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How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast!

You bleached your hair and now have fried, dry damaged hair?

Don’t panic. You can repair your damaged hair FAST no matter how badly damaged your hair is and no matter your budget is.

Don’t have time to prepare a DIY remedy? Scroll down to the #1 bleached hair repair product.

Here’s the complete guide how to fix damaged bleached hair FAST!

How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair with great products and gentle hair care tips.

Got this? Bleached damaged hair ends – Before Repairing I’ll show you how to fix / repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast!

Read my how to guide: How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair.

Is this you? You bleached your hair and now you have fried, damaged, and dry hair?

Lucky for you, I’m sharing my complete guide about repairing bleached hair:

  • Proven products that repair and maintain bleached hair – FAST 1 hour method (updated)
  • Natural remedies how to fix your bleached hair – Slow method
  • How to hydrate hair after bleaching
  • What peroxide does to the hair
  • What to avoid after your bleach your hair
  • 7 Steps Bleached hair care routine

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What is the best hair treatment for bleached hair? I can recommend without hesitating the OLAPLEX No. 3

It’s s little pricey, ($28.00) but it’s the instant remedy for bleached hair you can order from Amazon Prime and have it literally tomorrow!

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OLAPLEX is The BEST hair repair remedy for bleached blonde hair available online (has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon)

A little about myself. My name is Jen and I bleached the hell out of my dark brown hair for platinum blonde bleached hair.

The trouble was after I bleached my hair with peroxide, my hair was very dry. I had severely chemically damaged hair. My hair was breaking and falling out in clumps! Yes! I cried in horror.

Not only that, my bleached hair would get tangled easily. My bleached hair was breaking off at the crown!
Even when I tried washing my hair, it would break off when wet too.

Finally, after talking to an experienced hair dresser, I learned how to properly hydrate my hair after bleaching and also how to make bleached hair soft and silky again! If I can repair my bleached hair at home using these tips from a hollywood celebrity hair stylist, you can too!

I recovered from bleached blonde hair one year ago and repaired my bleached hair!

Yes, my damaged blonde hair is now healthy.

In the beginning, my hair is breaking off and totally fried! My bleached hair was dry and broke every time I brushed my hair.

My long bleached hair had so much damage from the peroxide and flat iron I was using.

Finally, I learned how to save my bleached damaged hair from breakage and grow my hair out extra long.

Read my How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Care.

Signs of Damaged Bleached Hair

  • Is your bleached hair feeling dry like straw?
  • Gets tangled easily
  • Hair fell out after bleaching
  • Hair feels stretchy
  • Severely dehydrated
  • Not soft anymore
  • Hair is easily breaking off when you brush your hair
  • Feels rough to the touch
  • Ends look crunchy and fried
  • “Rat’s nests” large rough patches of snarled hair
  • Unable to comb through hair
  • Hair is falling out
  • Hair is breaking off at the crown
  • breaking off when wet
  • Bald spots
  • Weak brittle hair
  • Dull, not shiny
  • Bleached hair falling out in clumps
  • Scalp feels irritated
  • Unable to hydrate hair with your regular shampoo and conditioners

That was happening to me every day when I damaged my hair with bleach aka or peroxide!

Three months later and now my blonde hair is healthy.

If you have newly dyed platinum blonde hair and it’s damaged, this article is for you, baby! I’ll show you how to fix / repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast! This is my repair bleached damaged hair at home cure!

Here’s the #1 product
I recommend for
repairing bleached hair FAST

Bleached Hair Care Routine

Here’s how to keep your bleached hair healthy-looking.

1. Do NOT use Shampoo for 1 week

First, after bleaching your hair with peroxide, it’s important not to use shampoo!

Stay away from using shampoo for at least 1 week! Just use conditioner in the shower. The reason is that the peroxide strips your hair raw and removes any natural oils you have from root to tip!

I know it’s hard not to use shampoo for a week, but you need to stay away from sodium lauryl sulfate like the plaque!

I wish someone told me this fun fact a long time ago. If you have an oily scalp (like me) and must clean your scalp, opt for using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner instead of a traditional shampoo! WEN doesn’t strip the oils in your hair I promise!

