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Pink Armor Nail Gel Review

Today I’m sharing my pink armor nail gel review.

If you want the quick answer whether or not pink armor nail gel really works or not, YES IT WORKS! 🙂

If you want to know how long it takes to work and my 101 pink armor nail gel review, keep reading. Good story!

Here’s where I found this Pink Armor nail gel online cheap.

Check out my natural nail results after using pink armor nail gel for two months:

This is the longest my natural nails have ever been!

So I purchased this  pink armor nail get at Bed Bath and Beyond. ($9.99) Even the cashier boasted how great this stuff is, she was even wearing it. It’s in their impulse buy section at check-out. I bet you’ve seen it before.


“How the heck does this pink armor nail stuff work exactly?”

It’s not a polish, it’s a protein rich gel coat. It fills in the weak parts of your nail bed. Strengthening your entire nail deep down to the shiny surface. They claim you only need one coat. I use at least three pink armor nail gel coats alone if I’m not going to wear a colored nail polish on top.


What kind of protein does Pink Armor Nail Gel use?

Keratin protein is used.

What are all the nail benefits of Pink Armor nail gel?

  • Stronger nails
  • Repairs damaged nails
  • Nails look brighter
  • Nail tips look whiter
  • Seals your nails
  • Nail beds look pinker and healthier
  • Used as base coat
  • Used as a protective shiny top coat


Nail Goals, Are you like me?

If you’re like me, you always want to try the “as seen on TV” products for yourself. I was skeptical if the before and after photos are real or if there’s any real people out there that swear by this product. The pretty pink colored bottle of nail gel that promises stronger, longer nails… FAST! lol. Who wouldn’t want that?! Hoping I could have long pretty natural nails that I could file was my dream.  

Pink Armor Nail Gel Review
My journey and what you can expect

I’ve tried so many nail strengtheners…

Over the past ten years I have tried at least seven different nail strengthening remedies and none lived up to the hype…

  • Anytime I would play tennis, I’d break a nail.
  • Anytime I pulled out wet clothes from the washer machine, I’d break a nail.
  • Even one time fitting into my skinny jeans pulling up my pants and trying to get button my jeans… I’d break a nail. So annoying right?

I gave pink armor a try…

Day 1

First off, right away, LOVE the pink tone of the polish.

Second, it made my nails super shiny and the nail beds looked healthier.

Third, after applying a few thin coat, my nails felt stronger.

I applied three coats and kept it on all week.


Week 1

My nails felt stronger and no breakage happened.

Week 2 

I painted my nails on top of the pink armor nail gel coat

Week 2 

I removed al the polish and nail gel for a new color.

(I used the method below for two months to achieve my long nails)

Over two months of using pink armor I achieved my goal

I’ve continued using pink armor nail gel and I’m on my second bottle. For best results using pink armor nail gel, I recommend the following steps.


Here’s how to use pink armor nail gel for best results

  • Apply a thin coat of the pink armor nail gel and let it dry for ten minutes.
  • Apply a second coat and let that dry for a few hours
  • Apply two coats of a favorite nail polish and let that dry for an hour
  • Apply one coat of pink armor on top
  • When your nails get super long, use a thin coat under the nail ( I know it’s hard to apply but it works!)

So that’s five + coats total. Whew!

My nail polish looks fabulous six days straight

When using the pink armor nail gel as the way recommended above, your nails will look great longer. I do chip my nail tips, especially my thumb and pinky nail. When this happens, I just spot treat my nails by applying a thin spot of color on the chip and after it dries, another coat of pink armor to even out the shine.

Pink armor nail gel makes my nails super strong

Just living the dream having super long nails here.

In public, I have been getting tons of compliments and questions about my nails.

My nails are seriously strong and long now. Last week, my co worker thought my nails were fake! Nope, she couldn’t believe it. The waitress at a sushi bar couldn’t help but ask if my nails were real, I recommended her to try Pink Armor. When shopping for the iPhone 7, the sales rep saw my nails without any nail polish and she adored them. I love my long natural nails! I especially love that they’re real and I don’t have to worry about “filling in” an acrylic nail bed.   Check out the original as seen on tv video, it makes me laugh but it works!

Where can I buy Pink Armor Nail Gel online?

You can also buy Pink Armor Nail Gel at many drug stores including: 

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Bed Bath and Beyond


Fun weird fact about pink armor nail gel… It makes your nails glow under a black-light. LOL

Did you enjoy my Pink Armor Nail Gel Review?

Do you have any nail questions about pink armor nail gel?

Please leave them below in the comments section.

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