MAC Lightful Moisture Creme Review

My MAC Lightful Moisture Creme Review was written after 2 months of using it, enjoy! MAC Lightful Moisture Creme is a truly unique formula with marine ingredients and just exploding with a high concentration of antioxidants! The skin benefits I’ve experienced have outweighed every skin moisturizer that I’ve EVER tried by far. Wait until you hear all about what happened to my skin…

Here’s my MAC Lightful Moisture Creme Review!

This summer was very drying for my skin, making my face get some dry patches of skin and they started to flake off. (OK, I actually picked at them and peeled them off.) Gross! I have combination skin and my cheeks were they driest they’ve ever been. This also happened the one day I forgot to wear sunscreen. (Never forget)

The next week, my skin was still dry and I was out of my MAC Matchmaster foundation, went to the MAC store and as the makeup artist was finding my shade of makeup and noticed my dry patches of skin! She immediately told me to try a dab of their new MAC Lightful Moisture Creme. It felt so light weight and cooling to my skin! My skin felt immediately relieved and deeply moistened! I felt my cheek feeling luxuriously conditioned and the dry skin plumped up and was healing before my eyes. After a minute, the makeup artist glided the foundation onto my skin without any problems.

mac lightful moisture cream review

MAC Lightful moisture cream – I love it!

It’s been only 2 months since I’ve been using it everyday morning and before bed. What a HUGE difference I’ve noticed in my skin. It took only 2 weeks in total to START seeing results! Any dry patches on my face have simply exfoliated from the intense moisture and washed off. My face is glowing, I don’t have any wrinkles, my skin tone is more even, redness is gone, no tight feeling dry skin, no more dry skin patches! Oh, and because my skin is more even toned now, I don’t need as much makeup! Goodbye concealer. What more can a girl want?  The redness disappearing was my favorite skin benefit!

mac moisture

MAC Lightful Moisture Creme – Review

MAC Lightful Moisture Creme Benefits

  1. Deeply moistened skin
  2. Healthy youthful glow
  3. Relief from tight dry skin
  4. Prevents skin from flaking
  5. Soothes dry flaky skin
  6. Anti inflammatory – redness
  7. Light reflective
  8. Even skin tone

Overall, MAC Lightful Moisture Creme is going to be my preferred daily moisturizer and it’s the best moisturizer I have ever tried! The MAC Lightful Moisture Creme is currently priced at $42.00 on the MAC website which is pretty expensive, but also a small investment price for beautiful skin.

Here’s where to get it on

Best Skin Care Tips to Prevent Dry Flaky Skin

On top of drinking enough water everyday, be sure to always let your skin dry naturally after washing/ lightly pat dry, and use a sunscreen EVERYDAY and more importantly, stay out f direct sun and wind. Remember to give back to your skin, whether it be the Safest way to Organically Remove your Makeup with Oil, or enjoy a facial that will smooth out your skin with moisture  by making this Porcelain Skin Smoothing Facial. If your dry skin is on your hands or body, try my famous cure for dry hands and feet

Good luck! Have your tried the MAC Lightful Moisture Creme? Please leave a comment on your experience!


Thanks, Jen


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