2. Avoid Shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Only use color-treated hair care products. You’ll want to switch to a gentle shampoo after the first week too. Get a shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate in the list of ingredients. This is a chemical that will severely dry out your bleached fried hair even more. Avoid it at all costs. A lot of people do not realize that avoiding this chemical is a great way how to repair bleached hair and prevent any more damage to chemically treated hair.

3. Use a Dry Shampoo

Help cut down on shampooing and drying out your hair simply by using a dry shampoo. You can easily fix your greasy roots with dry shampoo.

4. Use a UV Hair Protectant

Help shield your hair from the sun by spraying a protectant UV spray. This will also help prevent your hair from drying out.

5. Condition Hair after Every Wash

Second, your hair is thirsty 24/7, especially the first month of having bleached hair. After shampooing, always use a deep moisturizing conditioner for damaged hair. The more moisturized your hair, the more manageable it will be.

6. Use a Leave-In Hair Treatment

After conditioning your hair, always use a leave-in conditioner treatment. My hair savior was Infusium 23 – Leave in Treatment (Repair and Renew).

I still swear by it to this day and nothing makes my hair more manageable,  soft, and strong! Put it in a spray bottle and let your hair soak up the cocktail of essential hair goodies it craves, especially protein and moisture! It will help make your bleached damaged hair shiny again.

7. Use a Hot Oil Hair Treatment Weekly

From straw to silk I swear! I Like to also shop for mine at the grocery store. Coconut oil or Olive oil is my go to hot oil treatment for bleached hair care. Adding elasticity and moisture is the best way how to repair bleached damaged hair! If you want an all natural cure for bleached hair, I recommend using Extra Virgin Olive Oil or coconut oil.

One of the best all natural remedies how to repair bleached damaged hair is using olive oil on your bleached damaged dry hair.
I Saturate my hair with extra virgin olive oil and do all my household chores while leaving the oil in my hair! Be sure to wrap your head with a plastic bag to trap heat.

Olive oil is one of the only oils proven to saturate your hair shaft getting down to the core! (coconut oil also penetrates) Olive oil really helped saved my bleached damaged hair fast!

It’s a great DIY remedy for damaged hair on all hair types! This is my favorite oil for treating brittle bleached damaged hair!

Most noteworthy, olive oil helps make my hair feel healthy and smooth again. I had a chunk of hair that felt like a rough brillo pad, I cried because I thought I would have to cut it and olive oil saved my hair! After 3 hours of leaving in the olive oil, my hair felt smooth. I rinsed it out with warm water and I conditioned my hair in the shower and when my hair naturally dried, I used the infusium 23 leave in treatment.

I was able to comb out that rough patch of hair and I did a happy dance! Yay! I took my time undoing the snarls. I also want to mention the importance of making sure you saturate your scalp with the olive oil, your roots need moisture now too. This can help stop your hair from falling out after you bleach your hair. The oil will sooth and moisturize your scalp.

8. Limit Use of Heat Styling Tools

Straw (damaged hair) and heat (via your flat iron/curler) DON’T MIX!

I was once using my flat iron every day before work, I noticed my hair was super straight, silky, and starting to get very dried out and breaking off in tiny doses. It all started to add up into a ton of missing hair, especially the front layers of my hair that I straitened the most!

I stop using it and viola, my hair stops breaking off.

If you constantly use your flat iron, your hair will be thirstier than the Sahara Desert! (maybe just save it for extra special occasions) Once you remove the heat from your hair routine, you’ll realize is a key factor how to repair bleached damaged hair fast.

You can actually go back to using your flat iron once your bleached hair is strong enough. However, use it on a much lower heat setting. 😉 It will take at least two weeks for your hair to feel back to normal.

9. Gently Towel Dry your Hair

Carefully blot your hair instead of rubbing it quickly with a towel. You can also gently wrap your hair in a small micro-fiber hair turban or an old T-shirt. This is gentler than using a huge bath towel.

10. Use a Heat Protectant Spray

If you do use a flat iron, curling wand, or blow dryer, be sure to protect your hair. It may seem like a lot of hair care products for bleached hair care, but it’s worth it!

