happy to answer them in the comments.