Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Review

Here’s my Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Review the new updated formula is a breakthrough skin care product I’m excited about! High quality skin care is my top priority and I’m happy to share my review on this beauty serum that’s worth every penny. Enjoy reading my Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair review and learning what’s new with the formula and what it’s done for me!

Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair is as highly effective as it is expensive. If you want one high quality beauty product to splurge on, this is for you!

Estée Lauder serum

Estée Lauder serum made a huge improvement in my skin

Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair is US $92.00 on the Estée Lauder  website, it’s pricey in my opinion. If this is in your budget, give it a try! I’ve actually discovered it cheaper on Amazon here

My experience adding Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair to my nightly beauty regime has made a dramatic difference in my skin. The first time I used the serum at night, my skin was glowing in the morning. Glowing and not oily to be exact!

Within the next week is when I saw a huge overall difference! The redness in my skin was gone around my nose and chin and also my skin tone looked more even. The texture of my skin looked even more youthful and had a smooth uniform look. My pores on the sides of my face and forehead were now invisible. The visible pores on my nose and cheeks were still there, but slightly reduced. That’s a dramatic difference for me. It has only been 2 weeks that I’ve been using this night serum and I feel a huge difference in my skin.

estee lauder advanced night repair review

Estee Lauder advanced night repair review – My favorite serum to use before bedtime!

What’s NEW in Estée Lauder’s New Advanced Night Repair

This new serum is the first that promotes a natural nighttime purification process that helps prevent skin aging and repairs. The original serum was aimed to repair skin overnight and this one now has the ability to repair and purify the skin. This skin naturally attempts to do this when you’re asleep, however this serum ensures the process happens. The new ChronoluxCB™ Technology also helps support to skin’s natural improvement from the look of damage from every major environmental damage such as UV light, smoke and pollution. Basically a high quality amount of skin quenching antioxidants and goodies.

 Estée Lauder review

Estée Lauder – The best way how to apply the serum

How to use Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair serum

To effectively apply the Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair serum, I use it after I shower at night on my face after I’ve prepped it with my Clarisonic Skincare Brush (this makes all your products absorb deeper) If you don’t have a Clarisonic, try using baking soda to make your serum work better! the Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair serum has an eye-dropper to apply the serum. I fill it one-third of the way. You might notice it has an odd “orangey” smell, don’t worry it diffuses. Next, place a pea sized drop on your forehead, under each eye, chin, and bottom sides of your cheek. With clean hands, gently massage upward on you face to exercise and lift your facial muscles as well as deliver the serum deeply into your skin. After it melts into my skin and isn’t sticky to the touch, I add a moisturizer on top. I love to use my MAC Lightful Moisture Creme  It also acts as a barrier to keep my skin hydrated at night and to protect the serum.

estee lauder skin care

Estee Lauder skin care line is my favorite!

Overall this is my favorite commercial beauty product that I use every night. My personal results are incredible to me and I plan to continue using this beauty serum every night. If I only used one beauty product at night, Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair serum would be it. I’m going to call it the best beauty serum on the market! 😉

estee lauder shipment - nicely wrapped and ready to enjoy!

estee lauder shipment – nicely wrapped and ready to enjoy!

BONUS fun story for you:

How did I get into the Estée Lauder skin care scene? Well… one day I was invited into the house of one of the most beautiful women I ever met. She owned a beauty salon in an upscale neighborhood and was well in her early 60’s. Well, she looked as if she was in her early 30’s! How did she do that? She was gorgeous and knew her beauty products well. She was a huge fan of Estée Lauder skin care. Anyways, I used her bathroom and guess what was the only thing on her counter? The classic and original Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. Yes she was a true fan indeed! Needless to say, I was confident ordering my own. And that’s why I gave Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair serum a try!

In the morning, my Fav Estée Lauder skin care product is the Estée Lauder Resilience Lift creme, check out that review too!

Have you tried Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair?? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments! -Jen



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