NYC Lipstick Review – The Best Inexpensive Lipstick $2.04

NYC Lipstick Review for you ladies today! I discovered the Best Inexpensive Lipstick to stock up on! I love it, my Mom loves it… PLUS it photographs very well! 😉  After reading my NYC Lipstick Review, you’ll want to add this to your beauty bag!

NYC Lipstick Review on ULTRA LAST LIPWEAR starts now! NYC Lipstick is my favorite lipstick that I’ve tried in years! nyc lipstick reviewI’ve been looking for inexpensive dupes to replace my expensive lipsticks and I found the jackpot with NYC Lipstick! Ok, so the company is actually called New York Color. Who cares? 😉 Let’s talk about the price again, $2.04, hello! This replaced my Revlon Color Stay Soft & Smooth. The NYC Lipstick color I’m in absolute LOVE with is called, Snow Cone number 411. You can actually find this lipstick on sale often at Target for about $1.00, I love it even more now!
NYC lipstick review

NYC lipstick Review – Look at that amazing color!

NYC Lipstick Review – Color

The color Snow Cone – 411 is the perfect shade of pink to look youthful and luminous. I really believe this lipstick shade will flatter all skin undertones. The soft metallic color of pink will bring out the curves of your lips, making them appear larger.

NYC lipstick Review

NYC lipstick Review – Silky Texture!

NYC Lipstick Review – Texture

One word for the texture is Silky. The finish is subtle metallic, has a light touch of a creamy texture yet stiff, making it perfect to glide on effortlessly. It’s not messy and you don’t have to worry about the lipstick catching on your lips. Don’t you hate it when you get a dried up lipstick? LOL.


NYC Lipstick Review – Wear

applying NYC lipstick ULTRA LAST LIPWEAR collection color 411 Snow Cone

applying NYC lipstick ULTRA LAST LIPWEAR collection color 411 Snow Cone

This lipstick is the only one I have called “the best Kissable lipstick” meaning I can give my man a good kiss and not have to worry about it transferring or smearing. It really stays in place. I also love that this lipstick is the best comfortable lipstick and not sticky or heavy! This is a long wearing lipstick that doesn’t feel dry or tight on my lips. This lipstick unfortunately needed to be reapplied after I ate lunch because I always wipe off my lipstick before I eat because I don’t want to eat the lipstick! Anyone else do this? My hair also doesn’t stick to my lips with this on!

You can barely apply this to your lips and get a nice soft sheen of color, OR go all cray cray aka crazy and build it up on your pout. Scream and shout and pout it all out… Good news! This lipstick is VERY easy to layer and develop rich color!  It’s like having 2 different lipsticks in one! What?!

NYC Lipstick Wear

NYC Lipstick Wear

NYC Lipstick Review – Price

The amazing fact I recently purchased this NYC Lipstick for only $2.04 at Target is a beauty bargain! I purchased 3 in the color Snow Cone to last me a little while! 😉

NYC lipstick Review

NYC lipstick Review – Subtle Metallic glow! So Pretty

NYC Lipstick Review – Ingredients

I was surprise this lipstick had the high quality ingredient jojoba seed oil. This ingredient makes sure your lips wont get chapped or dried out from the color pigments! Wow!

I love wearing this lipstick by NYC

I love wearing this lipstick color 411 Snow Cone  by NYC

 NYC Lipstick Review – Photo Ready Lipstick

I was pleased with my photos I took wearing this lipstick. The camera flash nicely reflected and lit my lips to show the curvature! I would suggest this lipstick for makeup artists doing wedding makeup. Also for photographers, I recommend this lipstick for your models! I LOVE wearing this lipstick because it makes me look cheerful…. when I’m smiling big of course! Strike a pose!

This lipstick makes my lips look bigger

This lipstick makes my lips look bigger! LOL

 NYC Lipstick Review – Website

Check out the official NYC Lipstick website here! You can see all available colors!

THANK YOU for reading my NYC Lipstick Review on the ULTRA LAST LIPWEAR collection!

What’s your fav LIPSTICK? Please leave a comment below 🙂




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