Rosehip Seed Oil is my Skin Care Obsession Health Benefits and Uses

This year I’ve been obsessed with using natural oils for my own personal skin care. If you looked in my medicine cabinet you’d think I was a witch with secret potions. Nope, I’m just amazed at the success my skin and hair has had this year with oils! If you have a beauty problem, I can direct you to a specific oil to help you! There’s so many different types of oils and each of them have their own specific skin care super power! My favorite anti-aging beauty oil winner is rosehip seed oil – hands down! Today I’m going to share with you everything I know about rosehip seed oil and all the health benefits and uses. Enjoy! Did I mention this is the best anti-aging oil I’ve discovered? 😉

Rosehip Seed Oil -- health benefits and skincare uses

Rosehip Seed Oil – Health benefits and skincare uses. I love wearing rosehip seed oil under my makeup, it gives me a radiant complexion.

You’re probably getting weirded out thinking “this lady slathers oil all over her face? Isn’t that horrible if I have oily skin?” “Won’t the oil give me acne?”

Nope! It’s actually the best thing you can do for oily skin. Oil helps remove oil and control it. You can wipe away the excess and your skin will keep naturally moisturized – meaning you’ll produce less oil and calm down the oil production on your skin. There’s a big wow! 😉


Why Rosehip Seed Oil is my favorite for Skin Care

Rosehip seed oil quickly absorbs deeply into your skin like water. After only five minutes of applying the oil to my face, my skin does not look greasy. Instead, my face is left with glowing skin that looks like it’s lit from within and well hydrated. Rosehip seed oil helps to deeply moisture the dry areas of my face and make them look more youthful and lessen wrinkles. My trouble spots on my face are my forehead and under eye area.

For example, in the morning  I apply rosehip oil to my under eye area to prevent under eye wrinkles and dry skin. My eye area will look hydrated all day and fresh only when I use rosehip seed oil. That’s probably my biggest problem area for dryness. I also apply rosehip seed oil before I go to sleep all around my eye area to help nourish, moisturize, and protect my delicate eye area from dehydrating. Rosehip seed oil will create a protective barrier between the skin, locking in the moisture.

Feel free to watch or listen to me talk about rosehip seed oil skin care benefits in this video down below:


Amazing Uses of Rosehip Oil and Benefits




Stretch marks

Hyper pigmentation


Moisturize sun damaged skin




Improves skin elasticity

Evens out your skin tone

Treat eczema

Treat psoriasis

Helps to prevent premature aging

Deeply hydrate the skin

Oily skin


Rosehip Seed Oil -Health benefits and skincare uses

Rosehip Seed Oil -Health benefits and skincare uses

Rosehip seed oil is also important to me because it can help fade away acne scars and over time heal any hyper-pigmentation on the skin. I had a cluster of acne scars on the sides of my cheeks for years that rosehip oil slowly faded away within five months. That amazes me!

I also wake up with radiant glowing skin, that also amazes me!

Want to get even more amazed? Check out these incredible facts about Rosehip seed oil!


Amazing Rosehip Seed Oil Facts

Rosehip seed oil contains high amounts of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids! – Our bodies cannot produce these fatty acids! Fatty acids are what your skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

Rosehip seed oil has a high amount of natural antioxidants! – These antioxidants help protect the skin from environmental pollutants in the air and repair skin. These antioxidants are what help prevent premature aging.

Rosehip seed oil has Vitamins A, C, and E! – These vitamins help keep your skin healthy and speeds up the regeneration of fresh skin cells.

Rosehip Seed Oil - Health benefits and skincare uses

Rosehip Seed Oil – Health benefits and skincare uses – Me applying the oil to my forehead


How I use Rosehip Seed Oil in my Skin Care:

Morning – I apply the rosehip seed oil as the last step in my skin care routine, it deeply moisturizes my skin! I place one drop on my forehead, one drop under both of my eyes, and I massage the oil into those areas and work the oil all around my face. Once the oil is absorbed after five minutes or so, I like to apply another drop to my problem areas under my eyes and forehead. This ensures my dry areas will be glowing all day without any dryness or fine lines showing under my makeup. Also a little dab on my neck.

During the day, my skin looks very radiant and well hydrated! Even under my makeup the oil does not get greasy or sweat out from my skin. Before I used rosehip seed oil, I had a problem with my under eye makeup concealer looking dry and creasing during the day. Now my under eye area looks dewy and more youthful.

Your eye area is the most delicate and thinnest skin on your face, rosehip seed oil is the best nourishing oil I have discovered to pamper my dry eye area!

Night – After removing my makeup and cleansing my skin, I will moisturize and protect my skin with rosehip seed oil! I love the scent of rosehip seed oil – btw it smells like black tea. I apply more oil at night than in the day time. I use two drops for each area on my face and I massage it in for twenty seconds. In upward strokes I massage my face with my fingertips. I let the oil sink into my face and then I apply some more to my under eye area. Once that absorbs, I place a little dab of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on top of that to “lock it in” At night when we fall asleep, our eyes start their REM cycle (rapid eye movements) for about twenty minutes. I like to keep my eye area well hydrated. Also our eye area will drain fluids and repair itself while we sleep. By giving my face and eye area extra vitamins and nutrients, this makes sure the job will get done properly.

Important to know before buying Rosehip seed Oil

Make sure the rosehip seed oil’s label states it’s cold pressed – This means that during the process of making rosehip seed oil, no heat was used! Heat severely lessens the potency of the rosehip seed oil.

Make sure the rosehip seed oil is organic – This is a beauty oil that you’re applying to your skin and you want to make sure there’s no pesticides or any chemicals in the oil. That would make the oil pointless to use.

You’re probably wondering which brand I purchase and use. This brand has not paid me to talk about it whatsoever and this is not a sponsored post. I shop for this on Amazon, here’s the one I use. It’s Eve Hansen – Rosehip Seed Oil, there’s a link and photo of it below if you want to check it out! (it has mostly five star reviews!)

Where to buy Rosehip Seed Oil that’s Organic and Cold Pressed?


Rosehip Seed Oil - Health benefits and skincare uses

Rosehip Seed Oil – Health benefits and skincare uses – This one is by Eve Hansen and it’s amazing!


Thank you for reading Rosehip Seed Oil is my Skin Care Obsession Health Benefits and Uses.

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