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All about my month of June!

you tube screen shot

My youtube channel

Hi all you pretty dolls out there! I have been having a blast replying to every comment I receive on my blog. Not only have I replied to every comment, on this blog but also my brand new youtube channel:


It’s been a journey for me so far trying to set up ideal lighting for my you tube videos. I’m actually having a hard time getting natural but clear looking lighting. It’s really a frustration of mine right now. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, in the meantime I’m getting the hang of using youtube. It’s June and I already have 700 subscribers. That amazes me! I have made some friends on here within the makeup community. Yay! I have my current faves on my channel listed in the panel all the way on the right.


vlogging adventure….

On that note, to gain as many subscribers and traffic to my videos, I joined the 10K Subscriber project. What is the 10K subscriber project? “community of small youtubers supporting one another.” It’s a very cool and small community (currently 400) youtube video bloggers, vloggers? Anyways this small group supports and encourages one another by leaving comments on videos, giving thumbs up, and just enjoying getting to know each other. The community allows these channels to also find other small channels to do collabs with and have a great learning journey along the way. Having a small group like this makes it easy for “small” (having under 10K subscribers) channels to grow. Pretty amazing! I’m enjoying it so far.

My hollyhock plants in bloom

My hollyhock plants in bloom

It’s been really warm in San Diego lately! Every morning or evening, I’ve been watering my garden of beautiful hollyhocks , zinnias or my tomato and bell pepper plants.  Gardening is one of my hobbies and it brings me so much peace and happiness. Every morning there’s a beautiful surprise, a new bloom opened. Unfortunately, some of my plants withered in the hot 90F degree weather!

new  Charlotte Russe clothes

new Charlotte Russe clothes

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is the clothing trend of “tribal” prints! Everything from the graphic pattern t-shirts to the beaded jewelry. I’ve been ordering a lot online from And also lots of visits to the malls and outlets that have a Charlotte Russe store or outlet center! I love getting deliveries! There’s some things that are online exclusive’s that I just fell in love with, like the tribal t-shirts pictured to the right 😉

Coastal Scents

My biggest eyeshadow haul ever! Coastal Scents. This is the 252 Ultimate Palette 😉

My makeup collection is going to get a big addition to it by the end of the month because I went shopping line at I purchased the Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette! It has 3 levels of VERY intense, highly pigmented eyeshadows in various finishes. I’m going to enjoy using this colorful array of gorgeous colors when I do my eyeshadow makeup tutorials, mainly my Arabic inspired collections. I cannot wait for this to get delivered! I’m going to have maybe too much fun. I’ve already been having a blast with all my e.l.f. makeup collections!

Rosie aka Milkshake

Rosie aka Milkshake

This June my dog Rosie has gained a new nickname. “Milkshake” What’s all her other nicknames you ask? Well, lol…. there’s Bonnie, Bon Bon, Bunny, Bun Bun… and now you know! Rosie’s breed is a Bichon Frise. She’s the sweetest and most high energy dog! She brings me her toys all day to play fetch with her. How could I ever say no to that?

Apache the horse

Apache the horse

I would have to say the best moment this month has been going horseback riding with my Fiance! That was so exciting! I think we’re going again my birthday weekend coming up! YAY!

Thank you so much for reading what’s new with me!






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