Women’s Silk Kimono Robes Under $20

I purchased the most beautiful and elegant silk kimono robe. It cost under $20, a great deal I’m so happy with my purchase. This is by far my favorite color purple and the quality and detail is stunning. Purchased here on amazon.

If you want to look effortlessly elegant around the house, slip this silk robe on and stun people.

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer wearing this robe around the house. It’s winter here and I like to wear this over my flannel pajamas to look a little more feminine and sexy. When it’s warmer, it’s even sexier to wear this over your favorite lingerie. Meow. Very comfortable too. It comes with a silk tie inside the robe for a perfect fit. It also has and a nice silk sash to tie around. Very comfortable and cozy.

This women’s silk robe looks expensive but I purchased it on amazon for $18.99

It gets even better, there’s so many pretty colors to choose from. I already want another one. Are you like me? When you find clothes that fit well or look great on you, you get one in every color? That’s me. lol.

This purple silk kimono arrived with no wrinkles. Have you ever ordered anything silk and it arrived already wrinkled? This shipped beautifully. The photo was accurate on the listing and I love the length. The model wearing this in the photo is the same height as me because I’m 5’7″ and the bottom of the robe falls at the same place. Very gorgeous and elegant style. If you haven’t noticed, I love this color purple.

Did I mention all the pretty colors this silk robe comes in? I’m thinking of getting the teal and fuchsia ones next.

Where can I buy this from?!: Here’s the link to browse and purchase this robe on Amazon

Please feel free to share this pretty image on pinterest. Which is your favorite color?

silk kimono robes


Thanks for checking out these women’s silk kimono robes under $20. I love mine, I hope you will love yours too.

xo Jen

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