Numbuzin shining essence review

numbuzin no.3 Shining Essence Review

I have been using the numbuzin No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner for over3 months and I’m sharing my review.

OK, If you’re a fan of Korean skincare such as myself, you’ve heard of the brand called NUMBUZIN. This Korean skincare brand is winning the best of the best skincare awards and one of Numbuzin’s TOP products is called the “Shining essence”.

Numbuzin shining essence review
Numbuzin shining essence review

The most unique item in my skincare: Numbuzin Shining Essence Review

I like to now consider myself an expert on “essences”.

I’ve tried expensive brands such as Tatcha’s The Essence and even Elf’s super affordable Hydrating Essence DUPE . Now that I have tried NUMBUZIN’s essence, it blows these two other “essences” completely out of the water – pun intended. ?

My FIRST impression of NUMBUZIN Shining Essence

OMG this stuff stinks! Yes. I said what is wrong here, did I get an old one? The Shining Essence has a funk to it and it’s for a good reason. It’s fermented! My husband asked me what I had on and I knew my nose was right. I said I was doing a skincare treatment and I’ll wash it off in an hour. ? I went to my office and let the goodness absorb into my skin. I even pat on another few layers to get the maximum goodness.

My results of using Numbuzin Shining Essence

YES! It’s been over 3 months, and I love using this stuff. I have learned how to get it to not smell after application. Once it’s absorbed into my skin, I go over and lock it in with numbuzin No. 3 Skin Softening Serum.

Here’s what I experience using the Numbuzin Shining Essence:

  • Immediately adds a healthy moist sheen to the skin
  • Skin looks deeply hydrated
  • After long term use, skin looks more even toned
  • I can tell a differnce in the texture of my skin, its smooth!
  • Works well on my combination skin
  • I don’t look greasy

My tips for using numbuzin No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner

  • Less is more! You only need a light dab! (1 bottle of toner last 3+ months)
  • Be polite knowing this product has an odor – wear it when you’re alone
  • Take your time, big results took at least 2 months for myself

Can I pour this into a mister/spray bottle? NO

I tried to put this in a fine mister / nano mister – don’t bother

The formula is too thick, it won’t work, I’ve tried!

I don’t like pouring this onto a cotton pad or into my hands to pat because of the smell. But I pour little drops onto my face at an angle and use my fingertips to push it into my skin.

The price, is it worth it?

The shining essence is super affordable from the official Numbuzin website and you can often see price reductions! Today it’s $19.60 and it’s a small fraction of the big essences brands I have paid for in the past. To see such an effort on the ingredients, the price is practically cheap! YES, it’s worth it. You will need very little of this product once a day is sufficient. Pat just a little on your face in the morning.

Fermented Skincare is GOOD for your skin

OK, I learned fast to respect the smell omg it’s strong at first. The Shining Essence has over 50 fermented skin-loving ingredients.

Yes, your skin loves this stuff and fermented ingredients are in some of the most expensive skincare products.

I was researching how to get glass skin, and this lovely lady enticed me with her incredible skin and fun personality. She also presents the product so wonderfully. Soo Beauty channel on youtube. Below.

Using NUMBUZIN Shining Essence for the first time

I could see that my skin was quickly absorbing this toner. I was amazed that my skin was taking this product without stinging or reacting with any redness or anything bad.

Final thoughts,

You really need to give this a try!

HOW did I discover the Shining Essence?