5 Skin Care Benefits of Cannabis Oil – Treat Many Skin Conditions

Five Amazing Skin Care Benefits of Cannabis Oil – Treat MANY Skin Conditions

No, don’t worry you won’t get “High”.

No, there’s nothing illegal involved.

Nothing to worry about at all, I promise.

It seems like beauty oils have their “fifteen minutes of fame” the rage for coconut oil, organ oil, rosehip seed oil, you name it.

Finally, cannabis oil can be discussed for beauty benefits and its progress in the beauty industry.

skin care benefits of cannabis oil

If there are any two greens that all the rage is about these days, it is Cannabis and Matcha. Just like matcha tea, cannabis is famous as well but for entirely different reasons and also, it has been around for quite a long time now, so it is hard to draw any comparison. While cannabis is smoked in its hundreds of different variations, there are other uses of marijuana that are much less known to people.

Before I did my research on Pot, I perceived it as an evil that must be eradicated, but the more I came across studies about the benefits of cannabis, the more I made my peace with this drug. Like every other thing, an excess of marijuana can be damaging, but moderate use of it in various forms is relieving and has a good impact on people, in general.

If we look at it from a scientific perspective, we will come to realize that cannabis has an uncanny characteristic of compensating for the depleted reserves in our endocannabinoid system. Weed has compounds like THC and CBD which work as an essential mood regulator, and it can cause considerable mood shifts.

These cannabinoids are great for our skin because of their reproductive strategies. This means that these compounds rejuvenate our skin and make it healthier from inside out. So the THC in marijuana which is somewhat identical to the cannabinoids in our skin performs the same task .

skin Care Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Get Rid of The Wrinkles

So what’s the first thing you’d say bye-bye to when you invite cannabis oil in your bathroom shelf? Wrinkles! So once you start using this oil on your face or skin, you will begin to notice a considerable decrease in the number of wrinkles you might have on your skin.

It is also a suitable method of deterring the lines from showing up when you start to age and your skin sags. There are a lot of environmental factors that tend to damage our skin from within and lead to us developing premature aging signs. These same toxins can lead us to lose the amount of collagen and other natural fatty oils that are on our skin and keep it healthy and supple. If you start using topical cannabis oil, its potent antioxidant properties will give your skin a new life.

canabis for pain

Fixes The Muscles

A lot of times what is not right with our skin that makes it look all dull and lifeless is that fact that our muscles are tense. Your muscles could be stiff for various reasons, for example, you couldn’t be sleeping well at night, or you’re working too much, or you are just taking a lot of stress.

All of these factors contribute to tensing the muscles in your entire body and your face. We all know that cannabis is a natural analgesic and when cannabis oil is blended with some menthol, it has the perfect anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to sore regions, the skin and joints can respond quickly; it relieves the pain in the joints or muscles. However, be careful, this balm reeks and the smell is not for everyone to tolerate. Also, make sure that you do not get stoned by the pure aroma of this balm.

No Need To Wax

Another incredible benefit of using a lot of cannabis on your skin is that it prevents you from having to wax again and again. Does it appear completely unexplainable? Well, worry not because I will elaborate everything to you.

All those fast growing hair that you are just so annoyed of could be handled only by applying some cannabis on it! While some of the people who smoke marijuana would have noticed that their hair growth is much, much slower than other people I have got the proof of the fact that weed has the effect of slowing down hair growth a great deal!

– Yes! Cannabis Oil Slows Down Hair Growth

The point is that THC, endocannabinoid, and anandamide are some of the compounds that slow down body hair growth in people. So basically, if you increase the intake of these compounds, your body would start responding to it by reducing the hair growth and slowing the whole process down. Many researchers have testified that their research shows endocannabinoids can reduce the inflammation of the skin and reduce the hair growth as well.

canabis oil

Fix The Skin Issues

On a cellular level, the task of cannabinoids is rejuvenating and repairing the skin; these cannabinoids are loaded with a lot of high potency antioxidants that perform the job. Usually, the factors that contribute to deteriorating skin health are fungi and bacteria. Along with these, inflammation is a culprit as well.

These factors cause terrible skin disorders like acne, psoriases, and eczema, etc. as I have mentioned earlier already, THC and CBD are considered an anti-inflammatory agent and they can help with reducing the swelling, irritation, and pus that accompanies such conditions.

These cannabinoids also tend to have antimicrobial properties in them; therefore they have the capability of fighting off microbes and bacterial infections that give rise to other conditions like acne. This property helps prevent such disorders from happening.

Bye-bye Dry Skin

Having dry skin is a pressing issue, and it must be addressed ASAP. In our skin, we have glands that produce oils, and this natural oil performs a lot of functions to keep our skin looking fresh. When a person uses cannabis oil, they end up activating their endocannabinoids system which helps them produce oil in their skin naturally. This oil helps prevent the side effects of having dry skin. So you’ll be able to have a healthy production of oils in your skin if you use cannabis oil regularly.

These are just a few advantages of this incredible oil that should convince you to use cannabis oil or other topical compounds extracted from cannabis in routine.

Quick Cannabis Oil FAQ:

Will cannabis oil skin care get me “high”?


Will using cannabis oil on my skin make me fail a drug test?


Is cannabis oil legal to buy?

Yes. Please see the cannabis oil links below to purchase cannabis oil immediately.

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