Spray throughout the entire head of damp hair evenly before using heat styling tools.

11. Use a DEEP conditioner once a week

You need moisture at the deepest layer of your hair. Get there by using a good moisturizing hair conditioner and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

I have a step by step review here: How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair My NEW favorite deep moisturizing hair conditioner is the OLAPLEX No 3.

12. Air-Dry Your Hair

In conclusion, wash and condition your hair at night and allow your hair to dry naturally at night. This is also one of my secrets How To Grow Long Hair Fast

When you wake up in the morning, you may lightly blow dry it using a rounded brush to straighten and add volume instead. This puts less time of heat on your hair and the blow out will straighten your hair!

Furthermore, doing a hair blow out or quickly blow drying your hair is the safest way to straighten bleached hair. The best hair brush for bleached hair is a boar bristle brush because it distributes the natural scalp oils from root to tip creating shiny hair and most importantly preventing breakage.

As a result, your natural scalp oil will protect your hair!

how to repair bleached damaged hair – This is the front layers of my repaired bleached hair. (Me last year) I grew my bleached hair long.

13. Don’t Wear your hair Down Everyday

Try to gently tie back your hair. Your hair will lose moisture and it will become more dry. Hair styles that are too tight will cause breakage. When your bleached hair is back to normal, you can wear your hair down again.

14. Use a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner once a week

To help prevent your bleached hair from becoming a brassy yellow color, use a hair toner in the purple shade. Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel. Just like how if you have a red blemish, you’d want to apply a green color concealer. The most popular purple hair care system is called Clairol Shimmer Lights 

15. Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

Help avoid friction from tossing and turning in bed. Simply by switching to a satin pillowcare. The smooth material will allow your hair to glide across the pillow. You also will never wake up with snarls. Wake up to a good hair day!

These Tips How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair really work. I don’t have to cut my hair.

I’m growing out my natural dark color now for fall and winter. I’ll probably add streaks for the summer as usual.

In conclusion, hair peroxide strips away the strong proteins in your hair during the bleaching process of removing melanin, so take it easy unless you’re living at the Playboy Mansion! 😉 I hope you enjoyed learning about bleached hair care.

Want to see photos of bleached damaged hair before and afters.

Also, another way to repair bleached damaged hair that has TONS of snarls: Learn How to Untangle a whole head of snarls here

14. Use gentle silk/satin scrunchies instead

Stop using rough hair clips and scrunchies made from rough materials. I recommend you look for silk or satin hair scrunchies. Also, don’t use tight hairstyles that pull your hair.

MIRACLE Hair Treatment That REPAIRS FRIED and BLEACHED HAIR in One Application

It’s True. OLAPLEX No. 3 is The best salon product for bleached blonde hair repair

Want a quick remedy for bleached hair you can buy online?
This youtuber promises OLAPLEX gave her an entire new head of hair!
It’s true. If you don’t have time to get your hair feeling back to normal and healthy, this is the fast fix.
I tried this hair care remedy for fried bleached hair.
It was expensive, about $28.00 but it was worth it after one use.
If you have a special event coming up and need your bleached blonde hair to look normal again, this is the true hair miracle for bleached hair repair.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment, 3.3 Fluid Ounce

Purchase OLAPLEX No 3 Hair Repairing Treatment here

OLAPLEX is known as a miracle for bleached blonde hair. It’s claimed to actually change your hair and rebuild your hair to soft, shiny, silky, blonde hair.

This youtuber literally uses OLAPLEX and quickly transformed her hair. She bleached her entire head of hair, stripping all the color with peroxide, making it platinum blonde. Everyone now compliments her hair!

From severely dry damaged processed bleached hair to soft healthy, moisturized hair.

Her testimonial is amazing. Watch her youtube video testimonial about the OLAPLEX hair care system.

This product is perfect for anyone that dyes her hair. OLAPLEX rebuilds the bonds of your hair that dye breaks when adhering the color to your hair. She claims it works better than salon hair masks and keratin hair treatments.

