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Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Acne, Amazing Skin Care Remedies, DIY Remedies, Facials, Featured, Hair Care, Skin Care | 0 comments

140 Uses for Coconut Oil – Complete Guide

140 Uses for Coconut Oil – Complete Guide

Uses for coconut oil you can use for health benefits, beauty, and even household uses.

coconut oilBe sure to use organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Why? This coconut oil has been minimally processed and has the vitamins and minerals intact and not damaged from heat.

It’s rare to find cold pressed coconut oil when I go to Target, they’re mostly expeller-pressed.

This Island fresh coconut oil is pure, organic, cold-pressed, and in my opinion the best smelling kind you can buy. It’s my new favorite to use for both beauty and cooking. Nobody has paid me to say anything about this coconut oil and nobody gave me this for free.

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