Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner Review

Here’s my Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner Review. I’m going to tell you everything about this inexpensive conditioner. Please read for my opinion and experience using this conditioner for the last few months. I’ll review the smell, results, texture, price and does is work good on color treated and bleached hair? Is it as good as salon conditioners with Moroccan oil? Also, please leave your questions as comments and I’ll be happy to answer.

Suave has been competing with big name brand hair care companies, claiming their products are just as good! With the launch of Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner, it has women going wild for a cheap Moroccan oil dupe or alternative. When I see a good deal on conditioner, I stock up and I have been trying the Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner for the past few months as a money saving alternative to buying WEN by Chaz Dean – pricey!

I go through tons of hair conditioner! I use more conditioner than shampoo. Do you use up your shampoo and conditioner equally? Of course not, that’s why you need some money saving stock up items. 😉

Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner review

When I think Suave, I know it’s a very inexpensive and affordable price. But, does it work? Or is it just some junk conditioner that’s “watered down”? Suave has really stepped up its game with great ingredients, just like the big name brands. I’ve been at the store holding up a Suave conditioner and a high end conditioner side by side looking at the ingredients and wow to my surprise the same high concentration of hair goodies is usually in the same order give or take some ingredients like sweet almond oil or mineral oil but of course it still has actual Moroccan oil in it! Wouldn’t that be horrible if they just had a Moroccan fragrance and not the actual oil? lol.

Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner Price – CHEAP!

Price – $3.49 at Target

I love stocking up on this Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner at Target guys because you can usually buy 2 and get a $5.00 gift card. If you see something you usually purchase anyways with a $5.00 gift card incentive, stock up! – That’s my tip ladies. Save that money and save your good hair conditioner for special days or one a week on really damaged areas. I think you can find this conditioner anywhere from Walmart, to CVS and Rite Aid.

Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner review

Suave Moroccan infusion fragrance

Whoaaa! This is some strong conditioner. The Moroccan oil is a strong smelling oil in general. Honestly, the first time I used this the smell was a little too intense for me. I’m sensitive to smells anyways and this was too strong. However, my fiance loved the smell. I know right? After a few days using this suave conditioner, my nose went “nose blind” to the smell. I’m being honest. After that, it was fine.

Suave Moroccan infusion bottle design – thank you!!! OMG

Ok, thank you for designing the bottle with the opening on the bottom. OMG. This makes life so much easier when you’re trying to get the last bit of product out of the bottle. I appreciate the suave packaging/ design for this reason. You can save money with this bottle design, you’re going to actually use up all the conditioner in this bottle. Yes, the packaging is also sleek and pretty I love the gold bottle design. LOVING it! It’s so smooth and fits in your hand comfortably. Great design is functional. Preach! 😉

Suave Moroccan infusion results

My hair feels soft and silky after using this Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner. I like to leave it in my hair for three minutes and rinse with warm water. It doesn’t feel like my hair is weighted down. My hair looks shiny, silky and has lots of body.

Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner for bleached hair

It’s great for bleached hair too. It’s part of their color care collection and it works to deeply moisturize your hair. Anytime you see a conditioner with a high quality oil like this one, you know it’s good! It’s a great conditioner to use in between intense hair treatments like olive oil or Wen (Wen Review). If you need an inexpensive conditioner for bleached hair, this is a great option. Here’s some of my favorite products for bleached hair repair.

my long hair

wearing my long hair down

Also, If you need a shampoo and conditioner for fixing brassy hair

My overall thoughts on Suave

Suave is making some stellar hair care products and I hope they keep up the great work! There’s some expensive hair care items out there that I’d never buy because of the price tag. It’s great to know Suave makes an affordable option for every high end hair care brand or hair concern.

Thanks for reading my Suave Moroccan infusion color care conditioner Review. Let me know if you try it too.





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