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Hair Transplants for Women

My dear elegant ladies. I know many of us are or will be dealing with hair loss at some point in our life. The fuss of taking daily expensive supplements and applying hair DIY remedies can be FRUSTRATING. Wouldn’t it be an exciting announcement that there’s a cost-effective and PERMANENT solution to women’s hair loss that’s actually gorgeous and natural-looking? Well, my dear elegant ladies, it’s here.

And yes, judging by the title – they’re hair transplants!

The long journey to provide women with a safe and natural-looking hair restoration procedure has finally come full circle.

As we enter 2022, this is one of the best days for all women because there’s no need anymore fussing over their thinning hair or dealing with large bald spots on their heads! No more expensive treatments that only gave temporary relief either–now you can enjoy both permanent looks as well quality living thanks in part from advancements made by innovations towards bringing us better options than ever before available today. And it’s simply known as a hair transplant. Ladies, it’s not just for men anymore!

The hair loss may have occurred from years of tight ponytails, hair parted in the same area for years, weaves, hormonal changes, just to name a few common ones you can relate to. Oh and I should also mention over-plucked eyebrows can be restored too.

There are so many temporary remedies and products for women dealing with hair loss, but the topic still seems to be taboo! Hair transplants for women are becoming a trending buzzword beauty procedure that’s on the rise! Women are getting permanent results and restoring their hairlines – gaining back their confidence.

One in five women will experience some degree of hair loss usually caused by aging, illness or hormonal changes after menopause.

Dr. Ben Mousavi MD Concord Hair Restoration

Women tend to have a subtle thinning all over the scalp rather than losing their hair like what is common with males who go through this stage as well – but fortunately, there are ways for you can prevent further losses and even grow new follicles if needed!

And the best part- it’s by using your own hair! Safe and natural results too! I wouldn’t recommend something I did not 100% believe in.

How an FUE Hair Transplant Works:

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction. In the female, transplant surgery is done in a similar way to that of males and basically, there’s no difference. To simply explain it: The FUE method involves extracting many healthy follicular units from the donor area and planting them into the recipient site. It’s as simple as that. Here’s the breakdown of the process:

First, your surgeon will either shave your entire head or a section of it so they can collect hair follicles for donation. They’ll give you local anesthesia which is why there won’t be any pain! With their special tool called tool that extracts healthy hair follicles, he/she extracts these precious hairs from our scalps. Next, the surgeon will implant the harvested hair follicles to the balding areas of your scalp using a specialized tool. Lastly, they apply dressings and implants so you can quickly heal and go back to work! The procedure does take up to 8 hours on average. And yes, you’ll be given break time to eat, be comfortable, etc.

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Have you heard about hair transplants for women?

I know it might sound scary or painful but it’s not. Hair transplants are now more natural-looking and pain-free than ever! They’re definitely not anything close to what “hair plugs” looked like back in the day.

Ladies, I’ve scoped it out for you and this is how to fully restore your hairline whether you have bald spots thinning hair part, or thinning hairline. If you want fast results that are permanent, you need to get yourself a free hair consultation with Dr. Ben Mousave. (NO he did not pay me to write this about him at all) The Dr. I’ve met with has shown me how safe and beautiful a simple hair restoration procedure can be for anyone losing their hair whether it’s on their scalp or restoring eyebrows – his work is natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing and customizable to your needs. I hope to blog more about the issue of hair loss in the near future and how it impacts women more than you think.