How to use OPELEX Number 3

  1. Dampen hair
  2. Apply through entire head of hair from root to tips for 1 hour minimum
  3. Shampoo and condition out
  4. Blow dry and straighten hair as usual
  5. Use OPELEX No. 3 at least once a week

How to Hydrate Hair After Bleaching
Use Olaplex no. 3

Here’s a before and after photo from instagram:

How to Repair Bleached Hair at Home Recipe:

The most important step how to repair bleached hair is to moisturize your bleached damaged hair from root to tip.

Moisturizing your hair and scalp is the #1 most important way how to repair bleached hair.

You need heavy duty conditioners, not your regular inexpensive conditioners. From now on you need to purchase conditioners that are exclusively for Dry Damaged Hair and color-treated hair. I have a list of the best hair conditioners for bleached damaged hair here.

These are hair care conditioners and treatments that I’ve used and had success with. I also have an all natural how to repair bleached damaged hair at home recipe down below.

#1 After rinsing and conditioning your bleached damaged hair, apply this homemade hair mask for bleached hair:

#2 In a bowel, combine 1 egg, 1 Cup of Olive Oil and mix completely (you can substitute olive oil for coconut oil)

#3 Apply this mixture to your hair and use a loose hair tie to pull your hair back in a messy ponytail or bun

#4 Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or a plastic bag – warm up a towel in the dryer and when it’s nice and hot, wrap your head on top of the plastic bag. (keeps your towel from getting oily)

#5 Allow the homemade bleached hair mask to stay on for at least three hours, the more, the better!

#6 Rinse the hair mask – Do NOT use shampoo and follow with your regular hair conditioner

#7 Allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t use a blow dryer and do not use a flat iron or curling iron

What Peroxide Does to Hair

Hair bleaching strips the melanin (dark color) in your hair strands. When you bleach your hair, it also causes your hair to lose moisture and proteins along with that melanin.

Hair bleaching can be extremely damaging and also cause hair breakage and split ends if not done properly or if you have bleached you hair too many times.

If you have bleached your hair too many times and it’s starting to break, I have all the answers right here. Please take your time and read, you might learn more about hair and especially how to repair bleached hair. You might be able to help someone fix their bleached hair after reading this. Let’s get started.

First a little about my damaged bleached hair journey

Back in 2011 I went wild and bleached my hair platinum!

Why did I want to bleach my hair?

I thought the light blonde platinum color was so glamorous. Plus, I was bored with my hair color.

I bought a hair bleaching kit at target and have streaked my hair blonde in the past. Now I wanted to take it to the next extreme, platinum blonde hair.

There’s something so incredibly fun about seeing your hair lighten before your eyes. I had a head full of the hair bleaching treatment. The smell was strong and I remember knowing this was a toxic event, opening my windows.

Sitting in front of a mirror watching the process.

Taking a break and reading or watching youtube videos online… looking up to see my hair a lighter color.

One hour later of bleaching my hair in my bedroom, I was so proud of my new hair color.

My hair color was gorgeous and I felt glamorous having super blonde bleached hair. My hair was also 33 inches long all the way down my back. After I bleached my hair, I was styling it with my flat iron and really looking like I lived at the Playboy Mansion or even a Barbie doll.

If I could do it all over again… I’d be better prepared with hair care products.

After a month of having my bleached hair

I needed to touch up my dark roots, I scorched my hair and severely dried out the parts of my hair that were previously bleached. My bleached hair was breaking off in clumps of hair! The back of my head had a “rat’s nest” of dried damaged bleach hair. My hair was turning brassy orange and yellow, my bleached hair was dry like a brillo pad.

I was able to save my bleached damaged hair from breaking off. Their bleached hair repair recipe and products I have shared (above) with you helped my dry bleached damaged hair stop breaking and made it look shiny and feel soft again! I also purchased some hair products that helped my save my bleached hair too! The best bleached hair remedy overall OLAPLEX No. 3.

Whichever is easier for you, they bother work incredible!

I hope this can help you with your newly bleached blonde hair journey!

Do you have a tip how to Repair Bleached and Damaged Hair?

Is there a hair care product I should mention?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading how to repair bleached damaged hair fast!

-Jen xo


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