Why Do Women Hate other Women Who Wear Makeup?

It’s just makeup. Right?

Why do non-makeup wearing women hate women that wear makeup?

No exaggeration whatsoever.

UPDATE: CoverGirl just launched a makeup campaign: Project PDA – Fight makeup shaming.

ProjectPDA (that’s “public display of application”) – Thank you CoverGirl for shedding some light on this real truth.


Women who makeup shame….

The majority of these women who don’t wear makeup show an immediate hatred to women who wear makeup.

I over hear it regularly.

They’re very quick to make a negative comment when they see a women with a full face done with makeup. Why?

Ladies, can we please stop putting down each other?

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I’m baffled at the things I over hear from non-makeup wearing women judging and putting down women who wear makeup.


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“She’s probably not pretty without makeup”

“Why does she wear all that makeup?”

“She wouldn’t be anything special unless she had on makeup.”

“I don’t need to wear makeup.”

“Look at all that makeup.”

“Ewww makeup is for conceited women.”

“She’s wearing too much makeup.”

“Nobody would like her without makeup.”

“Makeup is for clowns.” 

“That b*ch is fake as hell wearing makeup.”

“I could look like that but I don’t need to.”


Why do women hate other women who wear makeup?


Makeup can enhance your natural beauty. And not wearing makeup can show your natural beauty.

I believe nothing is wrong with either choice.

However I dislike hearing putdowns to other women who wear makeup.

How do you feel?

Can we all just get along and be friends whether we wear makeup or not?




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